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When The Truth Hurts - Chapter 3

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The sun rose after a few hours. Megan was exhausted. She had hardly slept. It was not safe at night on the railway station and she also had to think of her plans again. She was still worried of the proximity of her stalkers. What if they had seen her running away on the parking lot? She had abandoned the car as well but she remembered them saying that they would leave very early; so an old car would be unnoticed at that time.

She had just bought a ticket for the first train which would leave soon. She was still glancing around, half expecting the men to show up. Her money was almost over and she shuddered at the thought of using her credit card. The last time she did that, the men had reached her easily and it was by chance that she had managed to jump in a bus. It was only later that she had figured out that she had been traced by her cards.

She flinched as she remembered how she had been forced to steal when she would run out of cash. She was not proud of it but what else could she do? At least she was closer to her goal and things would finally change.

She was soon in her seat, just waiting for the train to depart. She was a little surprised as she expected it to be packed with people. She looked around again. There was an elderly couple and a younger girl who were seated in the wagon. At least it would be easier to keep an eye on everything, in case some strange person appeared. She stared outside, still wondering if the men from the motel had discovered that she had been so close. It had been a near escape but did they have any idea where she was heading to?

Finally there was a signal, letting everyone know it was time for the train to start its long journey. Megan was relieved. No stalkers showed up the whole time, she could finally relax until she reached there. Her thoughts wandered back to the day everything changed.

It had started as a normal day, except for the fact that Patrick was acting very strange. Mark and Megan had once again noticed that something was clearly wrong. Mark had started to follow his father but had found nothing so far. He was starting to suspect something but only mentioned it to Megan when his father left the house.

“Why didn’t you tell me?” Megan asked as Mark had finally explained why he kept disappearing so often.

“Meggie, I may be wrong,” he said as paced around her room, “I could be following him for nothing.”

“But you should have told me!” she exclaimed as she stared at him.

“I don’t have any proofs,” Mark snapped at her, “I just suspect that he’s doing something wrong and I don’t even know if it’s true. How would you feel if you suspect something and it turns out you were wrong and did not trust dad?”

Megan looked up at him and asked, “When did you start wondering about that? Was it the night after we all argued?”

Mark nodded quietly and Megan suddenly asked, “What if someone else is forcing him?”

Mark looked at her in surprise, wondering if it was possible.

“Think about it, Mark. Dad would never do something illegal”, Megan continued as she stared at her elder brother, “the way he has been acting and the times he would rush to the office after answering his calls only suggest that he’s doing something he is not happy about but has no control over it. At least this is what I feel.”

“That makes sense, Meggie,” Mark said as he thought about it before he grabbed his jacket and made his way out of the room, “Stay here, I’m going to the office. I need to talk to Dad again.”

“Mark! Wait!” she shouted as she ran after him.

Mark stopped near his car and waited for his sister to catch up. He gave her a hug and patted her shoulder before speaking, “Meggie, please let me get to the bottom of this. I promise everything will be fine.”

He got into his car and drove off as Megan stood there, watching him. She knew her brother would find out what was happening and together they would all find a solution. At that moment, her phone rang and she smiled as she heard the ringtone. That was Nathan calling her. She suddenly realized that she forgot that they were supposed to meet today. She answered the phone, assuring him that she would be meeting him and went to get ready.

Nathan had recently purchased a chalet a few miles outside town. He was tired of living at the hotel and since things were getting serious with Megan, it seemed a reasonable choice. He tried to be in town more often, just to be with her. Megan was happy about that. She missed him a lot whenever he had to travel. She had been hoping to tell her dad about them but with the recent changes, she felt it was not the right moment yet.

She was soon ready and rushed to her car and drove to his place. She had not seen him for nearly three weeks. He would send her a text sometimes but she could not wait. She reached there within thirty minutes and pulled up on the driveway. She ran to the door which Nathan had just opened. He must have heard the car arriving. Megan smiled at him and he let her in.

Once the door was locked behind them, he pulled her into a kiss and Megan found herself melting into his arms as she responded to him urgently. He pulled back a little and stared at her flushed face and smiled before kissing her again, with more passion.

Megan pulled away and pushed him on the nearby couch. Nathan was surprised for a few seconds at the sudden gesture from Megan but chuckled as she unbuttoned her shirt in front of him and let it fall off her shoulders. Megan quickly pulled off her jeans and her underwear while Nathan started to undress as well, his eyes feasting on the young beauty in front of him.

Nathan motioned her to come closer and once she was within reach, he somehow managed to pull her on the couch and she ended up lying on her back. He moved over her so she could not wiggle away and kissed her again while his hand roamed over her, teasing the full breasts. He moved his lips to her neck, while he rolled a nipple between his fingers. Megan shuddered under him and he moved his hand down her body. She instinctively parted her legs, and his fingers were soon there feeling her wetness, gently teasing her and a soft moan escaped from her lips.

His lips kissed down her neck and he was soon sucking on a hardened nipple, lightly biting it as he pushed a finger gently inside her, causing her to moan louder. He wiggled his finger inside her as he continued to suck on her breast as Megan was shaking underneath him, her moans echoing around the room. He added another finger inside her and started to finger fuck her faster. He knew she was close by the way her body shook and responded to him.

He teased her for a few moments before pulling his fingers out. Without giving her a second, he rammed his hard cock inside her, making her scream from the sudden thrust. He stayed still for a few seconds, letting her adjust to him, loving the way she gripped on to him. He looked at her face as he started to move almost all the way out before pushing in again harder. She was soon getting the rhythm and moved her hips in response to his thrusts.

She was close and he knew it too. He knew her body so well; when and where to touch her to create the maximum sensations. He moved his hand between their bodies and started to pinch her clit lightly as he continued to fuck her harder, knowing he was not going to last long either. Megan screamed as she neared her orgasm. She clung on him, crying out and he kissed her again, while he continued to push in and out of her tight pussy. She was soon cumming on his hard cock and he kept fucking her harder until he exploded inside her, filling her with his own cum.

They laid there on the couch, panting and sweaty. They were exhausted from the experience and Megan could hardly speak but her eyes conveyed the emotions she felt and Nathan kissed her tenderly as he held her in his arms.

The moment Megan reached home, she wondered where Mark was. His car was not there and it was quite late. She hoped that he did not get into another argument with their dad. She ran to the house and asked Nana Camilla if Mark phoned. The elder woman said that no one called but she was not too worried. Patrick Parker was never home at his time and Mark might have met his friends in town and decided to spend some time with them. Megan nodded and went to her room.

She tried to call Mark on his mobile phone but no one answered. She assumed their nanny was right. “Maybe he fought with dad and drove off to meet his old friends”, she thought. She pondered over what Nathan had said earlier that day after they had both showered at his place.

Nathan was confident that Patrick would not be doing any illegal business nor could he be manipulated by someone else. He was too smart for that and he had his own principles which mattered to him. Nathan explained that it was hard for Patrick to give up his business or give more control to his employees because he invested a lot of time and efforts from a young age to make it successful. He insisted that she and Mark should not worry too much.

While waiting for Mark’s return, she had dozed off. She got up from her bed and grabbed her phone. Mark had called her and she had not answered as she had fallen asleep. She looked at the time when the call was made and checked the time on her watch. It was almost four o’clock in the morning. Mark had called her around midnight and Megan wondered why. Usually Mark would wait till the next morning unless it was something important. She made her way to his room and started to worry. Mark was not there. She wondered if he was still with his friends. Maybe he had called her by mistake. She decided to check if his car was there.

She realized that Patrick’s car was missing as well and wondered if he had left on an urgent trip again. She went back to the living room and decided to wait. Maybe Patrick had to leave on an urgent trip for the company. She was going to wait for Nana Camilla and ask her about it. Patrick might have left a message while she had been sleeping. She did not want to wake the poor woman up and get her worried with Mark’s absence.

Nana Camilla appeared in the room and looked concerned as she saw Megan there. It was unusual to find Megan awake so early in the morning. She got worried as Megan asked if Patrick had left a message for her and mentioned that Mark was not home. Megan started to pace around the room wondering where her brother and her father were.

“I’m going to Dad’s office,”she announced as she ran to grab her keys from her room. She was tired of waiting and knew she would find know where Patrick was when she would speak to his secretary. Soon, she was making her way downstairs, pulling a jacket over her when she heard some unknown voices downstairs. She stopped and looked around. There were a few persons in the room and the governess was sitting in an armchair and she seemed in shock. Megan had never seen the woman like that and ran towards her.

“Nana? Are you alright?” she asked as she kneeled down in front of the governess and held the elder woman’s hand in her own. She watched the woman’s face, wondering what had happened when someone else spoke.

“Miss Parker?” a rough manly voice asked. Megan turned to see a man around her father’s age looking at her. She looked at him in surprise, wondering who he was.

“I’m inspector David,” the man continued, “Miss Parker, I am very sorry to announce this to you. Mr. Patrick Parker and Mr. Mark Parker were found dead and …”

Megan gasped in shock, unable to believe her ears. Inspector David was still talking but she was not listening to him. Her father and her brother were dead? How could this be?

“You’re lying!” she shouted furiously before turning back to her governess who was now crying, “Nana, they are lying! It’s not true. Please Nana, listen to me!”

She felt someone pulling her towards away from her governess. Inspector David tried to calm her down but Megan was clearly agitated. She pulled out her cellphone from her pocket and dialed Mark’s number before someone snatched the phone from her and forced her to sit down on an armchair.

Inspector David was trying to explain to her what they had found in her father’s office. Megan was too shocked to listen properly. In the meanwhile, Nathan Meyers walked into the room, panting. He had just found out what had happened and driven to the Parkers immediately and had rushed into the house. He quietly took Megan into his arms and held her against him and muttered gentle words of comfort to her and he ran his hand into her hair as she sobbed, unable to control herself. He ignored the stares from the other people present. He was here for Megan and it was all that mattered to him.

Megan’s world was torn into pieces. She was suddenly alone, trying to digest the fact that her father and her brother; her only family, were both gone. She would not speak to anyone, not even Camilla or Nathan.

Nathan had finally told the governess about his relationship with Megan. They were the only people left for Megan and together they would be able to care for her. Nana Camilla knew that the news had devastated the young woman but she knew that Megan would be able to face it. She was a strong young lady. Yet, she wished that the media would leave them alone. The tragedy in their lives had made the headlines in the country and reporters were trying to get into contact with them for interviews. Patrick Parker was famous in the country and everyone was talking about the death of the two men. The security around the manor was enforced due to this and the employees at the manor were ordered not to bother Megan.

Megan finally started to handle things better. Inspector David had come to the manor again and had asked to speak to her but Nana Camilla was against it when Megan had suddenly appeared and announced that she wanted to talk to him as well. No one had expected that she would be ready to face what the man would tell her but she seemed to be able to cope.

Megan listened quietly to what the man had to say. From what she could understand, Patrick Parker had come in late to the office clearly stressed. He had gone out again for a few hours for his usual meetings with other entrepreneurs who also said to have noticed that he was nervous. One of the security guards at the main office had seen Patrick leaving the office late at night in his private car by thirty minutes past ten in the evening. It was the usual time he had been leaving the past few months. Megan nodded as she remembered that her father had started to come home very late in the evenings. Inspector David continued and said that Parker apparently drove to the harbor to check his containers but it seemed like he got there secretly. His car was found in a nearby street and her brother’s car had been found a few feet away. None of the security guards had seen the Parkers entering the place. It was early in the morning that one of them had discovered the two men’s bodies near the containers which belonged to the company of Patrick Parker. The time of death of the two men was estimated to be at one o’clock in the morning. They were both killed by a gun which belonged to Patrick Parker. Mark had been shot first and Patrick had followed minutes later. Megan was shocked as she listened.

“Mark called me,” she whispered out, “Mark called me when I was sleeping. I woke up that morning and saw the missed call on my cell phone. It was around midnight.”

Inspector David nodded and looked at the young woman. He had a daughter around her age and he felt terrible as he stared at her. She had to face so much at such a young age.

“Miss Parker, you were the last person your brother tried to call”, Inspector David explained.

Megan could feel the tears threatening to fall again as she realized what he said. If only she had gone with him that day, things would have been different. She wished she had not doze off and answered his call.

“Who shot my father and my brother, Inspector?” she asked in a shaky voice.

She could see her governess crying and Nathan looked shocked but had not said a word as he listened. Inspector David looked at her hesitantly as she stared at him. He seemed to be struggling to find the right way to answer her.

“Miss Parker, what I have to say may shock you but from our primary investigations and based on the facts, it seems like Mark Parker was shot by Patrick Parker.”

Megan jumped to her feet in total shock as she heard what the man had just said. Nana Camilla let out a gasp and Nathan stood up and was about to say something when Megan exclaimed in anger, “That is impossible! Dad would never hurt Mark!”

“Please let me finish”, Inspector David said as he stared at them. He knew how hard it was to believe but that was the truth.

“Patrick Parker must have shot Mark Parker by accident. We believe there was a struggle and in the fight, Patrick Parker pulled the trigger and Mark was shot,”he continued, “Then he shot himself.”

Megan stared at Inspector David as if he was a mad man. She glared at him furiously and shouted, “Those are lies! Dad would never shoot himself nor would he be able to kill his own son.”

“Miss Parker, I am extremely sorry but …” Inspector David tried to continue.

“My child is right, Inspector,” Nana Camilla interrupted, “Patrick Parker loved his children and he loved life. He could never do this atrocious act. He has been through horrible times since his childhood and never gave up. He was a fighter!”

“Patrick Parker was my friend and this woman is right,” Nathan added angrily, “I do not believe that he would kill his own son and commit suicide.”

“Our investigation is still going on but we had some questions to ask to Miss Parker,” Inspector David said hastily, “Miss Parker, did you know that Mark Parker was with his father?”

Megan tried to remain calm but she was shaking. She took a deep breath before speaking. One could see that she was struggling not to yell at Inspector David again.

“Mark and I noticed that Dad was acting strange lately. He worked more and sometimes he would get home very late. That day, we had a talk and Mark left a few minutes after dad. He said he wanted to talk to him,” Megan said before adding, “I know my father. He would never shoot someone, let alone Mark.”

Inspector David had left a few minutes later. Megan was pacing around the room while Nana Camilla stood in a corner quietly. Nathan could no longer bear being in the room and Megan could not blame him. The words of Inspector David were still ringing in her ears and she did not believe them. He said he was going for a drive and left.

Megan went to her room quietly and threw herself in bed and sobbed into the pillow. What was she going to do now? How would she manage without them? It was at that moment that her Nanny came into the room. Megan sat up immediately and wiped her eyes.

“Oh Nana, it’s you.” she muttered as the governess hugged her.

“Sweetie, I have something for you,” Nana Camilla said in a soft voice, “Months ago your father gave me these envelopes.”

Megan took the envelopes from Nana Camilla and glanced at them. She could recognize the handwriting of her father.

“He asked me to give them to you and your bother if something happened to him,” Nana Camilla said again sadly.

“He knew something would happen?” Megan asked in shock and watched as Nana Camilla handed her the envelopes and left the room. She stared at the one destined to her for a long time, wondering why her father had left the letters. She opened it, glancing at the familiar handwriting. She read the letter quietly and gasped. She could not believe it. She could not hold her tears as she continued reading but forced herself to do it.

When she had finally finished the letter, she felt terrible. So much had happened and no one knew a thing until now. Patrick Parker had been used and manipulated by others and had fallen in a dangerous trap. From the moment he had discovered that his company was involved in illegal activities, he had started to carry out his own investigation and gather proofs against the real culprits. He knew that his life was in danger and that was why he left the letters to his children. If something happened to him, they would be able to clear the whole truth. In his letter to Megan, Patrick asked her to be careful and not mention a thing to anyone, not even their governess. The letter did not have much information; no names, no addresses or hints. It only said that Megan and Mark were meant to visit her mother’s hometown where Patrick had kept another letter for them. It was only then that she would know more.

The train pulled to the final station, making Megan jump. She grabbed her backpack and put the letters back inside. Having been lost in her thoughts, she did not have time to read them again. She knew that Mark’s letter was similar to her own. She was soon outside the station and looked around for a public toilet. She finally found what she was looking for and walked in. No one was there and she walked to one of the cubicles. She removed the blonde wig and changed her clothes and stuffed them in her backpack. She walked out of the cubicle and walked to the sink. She washed her face, getting rid of the make-up and ran her fingers through her dark brown hair. The sophisticated look would just draw more attention in this small town and that was the last thing she needed. She put on the sunglasses again and checked her reflection. She felt like herself again but she knew that it would still be difficult to recognize her in these clothes. She could not help but smile as she remembered the last time she had paid a visit to her hair stylist. The poor guy would panic if he saw her stepping into his salon the way she was dressed now. However, it did not bother her anymore. She no longer had the time for the little luxuries.

She walked around, glad that no one was taking any notice of her presence. She remembered the address clearly in her mind and the explanations. She could not take out the map she had as she did not want the people around to realize that she was a stranger.

As she kept walking, she recalled how she had left the manor. As requested in the letter, she had not mentioned a word to anybody, not even Nana Camilla or Nathan. She had waited for the funerals of Patrick and Mark to be completed and locked herself in her room, refusing to talk to anybody. Finally, Nathan seemed to have given up waiting for her and through her bedroom window, she watched as he got in his car and drove away. She had quietly grabbed a few things, a bag and some money and waited until it was late at night before leaving the house.

She had started looking for details about her mother which took time. She could not use her real name nor could she request help from Patrick’s various contacts. Their name was also tarnished when investigators had discovered illegal weapons in the containers belonging to the shipping company. Megan’s life was also in danger and she had to be extremely careful. She realized that she was being followed as well. Her research had been delayed due to these facts but now she knew she was closer to her destination, and closer to the truth.

She could see the house finally. It was a few miles outside town and it was the only house around there. It seemed like there have never been any recent developments in this part of the town. As she approached, she noticed that the windows were opened. She felt nervous as she wondered if someone was living there. It did not make sense but maybe someone was just staying there as they knew the place was abandoned. She hesitated and wondered if her stalkers had somehow figured out that she was heading there. She pushed the small gate open and noticed that the garden seemed tidy. If the house had been abandoned, the garden would not look maintained at all. She was convinced that there was someone in the house.

She walked to the door and hesitated again. She could just be falling into a trap. She was still wondering whether she should knock or find a place to hide until the people would leave when she heard the knot turning. She took a few steps backward and was ready to run when she heard her name and froze in her tracks.

“Meggie?” the familiar voice whispered in astonishment.

Megan could not believe her eyes as she stared at him in surprise, her heart pounding in her chest.

“Na….Nathan? What are you doing here?” she asked as Nathan Meyers looked as shocked as she felt.

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