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Welcome to Sun City

“Not if you don’t want me to, but I do need some fresh air and would like go out to the deck.
This is where Sonja wants to be this weekend.

Sun City is the place to be if you are looking for fun in the sun. Sun City offers visitors an incredible combination of services and facilities including quality hotels, golf courses, a water park, wildlife and other excellent entertainment options.

Sonja has been dreaming of such a weekend for some time now and with all her spare money in her bag, she is finally here.

She wants to stay in one of the four deluxe suites but she has no intention of paying for it. These suites are breathtakingly beautiful with stunning panoramas over the Lost City in the Royal Suite. After all, this is The Palace and she wouldn’t mind been treated like a queen!

So first things first. While she might only be here for the day, she might get lucky for the whole weekend. She wanders around in the casino with a few Rand in her handbag to play a little poker just in case she spots something that excites her. She wants to show the guys she can play poker before she makes a move on one and if she ‘plays her cards right’ a free weekend is hers!

As Sonja wanders though the casino she sees a few men around a poker table getting lucky as they are laughing loudly and one shouts ”Drinks for the table.” (While looking around and smiling at her too.)

Sonja slides over and asks them if she may join in. They welcome her in and the first few rounds she just watches as they play. Sonja knows she is good at poker and when the next round starts she buys in with R 500,00.

The small blinds are 100 chips and her first 2 cards are a pair of Ace’s. She knows those are not good cards if there aren’t 2 pairs or something better.

The game is on. With six people playing this should go her way. Someone raised 500 chips and everyone is in. The first 3 cards on the table are Ace, Jack and 6. Sonja raises 1000 chips. Every one is still in. This should go her way. The next card out is a another Jack. Its a full house for her. Someone raises 1000 chips. When it came her way she had to think about it. It could be that he has 4 of a kind that is higher then her full house. Sonja raises her 1000 chips. The next card is an Ace. How lucky can she be. The other guy raises 1000 chips again. When her turn comes around again she goes all in with the last chips she has. When they turn the cards the other guy has 4 jacks. He has a big smile on his face as the dealer waits for Sonja to turn her cards over. As she looks at the guy that thinks he has won the pot, she smiles at him and said, ”Sorry” as she turns her cards and they see she has 2 Ace’s.

The guy to her left gives her a kiss on the cheek and says, “Well done my dear.” She looks at the guy with the jacks and he has a smile that could go all around his face. He comes around to her and gives her a real big hug. He holds her hand up high and says, “The winner of this round, you go girl.”

“All she can say is, "Thank you guys, you made my day,” as she cashes in her chips.

Two of the guys ask her if she would join them for some drinks. She thinks it over for a while. She has won big at the table so why not? Sonja nods to them and they move to the bar.

Now the one guy has a nice bum and is about 1.7m tall with nice blue eyes and blonde hair. He has jeans on with a checked shirt with what looks like boots. His name is James. Now on the other hand, Willem is more someone she would love to spend the night with. He is about 1.9m tall, has dark hair and brown eyes. He has a nice smile and when he laughs it comes from his eyes. It is very sexy!

As they sit at one of the tables close to the bar they decide its time for something to eat. They all decide on something light. Sonja goes for the crumbed mushrooms while they decide on chicken wings. They order some beers and wine for Sonja.

As they chat away on every topic you can think of she kept feeling Willems leg touches hers. Each time it does, she looks at him and she knows he was the one. Sonja just had to hope he was here for the weekend and not the day.

After a few more drinks James says he has to move on and get to his farm and would maybe pop in again the next day. Willem stands up and shakes his hand and they have a moment there that caught her eye too. Like James was showing Willem to hold on to her or something.

With that, Sonja also stands up. Willem turns to her and asked, ”You also leaving?” as he puts his hand on her shoulder.

“Not if you don’t want me to but I do need some fresh air and would like go out to the deck, if you don’t mind.” She patted said his hand on her shoulder.

“I would really like to get to know you better if you don’t mind, Sonja?” he says as he followed her to the deck where they could see the pool.

“I would like that too, thank you, Willem.” She allows herself the moment to be close to him.

“You are so beautiful.” He reaches for her glossy hair and slides it between his fingers as he leans closer. Her perfume is temptingly unfamiliar but soft. The lip-gloss she had on was a light orange colour, the same as her long finger nails. Her build is not too slim but the way she dresses is showing all her best qualities.

Willem stands so close to Sonja and all he can think of is the die lump in his pants. He wants her badly! She turns her around to face him.

Sonja takes a deep breath and when and he catches a whiff of the peppermint she ate after leaving the bar.

His mouth finds hers very gently. She’d never kissed a guy so soon after meeting but this was her game and if he wanted to take over he was more then welcome!

Although Willem did start the kissing, Sonja became an equal partner, giving as good as she got. Their tongues did a little Tango for a while and he puts his hands around her, moving to the in side of her blouse. She suddenly becomes aware of their surroundings and pulls back.

“I love your mouth,” he said.

“I love your tongue, but not here. Not like this,” she said.

“Are you booked in yet?” Willem asked.

“Not yet, are you?”

“Yes I am, how long are you staying?”

“I don’t know yet.”

“Well, I am booked in for the weekend for two. James can't stay so you are welcome to join me.”

“Sounds good to me,” she replied as Willem took her hand and led her to the lobby.

In the lift Willem pins her in the corner and starts to kiss her again.

His hands are all over her. The intense pleasure makes her gasp. To be aroused like this was taking its toll and she is hot as hell. Her panties are drenched and her nipples hard and aching. All she wants to do now is to get out of her clothes.

When the lift opened he took her hand and no sooner had he opened the door that he unbuttons her blouse while kissing her deeply.

“I still like your mouth, but forgive me if I find something better to replace it with.”

Sonja is so glad he loves foreplay and can’t believe how much she has missed it. He moves his way from her mouth to the ear then to the collarbone, her neck and down her throat to her erect nipples. She can feel her heart beat in her ears.

After taking his time on each breast and his hands wanders down. He slowly undoes her pants and sliding them down her legs along with her lace panties.

He focuses on her navel. Gently circulating it with his tongue. He feels Sonja tremble. On his knees now, he touches her thighs as he opens her legs.

“Welcome to Sun City.” Willem says and looks up for a moment.

She feels his warm breath on her and gasps as Willem pushes two fingers deep inside and his tongue makes contact with her love point. He flicks with his tongue every time he twists his fingers inside of her.

The sensation of this all makes her lose it. As he starts moving his fingers in and out and increases the rhythm she is overwhelmed by the intensity of her orgasm.

“Again,” he murmurs as he pays all of his attention to her swollen clitoris again. “Once more.”

The steady pulse of his rhythm leads to another massive climax! This time her heavy breathing and completion of her best and ever orgasm hit her. “Oh, yes.” And Sonja's body gives way from standing.

Willem picks her up and carries her to the bed.

“That felt so amazing.” Sonja says as he sat next to her.

“You telling me! I didn’t think you would go another round,” Willem kisses her on the forehead. “You were great!”

Sonja just smiles seductively.

“I don’t know about you, but live worked up an appetite.” Willem says and walks to the bathroom to fetch a fluffy gown for her.

“For more sex?” she asks while wondering why he has passed her a gown.

“No silly, food. What would you like me to order for you”?

Sonja puts on the gown and opens the glass sliding door of his room.

“Oh My God! Is this one of the deluxe suites?” Sonja asked.

“Yes it is, I only stay in the best.” Added Willem.

“It’s magnificent, breathtaking! I wouldn’t mind living like royalty for just a day.” As Sonja looks at Willem, she sees the smile on his face.

“I can do that for you. Let me just change the order then to something better.”

After the two of them have their meal, Sonja goes out onto the patio and sits on one of the deck chairs.

Willem pulls one up in front of her so that he can look at her. “So tell me, where did you learn to play poker?”

“Ive been around, but the love for the game came from my Face book days. I learnt to play the game there with monkey money. When I made my first million I started playing online and that is how I started.”

“Nice. So, you want to be treated like royalty today, what would you like to do now?” Willem asks her, while pulling her up from her chair into his arms.

“Obviously, I can only think of one thing that comes to mind.” Sonja says as she places both hands on his shoulders.

This is certainly no ordinary or common woman, she knows what she wants and when she wants it. This is the kind of woman that has goals and is every man’s mystery prize.

As he starts kissing her nipples as he steps back into the room with her to the bed side. Sonja gives a small moan as she knows what will come next. His hands and mouth play over her breasts. He moves one hand down, down and touches her clean shaven womanhood. Dropping his middle finger to the top of her cleft, he starts to play with her her love bud. Her breath comes in swallow short gasps as her hand reaches down to his firm manhood. The more he rubs her the more urgent her movements become.

Willem lowers Sonja gently onto the bed. First kissing her stomach then makes his way down to her now pulsating womanhood. Willem opens her legs and looks into the most beautiful sight on earth. There is nothing as lovely as a pussy, and to him, nothing as good to eat.

“Welcome to my amusement park,” he says.

As he lowers his head between her legs he licks her pussy lips and she moans, slightly lifting her hips to his face. Willem puts a hand under each buttock and lifts her a bit to make it easier to taste, lick and suck this wonderful peach before him. He licks up and down, left and right, across her puffy lips. They open for him, inviting him to taste deeply. He looks up. Her eyes are closed. She is moaning softly and her hands are on her breasts, rubbing her nipples.

He licks back up to her clit and takes it between his lips, at first sucking softly and then harder. As he sucks it in between his lips he pushes a finger into her pussy. Another gasp from her. He starts to suck vigorously on her clit as he works one finger, then another, deep into her, feeling her inner walls, looking for her g-spot.

As he rubbs her and sucks on her clit she starts to buck as if she wants him to take her into his mouth completely. Willem's fingers works faster in and out of her wet hole, as he sucks harder on her little button, his tongue flicking over it inside his mouth. He knows she is close to cumming, so he continues his assault on her clit and pussy.

Sonja can’t take it any longer, her whole body starts shaking. She is cumming. My Soul, she is Cumming! She has the side of her hand in her mouth to muffle the screams and shouts.

Willem continues unrelentlessly, pressing his fingers upwards to her g-spot he presses down on her stomach with the other hand.

Sonja’s body shakes as she lets go with all she has. Willem goes down on her again, licking gently around her opening, trying to avoid her clit as he drinks up all he could.

He helps her back up to the top of the bed and goes to lie next to her after pulling up the covers over them. Nothing needs to be said as they cuddle and rest.

Before long, Sonja is on top of Willem rubbing her pussy over Willem's shaft to arouse him once more. Once his shaft finds its way up her tight pussy, she starts to ride him; wildly up and down. His hands are on her nipples and breasts. He starts to move with her rhythm. Now she is really riding him!

Her moans come quietly as she holds on to his legs. Soon they get louder and the rhythm is faster. With an almighty groan she climaxes and collapses on his chest. Slowly moving her lower body in small circles while kissing him, she brings him to climax. His seed erupts like a volcano into her.

After a while he gets hard again. As she feels his shaft swelling inside her, she sits upright and looks him straight in the eyes, “Another round?” she asks.

Without pulling out, he puts his hands under her buttocks and turns her over. Slow and deliberately he starts to ride her. He has to change his position as she lifts her legs and hooks them over his shoulders. He is riding her deep and hard and her moans get louder. Her pussy is tight around his shaft and he is experiencing something he hasn't had for a long time.

Sonja also does something she has always wanted to try. She starts to rub her own clit as he just has to get rid of all his stress and bangs her hard. She loves it because she bangs just as hard back and in no time they both come with moans they did not know they had in them.

In the morning Willem wakes up with a big smile on his face, rubs his shaft as he turns over to where Sonja lies, only to see a note on her bedside table.

He opens his eyes wide to read it:


What a hell of a day and night it was!

If this how it feels to be treated like royalty, I was glad to be a queen.

Thanks for everything!

Hope to see you again one day.


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