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WHAT NEXT? 5 Pieces

A conclusion to the tale.
On Friday Alicia sent a text to my phone asking me to call her cell. When I did she told me she was back from her sister’s and one of her friends had taken her to lunch to tell her that there was talk in the neighborhood that Phil was having an affair. Feigning shock, Alicia said she expectantly waited for the friend to tell her about Kate. She truly was shocked when the neighbor instead named Lynn Stevens, the redhead who had just moved into the house next door to the Johnston’s a few weeks earlier. “It must have begun this week while I was at my sister’s, unless he had been cheating on Kate while he was cheating on me,” Alicia said.

Kate’s irritability had been rising the past couple of weeks and the week after I saw her sex videos, the week leading up to the Christmas party at the Johnston’s, tension between us grew almost unbearable. I had just chocked it off to my new knowledge of her affair had contributed to the stress we were already feeling.

On Saturday as Kate and I walked through the cold evening air to the Johnson’s house for the party, I told her the recent gossip I had learned. “I heard that Phil Gladford was having an affair,” I said lightly. Out of the corner of my eye I could see Kate pull in her chin. I could feel her stiffen.


“That’s what I heard.”

“With someone we know?” she asked with an unnatural calm.

“The new redhead of the couple that just moved into the neighborhood. The Stevens? Yeah I think that’s their name.”

“Really…” Kate repeated more as a statement than a question.

“Guy’s nuts to be foolin’ around on such a pretty wife, if you ask me,” I said without being able to detect another reaction.

By the time Kate and I arrived at the Johnston’s neighborhood Christmas party it was already crowded and in full cheer. We greeted a number of neighbors on our slow progression to one of the “bars”. I scanned each room we passed in search of Alicia and I could tell Kate was scanning as well. I saw Phil in the study as we passed by. He was talking with Lynn, the redhead in question. Kate didn’t see either of them; a woman passing in the other direction blocked her view into the room. We proceeded to the bar set up in the dinning room. Alicia was there involved in a conversation with three other women. As soon as she saw us she greeted us cheerfully and the other women did too.

I held up my hands. “First things first, I’m going to the bar, wine Katie? Can I get anyone else anything?”

“Thanks we’re good,” they all said unison.

I got a glass of wine for Kate and a beer for myself. When I returned Kate was gone.

“She said she’ll be right back,” Sylvia Norris said. I glanced at Alicia. She smiled knowingly.

After a few minutes with the group while holding Kate’s wine I excused myself to find her. Alicia said she’d escort me. Alicia asked if I told Kate and I told her I did. We eventually found Kate sitting with Phil and the ravishing redheaded Lynn.

As soon as we entered the room Alicia mumbled under her breath, “Uh oh, this should be good.”

“There you are,” Alicia said to the trio as we approached.

“Hi Hun. Hello Daniel,” Phil said, “Meet Lynn Stevens, the latest addition to our neighborhood. She and her husband Jim moved next door into the Nicholson’s house in early November.”

“Pleased to meet you, Lynn,” Alicia said.

“Where is Jim?” Kate asked.

“He should be back shortly,” Lynn said, “We left the house gift at home so he ran over to get it.”

“He’d better hurry,” I said, looking at Phil. Phil paused in a slightly puzzled look at me. I held his gaze. Without comprehension he let the comment pass.

“Here’s Jim now,” Lynn said and held out her hand to her husband who slid in next to her and beamed.

Introductions went all around and the conversation proceeded as they usually do in a casual party setting until it ran out of the initial excitement of meeting new people. Eventually, the greeting of other friends interrupted us and the gathering dissolved. The rest of us drifted off in search of restrooms, food or drink then to get caught up in various other conversations.

About an hour later Alicia came to me while I was talking with a group of neighborhood businessmen and asked if I had seen Phil or Kate. When I told her not since we were last all together she moved on. Fifteen minutes later, I found Alicia talking with a group of neighbors that included Jim Stevens, but not his wife. I joined the group, moving in next to Alicia close enough so the back of my hand pressed against her thigh. After a few minutes of listening to guys talk about keeping their golf games going in the snow with orange golf balls, Alicia leaned over and whispered into my ear, “Let’s find a place upstairs, I want to suck your cock. Would you bring me a drink?”

“I’d be glad to, what would you like?” I said aloud.

“Champagne,” Alicia responded.

Before the bartender poured two glasses of champagne, Art Johnston, our host engaged me in conversation about the NFL playoffs. I had made a bet with him at the very first Christmas party of theirs we attended a few years earlier. Ever since, football remains the only topic of our annual conversations. I felt my phone vibrate signaling a text message.

“I better get this champagne to the woman who asked for it before I forget who it was, “ I said as a way of excusing myself.

I checked the message: “Right at top of stairs second door on left”

When the coast was clear I casually went up the stairs and went into the room. At first the room looked dark and empty. Then from behind the door Alicia said, “Close the door.” I did and there she was in the dim glow of the room’s night-light. Her fingers fluttered over mine to sense where to take hold of the glass and I released it to her hand. She took a sip, set her glass on the dresser top next to her and kissed me while sliding her hand over the growing bulge in my pants. Then she slid to her knees, slid open my zipper and in a moment my cock was sticking through my fly into her mouth, still gaining girth and hardness.

“Oh God, Alicia, that feels good,” I said, “So good after the longest week of my life.”

Both of her hands were on my hips, controlling my thrusts in and out of her mouth. She was taking me deep, I could feel the back of her throat, I could feel her tongue working along the bottom of my shaft too. Her hand was gently stroking me at the base. It didn’t take very long before I began to unload a full week backlog of cum into her mouth. Each burst of my ejaculation was so powerful and thick it made me growl in agonizing ecstasy. As I did Alicia pulled back a little and squeezed the base of my cock with her hand and continued to suck hard on the excruciatingly sensitive tip. I was trying to keep noises as quiet as I could. That’s when we first heard the approaching sirens.

We thought nothing of it and lied on the bed talking and laughing with each other, glad to be together again after our week apart. By the time Alicia and I joined the partygoers amidst the flashing police lights on the next-door neighbors yard, yellow crime scene tape had been established around the house. The warning beeps of a coroner’s ambulance backing into the drive seemed unusually loud and shrill in the cold December air. It was lightly snowing and though not yet white the ground had grown wet and glistened in the police lights. Jim Stevens was speaking quietly with two uniformed police on the lawn in front of the small porch.

An unmarked car with a single red light blinking from the roof pulled up and two men in plain suits ducked under the yellow tape and went inside.

The white news van of the local TV station pulled up. The driver door opened and a man walked around the side and opened the side door to make ready his equipment. When he slid the door closed the passenger door opened and a familiar looking female reporter stood brightly illuminated in front of the station insignia painted on the side of the van. She spoke into her hand-held mike while looking at the camera. Then the light went out and, followed by her cameraman, she walked to the edge of the crime tape where she was greeted by a police officer shaking, then nodding, then again shaking his head.

Nothing happened for almost 5 minutes. All the party goers, under dressed and shivering, huddled together with their arms wrapped around their bodies stamping their feet, but none of them left. Then the radio of the policeman near the reporter squawked, and the cameraman turned on the bright light above his camera. Suddenly spotlighted in the doorway wearing a police jacket over her dress with her hands cuffed behind her was Kate. Appearing dazed and disheveled, her eyes smeared with mascara, Kate looked down at the ground.

With my arm already around Alicia’s upper back for warmth I squeezed her to my side and looked at her. She nodded her head without turning toward me. I ducked under the yellow tape and rushed toward Kate, shouting her name. Policemen immediately intervened to impede my progress to her.

“I’m her husband,” I repeated as I tried to dodge their blocks, “I’m her husband.” Kate looked at me briefly without expression before lowering her gaze back to the ground. Even when she was put into the cruiser, even as I was right next to the car door, even as I was beginning to convince the confused officer in charge that I was in fact her husband, Kate didn’t look up again. Then the police car was gone and Alicia was there, next to me.

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