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WHAT NEXT? 3 Complications

Sex after an argument can be extra sweet.
Chapter 3

When the phone rang late in the afternoon I was so emotionally beaten my initial thought was “what next?” It was Kate phoning to tell me she would be staying one more day to finish her installation. She said she should be back by dinner tomorrow. Ten minutes later the phone rang again. It was Alicia asking if Kate called.

“Yes, just now, how did you…” I said before being interrupted.

“Just a hunch. Did you say anything?” Alicia said, “Phil called me to tell me he wasn’t able to return home until tomorrow, so I thought I’d check to see if Kate did too. Did you say anything? I suspect they might be together.”

“No, I didn’t want to deal with it on the phone,” I said.

“Good,” And you, how are you holding up?

“OK, I guess. Well no, actually, it’s been a tough day,” I confessed.

"I occupied myself by making a great bouillabaisse for dinner tonight, but since Phil isn’t coming home…perhaps you would like to come over for dinner,” she said.

“Is it arsenic free?” I teased.

“Yes, yes,” she said, laughing, “I could never poison my own bouillabaisse.”

“When is dinner?” I asked.

I don’t know why I went to the Gladford’s house that evening. I had been content to wallow in my misery until Kate returned to find her broken husband. I was determined to confront her right away. Yes, there was something compelling about Alicia and the miserable secret we now shared, but I wasn’t ready to cheat on Katie.

My rueful ruminations along the short walk were interrupted by the sight of a very pretty redhead jogging up the street in a black one-piece spandex suit and white running shoes. She smiled and said hello in a pleasant but non-flirtatious way and bounded away with her ponytail bouncing. I belatedly recognized her as probably the woman of the couple that moved into the house on the other side of the Johnston’s a few months earlier. I wondered why I had never noticed such a pretty woman before and also wondered if the events of the day had taken my blinders off.

As soon as Alicia opened her door I knew I was in trouble. She was back to her exotic looking self, simply dressed in a tan oversized sweater and brown silk pants. Her long straight black hair was twisted up behind her head. In her heels she was almost as tall as me. Her mood had elevated as well.

While she was finishing her meal preparations we started in on a bottle of red wine and by the time dinner was over we had emptied a second. In between we managed to cover a lot of ground, discovering how we each met our spouses, why we didn’t yet have kids, our heritage and our histories. She grew up in Hawaii. Both of her grandmothers were from Hong Kong, one married an American serviceman from Iowa, the other an Afro-American from Atlanta.

Her mother fell in love with her father while attending the University of Hawaii where he was a basketball player on scholarship. He was from Los Angeles and was the product of a struggling Swedish actress and a struggling black actor. It turns out Alicia was as well blended an American as I was. The sense of discovery we had with each other was exhilarating and encouraged us to open up further to each other. I found myself growing enchanted by Alicia long before the course of the conversation veered toward revenge.

“I think the only way I can deal with it is to divorce Phil,” Alicia finally said, “and these DVDs will make it easy.”

“You’d be dragging Katie into it.”

“It appears Katie dragged herself in,” she said, curling one leg beneath her as she sat down on the couch next to me so close that her thigh pressed against mine.

“So you’d give the videos to a divorce attorney rather than post them to the porn websites?”

"Actually, in addition to. I spent all afternoon on Phil’s desktop trying to guess the password for logging on as his user. I want it to look like he did it.”

“I’m not sure I can do that to Kate,” I said, “I think it would do more damage to her than to Phil."

Alicia calmly leaned across me to place her wine glass on the end table. Then suddenly followed by swinging her leg across mine straddling my lap to face me with one hand on each side of my face. I could smell the musky scent of her perfume. It was the same as earlier in the day, but different than any women before. “Listen, buster, you don’t have much say in this matter, Besides, Kate will appear as the victim.”

There was a big-sister breeziness about her manner and even though there was sexual tension building between us I suspect we both still felt like partners working on a project. With her sitting there like that I didn’t know what to do. I felt like she was waiting for me to kiss her. Actually, I was hoping Alicia was waiting for me to kiss her, but I didn’t kiss her. Somehow, I still felt like it would be cheating on Kate, especially now that she needed protecting. I was conflicted to say the least. I did nothing. I just sat there taking in Alicia’s unique and exotic features, the fragrance of her and the movements of her bottom as it settled between my thighs.

“Anyway, Katie will be fine,” she said, dismounting from my lap to once again sit next to me on the couch.

“I don’t want you to do it,” I said, standing up and pacing across the room. “ I don’t want you dragging Katie into this.”

“And I told you, you have no say,” Alicia calmly responded. “Phil’s been philandering for years and now this evidence falls into my lap. I can get out of this damn marriage with my life intact.”

“Please, I am not ready, I mean I’m pissed off too, but I am not ready to throw my marriage away,” I pleaded, raising my voice.

“Better now than later,” Alicia said raising hers as well. “Do you WANT to be cuckolded?”

“I just want to confront Katie first. I need more time.”

“Don’t be a fool!” Alicia yelled, finally letting her emotion boil over, “I need some time with an attorney before Phil knows I found the DVDs.”

“And I need to talk with my wife, right away,” I shot back.

“She’ll tell Phil!” Alicia shouted. “Shit, I was an idiot for sharing this with you.”

“I’m outta here,” I said and headed for the door.

“Please, don’t do anything stupid, Daniel, please.”

I slammed the door as I left. I walked the three doors to my house. In that short time I went from thinking about what I was going to do, to how I might confront Katie without letting her know I saw the videos, to thinking of Alicia. I began thinking about how her legs, so long and thin, met not as the top of a letter “A” but as a letter “H” with a distinctly sexy gap between her thighs where they joined her pelvis. I was thinking about her small round butt, like half a basketball covered in silk. I was thinking about how different and good she smelled whenever I caught her scent. Most of all I thought about the great time we were having before the quarrel.

When I reached the doorstep of my house my thoughts turned again to Katie. Images of her from the DVD flooded my mind. I stopped and stood on the doorstep looking down at my shoes. I took my house keys from my pocket. Then I put them back, turned around and began walking back to Alicia’s house. I had no plan. I considered what I might say to Alicia. Nothing I could think of in the short walk sounded convincing to me.

I rang her doorbell. She opened it wide and just stood there, feet together, arms hanging loosely at her sides, waiting without expression. Clearly she was giving me all the opportunity I needed.

“I forgot something,” I said lamely. I took a step toward her and reached her on the second when I wrapped my arm around the small of her back.

She reached out pushed the door close behind me and let her arm continue around my upper back. She threw the other arm around my neck. My feet were riveted to the floor but every other part of my body responded immediately. As my other arm encircled her I pulled her forcefully to me kissing her mouth firmly. Her kiss in return, alive with passion, ignited me. My pelvis was pushing into her and hers was pushing back.

Then Alicia raised the heat even more, searching for and finding my tongue with hers. Her mouth tasted good to me as we each explored the other. My hands began to roam down her long back and hers down mine. The length of our bodies fit into each other. Just as my hands reached her small round butt she surprised me again by bringing a hand to my front and wrapping the fabric of my khakis around my hardening cock with her fingers.

With a slight jolt she pulled away and her look of surprise gave way to a wry smile. “Oh my!” was all she said before she began pulling the bottom of my hoodie up and over my head then my shirt up from my waist and in another second tossing them both aside.

It took even less time for her to pull her big sweater over her head and add it to the pile. I drew her hard to me and we kissed passionately again. The feel of her firm supported breasts pressing high into my bare chest was delightful. I kissed my way down along her neck until I was able to nuzzle and kiss the portion of her globes pillowed above her bra. She smelled so incredibly good to me.

When I returned my lips to hers I reached for her hair. It had started the evening folded and twisted behind her head, came partially undone when she pulled off her sweater and now at my touch cascaded to her shoulders and beyond. She was already on my belt with both hands and I could feel her preparing to drop to her knees, but I put my hands beneath her armpits and lifted upward instead. I didn’t want a blowjob. I feverishly wanted to fuck.

She responded to my lifting by wrapping her legs around my waist. Carrying her that way I turned to the carpeted stairway further inside the house and went up two steps before placing her down on them. I tugged open her pants while she went back to fumbling with my belt. It was inefficient, but we couldn’t tear our lips apart, kissing furiously the whole time until finally I stood up and pulled down my pants. She pulled off hers and with my pants and underwear still around my ankles I fell towards her as she opened her legs. She still had on her high-heels.

She reached down with her hand and took hold of my stiff cock and placed it at her pussy and I pushed. Alicia was so wet, so highly juiced that my cock slid right in all the way. Alicia gasped, but I barely took notice. I was on full ramrod from the start. Yes I was hungry for this beautifully gangly creature, but there was more. I wanted to make her feel me. She was Phil’s wife and I wanted to own her in the way Phil had owned Katie. I wanted to hurt her. I wanted to give her the fucking of her life.

Alicia’s orgasm came on quickly like some kind of screeching asthma attack as she seemed to loose control of her breathing. Her head bounced a few times against the sidewall of the staircase with each of my thrusts before the migration of her body in that direction immobilized it along the sidewall with a slight crook in her neck. Her shoulder then wedged against the wall. I continued thrusting the entire length of my cock deep into her in long hard strokes. She began pushing so hard against a baluster of the railing on the other side of the steps with the bottom of her shoe that it snapped. I turned to look at the baluster.

“Forget about it!” she gasped, “don’t stop, keep going!”

Between the distraction of her powerful orgasm and the fractured baluster my orgasm was distracted and prolonged so I did as she said and kept ramming. I sensed we moved up a step or two. I could feel her body relax a bit and then gradually tighten once more with the realization that she was going to cum again. She spread her legs so wide as to press her right knee into an unbroken baluster and her left knee against the wall as a way of bracing herself there.

“Hard, hard, hard, hard…” She emphasized each of my thrusts, with each of her short breaths, “Hard, hard, hard,” like some kind of bedeviled chant. Gripping my butt with her fingers she pulled me into her with a force that matched my own. Then she lost it again as her body sparked off into another orgasm. “Oh God, Daniel, Jesus, Oh Daniel, Oh fuck, Oh fuck, oh fuck,” she panted before losing control of her breathing again.

Her leg muscles again began responding with an involuntary straightening force. The energy of her imminent orgasm returned me to the verge of my own but I was once again distracted and prolonged by the frenetic hyperactivity of her limbs. The thought of the effect of this on me, the way her manic abandon prolonged my orgasm actually crossed my mind and in itself distracted my orgasm. This is cool, I thought, wondering how much longer this could go on.

I had ridden Alicia almost to the top of the stairs on her back. I had an arm hooked under her arm to the top of her shoulder and the other wrapped around the small of her back in the gap of a step. “Hold on, hold on, Jesus, hold on…” she said, “…let’s change your view.”

She stood up and two steps above me loomed like a giantess. Then she turned around and rested her head on her forearms on the upstairs landing and wiggled her butt right in front of me. I clumsily climbed up another step and fell to my knees before the beautiful backside of this dark skinned girl. I pushed my face up between her legs and lapped at her swollen pussy lips. I pushed saliva to the end of my tongue and pushed as much of it into her pussy as I could. I massaged her pussy lips with my tongue until I could tell she was dripping wet again. Then I stood up behind her, climbed to her level and felt my cock slide into her again. I couldn’t resist a firm slap on her ass.

This time it didn’t take long. In about a minute I asked her, “Is it safe to cum in you?”

“Yes, “ she croaked.

I realized I was pulling on her bra strap like it was a handle. I quickly undid the clasp and let it fall away off her shoulders. I was still pumping into her and I knew I was beyond any recall. I wrapped my hands onto the outer portions of her shoulders and with a series of violent convulsions felt my wonderful explosive release within her tightly gripping vagina and the immediate slickness of my semen lubricating our sex. It was as if my anger and energy drained out of me into her pussy where it mixed joyfully with her own angry juices.

My weight was supported by Alicia’s legs and upper body draped onto the landing as I slumped over her. I ran my hands around her suspended breasts gently caressing the nipples and whispering into her ear. “Long legs, beautiful breasts, dark skin and a pussy that can take every inch of me, you may have spoiled me forever.”

“Uhmmmmmmm, I love how you fill me up.” She said smiling without lifting her head from her arms. “It’s been too long since I had a big cock in me.”

“What if we don’t do anything about Katie and Phil for awhile?” I said.

“Yes, I think it might be better if we didn’t let on that we know anything for now.”

“Also, you have some serious rug burn on your back in two places.”

“Not surprised,” she said, “I’ll heal.”

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