When The Truth Hurts - Chapter 6

By tashitasha

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Chapter 6

Melanie sat in the small office, completely perplexed. It had only been three days since she had started the job and she wondered if she was getting fired again. Things were not going well for her lately. Money was running low, especially with the growing debts. Her landlord had also threatened to kick her out of the tiny crappy apartment if she did not pay the overdue rent within a week. She was barely able to pay for her higher studies in college and even with a part-time waitress job, it was almost impossible to survive. Things have gone worse when the owner of the fast-food announced that he was closing the place.

Melanie found herself in a very difficult situation. She had no one to go to; her mother was bedridden and could not support her. Instead Melanie had been working and sending money for the elder woman’s treatment. This was mainly why she did not have much for herself. Her father had abandoned them years ago, when he had found out that Melanie’s mother was pregnant. Melanie was thus left on her own to try to build her own life.

She spent days going around clubs and bars, trying to find a similar job but gave up. It was then that one of her classmates from her fashion and design course had approached her. Kate had first made her promise not to tell a word to anyone before telling her about the agency. Melanie had been shocked at first when she heard about it and she had quickly but politely refused Kate’s suggestion. Selling her body for money in exchange of ‘special services’, as Kate claimed, was not the solution. Well this had been her thought until the landlord had threatened her.

After mustering enough courage, she had called Kate who had agreed to help her. Melanie had been somehow stunned by Kate’s attitude. The latter was a very normal woman who has had similar problems in her life and became a very trusted friend. Kate had explained that the agency catered for a particular type of customers, the high class society with their very particular requirements. She believed it was safe because those people did not need a public scandal, which meant that no one would find out about it.

“Think about it, Mel. Those people pay a lot for it and you would make much money in one night,” Kate had mentioned, “You also get to have fun and no one actually forces you to take a job and you can always decline when the agency calls you.”

“I don’t know…” Melanie had protested uncertainly.

“Some of the girls have one regular client only and that’s it. One night and they made it without worrying about money for weeks,” Kate had insisted.

“What if someone finds out?” Melanie asked.

“How?” Kate had laughed, “No one knows about me, babe. They will only know if you tell them or start flashing those big bundles of notes in their faces. And between me and you, the sex is really amazing if you get lucky. We’re single, it’s time to have some fun.”

Melanie had laughed at that last comment and after a little more persuasion; she had agreed to accompany Kate that evening.

Kate had insisted that she dressed up stylishly and Melanie had complied. The high heeled stilettos had been a pain in the ass but she knew that she would have to get used to them.

An hour later, Kate and her were in a very modern yet classy building on the outskirts of the town. From the outside, one would think it was a castle but once inside, the environment was different. It looked like a classy hotel. In fact, to the public it was an expensive hotel, unaffordable by most people. Kate had explained that the agency actually ran the place like a hotel and only those who requested more would know about the other ‘facilities’ offered.

Kate had left her in the lobby for a few minutes and came back to fetch her. She was led to a small office. A woman in her early thirties greeted her with a warm smile and introduced herself as Natalia Blake and explained the functioning of the agency and the rules and agreements. Kate had left the office after a few minutes as her client was due at any moment.

Natalia had adopted a more serious approach towards Melanie. She seemed to want to make sure that Melanie was fully willing to be there and that she was not being pressurized by Kate. Melanie explained her current situation to the woman. After a very long talk, Natalia paused for a long moment. Melanie had waited nervously.

“We might have something for you,” Natalia had finally said, “But the thing is that the man has always complained about the other girls that we sent. He is extremely selective and often sent back some of my girls without doing anything with them. Some girls have mentioned that he was strange.”

“You have the look he wants,” Natalia continued, “But are you ready for this?”

Melanie had hesitated for a moment before saying that she wanted to do it. Natalia had smiled and asked her to provide the general documents necessary for any normal job application the following day.

“Officially, you’re starting as a part-time waitress of one of our restaurants since you have some experience but only you are aware of what you’re really doing. Come tomorrow evening to drop your papers.”

The following day, Melanie had dropped her documents and signed the agreement which stated that she would respect the regulations and rules. After that, Natalia had told her that her client was waiting for her and had sent a car to fetch her and had briefed her about the man and what she was meant to do. Melanie had gotten ready and finally had gotten into the car which drove her to the stranger, referred as ‘the boss’ by everybody else.

Now, Melanie was back again in that small office, after three days. She remembered the experience with the man. Yes, he was indeed a very strange one but she knew she had enjoyed the moment as well. She wondered why Natalia Blake had asked her to come. She had been waiting for half an hour and it made her nervous. Maybe the boss was not happy and she would lose her job. She was actually worried, especially when she had counted the money after she had left the place that night. She had never made so much before and she had enjoyed the sex, even though he was just a stranger.

Natalia finally stepped in the office and had a big smile on her face.

“Well girl! I don’t know how but you did it!” She exclaimed.

“Did what?” Melanie asked, totally puzzled.

“The man liked you.”

“Oh!” she whispered.

“What are you thinking? Mind you, I sent so many girls before and he was never happy. So, I really don’t know how you did it but he wants you back soon.”

Melanie did not speak. She did not know how to react to this. Natalia was talking as if she had the jackpot. Melanie however, did not feel comfortable with that. Natalia kept talking for a while but Melanie was not listening most of the time.

“Well what do you think girl?”

“About what?”

“Well he was you to be exclusively his.”

“I don’t know…”

“Listen girl, if I were you, I’d take it.”


“Look, I know this business. This man is under your spell and you should seize this opportunity.”


“He sent you this package and asked that you contact him when you make your decision. Think about it.”

Melanie nodded and left the office quietly with the small wrapped box. She called her friend Kate and related what had happened. Kate seemed to understand the situation.

“Mel, I know it’s hard. You just started but think about it. If you accept, you won’t have to see any other man and think about the money. You also said it was good even if he’s a bit of a weirdo”, Kate advised.

“The whole thing is so strange.”

“Just pretend you’re the lucky girlfriend of a handsome rich guy like in the movies.”

“My own version of ‘Pretty Woman’. Very funny.”

“Banging on a piano should be fun!”

“Oh! Shut up!”

Kate talked some more, explaining her situation in the hope that it could help Melanie. The latter went home, still undecided. She was still hesitant. She stared at the wrapped package and opened it. Her eyes widened in surprise when she saw the contents. There was an expensive classy black dress with a low neckline and an envelope inside as well as a cell phone. She quickly read the letter and kept it back in the box.

The strange yet somehow attractive man had asked her to call him if she wanted to be ‘his girl’ and that she could keep the dress if she declined. She was meant to call him in 2hours. She didn’t know what to do yet; 2 hours seemed too short to decide.

Suddenly she heard a loud knock on the door and jumped. She opened the door and found herself facing the landlord. The man was glaring at her and snapped, “I want my money by tomorrow or you pack your bags...”

“What the hell!” Melanie exclaimed, “It’s not even Friday!”

“Look Missy! This is my building! I make the rules.”

The landlord ranted some more, claiming that he had other people who wanted to rent the apartment and that if she wanted to stay, she had to hurry or he would kick her out. He finally left and Melanie took a deep breath. She knew what she had to do now.


Megan stepped into the small room and groaned in disgust as she saw a cockroach move from under the bed. She was exhausted. For the last three days, she had been travelling none stop, going in all sorts of directions so that Nathan Meyer would never be able to trace her. She did not have the time to read her father’s letters properly yet. The train wagons have been full and the buses as well and she preferred to be careful. She looked around the room and realized that the cockroach had just managed to sneak in the room by chance. The surroundings were clean enough. She took off one of her sneakers and started to chase the disgusting insect around the room before finally managing to squash it.

“I should have named you Nathan Meyers before killing you.” She muttered to herself as she threw the remains of the dead insect out through the window.

She took off her clothes and walked in the small bathroom to take a shower. As soon as she set the right temperature, she let the water flow on her body, relieved at the thought of finally being able to have a proper shower.

She was soon back in her small room. There was so much on her mind. The pain of discovering Nathan’s true face, the fact that she was now closer to her goal and that unknown person who wanted to stop her at any cost. She knew she needed to read the letter as well and figure out what she was meant to do with the key.

Even though it was barely 6pm, she was totally exhausted. She had not slept much during the past three days. The fear that Nathan or the gang could find her was too much to handle. She also figured that the person behind all this was somehow very powerful and would do anything to prevent the truth from being revealed.

“I need all my strength if I want to go further,” she realized, “I will read the letter tomorrow morning. It needs my full attention as well.”


Melanie got in the car and looked out through the tinted windows as the chauffeur drove her to the boss’s place. She was wearing the dress that he had sent and as requested by him on the phone, she left her hair loose. She was more nervous than the first time she had met him. She remembered his voice on the phone. He seemed much nicer to her this time. She was quite surprised when he asked her whether she liked her gifts and had explained that the phone he had sent was meant just to call him. She had quickly stated that she agreed to see him regularly and he told her he expected her tonight.

They soon reached the place and Melanie was ushered to a room. She looked around, noticing the expensive furniture and noted that she was in a bedroom. She tried to relax and not think about anything when the door opened and he came in.

She stood nervously when their eyes met, remembering their first encounter. She looked away, once again remembering that she was not to meet his gaze.

“Why are you avoiding me?” he asked roughly as he approached her.

“I was told not to look at…” she replied softly before being interrupted.

“Not anymore. You’re different.”

Melanie nodded before asking, “Why me?”

“You got your own charms and I want you for myself.”

Before she could think of a reply that made sense, the boss pulled her into his arms and kissed her with surprising gentleness. She responded immediately, parting her lips as his tongue forced its way between them, fusing with hers to intensify the kiss.

He soon pulled away and sat in an armchair. Melanie stood still, not daring to move.

“Take off your dress.” He ordered.

Melanie did his bidding, slowly unzipping her dress and pushing the straps off her shoulders before letting it slip off her body. She noted the smile on the boss’s lips as she stood there, once again in nothing but her heels and black lace panties.

“Turn around.”

She turned slowly, knowing that she had to use her charms but deep inside, she wanted to experience what she had felt that first night.

“Come here.”

She turned again to face him and saw that he had already unzipped his pants and was rubbing on his manhood while staring at her. She walked towards him and got down on her knees. Their eyes met and she knew what he wanted. She inched closer wrapped her fingers around his hardened dick and started to pump it gently. The boss groaned and moved his own fingers away while she worked on him. Her fingers were exploring his whole length, cupping his balls from time to time.

“Take it in your mouth,” He moaned out.

She looked up at him and saw that he loving every minute of it. It excited her to see that she was able to please him. She leaned over and lapped at the head with her tongue gently, tasting the precum that was starting to ooze out. She repeated this action for a few minutes before taking his dick deeper in her mouth, slowly getting to its size. The boss grunted out and grabbed a handful of her hair, urging her to suck him even deeper.

He soon stopped her and she looked up, wondering if she did something wrong. She met his eyes and saw the look of hunger and lust in them. He stood up and told her to undress him. She stood up and unbuttoned his shirt, noticing that he was a fit man. She unbuckled his belt and pulled off his pants. He stepped out of them and kicked off his shoes before reaching out to grope her breasts. He squeezed them, listening to the soft sigh that escaped from her lips, and pinched her nipples.

“Get rid of these panties and follow me.”

He waited and watched as she removed them. He then took her hand, leading her to the bed. He told her to lay down and spread her legs. He moved over her and watched her face, feeling something stir within him as he saw the expression of desire and fear in her eyes. A look that made him want to reassure her but he resisted the need to whisper gentle words to her. Instead, he traced his fingers over her lips, then moved them down her neck, letting them travel between her breasts and caress her flat stomach. He avoided her exposed sex, choosing to caress her thigh for a few minutes.

He moved a bit until he could take a closer look at her hairless pussy. He touched her pussy lips, feeling her wetness and pushed a finger inside her. She moaned out softly and soon he started to wiggle it inside her, before adding another. He needed to hear her voice and those sweet little moans.

“That’s it bitch, coat my fingers with your sweet juices,” he groaned as he continued to finger fuck her relentlessly, “Do you like that? I’m going to fuck that pussy hard and make you beg for your release.”

Melanie could only moan as she heard his words. Even though it shocked her to hear such things, it did not put her off. She was dripping wet and cried out as he pushed a third finger inside her, stretching her wall. She grabbed the sheets and screamed as he moved his fingers even faster inside her tight pussy.

He pulled his fingers out and made her suck them clean. He barely noticed the hesitation in her eyes when she did so. He needed to take her now and that was all that mattered.

He parted her legs and slowly guided his hardened manhood inside her very wet pussy. He pushed in hard, impaling her and she screamed again. He started to fuck her as hard as he could, while she continued to moan and scream under him. He pulled out almost all the way before slamming back inside with a force that made her yelp. She was crying out incoherently, not realizing that she was already begging for her release.

The boss was amazed. In his mind, it was not Melanie that he was fucking, but that stunning woman whom he had known long ago. He moaned as he felt her walls tighten around his dick. He moved a hand to squeeze her breasts as he continued to fuck her. He was going to blow his load inside that tight pussy soon and wanted to feel her cum on his cock.

He started encouraging her, telling her that he was so close and was going to cum inside her. He kissed her hard on the lips as he continued to fuck her. She suddenly dug her fingers into his shoulders, crying out as she got closer to her orgasm. He yelled out the woman’s name as he shot his load inside Melanie’s pussy, sending her off. She was cumming on his dick, their juices mixing together as they groaned and panted heavily.

They both lay in bed completely spent. Melanie was still trying to catch her breath when she felt him pull out from her. She rested there, her eyes closed, still panting. The boss dressed up quietly and went to his desk. He watched as Melanie finally sat up and started to retrieve her dress and underwear. None of them said a word. Melanie was avoiding his gaze while she dressed up and once she was done, he asked her to come to his desk. He handed her an envelope with her payment inside and she took it and stuffed it into the pocket of her coat.

The boss waited for her to leave but Melanie stood still.

“What is it?” he asked roughly.

“I… I wanted to kn...know…who was the woman whose name you called out..when…” she stammered before he interrupted her.

“I don’t pay you to question me,” he snapped coldly, “You’re here to give me pleasure and once you’re done, you leave.”

Melanie flinched and whispered, “I’m sorry…I never meant to…”

“Leave!” he snapped again, “And remember, if you ask questions again, I’ll find someone else. I don’t believe that you would make so much money elsewhere.”

Melanie looked at him in shock, feeling the tears in her eyes which were threatening to fall. She turned and left the room quickly without a backward glance.