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WHAT NEXT? 4 New Dawn

Early the next morning in an effort to fan a reluctant flame from the ashes of the night I slowly drew my cock in and out of Alicia. With little hope of an orgasm being left in either one of us I was propped on my arms enjoying the parade of expressions crossing her face as she looked up at me with hazy eyes. I was also enjoying the sensation of her vagina gripping my cock like a tight ring sliding over the length of my shaft. There was more depth for my cock inside Alicia than Katie, I could push all the way in and grind hard without causing her pain, yet the ring formed by the first inch or two of her vaginal opening gripped so tight it was almost painful for me. Exquisite pain.

Alicia was spread-eagled with her long arms outstretched and gripping the bedposts of the queen bed. Her legs were also splayed wide with her knees pulled up a little. The grey pre-dawn light coming in the windows was soft and just bright enough to reveal the features of her broad cheeked face. Her rich black hair spilled haphazardly radiant from her head, gleaming in the dim light like blood in moonlight.

From my propped up position I could drink in the unusual beauty of her sleek foil shaped eyes and her button mouth, so rare on a dark skinned woman. I grew fascinated by the gelatinous response her breasts made to either of our slightest movements. Ultimately though I remained captivated by the mercurial facial expressions as my long smooth strokes went from almost complete withdrawal to full penetration. Occasionally, I enjoyed grinding my pelvis against hers and Alicia liked it too. I could tell this from her expression and the way her eyes would grow limp as the base of my cock swirled tight against her. I also thought I could detect a sense of deprivation when I teased her with a complete withdrawal. Then I would smile cockily and she would bite her lip to try to suppress her own smile as the head of my cock found its way back to the target.

We had spent the night together sleeping in catnaps between sex-filled sessions. Prior to that Katie was the only woman I had been with since meeting in college and our sex until recently had always been rewarding but limited. On that night however the sex I had with Alicia was driven by the excitement of discovery, a hunger of the persistently deprived and the abandon of the erotically depraved. We each fell asleep numerous times only to have the other soon prod us awake for yet another round.

During the evening and night we took a bath together and later showered. In spite of her sophisticated appearance, Alicia proved a surprisingly consummate guide to a sexual world I had not even imagined existed. She was both instructive and demonstrative and before the night was over there was no limit on my desire to give her pleasure. We were good together. While I performed cunnilingus earlier in the night she had been like a conductor orchestrating the first oral orgasm I ever gave a woman.

“I won’t tell you what to do but when I say ‘good” or somehow let you know what you’re doing feels good; keep doing it until I say ‘OK’. Everything else will be simple.”

Kate never liked being licked, at least not by me, so I didn’t have much experience, but I had read more than one how-to article about the subject. I started in by licking the area around Alicia’s vaginal opening. She was waxed smooth and the sensation was new and exciting.

“Good.” Alicia said. I kept running my tongue up and down the outer length of her vulva and the gap on either side between it and her inner thighs. I did this slowly but firmly with the flexed tip of my tongue. Without a prompt I used my lips to nip at her soft vagina lips. “It’s so good.” She breathed.

I kept licking around her opening waiting for the “OK”, all the while growing anxious to really taste her. Finally using the flat of my tongue I covered the seam of her and drew my tongue upward. She was becoming very wet and I could taste her a little. It was no longer the soapy fragrance of the bath, but of her, and of me. She said nothing. I did it again pushing much more firmly with the flat of my tongue as I drew it up over her closed but weeping pussy the same way. She let out a small moan and perhaps involuntarily opened her legs wider. The next time I pressed my tongue even harder and the soft lips of her pussy yielded as the center of my tongue mashed them apart to be greeted by the slick creamy surfaces inside of her. She spread her legs still further and let out a whimpering moan on each of her next three controlled exhales as I continued to make hard firm passes with my tongue along the lower length of her opening. I tried to avoid making too much contact with her clitoris and risk desensitizing the little button. Besides, Alicia with her moaning was telling me it was good. Patience, I told myself, patience. I lapped a few more times before adding variations of deeper tongue thrusts and then probing about with the point of my tongue. I worked my probes up the length of her opening. I kept my exploring touches light, teasing. I pushed my tongue under her labia on the left and worked it up and down progressing upward a bit before starting over on the right side.

I had already spent more time at this newfound pleasure than I had previously in total and I was still just beginning on my way to Alicia’s most sensitive area. Every now and then I would push my whole face into her and waddle it slightly to work my mouth and lips in as tight as I could to drink some of the excessive fluid that was rising like a tide. Most remarkable was how pure and clean she tasted to me. There was no trace of the spunk I had unloaded into her just a few hours earlier. Apparently it had all washed out or was absorbed. It’s not that there was not a taste to her, but the taste of her was crisp and clean, somehow more natural than plain water.

I was growing anxious to expand my reach and push new buttons and I could tell she was too. She was becoming rather animated, but still showed restraint. She didn’t utter the word “OK” to get me to move on, but she did keep moaning and repeating “good” in an almost inaudibly breathless voice. She had laced her fingers into my hair. I could feel her fingertips lightly graze my scalp. She was careful to place no pressure that might change my course except for the times I would bury my face in her. In each of those brief moments she would spread her legs completely wide open and pull my head into her. Each time I retreated she would exhale sharply once or twice before relaxing and again becoming lost in the pleasure of my tipped tongue.

I detected a need for a change when she began to draw her fingertips lightly upward through my hair. I gladly followed that lead and moved upward to probe gingerly with the hard stretched tip of my tongue at the button of her clitoris. Every time I hit it she would jump a bit, so while at first I teased around it as much as not, I could not for long resist the temptation to assault it again and again to give her that joyful little jolt. Finally I began to flutter the tip of my tongue at the little button. That’s when I could tell that she was on the verge of losing it again.

At first she pulled my head hard into her then a moment later she let go and put her hands above her head to grip the headboard of the bed. Then I could feel her lift her knees higher and straighten her legs. I couldn’t see any of this while having my attention focused on her sopping cunt, but I ran my left hand up and down her leg from her calf to her upper thigh. Then she lost control of her breathing giving way to a wheezy whistling sound that accompanied moans of both delight and frustration. When her orgasm subsided and she had regained control she simply said, “Fuck me as hard as you can.”

In the early morning we completely reawakened our senses with slow motion intercourse In that was the intercourse seemed to serve as foreplay to a session of sixty-nine while the sun dawned.

Mutual oral sex was something that Kate and I attempted only once with neither success nor enjoyment. When Alicia and I proceeded from intercourse to sixty-nine that morning however there was wonderful success when after a long time of her on top taking my cock well into her mouth while riding my face with her pussy I finally ventured from simply lapping within her sex-swollen pussy lips to probing my tongue as far into her as I could and then licking further around, eventually straining my tongue to reach her anus. Spent and exhausted as we were there was no choice but to either quit or take it to that next level. When I finally succeeded and reached the dark little bud Alicia took a short gasp and stiffened a bit but didn’t stop me or complain the way Kate might have. A first for me, I surprised myself too, but given Alicia’s reaction I did it again and then again. I found nothing offensive about it. In fact I liked the way Alicia responded with that little catch of breath and slight uncoiling to draw away. Then she would coil anew with a little tuck of her fanny to make it easier for me to reach again. That became the spark plug for our finale of the day. A wonderfully deep orgasm of quiet moans for Alicia and a round of mostly shooting blanks for me as she tried, somewhat painfully, to suck out whatever I had left.

Alicia’s sexuality, for years buried beneath mounds of guilt and self-doubt stemming from Phil’s cruel philandering, was reborn that night and morning. It was my gift to her and her gift to me in return. It was the instant start of my healing from the wounds of Kate and Phil. It was a reemergence of my self-confidence badly beaten by my business problems. Most importantly it heralded a new sexual dawn for me. It was a small first step, like the first new forest growth sprouting from an old rotting log. The rotting log of Phil and Kate however, was something we still had to contend with.

“I’m leaving for my sister’s later today,” Alicia said from the comfort of my surrounding arms. “I don’t think I can trust myself around Phil with either of our secrets.”

“How long?”

“I just need a little time to sort things out. I’ll be back for the Stevenson’s Christmas party on Saturday night.” she said, “Are you and Katie going?”

“Wouldn’t miss it for the world.”

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