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Valerie Lewis--Part 2

New client

I enjoyed my time with Leo that afternoon. After we had slept he had woken me up tied to the bed. He had brought me to near orgasm three times before finally letting me cum. It had been torturous and exhilarating. But our time had come to an end. Monday morning came and he had to be getting back into town. We said our goodbyes, he patted my round ass, kissed me on the forehead and left.

I didn’t delay and quickly gathered all my things, making sure I looked composed- hair was in place, lips gloss wasn’t smudged and clothes were neat. Going down to the valet I picked up my Lexus SC 09 and was on the road making record time as there wasn’t too much traffic on the road at 5:30a.m.

Stepping through the front door Carly greeted me with a meow and rubbed herself across my legs. Scratching her behind the ears I went into the kitchen to retrieve her favorite treats giving her a few she was content and padded down to her bed before the glass door leading to the back yard where she watched the birds.

Stifling a yawn I made my way upstairs and stripped out of my clothes. Sliding naked between my satin sheets I took a nap for the next fives hours. Waking up I drew myself a nice hot bath and waited for the tub to fill. Glancing at my Blackberry I checked to see if I had any up coming appointments. And sure enough I did, today in fact at noon with a new client.

I smiled, new clients were the best. They had all this pent up excitement and wild fantasies they wanted to explore. Their excitement spilled over into me and made me feel like a virgin all over again.

Putting the cell phone away I stepped into the now full tub. Taking my time I soaked until the water grew too cold.

Getting out I dried off then walked naked back into my room. Going to the dresser I once again looked through my lingerie. Deciding on something simple yet elegant I chose a red lace bra with matching boy short underwear. Going back into the bathroom I blew out my hair, lathered my skin in lotion and put on the barest makeup. A pair of black slacks, white button down shirt and stiletto heels completed my outfit.

Grabbing my purse and a manila folder I drove down to Lucy’s a local dinner to meet my potential client.

It was twelve o’clock on the dot and there he sat, nervously tearing at the paper napkin. Quirking an eyebrow I made my way to him. With out saying anything I simply sat down and looked at him.

The man was pleasing to look at, he was probably six feet- I couldn’t really tell since he was sitting down- with broad shoulder, his hair was sandy blond that curled around his face, his lips were average with the bottom slightly larger then the top. His eyes were wide as they looked at me, but very lovely, they were a deep shade of green. His tan spoke of hard labor or active sports, his build certainly wasn’t used to being behind a desk all day long.

I held out my hand. “I’m Valerie.”

For a moment he only looked at me then quickly regained his thoughts. Blushing slightly he took my hand and pumped it three times, a sure strong hand shake. “My names Timothy Joans, my friends call me TJ.” His smile was nervous showing off a set of straight white teeth.

I smiled in kind trying to easy his discomfort. One thing about new clients, besides their excitement, was their nerves; they thought taking a whore to bed was taboo, dirty and a little wrong. Which was why it was so sweet. “There’s no need to be nervous. Relax.” My voice was soothing, patient.

TJ blew out a breath and chuckled. “Yeah I guess I am a little nervous, I’ve never done anything like this before.” He waved a hand between us. “I don’t normally pay for,” his voice dropped, “sex.”

I quirked an eyebrow. This was not the first time I had heard this line. True he probably didn’t need to pay for sex but there was a reason he was willing to. Obviously he wasn’t getting what he needed most from his partners or he thought the acts he wanted were to degrading to ask for. “Then why are you?”

TJ blushed again, his cheeks scarlet. “I…” his voice trailed off and he looked up as the waitress approached. I watched as his gaze checked her out, first he looked at her ample chest moved down to her plump ass to her legs then back to her eyes.

“What would you like to drink?” She asked a practiced smile on her cherry red lips.

“Nothing for me,” I said.

“I’ll just have water,” TJ said.

The waitress walked off not writing down the water.

I looked at TJ expectantly waiting for his answer.

“Listen, I really don’t need to pay for this it’s just I can’t tell my partners I want to be dominated. If it got to my friends I am a pussy in bed they’d laugh their asses off.”

Ah, so the alpha male wanted a little dominance. That was fine; I enjoyed playing Mistress from time to time. “I can give you what ever you want TJ, all you have to do is ask. And there will be complete privacy. I keep my life very private, if we were to ever bump into each other on the street I wouldn’t stop and say hello, just smile and move on.”

The relief on TJ’s face was endearing. He seemed to relax considerably at this news. “How do we do this then?”

I reached for my manila folder and placed it between us. “First I want to see your test results.” I wasn’t an idiot I had all my clients tested before sleeping with them. When TJ produced his I quickly scanned it and was relieved to see he was 100% clean, he read mine and smiled.

“Looks like we are good.” He said placing the papers back into the folder and handing them back to me, I handed his back to him and sat back in the booth.

“Now all we have to do is discus what you want.” I stretched my leg out and rubbed it against his, smiling at him I knew my face was seductive my eyes begged him for a fuck.

“I want you to dominate me.” Simple and sweet his request was said.

“When and where.” There was no point in waiting.

“Right now, I took the day off we can go back to my place.” His eyes were beseeching.

“Get up,” I said and he did, sliding from my side of the booth I walked out of the restaurant with TJ on my heels. When we were outside I looked at him. “I am going to follow you home; when we get there I want you to take me to your room. You will call me Mistress from now on and only speak when I tell you to, you are my slave and I can do whatever I want no questions will be asked. Do I make myself clear?” Deliberately I put an edge of steel into my voice.  

“Yes, Mistress.” Short and sweet, scanning his features I could see the excitement in his green eyes, looking down there was an impressive bulge behind the fly of his jeans.

I licked my lips and stepped forward. Placing my hand on his crotch I squeezed gently. “This is mine, I will fuck it how I see fit and you will take everything I have to give.”

“Yes, Mistress.” He shivered, not from the cold but from my dominate tone and actions. I myself was getting turned on very quickly, there was a pleasurable ache starting deep inside my cunt, my juices were freely flowing coating my underwear.

“Get in your car. Now.” TJ moved fast as lightening and started his car he waited for me to get into mine, when I was settled he pulled out of the drive way and headed toward his house.

Fifteen minutes later we arrived at his house. With out mincing words TJ lead me to his room which was located at the back of the house. His room was large, spacious with a king sized bed in the middle. It had the bare minimum necessities, bed, TV, night stand and a lamp.


TJ didn’t hesitate and quickly disregarded his clothes tossing them aside he stood before me naked. His cock was straining toward his navel, the flared head was red, his balls were drawn up tight.

“Very good slave, you please your Mistress with your eagerness,” I crooned stepping towards him. “Now undress me.”

TJ undid my clothes in record time when he was about to take off my bra I stopped him. “No, not yet, you have to earn the right to see me fully naked. Get on the bed.”

He whimpered in his throat but did as he was told. Sitting in the middle of the bed he looked at me expectantly. “Spread your legs, I shouldn’t have to ask to see what’s mine.”

TJ spread his legs as wide as he could giving me a view of his heavy balls and engorged cock. I could feel my pulse beating erratically my breath was coming in short pants. There was nothing in this world I wanted to do more then fuck this man blind, but first I had to teach him who was in charge. “You are not allowed to cum until I tell you too is that clear?”

“Yes, Mistress.”

“Play with your balls but do not touch your cock.”

TJ took his sac in one hand and began rolling his balls around he moaned closing his eyes. My pussy pulsed, my own hand reached down and I began rubbing my clit through the fabric of my underwear. “Now use your other hand on your cock slave and watch me.”

TJ’s eyes snapped open and he watched me rub myself he made a sound in the back of his throat a drop of pre-cum coating the head of his cock.

“That’s it slave fuck yourself with your hand, but don’t cum.”

His hand moved faster on himself, he was getting close to orgasm and I rubbed my clit faster. When I saw his eyes close again my eyes narrowed. “Stop and look at me.”

His hands stilled and he watched me. I crawled onto the bed and straddled his hips. “I told you to watch me, not to close your eyes slave. Suck my nipples and only use your mother do no touch me otherwise.”

TJ whimpered, “I’m sorry Mistress.”

“I didn’t tell you to speak,” my voice was lethal.

TJ shut his mouth and leaned forward taking a hardened nipple into his mouth. He sucked softly, gently using his teeth to torture me. I moaned reaching down to coat my fingers with my juices. Drawing a circle around my other nipple I told him to suck tit; he did so and moaned appreciatively tasting me on my nipple.

“Like that slave?”

“Yes, Mistress,” he murmured from around my flesh.

Soon I became too hot, needing his cock inside me. The pleasant ache between my thighs was becoming desperate as my fingers continued to rub my clit. “Stop.”

TJ stopped and I took my bra and panties off; no longer caring that I was slipping in character I tossed my lingerie aside. The only thing present in my mind was the need to cum and have his hard, wide cock filling me.

“Are you ready for your Mistress’s pussy to fuck your cock slave?”

“Yes, Mistress.”

I took his velvet encased steel cock into my hand and guided it towards my dripping entrance. After so many orgasm with Leo the night before you would think I had no more in me to give, on the contrary, this was why I was a whore, sex was never enough for me, I needed it like my next breath.

Slowly I lowered myself onto his fat cock. The head alone stretched me wide, smiling I dropped myself on his lap, my ass resting on his muscular thighs. TJ moaned deep in his throat and instinctively bucked against me. “Hmm, slave you have a nice cock, one that fills me.”

I rode his cock hard and fast as I instructed him to suck my nipples as I bouncing happily on his massive cock. My fingers plaid with my clit and soon I was cumming. The first ripple of my orgasm sailed through me, my cunt contracted painfully on his cock, tossing my head form side to side I screamed. I couldn’t help it, the painful twinges coursing through my body was electrifying and I never wanted it to stop.

“Mistress please I need to cum!” TJ could no longer hold back his cock was pulsing inside my hot cunt and I laughed hoarsely.

“Cum slave cum inside your Mistress let me feel every spurt of your cock.”

TJ growled low in his throat and began to cum; every fiery blast of his semen seemed to trigger smaller orgasms inside me. I continued to bounce of his cock never stopping until ever last drop was drained from him.

I collapsed on top of him and he gently held me playing with my hair. I had defiantly just found a new client that would hopefully want me for a while. I was already formulating plans with stiletto heels and dildos when I dozed off, TJ’s cock still inside me.

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