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Vanessa's Island - Chapter Four

In which Vanessa and I explore the erotic side of UV protection
Vanessa's phone call woke me from a deep sleep.

"You'd better stay up your end of the island for the next half hour," she warned me. "I'm going for a swim."

"Thanks for the warning," I replied.

No sooner had I hung up the phone than I grabbed my binoculars, positioned on my bedside table for just such an emergency, and ran down the path to Vanessa's beach. I didn't bother to put on any clothes. After all Vanessa wouldn't be seeing me, or so I thought.

Fifteen minutes later I had taken up my position behind a convient tree, binoculars in one hand, cock in the other.

Vanessa must have settled for a short swim, because she was just exiting the water as I arrived. I let go of my dick just long enough to focus the binoculars, and then I feasted my eyes on a close-up view of Vanessa's jiggling boobs and dripping wet pussy-hair. As if she could tell that I was watching her she turned toward the sea and began doing a series of exercises that seemed specially designed to show off her cock-stiffening bum in all its glory. As she did her toe touching exericises her pink-lipped hairy pussy appeared and disappeared between her soft white bottom cheeks.

When she was through exercising, she turned towards me and did a big stretch. Suddenly, something caught her attention and to my dismay it appeared to be the tree behind which I was hiding.

"You can come out now, David," she called. "And don't tell me you're not decent. I know you're not decent, you little wanker."

"How did you know I was there," I asked as I emerged shame-facedly from behind the tree, hurling my binoculars non-chalantly into a nearby bush.

"With the sunlight shining off of your binoculars you were about as inconspicuous as a light-house," explained Vanessa. "But if you wanted to watch me why not be sociable and come down and say hello. That way you get a front row seat. And don't worry, playing with yourself is definitely allowed."

"Really?" I asked, unable to believe what I was hearing.

"Oh, yes," said Vanessa. "And if you're really friendly, you may get to play with me. I know all the best games."

Then she bent down and picked up a bottle of sunscreen that she had left lying in the sand next to the brightly coloured towel that she had spread on the sand.

"But if we are going to stay out in the sun any longer my tender skin needs a little protection," she informed me. "Care to do the honours."

"You bet!" I cried, grabbing the container out of her hands.

"Now, now," she cautioned, "don't get too excited, you will have to follow my precise instructions so that I get a good overall coverage. Knowing you, if I don't watch you, my arse and boobs will get full protection and the rest of me will fry."

"Always willing to follow orders, ma'am," I replied, with a salute.

"All right," she said, "let's sit down and get comfortable. First I want you to do my face."

Gently I applied the milky cream to Vanessa's face, enjoying the opportunity to loving stroke her forehead, her cheeks, her chin and her neck, all the time looking deeply into her sexy, gold-flecked green eyes. When I was finished, I tweaked her nose playfully.

"Now my arms," she said.

I squeezed some more cream onto my hands and slowly spread it over Vanessa's shoulders and down her arms. As I moved down towards her right wrist, I casually pushed it down, accidently on purpose making her fingers touch the tip of my stiff dick.

"Naughty boy," she laughed, "there'll be plenty of time to play later."

I rubbed the lotion into each of Vanessa's hands, relishing the opportunity to play with her slippery fingers.

"Back now," she ordered, laying down on her front.

Without hesitation I threw my leg over her and sat down with my hard prick lying along the crack of her bottom.

"Now don't you get any ideas back there," she warned as I rubbed the slippery liquid all over her back.

"Ideas?" I asked innocently. "What ideas?"

"Boobs next," she told me when I had finished her back. I got up and she rolled over.

By now I was finding the situation very frustrating. For my eyes and my hands it was a feast, but for my poor old dick it was a famine. As I straddled Vanessa from the front, I leant forward more than I really needed to just so that my aching cock would occassionally brush her belly or get tickled by her luxurient pubes.

I squirted more sunscreen into the palms of both hands and slowly lowered them onto Vanessa's ivory white breasts. I couldn't believe how soft they felt. Around and around I went, stroking their slippery softness. Then I gently tweaked her nipples, squeezing and teasing them with my slippery fingers. This kind of naughtiness Vanessa didn't seem to mind.

"Mmmmmmmm," she sighed.

Then her tone changed.

"Hey, I didn't tell you to start on my tummy yet!" she said.

"Ummm, actually, that's not sunscreen," I replied, with some embarrassment, as Vanessa looked down and saw that I had shot my load over her belly.

"I thought it felt a bit warm for sunscreen," she said matter-of-factly. "Still knowing him, it will only be a temporary setback."

Next I did Vanessa's legs, running my slippery hands over the insides of her thighs and working my way down to her toes.

It was while I was doing her bottom that my cock began to get stiff again. By now I was no longer trying to maintain any sense of propriety. After I had played with her boobs, Vanessa didn't seem to care if I followed the rules or not. I grabbed the sunscreen bottle and, pretending it was my dick, sqeezed it hard sending a spurt of cream all over Vanessa's bum and right up her back.

"All right, David," she asked, "was that the sunscreen or are you playing with yourself again?"

"Don't worry, it's just the sunscreen," I reassured her.

I'd obviously used too much because no matter how long I sloshed my hands around her glorious backside, occassionally inserting a slippery finger into the crack between her soft white cheeks, the cream just wouldn't be absorbed by her skin.

Eventually I decided that it might be even more fun to use my dick and surrounding areas to rub in the cream, so I threw myself on top of Vanessa and rubbed my slippery, semi-erect prick all over her soft bottom cheeks.

"Hey, hey, hey," she protested. "Enough of that. There's one place you haven't done yet."

With that she turned over and grabbed my hand. Then she squeezed a generous quantity of sunscreen into it, and pushed it forceably between her legs.

"Are you sure the sun shines there?" I asked, as I felt two of my fingers slide deep inside her warm pussy.

"I want you to MAKE the sun shine there," she growled.

I had no complaints. My prick was rock hard again now as I alternatively fiddle with Vanessa's clitoris and slid my middle finger deep within her wet warmth. All the time she held my wrist, forcing me upon herself.

"If I let go of your hand," she asked, "do you promise not to take it away? Not to stop what you're doing?"

"What would you do if I did?" I asked.

"I just might decide I like wearing clothes," she replied, threateningly.

"Cruel woman," I said.

Reassured, she let go of my hand and, while I kept up my ministrations, she began to tease her slippery nipples. For a long time she was lost to the world. Long moans came from her wide-open mouth. Her eyes were closed.

Then with an almighty "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" she collapsed onto the sand totally spent. Something about the way that her body went limp, announcing defeat in the wake of the wave upon wave of pleasure which had crashed over her, was incredibly arrousing.

It wasn't all that long before she resurfaced, her face alight with an idiot grin.

"Wow!" she sighed. "That was fantastic. Thanks for helping."

"It's not like I had much choice about it," I teased her. "You were kind of forceful."

"Well," she said, "a girl has to stand up for her rights."

"What right were you standing up for just then?" I queried.

"The right to pussy pleasure. A girl has a right to have her pussy pleasured at least once a day, and any man who happens to be around at the time should volunteer his services willingly to aid her in attaining this right," Vanessa explained with revolutionary zeal.

"Oh, I totally agreed," I replied seriously. "At least my dick does. See, he's standing up for you're rights as well. It's a show of solidarity."

"What a sweetie!" she said, patting him on the head.

Then she looked up at me and said, "Well, I suppose I better do you now."

With a smile I grabbed her right hand and pulled it towards my stiff cock.

"No, I mean put the sunscreen on you, silly," she laughed.

When she saw my face drop, she laughed again.

"Don't worry, David," she reassured me. "I'm going to wank you off. But it's better to get the all over treatment."

And she was right. I lay down on the towel and Vanessa straddled my back and began rubbing the cream into my shoulders. I could feel her wet, wide-open pussy slurping around my lower spine. When she had done my buttocks and my legs she slapped me on the arse and told me to turn over. As she straddled my front I ran my eyes over her glistening nakedness and she rubbed her oily hands over my chest. Waves of sensual pleasure coursed through my body as her slippery fingers slid over my sensitive nipples.

Eventually I realised that the supreme moment had arrived. Vanessa crouched back on her haunches, her legs shamelessly spread, as she squirted more cream into the palm of her right hand. Then, slowly, tantalizingly, she moved it closer to my hard cock. A shiver ran through me as the coolness of the liquid touched the heat of my prick. Then I felt her soft fingers gently wrap themselves around my sensitive stiffness. My whole being was centred on that part of myself which was a prisoner of her sexy, slimy fingers. As she slid them, gently but firmly, up and down the shaft, I looked into her eyes and found she was smiling at me with a softly teasing tenderness.

"I think David likes it when Nessa plays with his dick," she whispered. "Now aren't you glad you came and said hello, instead of staying up in the trees and playing with yourself? Think of all the things you wouldn't have gotten to do..."

"Oh, God!" I cried as Vanessa's fingers achieved their goal.

"...Like squirt your messy cum all over Nessa's boobies," cried Vanessa, as my seed spurted all over her creamy white bosom.

A flood of tenderness and gratitude welled up in me, and I grabbed Vanessa to me and kissed her on the lips. Her lips opened and our tongues played together for a while.

"Come on," she said, breaking away, "let's wash off all the mess."

Then grabbing my hand she dragged me out into the cool, refreshing water.

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