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What Next? 2 Burning

How do you stop watching sex video's of your wife and her lover?
Chapter Two

Alicia, smooth, dark, sophisticated Alicia, was hell bent for revenge. Whatever they say about a woman scorned was definitely true about Alicia. While I duplicated the DVD’s she ranted about posting the various episodes from the DVD’s her husband made of he and my wife Kate to amateur porn sites like RedTube, Spankwire and Hardsextube. She raged on about how we should post them at the rate of one a week on each site until they were all on the internet.

After I finished copying the DVD’s to my hard drive I asked her if she would like to go for lunch or something. She declined, saying that she didn’t think it would be good for us to be seen together without our spouses because, 'All hell was going to kick loose.'

“Right now, I better get back and return these DVD’s to Phil’s hiding spot,” she said, “I think it’ll be good that he doesn’t know that WE know.”

“I agree,” I said, “It gives us time to sort things out.”

“And I am glad that we both know now. As painful as all this is, it’s much better now that I don’t feel so alone anymore.” With that she gave me a quick peck on the cheek and went out the door I held open.

As soon as I closed the door I walked to my computer unsure about exposing Kate’s privacy to the internet even as upset as I was. I looked over the list of video segments copied from the DVD’s: “Sixty Niners”, “Curves”, “Exploring the KS”, “Cowgirl Katie”, “Lickety Split”, “Tailpipe”.

I clicked to open the one entitled “Lickety Split”.

The title “Lickety Split” appeared in pink script across the black screen. After a moment the script stretched itself out into a pink line that positioned itself vertically in the middle. Behind the blank screen with the pink line Katie’s voice could be heard answering an unknown request in sweet complaint. “No, I don’t want you to.”

“Why not?”

“Because, I just want you in me.”

“Say it.”

“I want you to fuck me.”

“And I will fuck you, but I’m gonna taste you first.”

“No, Phil, not today.”

“Yes, today.”


The pink line split open to draw the blank screen away to either side like curtains revealing Katie leaning back on a bed propped up on her elbows. She is smiling playfully at a point just to the side of the camera. She is naked, her pert breasts swaying with her movements. She is not unaware of the camera, glancing over at it self-consciously at first. Phil is at her feet. The left edge of the screen crops two thirds of his body at his hairy shoulder blade. As he’s teasing Katie, he’s stabbing out with his hands trying to snag one of her ankles, Katie is fending him off with deflecting kicks.

“When I catch you, little girl, I am gonna eat you up.”

“Well the only way I wanna be caught is on that pole of yours!” Katie said punctuating it with a series of bicycle peddle-kicks.

With an artful fake, Phil accurately timed one of Katie’s kicks and blocked both of her legs toward the outside of the screen and pounced as she rolled onto her side. She rolled into a protective fetal position presenting a nice view of her butt. Phil took advantage and landed three loud cracking spanks, causing Katie to yelp in pain and twist back up toward Phil.

He then pinned her with his body and pushed her upper arms into the bed with his hands. She was still trying to fight but he was too strong. In a moment she submitted and he lowered his lips to hers and they kissed passionately for a moment before Phil worked his way down by kissing her neck, shoulders and breasts. After kissing across her stomach and nuzzling her neatly trimmed pussy, Phil placed a hand behind each of her knees and lifted them high and apart. Only the back of his head was visible so I couldn’t see what he was doing, but given the way Katie’s lower legs were twitching I could tell he was hitting the right spots.

Then he pulled his head away and with his hands still behind her knees he rotated her so that her pussy was centered toward the camera. He moved his hands in and used his thumbs to spread her glistening lips apart. Then her pussy appeared in vivid close-up.

Apparently Phil had both of his cameras mounted side by side, one in wide angle the other in telephoto, which he alternated between in the editing.

“Will you look at that beautiful work of art”? He said to the camera gesturing with a nod of his head toward Kate’s pussy.

“Phil! Don’t,” Katie exclaimed trying to pull her legs together in vain against Phil’s effort.

“Relax, just for a second, I just want you to take a good look at what a beautiful thing your pussy really is. You should learn to appreciate it. Don’t worry, nobody but us is ever going to see this.” Phil said.

“Yeah, trust Phil,” I mumbled to myself.

“I do appreciate my kitty”, Katie entreated, “I appreciate her when your tongue is licking her and I appreciate her when your cock is pounding it’s way into her, so now get back to business sweetheart, please.”

Phil brought his head back in along her left thigh so you could still see his face almost in profile. He stuck out his tongue and ran the tip up and down beneath Katie’s opposing outer lip. It was easy to follow the bulge his tongue created beneath the outer lip as he slowly moved it up and down eight or nine times.

By then Katie had completely given up her fight and lay motionless, her breasts heaving upon her chest with each excited breath.

I wanted to stop the movie. I wanted to smash the monitor. I felt violated and tortured yet I continued to watch. She looked so happy propped up on her elbows early in the scene, so happy playing with Phil. We hadn’t been that playful in years. Somehow, it made me feel dejected, embarrassed, and guilty. My body however, was on fire with rage.

Katie brought her hands to the back of Phil’s head and laced her fingers into his hair. She had grown more animated now, pulling her own legs back and pulling Phil’s head into her. In another moment her orgasm was unmistakable. “Oh God, Oh Jesus, Oh my God!”

Before she could fully regain her composure Phil knelt up on the bed between her legs in a position for intercourse and all that was visible was his backside with one of Katie’s lower legs sticking out on either side of it.

After a minute or so she hooked them around his thighs and pulled him towards her. Another moment after that his butt cheeks were clenching and releasing as he began vigorously fucking her. In close-up Phil’s balls blocked the view of his shaft and her vagina. In the area of their union just his balls were visible from the same steady aspect bouncing off her anus: Phil’s balls, Katie’s anus. My Kate.

She began to move her legs, first just clenching tighter around Phil’s upper thighs and butt, then alternating between spreading them wide out to the side and hooking them back around Phil to pull him into her with considerable force, yelling at him to fuck her, “Hard, hard, and harder!”

At least that part was familiar. Katie liked her fucking rough and she sometimes liked to be really pounded by me when we fucked. Other times she would be sensitive to the pain of me pushing hard into her. Obviously she liked to be pounded by Phil now, perhaps, I thought, his smaller cock caused her no pain.

A moment longer and Phil’s balls contracted up tight revealing the lower edge of her vagina and Phil’s ramming cock. Katie began her familiar whimpering that signaled she was climbing toward a powerful orgasm. The power of Phil’s thrusting accelerated for an additional few seconds. Then with both of them grunting and moaning and Phil delivering a few forceful clenches of his ass it was easy to tell he was pumping his cum into her even before a shiny crescent of cream began leaking out of the seal around his cock.

After what seemed to be an excruciatingly long time with the alternating view between the two cameras extending the action it eventually diminished with Phil’s butt twitching irregularly as Kate roamed her lower legs up and down the backs of his thighs.

Both sides of the screen emerged to close the scene as if the curtains were being drawn once again.

I was exhausted and drained and confused, but I had to admit to myself that the editing was first rate and the filming looked almost professional. If it were anyone other than Katie I would have found it erotic. As it was my cock had hardened. Still I found the cleverness of it annoying. I had had enough for one day, but just as I decided to stop the player the next title appeared on the screen: “Tailpipe”

I couldn’t stop watching as the scene opened on Kate’s ass oiled all smooth and shiny. The lens pulled back a little so I could see she was on all fours. The camera was not mounted this time but hand held. It became clear that Phil was holding it in his left hand as he smeared clear liquid generously over her bottom. I could tell he was playing his fingers in her vagina from the way she was moving and moaning and turning her head back to look at him.

“Ok, hold still, I’ll go slow.” He said.

She held herself rigid with her head held level and straight. Phil panned the camera down to give a view of his index finger sliding slowly into her anus. I could hear Kate emit an extended oooooh with increasing pitch as Phil’s finger slid in to his second knuckle. After a pause of maybe 10 seconds he pushed in further until the palm side of his hand was against her butt. The few times in our past that I even just grazed her anus she jerked away saying “wrong hole.” There was never any room for discussion.

Phil was soon pumping his finger in and out of her ass and soon she was bucking back to meet his finger. He held the camera in close to capture his middle finger joining the first one as they twisted and pushed wider into her. She began moving harder and harder against his hand. The camera movement became erratic and then the screen went black.

A second later the screen came back on with an extreme close up of her open anus. The camera held the shot for few seconds as the gap gradually closed back to a tight pucker. As soon as it did the screen went black again.

The next time the screen came on the camera had been mounted to give the viewer a steady up-close shot of Phil’s well-lubed cock sliding into Kate’s ass in one smooth motion. As it slid in the shot cut away to another shot of Kate’s wincing but determined face. When the base of his cock was tight against her ass the scene alternated between the two, a steady shot of Kate’s face and naked upper body on all fours and the close-up camera shot of Phil’s cock slamming into her ass.

When Kate got past whimpering and began to scream about how good it felt and to Phil to fuck her ass harder I turned it off. I was exhausted from hours of anger and humiliation. I couldn’t take another minute.

The problem was I couldn’t stop thinking about it. I couldn’t stop replaying the sex scenes of Phil and Katie over and over in my mind as I went about my daily Sunday routine.

For a while a football game on TV pushed them aside better than anything else but the images were still too fresh, too overwhelming to be held back for long. Even though I resisted the fierce if masochistic urges to watch more scenes from the DVD’s the images I had seen of Katie with Phil kept re-entering the forefront of my mind. So too did my wounded and vengeful thoughts: Could I really go along with posting these scenes of my wife on the internet for anyone to see? How did I fail her? Should I just confront her with the evidence? I was afraid of my own rage.

One moment I wanted revenge on her, in the next revenge on Phil, and in the next I wanted to win her back.

Is my marriage over? How could I love her so much? How could I love her ever again?
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