When The Truth Hurts - Chapter 2

By tashitasha

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“Oh my god!” she whispered out, “It’s them! What am I going to do?”

She stayed there, shaking in fear as she tried to calm down. There were no more sounds; they were probably in the lobby. How could they have known that she was there? Who could have told them? She finally moved and grabbed her backpack. She made her way to the door and was just about to move the big armchair when she heard the male voices again. They were approaching!

“Oh no!" she thought as she stayed there and waited, “If I get out now, I’m dead!”

She pressed her body against the door, concentrating on their voices, trying to hear what they were saying. She could finally make out the words; the men were very close to her room now.

“Come on guys!” one guy shouted, “We’re not here to have fun!”

“Oii Joe,” another voice called back, “We looked everywhere, and the stupid bitch is probably hours away from us”

“We go at dawn!” someone grunted, “The boss is getting impatient and I want that fucking money.”

She heard someone slamming a door and then, there were no more voices.

Megan stood there behind the door unable to believe her ears, “They have no idea that I’m here yet.”

Meanwhile, in a small room at the end of the corridor, the three men were discussing their plans for the following day. Joe paced around the room, his mobile phone in his hand while he waited. It was almost time to place that call but he dreaded the moment already. On the outside, Joe was the tough guy. Yet, there was one powerful man who could make the guy feel like a little mouse; that was the boss. Joe had never met the man directly. In fact, as far as he was concerned, no one had ever seen the boss. Joe dealt with him on the phone and when his job was complete, it was someone else, the boss’s trusted man, who came to deliver the payment. He took a deep breath and dialed the number and waited, bracing himself for the worst.

In a luxurious office in a different part of the country, a man sat by his desk and was waiting for an important call. The phone rang and he waited a few seconds before answering.

“Well I hope you have good news for me this time?” he asked in a cold voice and listened to the man on the other line who was stammering. He could not help but give a small smile as Joe Gracias updated him on the situation, trying desperately to make it sound as positive as possible. Everyone feared him, yet no one knew him but he enjoyed the reputation he built around himself.

“You have two days or you know what will happen,”he barked into the phone before hanging up. Time was running out and his men were unable to trace the Parker girl. He clenched his hands into fists and glared at the picture on the paper cutting he kept on his desk. Smiling back at him was Patrick Parker.

“Thinking that Patrick Parker’s death would solve everything was my biggest mistake,”he muttered as he continued to stare at the picture, “you knew it was coming and you planned it very carefully, I have to admit that I underestimated you Parker but in a very short time the disk will be with me and nothing will stop me anymore. You lost, Patrick Parker.”

At that moment there was a small knock on the door and the man smiled again. The door opened and a young woman walked in, swinging her hips in a provocative manner. The boss stared as the woman removed her coat, revealing that she was wearing nothing but a diamond necklace around her neck and expensive black stiletto heels. The boss walked over to her and studied her intently. Yes, the woman was beautiful with her long dark brown hair and her brown eyes. His eyes took in her body, appreciating the full breasts, the lovely curves and the perfect tight little bottom. Yes she was gorgeous even though her eyes neither conveyed the sweet innocence nor the warmth that he sought but she would do the job.

“Get on your knees,” he commanded suddenly and watched as she kneeled down in front of him.

He unzipped his fly and walked in front of her. He stared at her while he massaged his cock with a hand. The woman licked her lips as she admired the big dick in front of her eyes but waited for her orders to come. The man who had sent her here had been clear. She was to be quiet and only obey the boss.

“Suck it", he muttered finally and she moved even closer until her face was just a few inches away from his cock. She wrapped her fingers along the long shaft and leaned forward, wrapping her lips around the head and felt his hands move and held her by her hair so she would not pull away. She slowly started to take him deeper in her mouth, her tongue teasing him. Guided by the sound of his grunts and moans and his grip on her head, she started to suck him faster and deeper into her mouth.

The man’s eyes were closed as he thrust forward in her mouth. He could hear the moans she was letting out and he started to fuck her mouth faster. He did not care if she was suddenly struggling or gagging. She was paid to give him pleasure.

The woman seemed to have now gotten used to his harder thrusts and closed her eyes as she continued to work on his dick. Her hands moved to his balls and she caressed them, making him emit a loud groan. She continued to suck him hungrily while her hands played with his balls. She could already taste the precum and knew that he was not going to last long.

“You’re going to swallow it all, little bitch,” he grunted out after some time and he held her by her hair so hard that he was hurting her but he did not give a damn. His eyes were now opened as he glared down at her as she kept sucking him. He closed his eyes again, unable to hold it anymore and within a few seconds, he was cumming in her mouth and she swallowed his cum eagerly.

It was soon over and he pushed her away without saying a word. He turned away and grabbed a bundle of notes from his desk and threw it at her, avoiding looking at her again.

“Get out!”he barked and heard her scrambling to her feet and grabbing the money before rushing away. He never saw the stunned expression on her face as she left. He did not care about how she felt. She was just another slut used to satisfy himself.

Back in the small motel room, Megan finally moved away from the door trying not to make any sound that would draw attention. She could no longer hear them which meant they went further down the corridor or did find their room. She sat on the bed, trying to regain her composure.

“I’m not safe here,” she muttered to herself as she recounted the number of times she nearly got caught, “They don’t know that yet but it’s not wise to stay.”

She glanced at her watch and waited. They had just got in now, if she left she could by accident end up facing them and if they were looking outside like she was earlier, they would see her getting in the car or hear the engine. If they caught her now, everything would be over. She would suffer the same fate as her father and her brother.

She got up and paced around the room for a few minutes before realizing that it was pointless. She sat down again and grabbed the picture.

“Oh Daddy!” she thought as the tears she was trying to hold back slid down her cheeks as she looked at his smiling face in the photograph, “How did you fall into that trap?”

Memories took her back to months ago, when everything seemed perfect. Everyone seemed happy. Patrick Parker was busy on some new projects as usual, Mark was in France with his girlfriend and Megan was dating Nathan. It seemed easier to hide the fact that she was seeing him and they met secretly. Nana Camilla suspected that Megan was certainly seeing someone but she knew that the young woman would not say a word. Nathan did not want to ruin his friendship with Patrick nor the good business relations and Megan agreed with him. They needed to wait till the right time came.

Patrick seemed much tensed lately whenever he was home. He was always in his office, rarely smiling and would sometimes just leave suddenly whenever he received a phone call. At that time, Megan never realized that something was wrong. There had always been times when Patrick was busier than usual since her childhood.

She had a lot of serious matters to worry about as well. She was soon going to college, away from her father and her governess and Nathan. She was somehow worried about her relationship with him. Things would be difficult for them. They would hardly meet and she was scared of the fact that they would split up eventually. Long distance relationships were always hard and never seemed to last most of the time. Besides, she was fully aware of the fact that many women wanted Nathan. He had built himself a strong reputation as a fierce businessman and was among the wealthiest bachelors in the country. He was the ideal catch.

With all these things in her mind, Megan hardly noticed the small changes in Patrick’s behavior. It was very much later that she saw how worn out he was. It seemed like something was troubling him. She tried to talk to him but he was evasive of the subject. She also called Mark who got worried as well and promised to talk to their father when he would be back. He was convinced that the latter was stressed and probably doing too much and that it could ruin his health. Everyone knew that Patrick was a work alcoholic and that he liked to maintain maximum control over his business.

Megan also confided her worries to Nathan, knowing that he could talk to Patrick. He admitted that he also noticed the various changes in Patrick’s behavior but was convinced that things would be back to normal soon. It was the economic crisis and the market that was stressing him. Business was getting tough.

Things got worst one night. Mark came home, in an attempt to talk some sense in Patrick’s mind. Megan was out and the moment she got back and reached the front door, she could hear voices. She gasped as she heard the shouting and rushed inside immediately. Mark and Patrick were arguing and Patrick looked ready to explode. She walked into the office just in time to see her dad throwing an expensive vase on the floor.

She stood by the door, her face in shock as her brother and father kept arguing.

“I’m doing all this for you both!” Patrick Parker was shouting, obviously unaware that his youngest child was there, “I worked my ass off all those years, made this company what it is today by myself and now I have to hear this?”

“You worked like hell and hardly spent time with us!” Mark yelled out, “and your only excuse is that you were doing all this for us?”

“I had nothing when I was your age!” the older man mumbled, clinching his fists as he vented out his frustration, “I had to work, I slept on the street and even had to beg for food. Do you think that it is what I want for my kids?”

“Damn you, dad!” Mark shouted, “You made enough through all these years! Too much in fact! You never had time for us because you have chosen to and now you’re so obsessed by your fucking business that you’re not even taking care of yourself”.

Mark paused for a moment, trying to regain his calm as he watched his father before finally speaking again, “Meggie is worried about you and so am I. We’re grown up now and we can help you with the business. You do not have to ruin your health and work like this. You have so many people who could help you. Your directors, your managers, and all those advisors, why do you pay them for if you do not want to delegate them work?”

“You do not have the experience to manage the…” he started to say but froze when Megan finally walked to them.

“We can learn, teach us,” she said in a soft voice, her eyes conveying the worry she felt as she looked at him.

Mark and Patrick were stunned to see her there. They stared at each other as Megan continued, her voice surprisingly calm.

“Dad, you worked a lot and it is time for us to take over. You can guide us, be our mentor, and teach us everything we need to know. We both love you and we are worried about you. You are always on the nerves and you are ruining your health.”

“Meggie, things are not so easy, I have…” Patrick Parker started when Megan turned away and started to make her way out. She stopped by the door, turned to look at her dad for a few seconds before she finally spoke again.

“The thing is that you don’t trust anyone, not even us.”

She left the office and walked away, refusing to listen to Patrick and Mark arguing anymore.

Megan glanced at her watch again and sighted. She still needed to wait a few more minutes, just to be sure that there was no danger. As she glanced at the picture again, she started wishing she could have seen that her father’s stress was due to more than work. If only she had insisted that night instead of walking out, things would have been different today.

She stood up and walked to the small bathroom quietly and stared at herself for a few seconds before finally grabbing the blonde wig. In her moment of panic, she had almost forgotten about it as well as the contact lenses. Soon she was ready, back to her French Blondie look which had not failed to disclose her real identity so far. If this was Halloween night, with some extra makeup and better clothes, she would have looked like a real version of a Barbie doll.

She went back to the room, to make sure she was not forgetting anything important. Leaving any piece of evidence that would relate to her would be suicidal, especially with her stalkers just a few feet away.

She sat on the edge of the bed again, wondering when the last time she had felt safe was. It was hard, not having a home, always moving and danger could be lurking anywhere. She wrapped her arms around herself and closed her eyes as she suddenly wished Nathan was there.

She often wondered if he had finally given up and decided to move ahead in life. She could not blame him if he did. He probably had enough of waiting for her to be back and she was glad that he had no idea into what mess she was involved. Yet, she still had hopes that when everything would be over, they would meet again. It was this that kept her going; that small hope and the desire to know the truth to clear her father’s name and put the real criminal behind the bars.

She walked to the window and looked outside. She would have to abandon the car. The sound of the engine could wake anyone up and that was the last thing she needed. She grabbed the backpack and walked to the door. She stood still for a few moments, listening to the silence. Deciding that no one was around and it was safe to go, she opened the door, trying not to make a sound and peered outside. The corridor was deserted and all the lights in the nearby room were off. Ignoring the way her heart was pounding in her chest, she stepped out of the small room and walked carefully to the emergency exit, without making any noise. She opened the door, relieved to see that it was still opened. She could not believe her luck sometimes. Even in the worst situations, there was always a little something that made her escape. Maybe she did have a lucky angel after all who looked after her. She walked down the stairs in the dark and soon she found herself in the parking lot.

She waited, scanning the surroundings and watched the car of her enemies intently. She was tempted to deflate the tires, in order to gain more time and was about to make her way towards the car when she realized that it would be a foolish idea. These men did not know where she was. If they woke up to find their tires flat, they would figure it out in a second and know she was around. She could not do something stupid now. She was close to her goal.

She decided it was safe to go and walked out towards the road. Once she knew that no one had seen her getting out of the motel premises, she started to run towards the nearest railway station in the cold chilly weather. She would be on the first train in a few hours, on her way to the place where she would find the answers.