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Two MILFs and their daughters Chapter 4: Gina and Julie have some fun

Two MILFs and their daughters Chapter 4: Gina and Julie have some fun

As Valerie and Tessa have fun, so does Gina and Julie
As Valerie and Tessa were in Valerie's room doing something wonderful, Gina and Julie were in Julie's bedroom talking as well.

"OK, no offense, but I look at you like a second mom, and you two are creeping me out a bit. You both wanted to talk to us separately and alone?" Julie asked.

"Yes, that's creepy?" Gina asked.

"Maybe a little," Julie replied.

Then Gina hit Julie with something.

"Well, we both just wanted to talk to you young ladies about, sex," Gina said.

Julie was both nervous and confused, she wasn't too sure what to make of that. By then she knew all about the birds and bees.

"Well, that's quite alright, I think I have all the information I need," Julie said.

Gina only hit her with the soft end, and then it was time for the hard end you could say.

"Well, what about, lesbian sex?" Gina asked.

That's when Julie broke out the freaked out face, and then looked away. She was obviously embarrassed, even though she hadn't been officially busted yet.

"I don't understand, why would you wanna talk to us about that? I'm not a lesbian," Julie replied.

"Are you sure? It's OK, you can be honest with me and I won't judge you. Like you said, I'm like a second mom to you," Gina said.

Tessa obviously wanted to just come out freely, but she was still nervous about it. So Gina got close to her and gave her a hug. After about a minute, Gina loosened up a little but stayed close. She got about six inches from Julie's face.

"You know Julie, you are one beautiful young woman," Gina said slowly.

They both just starred at each other for a few more seconds, then they both leaned in just a few seconds and kissed each other for about five seconds.

"Wow, my daughter is one lucky young lady," Gina said.

"What?!" Julie exclaimed as she leaned back quickly.

Gina just her a look, and Julie was forced to come clean.

"So, does my mom know too?" Julie asked.

"Yes, and we love the idea of you two being together too, it's really hot," Gina replied.

"What do you mean 'too'?" Julie asked.

Then Gina got up and walked over to Julie's dresser. She went to the bottom drawer and pulled out a DVD.

"Oh, Pink Paradise? That's a good one," Gina said as she showed Julie the DVD.

Julie couldn't get anything out, she was speechless.

"Do you still wanna play dumb, or have some fun with your second mom?" Gina asked as she put the DVD down and walked towards the bed.

"What about Tessa?" Julie asked.

"Somehow, I don't think she'll mind that we had some fun," Gina replied as she got back on the bed with Julie.

They sat next to each other and Gina slowly leaned in. She gave Julie a nice and long kiss right on the lips.

"Did you like kissing a MILF?" Gina asked.

Julie couldn't answer, but Gina already knew the answer judging by the look on her face. Gina knew that look quite well. She leaned towards Julie and laid right on her. Gina leaned her head on Julie's B-cup boobs and even through her pajama top and bra, Gina liked what she felt.

"I like these tits," Gina said.

Julie thought if she liked them through her top and bra, she'd see what she say when they were bare. So she slowly took off her top, and then her bra in about thirty seconds. So then when Gina saw Julie's tits up close for a change, she began drooling right there in front of Julie.

"Watch the drool, the only liquid I allow on my bed is cum," Julie said.

Gina chuckled for a minute and practically ripped off her top and bottoms. She showed Julie that she had some cum soaked panties on.

"Holy shit," Julie said.

Gina took off her bra as well, and then both ladies were drooling, making their panties absolutely soaked. As both ladies were just in their panties, they both laid down on their sides facing each other.

"You really love eating my mom's pussy?" Julie asked.

"Yes, do you really love eating my daughter's pussy?" Gina asked.

"Maybe," Julie replied.

Then they leaned over and kissed each other once again and their boobs went up against each other. Gina's boobs were one cup size bigger, so you could say it was more of a turn on for Julie. They both grabbed onto the bottom of their boobs and began a small titty fight.

"Hey, your boobs are a cup size bigger, take it easy on mine," Julie said.

"And if I don't?" Gina asked.

Julie didn't answer, she just brought her A game to the fight with her boobs, but after a couple minutes, Gina came up with an idea.

"What do you say that the loser has to kiss the winner's ass?" Gina asked.

"You are on," Julie replied.

So then, they both fought dirty with their boobs, neither one of them had handled their boobs quite like that before. Of course Gina wanted to lose, so she took a fall.

"Oh no, I'm down," Gina said.

So Julie was declared the winner and she got a hot MILF to kiss her ass. Julie got onto her knees and hands with her ass up in the air. All Gina had to do was move Julie's panties a bit to actually kiss her bare ass, but she went a bit further. Gina took off Julie's panties completely.

"Oh my, what a nice ass," Gina said just before she kissed Julie's ass.

She wasn't done their though, she began licking Julie's pussy from behind. Gina finally got to taste some young pussy, and she loved it.

"Oh Gina, I had no idea you liked licking pussy," Julie said as she moaned a bit.

Gina had full access to Julie's fresh pussy, and she wasn't about to waste any time with words. She spread out Julie's lips as far as she could in that postilion and stuck her slippery tongue in there deep. Julie and Tessa had actually never tried it like that, but Julie was certainly more than open try a few new experiences. As time went on with Gina fucking Julie from behind, Julie got closer and closer to climaxing all over Gina's face like fifty squirt guns all wrapped up into one. Julie began wiggling around just a bit, and she was definitely having trouble keeping her cool. Obviously having sex with a MILF was something special and she wanted it to last for as long as she could make it last.

"Gina, oh I love you and your daughter," Julie said.

"I love both you and your mother too," Gina replied.

Hearing that was just made it a little too much for Julie, so she had no choice but to unload all of her cum right onto Gina's face. It only lasted for a few seconds, but they were beyond great for both of them. Julie crashed down on her back and then Gina got something else from Julie's dresser, it was a strap-on.

"You know something, your mom and I have seen you two use this quite a few times on each other," Gina said as she walked back towards Julie.

"And you liked that?" Julie asked.

"Maybe," Gina replied as she put the strap-on onto herself.

With love and lust in their eyes, they were about to make love as woman and woman. Gina got on top of Julie in missionary position and slowly inserted the dildo into Julie's pussy. Of course by then Julie's pussy was used to the dildo, but not used to having a MILF on top of her though. Gina began thrusting the dildo in and out of Julie's small, but sexy pussy. Their boobs were touching yet again and to both of them, it just felt right. Not that they were happy to be unfaithful, even though everyone was on board, but because of the connections they had before they hooked up. Both of them laid their lips on each others and made out for a few minutes.

"Do you always kiss my daughter like this?" Gina asked as they made out.

"Yes, every time Gina, I love her," Julie replied.

"Good, I love your mom," Gina said.

Then all you could hear and see was them making out. They both wrapped their arms around each other tightly and got as close as they possibly could.

"Have you ever made love like this to my daughter?" Gina asked.

"Well, we like to do it doggie style mostly actually. You have one freaky daughter when she is in the bedroom," Julie replied.

"Wow, that's hot," Gina replied.

Gina stopped thrusting for a minute and just rested her head on Julie's tits. So Julie leaned her head back and enjoyed having her second mom's company. They both just needed a small break, but once they were ready for another round, they were back with a vengeance.

"Now that we made love like that, I wanna fuck you harder than my daughter likes to," Gina said.

So they both got up on their knees, and Julie leaned forward. First Gina rubbed the dildo very slowly for a minute and then leaned towards her. Gina slowly inserted the dildo deep into Julie's pussy making it quite a grand entrance. She put her hands onto Julie's smooth butt cheeks and began fucking her doggie style, just the way that Julie loved it. Gina started out thrusting slowly but she wanted to make sure Julie would remember this forever, so after a few minutes, she began thrusting a hell of a lot harder and quicker too.

"Oh fuck!" Julie screamed.

Julie liked what she felt going in and out of her pussy, she loved it in fact. In no time at all, Julie felt her pussy getting rather sore. When Tessa and Julie used the strap-on, they weren't as feisty, so both young ladies learned a few things that night. Both sets of boobs were shaking quite a bit, so for anyone watching, it was quite a sight to see as well.

"Come on, take it Julie, take it hard Julie," Gina said.

Julie couldn't take her mind off the pleasure long enough to reply to that, it was impossible for her to really say anything at that point.

"Oh come on Julie, tell me to keep fucking you, I wanna hear it," Gina said.

Gina wanted to hear it, but she heard no words. Eventually she stopped and pulled Julie up with her. They were together with Julie's back up against Gina's front. Gina still had the dildo up inside of Julie as she began rubbing her boobs a bit.

"So smooth and sexy, a perfect body for a perfect young and sexy woman," Gina said.

"Thank you," Julie replied as she turned her head a bit.

They kissed once more and then Gina put her right hand right onto Julie's pussy. She caressed it slowly with the tips of her fingers, and then Julie closed her eyes. As always when they closed their eyes, that meant that they loved the feeling they were receiving. Julie loved it a whole lot, but did miss having Tessa doing it for her.

"Are you thinking about my daughter?" Gina whispered in Julie's ear.

"Yes," Julie replied.

"Are you thinking about her, sexually?" Gina asked.

"Maybe I'm, does that turn you on Gina?" Julie asked.

"Yes, I love the whole thing actually, it turns me on to no end. From the first minute I knew you two were hooking up, I loved it. I'm so happy that Tessa found a hot chick like you to make love with," Gina replied.

"I love it when I eat her out and she cums all over my face, or when we scissor each other and we cum right onto each others pussies. It feels so damn good every single time Tessa and I make love," Julie said.

Gina felt Julie's pussy get even wetter as she mentioned Tessa's name. If Gina was unclear before, she definitely knew that Julie was in love with Tessa then. So she couldn't help but ask Julie a couple more sexual questions.

"Does she always give you orgasms?" Gina asked.

"Yes, every sex session we have, she makes me cum an ocean," Julie replied.

They both stayed silent for a minute and stayed close.

"Did you have an orgasm the first time you fucked my daughter?" Gina asked.

"Yes, it was amazing, and I loved every second of it," Julie replied.

That was when the door opened.

"Damn right she did, trust me, I was there," Tessa said.

They both looked over at Valerie and Tessa in just their bras and panties, and they both looked to be very turned on by what they saw. Although how could they not be turned on?
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