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When The Truth Hurts- Chapter 1

Tags: love, sex, danger
To unravel the truth behind everything and to honor the memory of her lost father and brother, Megan is forced to leave everything behind to save herself and protect those she loves. Now on her own, this young girl will face challenges and dangers, relying on her strength and determination.

Chapter 1

She drove past the tiny shops in the old car, scanning the street in the night until she found it. The Motel was just a few feet away, the sign was almost unnoticeable due to the lack of street lighting in the area. She slowed down, parked the car before grabbing her backpack. She glanced around, noticing that it was a quiet place and stepped outside, locking the car. She walked towards the small building slowly, registering everything around her. There were a few vehicles around, which meant that there were more people staying there tonight. There was a pay phone close by the main door, she would be able to call Nana Camilla later.

How long would this go on? Almost four months had passed, four months on the move, for her own safety. She knew she could not stop, not now. He would find her easily. He had the money, his men and had it not been for this letter Nana had given her that night, she could have been dead by now. Even though she did not know who he was, she knew that she would end up like her brother and her dad if she had stayed there.

She stepped into the lobby, noticing a couple sitting in a corner reading some papers. There was nothing fishy, she was safe, at least for now. She walked towards the young lad by the reception desk and, adopting a French accent, she asked for a room. She dug into her pocket and pulled out some notes and made a small show of being confused by the currency. The man offered to help her and fished a few notes and handed her the key. She resisted the urge to say something as she saw that he had just stolen ten dollars from her. She could not draw attention to herself and she had to bear that. She took the key from him and made her way to her room on the second floor. She cursed under her breath. She was running low on cash and from previous experience she knew that they could trace her if she used her credit cards.

She reached her room easily, noticed the emergency exit door that seemed to lead to the parking area before finally walking inside. She was glad that the emergency door had been left opened. She dropped her bag on the floor, locked the door behind her and pulled a nearby armchair in front of it before walking further inside. The decor was very modest and of awful taste but at least the room was clean this time, unlike the other place. She walked to the window and could see her car a few feet away but still close by. She could also see clearly on the street, which was good. She would be able to see and hear whoever was pulling in. Everyone assumed she was a French girl on a trip. She was glad to have spent a lot of time in France in her childhood, she had been able to pick the accent easily and this was proving to be helpful these days. She could relax for tonight.

She pulled off the blond wig, revealing her dark brown hair, restrained by an elastic band. She walked into the tiny bathroom and stared at her reflection in the small mirror above the sink, noticing how tired she looked. She carefully removed the contact lenses and studied her face again. Brown eyes, dark brown hair; that was her true self. Blond wig, useless blue contact lenses; that was her disguise. She looked exhausted. Her eyes reflected her tiredness and sadness; her dark brown hair tousled her face. She shrugged and turned away, unable to face this person looking back at her. She felt like a stranger.

She let the water run in the shower and got out of her clothes before stepping inside. She let out a sigh as she felt the warm water on her skin. Even a nice hot shower felt like a luxury to her. She had been driving for 2 days without any proper rest. She would stop near a small fast food to eat something and then would be back on the road.

Some moments later, she was back in her room, pulling on some clean clothes. She sat on the bed, pulled the backpack and opened it. She fished out a small photo frame and stared at the picture. That was one of the few things she had been able to take with her that day when she ran away. Every night she would look at the picture, remember those happy moments. It kept her sane. It encouraged her to go on. The photograph and the memories connected to it made her stronger.

She lay back on the bed and closed her eyes, remembering her past, when everything was perfect. The image of her father and her brother sufficed in her mind. They were her only family and she had lost them forever. She once had people who loved her, she herself had someone to love but everything changed within a few days.

She remembered everything, her father and her elder brother, Mark. They had always been so close to her. Her father was always busy, but whenever he was home, they would spend time together, catching up. Patrick Parker was a successful businessman. He was the president of a shipping company which he had started when he was young and which became among the best in town. After some years, he had started to diversify his business activities, investing in other sectors which made him very wealthy. His wife Brittany had been assisting him since the beginning until she died in a car accident 10 years ago, leaving behind her, their two children, Mark and Megan. Mark was the elder son, who, at 23, was about to join his father’s shipping company in some months after graduating. Megan was 18 years old and, like her brother, once she finished her studies, was going to join one of her father’s businesses.

Mark and Megan had always been very close since childhood. He had always been very protective of his little sister. Megan would sometimes joke and call him dad but she knew that she was lucky to have him in her life.

There was also Nana Camilla, who had been their governess since Brittany Parker lost her life. Mark and Megan adored her and looked up to her as a second mother. She was a nice woman with amazing patience. Megan remembered how the poor woman would chase Mark around the house whenever he had been playing some mischief.

She also remembered him, the man she loved with all her heart, Nathan. She let out a sigh as she saw his face in her mind. She did not want to lose him and for that, she left that same night, leaving a message for him, telling him she needed to be away for a few days to clear her mind.

She recalled the first time she met him. She had just arrived home from her dance practice and was running up the stairs to her room when she bumped into him and lost her balance. Luckily, he had been able to steady her and when she looked up at him, she was simply amazed. She had been unable to speak at first, mesmerized by his handsome face and his blue eyes. She had wanted to reach out and run her fingers over his jaw line and his jet black hair. It had only been when he spoke that she had realized that she came back to reality, totally embarrassed.

“You’re alright?” he had asked in a deep voice with a hint of concern.

“I….ye….yeah I’m fine! Thank you,” she had replied and walked to her room. It was only when she had reached the door that she turned back. He was still there, a smile on his face as he stared at her and she stepped into her room quickly.

It was much later, during dinner with her dad and her father that she had found out who he was. Patrick was telling Mark about the client who visited him some days ago and Megan realized that it was on that day when she bumped into the handsome stranger. She had listened to the conversation, registered his name in her mind quickly, Nathan Meyers. He was a regular client to the shipping company and was in his early thirties. Megan’s heart sank as she figured he was too old for her.

That night after dinner she had looked up his name on the internet and read a bit about him. She had to admit that he was an impressive man. He had started with almost nothing and now he was very popular. She even found some pictures of him.

She saw him a few times afterwards at the mansion but never approached him. She knew he was only here for business. Besides, he seemed to be always around beautiful women. She had seen one picture of him with some sexy new model. She knew that Nathan Meyers would not even look at her.

Things changed one evening. There was a huge dinner party at the Parkers'. Megan hated those parties but only made an effort for her dad. Mark disliked them as much but felt it was a small sacrifice for good business relations, or at least that was what he would tell his younger sister whenever they were informed that there was an important event.

After hours of greeting the guests and being introduced to people she did not want to see again, Megan managed to escape to the garden. Kicking off the ridiculous high heels, she walked to her favorite spot. It was a quiet place, far from the mansion. The lights were dim here and she knew that no one would notice that she had disappeared. There were too many people anyway.

She stood there for a few moments before she heard a voice and spun around immediately. It was Nathan. She did not know he was invited to this party.

“Running away from the crowd?” he inquired casually as he stepped closer.

“Oh!” she replied quietly, “I just needed some fresh air.”

They chatted for a while and she suddenly remembered that she had to go back to the house. She excused herself and was about to leave when he grabbed her hand and hauled her against his body. His hand cupped her chin while the other held her against him by the waist. Megan looked up in surprise and he lowered his head and kissed her on the lips. Megan wrapped her arms around his neck, stood on tiptoes as she kissed him back, unable to think about anything else. His tongue pushing into her mouth, fusing with hers as his hands moved down her back, she was forgetting about her surroundings and was giving in to him.

He soon pulled away but his hands were still holding her. She was shaking; no one had kissed her like that before, with such intense passion. She looked at him, studying his face, trying to understand what he was thinking as he looked at her.

He had finally released her, handed him a small card and asked her to call him and she walked back to the party. She could not stop thinking about him and was so distracted that Mark noticed and asked her what was wrong. She said that she was tired and pretended that she had a headache.

She did not dare to call him at first. She was confused, knowing that her father would kill her if he found out about it, after all Nathan Meyers was not some guy from college but a grown up man, much older than her. Yet she could not stop thinking about him and that kiss. Finally she grabbed her cell phone and made the call and he invited her for dinner on Friday. She agreed, aware that Mark would not be coming home that weekend and her dad would still be on his business trip. Convincing Nana Camilla would not be an issue.

On that Friday night, she reached the hotel he was staying at in her car, glad that it had finally been repaired. She has had some issues with it and asked the driver to send it to the garage. She walked into the place when she heard her name. It was him; he had just arrived in the lobby and guided her into the restaurant.

They were soon seated at a table and chatted over dinner without realizing how fast time was passing. She had to admit that she was having a nice time. He was unlike the guys she dated before, more mature, more cultivated. This was great, maybe his age did not matter after all. Her mom had been pretty young herself when she met her dad, yet everyone said that they were a happy couple.

She tried to ignore the look he was giving her all the time. She was a little nervous about it. She could guess what he had in mind. His eyes spoke for him. She remembered how she had felt when he kissed her during the party.

Dinner was soon over and they both left the restaurant. She was about to leave when he leaned in close and whispered in her ear for her to come with him in his room. She felt the color rising on her cheeks and tried to think of some excuse to get away but he was already taking her hand into his and led her to the elevator. She knew she wanted the same thing as he did but this was going so fast, yet she followed him.

Once they reached the hotel room, he pulled her against him and kissed her hard on the lips and she found herself responding with a strong desire. She wanted him as much as he wanted her. They undressed each other, her shaky hands unbuttoning his shirt and pushing it off his shoulders while he found the zipper of her dress and pulled it off. There had been a moment of hesitation from her when she stood in front of him in her underwear while he dealt with the rest of his clothes. He noticed and smiled reassuringly before kissing her again, this time softly as his hands roamed over her back and unsnapped her bra which concealed her full perky breasts.

He pushed her onto the bed and pulled her panties off and she lifted her hips to make it easier. She lay there while he stood by the bed watching her. Megan could feel his eyes on her body, she could see that he was hard. She was nervous but the desire to feel him overpowered everything else.

He joined her, his hands starting to explore her body, paying attention to her breasts, tormenting her hard nipples, pinching them lightly before darting downwards. She parted her legs for him instinctively and his fingers were soon there, teasing her pussy lips while he sucked on one of her breasts, causing her to moan out loud. She could feel her wetness growing under his expert touch as he pinched her swollen clit. He was now pushing his fingers in and out of her pussy while she shook on the bed, her eyes closed as she started to breathe faster, unable to believe how he was making her feel.

He pulled his fingers out and pressed them against her lips and she sucked them clean. He could not take it anymore and spread her legs wider and guided his hard cock into her, pushing in slowly as she moaned louder and louder and held on to him. He whispered in her ear how tight she was and what he wanted to do to her as he kept pushing until he was fully inside her. He started to move in and out of her tight pussy, his eyes never leaving her face as he kept fucking her.

She wrapped her legs around him, encouraging him to go faster and he grunted as he slammed into her, causing her to cry out his name again and again. He pulled almost all the way out before pushing back into her. He repeated this a few times until he was getting closer and groaned out loud as he watched her face and listened to her as she moaned and cried out. He knew she was going to orgasm soon and started to fuck her even harder, not caring how loud they were.

Her nails dug into his shoulders as she started to cum, making out all sorts of incoherent sounds as she threw her head back and he could no longer hold it and exploded inside her.

She smiled as she remembered how he insisted that she stayed over that night but she had refused. Nana Camilla would have panicked if she did not get home on time. After that night they started seeing each other regularly. She did not mention anything to her family or the governess. Nathan wanted to wait as well, believing that her dad would never approve of this relationship because Megan was way too young to be dating him.

She often remembered that first night with him. It had been an amazing one. Nathan was a tender lover; he was careful, paid attention to her. She had been with other guys before but no one had made her feel that way. She supposed that they were just clumsy, while Nathan had much more experience.

She wanted to call him badly, yearning to hear his voice but she knew that he would want to join her immediately and she could not let him take that risk. She already lost her father and Mark, she would never be able to cope if she lost him as well.

She heard a loud noise suddenly and sat up, realizing that she was in a badly decorated room in a cheap motel. “Yes,” she thought sadly as she walked to the window, “the good times are now gone.”

She peered outside and saw that a car had just pulled into the parking lot. More people were stopping here tonight. She watched as three men got out of the car. One of them was on the phone and she could not make out their faces yet, they were not close enough. They started to walk towards the motel and Megan gasped as she recognized one of them.

She stepped away from the window immediately and leaned against the wall as the panic submerged, unable to handle the shock. She started to shake in fear as she stood there, her back on the wall, not knowing what to do as she took in deeper breaths trying desperately to calm down.

“Oh my god!” she whispered out, “It’s them! What am I going to do?!”

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