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When The Truth Hurts - Chapter 4

Chapter 4

Megan stood dumbfounded as she stared at him. There were so many questions on her mind but she could not speak yet. She could not figure out what Nathan was doing here. They stared at each other, as if hesitating to say a word. Finally it was Nathan who broke the ice.

“Megan, where have you been?” he asked as he stared at her.

He motioned for her to come inside. Megan hesitated before following him. She had so many questions now and her instincts made her very suspicious. He let her to a small kitchen and told her to have a seat near the table.

“Tea?” he asked as he moved around the kitchen.

“Yes, please”, she answered as she sat down in the old wooden chair. She looked around, noting that the place was very old. The major question on her mind was about Nathan. How did he end up here?

“I thought you might come here”, he suddenly said.

He set two steaming cups on the table and sat across her. Megan stared at him in confusion. He sipped some tea as he watched her intently. Megan did the same, avoiding his gaze.

“I looked for you everywhere”, he muttered with a reproaching tone in his voice, “I know it was hard for you but disappearing without a word? What were you thinking?”

“I…” she started when he raised his hand, indicating she listened to him.

“You have no idea how worried I was”, he spoke, “How many sleepless nights I spent wondering where you were or why you abandoned me. Why did you do that?”

“I had to get away”, she whispered, “I could not bear it.”

“So you just leave when you feel like it? What about me?”

“If only he knew”, she thought to herself as she stood up.

“I looked everywhere. Your favorite places, I even went to France, thinking you might have gone to Strasbourg as you always did with Patrick and Mark”, he continued in a loud voice, “Then I assumed you might want to look for your mother’s place. You always said you wanted to find out where she came from.”

It was true. Megan had that conversation with him before. She had not known much about her mother. Patrick Parker had not told her anything about her mother’s past. She now knew why but she could not explain that to Nathan.

“I hired a detective to look for your mom’s home town and found out that Patrick bought her place some months after her death. It was meant for you and Mark”, he explained, “I decided to come here this month. I was tired of this. How long would I keep looking for you? You did not even write a letter, send a mail or a text.”

“I’m sorry, Nathan”, she whispered as she felt a pang of guilt in her chest, “I could not handle it and the journalists who would always claim that Dad was doing all that stuff. They did not leave us alone. I decided to get away, hoping they would all forget about the Parkers for good.”

“Did you hope I’d forget you too?” he asked as he stood up as well.

“Nathan!” she exclaimed in an astonished voice.

“I don’t even know what to think, Megan Parker” he said as he frowned, “I know it was quite a lot to handle but this was madness. Look at you! You look like you have not eaten for days. Do you think Patrick would be happy if he saw you now?”

They remained silent for a long time. Megan could understand Nathan so well but still felt that she could not give him the real reasons for leaving. She had felt the pain and anger in his voice as he spoke and she felt terrible about that but she was helpless.

“Nathan, I’m sorry but …” she whispered as walked to him. She touched his shoulder and he finally looked at her before pulling her into his arms and holding her tightly against him.

Megan found herself unable to control the rush of emotions within her. Being there with Nathan, feeling his warm protective arms around her again and just hearing his voice even if he was so angry made her realize how much she had missed him. She found herself crying as he held her against him and consoled her, whispering reassuring words as she sobbed.

She looked up at him and he gave her a small smile before letting go of her. He seemed to have softened too. The expression on his face was more relaxed but she knew he was still mad at her.

“Come”, he said as he started to walk out of the kitchen, “Let’s see your mom’s house.”

Megan grabbed her backpack and followed him. She was curious. Her mother had grown up in this house and it somehow made her eager to see the house, so different from the manor.

Nathan showed her around, letting her know that he had not changed anything in that house. When he had first come there, the place was full of dust and spider webs and he had to hire someone to clean everything.

“Why?” she asked as they reached a door.

“For you”, he replied, “I thought that you would come here someday. You always told me that you wanted to know more about your mom.”

He opened the door and Megan walked inside. She noticed that the furniture was quite old but it did not bother her. She looked around, unable to believe that she had finally found the place where her mother had spent her early childhood years.

Nathan walked to a desk and grabbed an old diary and handed it to her.

“I found this some weeks ago. I think Patrick kept all the belongings of your mother here. I found pictures, certificates and more things”, he explained.

“Mom’s journal?” she asked in surprise as she took it.

Nathan nodded. Megan looked at it eagerly. She had been curious about her mother for such a long time and she knew that she could learn a lot with the diary.

“I’ll go and get some food stuff here while you shower. I have to drive to the center and might take half an hour”, Nathan said as he watched her before leaving the room.

Megan stared at the diary, wanting to open it and read what her mother could have written. Yet, she knew that there was something more important that she needed to find. In her father’s letter, it was mentioned that she would find an envelope in the attic. She knew where it was found now as Nathan had shown her around. She peaked through the window and looked outside. She saw Nathan getting into a truck and driving away.

She quickly grabbed the first letter, ran to the attic and groaned. There were pile of boxes all over the place and she did not have much time. She walked around moving the boxes until she saw one box labeled with her father handwriting. It could have easily been unnoticed by anybody else. She opened the box and quickly went through the contents. There were no envelopes. She was taking too much time and Nathan would be back soon.

She suddenly noticed something. Among all the old contents of the box, there was something fairly recent. It was a key. She grabbed it and wondered why it was in that box. Could it what her father had left her? She went through the letter again. It clearly said that she needed to find an envelope. Patrick had probably hidden it carefully so that no one would find it.

She thought carefully as she started to dig through other boxes, trying to remember what her father always used to do and tried to recall any conversation that could hint out something. She went through another box which contained nothing important. There were some old pictures and papers. Some did not even belong to her mother.

She opened one more box. Nathan would be back pretty soon and she needed to hurry. There were more pictures and she found a nice one in a large frame. It was a fairly recent picture compared to the rest. She recognized it. It was a family picture when her mother had been alive. She could barely remember posing for that one. The Parker family was smiling at her happily. Brittany was holding a five year old Megan in her arms while Patrick had an arm wrapped around her and Mark was standing in front of him proudly. She stared at the picture for a few moments when she remembered the words that her father always used to say to both of them.

“God had given me all the happiness in the world. I have achieved so much but the most precious thing to me was our family. The unforgettable moments we spent watching you two grow till she went away is a wonderful treasured memory in my eyes”, she muttered as she repeated the familiar words that Patrick had said so many times over the years.

She gasped as she held the photograph. He had written them in the letter as well. It could not be a coincidence.

“Memories, family, unforgettable moments”, she thought as she paced around, “The photograph! That’s it! Why else would it be in a box with old papers? A photograph of us when we were still kids and mom was still there!”

She flipped the photo frame around and found the small locks that kept the picture into place. She pushed them and pulled the back cover gently. She gasped as she saw the paper that protected the picture from dust or any damage. She carefully removed it and recognized her father’s handwriting. The first two lines indicated that it was the letter she had come to fetch but she did not have the time to read it now. Nathan would be back soon. She looked around and decided to hide the 2 letters in one of the boxes until she would be alone again to read them.

She ran out of the attic and went to the bathroom. At that moment she heard the truck pulling in. She heard Nathan calling and she yelled that she was still in the shower.

By the time she was back in the kitchen, Nathan was about to call her for dinner.

“Ah! There you are. And I see you found the clothes I asked Nana Camilla to pack for you before I came here.”

Megan smiled and said, “Yes, thank you.”

“I got some pizza. I thought you’d be too hungry to wait for me to fix dinner.” He announced.

“Sounds good”, she replied.

She walked to him and offered her help but he was already done. They dined in silence. Megan was dreading the moment he would ask her what she had been doing since she had left the manor. They were soon done and cleaned up. Nathan had a phone call and was discussing some business issue. Megan decided to read her mom’s journal while waiting for him. She walked to the bedroom and sat on the edge of the bed. She hesitated for a few seconds. She knew the letter from her dad was more important but Nathan would not take long. She also wanted to forget everything for a moment.

She noted that her mother’s handwriting was close to her own. She was just about to start reading when Nathan called out her name. The voice came from the room he was using since he decided to use when he stayed over.

She knew that they still needed to talk and she kept the diary away before joining him. She found him standing against the wall, his shirt unbuttoned, revealing the well-defined muscles of his chest and the flat stomach. Lost in his thoughts, he was unaware that she was there yet. She cleared her throat, letting him know she was there. He gave her a small smile and she walked up to him.

“You still did not tell me where you have been all these months”, he said.

“I started traveling around the country”, she replied shortly. It was not a lie. She had been practically running around but for different reasons that she refused to tell him.

“You changed, Meggie”, he said with a sigh.

“Everything changed”, she whispered.

“What about us?” he asked, reaching out to push a strand of hair away from her face.

“I love you”, she said as she looked up at him, “I should have told you that I needed to get away. I don’t know what I was thinking.”

“You’re not telling me everything”, he stated, “I won’t insist. It’s up to you.”

They stared at each other silently. Nathan was still running his fingers through her silky hair. Megan could see the desire and love in his eyes.

“Nathan…” she murmured his name softly and reached her hand out to caress his cheek. The feeling of his skin under her fingers awakened her senses; making her realize how much she had missed him over the months.

He wrapped his arms around her and kissed her gently. Megan responded to him, parting her lips and he pushed his tongue in, letting it fuse with hers as they kissed with more passion. Her fingers roamed over his chest, touching the exposed skin as their kiss grew more intense.

She was the one who pulled away. She met his eyes and saw his need for her but there was something else; it seemed like he was trying to hold back.

“Do you want me?” he asked as he looked into her eyes, “Are you sure you’re ready for this?”

She understood what he meant. He wanted her but did not want to go further until he was confident that she wanted him as much as he did. She nodded and stood on tiptoes to kiss him again. Her hands moved to push the shirt off his shoulders.

She broke the kiss and took his hand into hers. Without saying a word, she led him to the bed. She did not know what was happening to her. She had always let Nathan take charge but tonight she found herself needing to touch and feel him. Could it be the long separation? She did not know but followed her instincts.

She undressed him, pushing his jeans and boxers down and he stepped out of them. He reached out to touch her but she shook her head. She pushed him gently until he was sitting on the edge of the bed. She leaned in and kissed him slowly, feeling his response. She moved her lips away from him and kissed his neck and down his chest, lightly teasing his nipples before moving downwards. She heard him take a sharp breath as she knelt between his parted legs. She wrapped her fingers around his massive hard-on and slowly started to pump it as she watched his face. His eyes were closed and his hands were clenching the bed sheet. He was breathing a little heavily.

“Yes”, he breathed out as Megan lowered her head and took the tip of his cock in her mouth, allowing her tongue to flicker over it. She could already taste the precum oozing from it. She started to lick his shaft as she held it with her hand. She closed her eyes and started to take more of him in her mouth slowly, trying to relax her throat as she did so. She felt his hands moving to hold her head as he moaned and encouraged her, letting her know how good it felt. She tried not to gag as she took him deeper and soon, she felt it hit the back of her throat.

Nathan could feel himself pulsing as he felt Megan’s tongue working its magic on his cock. He could feel himself growing even harder. Megan was now sucking on him slowly, trying to get used to feeling his hard manhood in her mouth. She started to suck him faster, knowing she was doing a good job from the sounds of his excited moans and grunts as his fingers wrapped themselves in her long hair as he held her there.

Her fingers moved to tease his balls as she continued to suck him faster. She could feel her own body shiver from excitement as she continued to pleasure him with her mouth and her fingers. She opened her eyes and looked up at him, her mouth still sucking his long hard shaft. He growled as she met his eyes and he asked her to stop. Knowing it was the first time that Megan had made the first move and she had never taken him in her mouth before, he did not want to cum in her throat and ruin the moment for her.

She stood up in front of him, their eyes met and she nodded quietly, understanding what he wanted. She undressed quietly, aware that his gaze was on her body as she dropped her clothes in a pile on the floor.

Nathan stared at her, taking in her beauty. He got up and kissed her sensually before pulling her with him on the bed as they continued to kiss. He moved away to admire her body as she lied underneath him on her back, staring at him with need and nervousness. He smiled reassuringly at her, whispering in her ear that it was not a dream and that they were really together.

He reached out and cupped her breasts, feeling their fullness in his strong hands, kneading. He could feel her body shudder as he continued to tease them before gently pinching her nipples, watching as the small tips harden and darkened. He leaned down and took one of them in his mouth, gently biting it and she emitted a sensual moan. Her body shook with need as he kissed his way down. Her hands moved to cup her breasts while he his lips reached her belly button. He dipped his tongue into her navel while he moved his fingers between her legs to check her wetness. She withered on the bed, responding to every touch and kiss.

He parted her legs further and kissed her inner thigh, making his way upward. His lips moved nearer to her clean shaven pussy. He blew lightly over her opening, making her gasp with anticipation. He stared at the sexy sight in front of him and groaned. He moved his lips closer and dragged his tongue slowly over her pussy lips, moving it upwards and heard her let loud another of her sensual moans that aroused him. He gazed his fingers over her already engorged clit as he continued to lick her, lapping the juices that were flowing from her pussy. Her moans were turning into screams of pleasure as she felt his tongue work on her very wet sex. He pushed a finger inside her and worked it inside her, wiggling it within her tight pussy as he continued to pleasure her with his tongue.

Megan could not take it anymore. She cried out, begging him to take her. He moved his face away from her dripping wet pussy and moved to kiss her lips as he guided his manhood between her legs. Megan kissed him with passion while he started to push himself inside her, feeling her walls tightening around his hard dick. She wrapped her legs around his waist, pulling him deeper inside her; her need for him was so strong. Her hips matched his strong hard thrusts. Their kisses were growing more intense and Megan could feel a rush of emotions within her body as she clung desperately to Nathan. It had been so long and they needed each other so much now. They could not control themselves and were soon reaching their peak. The only sounds in the room were their moans and cries and the creaking of the bed as they continued to move together as one. Nathan started to pound into her even harder, his hand reaching between their bodies to lightly stimulate her clit.

Nathan grunted as he knew he was getting closer and leaned to suckle Megan’s nipples as he continued to gently manipulate her clit between his fingers which were coated with her juices while he continued to fuck her relentlessly. He felt her dig her fingers into his shoulders as she cried out his name. He groaned and whispered softly in her ear, telling her to let it all out and cum for him.

Nathan’s fingers and his words as he worked his cock inside her pussy sent Megan into a strong orgasm. She squealed as she felt it and within a few seconds Nathan exploded inside her, filling her with his cum. She held on to him as he continued to spurt it inside her, their juices mixing inside her.

They lay together in bed, never taking their eyes off each other as they talked. They had both missed each other so much. Megan felt complete, a feeling that was lost for so long till now. She could see love in Nathan’s eyes as he smiled at her while running his fingers into her hair. She smiled back and snuggled closer in his arms, wishing that things could remain like this forever as they started to drift to sleep.

In the middle of the night Megan suddenly woke up. She rolled on her side and reached out to feel for Nathan but he was not there. She yawned and looked around, the moonlight illuminating the room. There was a small smile on her face as she remembered their intense lovemaking before they both fell asleep. She felt around for the switch to turn the side table lamp on. She was thirsty and needed to get a drink. She found Nathan’s shirt at the edge of the bed and pulled it over her naked body as she crawled out of bed. She was still feeling sleepy as she left the room and walked to the kitchen to fetch a glass of water. It was then that she heard a voice coming from the small living room. She put the glass away and walked quietly towards the room and noticed that the lights were off.

She could hear Nathan mumbling something on the phone but could not make out his words yet. She shrugged and was about to walk away when she heard him say her father’s name. She froze and peered in the doorway, knowing that in the dark, Nathan would not see her. She did not like to spy on people but the mention of Patrick’s name was enough to make her stay there to listen.

“I did not expect things would end like this for Patrick!” he snapped angrily. He was facing away from Megan.

Megan frowned as she continued to listen. Why would Nathan talk to someone about her father so late at night? That made no sense.

“No! I’m not turning the girl to you!” he said furiously, “Yes! You heard me!”

Megan covered her mouth with her hands to muffle the gasp she let out and pressed herself against the wall as she started to shake.

What did that mean? Did Nathan have something to do with Patrick’s and Mark’s deaths?

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