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When The Truth Hurts - Chapter 7

Megan read the letter again. There was no hint. It seemed like a goodbye letter that Patrick Parkerhad written to Mark and her. He was asking them to be safe and protect each other. He was wishing them good luck in life. There was no mention of anything, not even about the key. She could not count the number of times that she had gone through the letter. Without a clue, she would be unable to take her next step. The image of Nathan Meyer kept flashing back in her mind. It was preventing her from thinking properly. She grabbed the key that she had found in the box. 

Could it be another clue? Or was it useless? She studied it carefully. She knew it was done recently. It looked almost new. What else would it have been doing in a box containing old items? She decided that she would take the key to a locksmith in order to find out more about it. Maybe he could give her an idea of when it was made. 

But this would have to wait till the next morning. It was late now and all the shops would be closed. She stared at her surroundings. She had been spending almost two weeks in this town. Two weeks trying to figure out what she had to do; scanning the letter for a little detail she could have missed out. At least she had her mother’s diary. It diverted her mind from Nathan Meyer and her problems. It felt like she was finally getting to know her mother. 

The diary was a treasure of memorable moments in her mother’s life. Brittany had started writing it when she had just turned eighteen. It amazed her to see life through her mother’s eyes. Simple, different but yet, there were so many similarities between them. Megan had only known a few facts about Brittany Parker as her father would not tell her much. 

Brittany’s family had consisted of her widow mother, Carol Jones and an elder sister, Beth. While Brittany seemed to be the nice girl, Beth was more of a rebel. She always got into trouble. However, both sisters were best friends. But one day, Beth and Carol had a very bad argument and Beth left the house for good. Apparently, Carol seemed quite old-fashioned and restricted her daughters from a lot of things. 

Beth had stopped keeping in touch with her family. No one knew what had happened to her. A year later, Carol Jones died from a heart attack. Brittany Jones left the small town. She was determined to find her sister first. After months of searching, she gave up. She decided to settle down and make her life. The diary went on about Brittany’s life after leaving her home town. It revealed a lot about her discoveries, the number of men in her life, a few more serious relationships before finally meeting her soul-mate, Patrick Parker.


Melanie hesitated before finally answering the call. She knew it was the boss. After her last encounter, she had not heard from him…till now.


“The limo will be waiting for you in two hours. Wear something nice.” The boss said in a commanding voice, before hanging up, not giving her a chance to speak.

Melanie stood still, feeling shocked. Natalia was completely right about him; he was such a strange man. She wondered if she should go, after the way he treated her last time. She could remember her friend, Kate, scolding her over it.

“Never ask questions! These men pay a fortune for your discretion as well. They all have secrets!” Kate had shouted at her.

“Yes but …” Melanie argued.

“Stop thinking! Just do what you’re told, grab your money and leave! How hard can that be?” Kate had told her.

Melanie stared at the phone for a moment before mumbling out, “Don’t think, Mel. You need the money.”

She starred at her wardrobe and finally picked a dress she had recently purchased. It was a short pink sequined strapless dress that was on sales. She had gotten it on Kate’s insistence. Thankfully, she already had the shoes to match. 

She realized that she would need to hurry in order to be ready on time. 


“So she disappeared without a word?” The boss questioned.

“Yes, when I was back with the doctor, she was gone.” Nathan Meyer continued.

“The little cunt knows something.” The boss shouted.

“No! She would …” The man argued.

“Get real, this bitch is smart. She knew she was followed and managed to get away. I’m sure she knows something. We need to act before she finds the disk.” The boss snapped into the phone angrily before hanging up.

He was fuming. Megan Parker was giving them a lot of trouble. He had already figured out that Nathan was no longer trusthworthy. “The fool is in love,” he thought angrily. 

He grabbed the phone again and dialed another number. After a few rings, someone answered his call. The man on the other line sounded nervous. The boss could not help but smile. He enjoyed the power he had on others, the fear he invoked when they heard his voice.

“Meyers is becoming dangerous for us.” He said, “No. Just keep an eye on him. He’s still a pawn. Send one of your men to him but make sure that he never figures it out.”

He listened as the other guy spoke in a shaky voice. The stakes of this game were getting higher than ever now. Megan Parker was smarter than he assumed. Behind that angelic face, there was a determined soul. She was a real danger. The agreement with Meyers would have to be broken now. He remembered when the latter had personally requested him to leave the girl out of it. He had agreed but then, she started stuffing her nose everywhere. 

“Your little princess will join you soon, Patrick Parker.” He thought, “No one can escape me forever. Meyers can’t save her.”


Melanie was in the limousine again. She felt uncomfortable. She remembered the last time with the boss. She was uneasy and a little nervous. The driver never spoke a word. She recalled the conversation with Kate. All that mattered was sex and money. 

The car soon stopped and she stepped outside. Someone was waiting for her at the gate. She wondered where she was. She followed the man who motioned her to follow him. They did not speak. He led her inside the mansion and to a door, indicating that she should knock before entering.

She took a deep breath and tapped on the door. She waited for an answer before getting inside. She gasped in shock as she watched the scene in front of her. Sitting on a couch in the room was the boss and in front of him, kneeling on the floor between his legs was a woman. Melanie could easily figure out what was happening.

The boss motioned her over. She hesitated before walking up to him. She felt his eyes scanning her figure. She watched as the other woman sucked on the boss’s membrane skillfully. 

“Enough! Get out.” The boss grunted. The woman stood up, licking her lips as she walked towards the door before leaving the room. The boss had his hand over his cock, rubbing his whole length. 

“Undress.” He ordered as he stared at Melanie, “Hurry up.”

Melanie quickly undressed, knowing better than to unnerve the boss. 

“Sit on the rug and touch yourself.”

Melanie lay down on the rug, feeling the soft fur against her skin. She watched the boss as she relaxed back and cupped her breasts, squeezing them. He was touching himself as he kept his eyes on her. She moved her hand between her legs, teasing her pussy lips. She watched as the boss stood up and moved closer to her, watching her every move. Her nipples hardened as she starred and she was starting to feel herself getting wet. 

She pushed a finger inside her pussy, letting out a little sigh as he stood in front of her. She closed her eyes, losing herself in the moment. 

“That’s enough. Get on all fours!” he ordered.

She opened her eyes at the sound of his voice and got on her hands and knees. The boss did not wait a single second. He slammed inside her so hard that she cried out. She wanted to tell him to slow down but before she could say a word, he pulled out and pushed back even harder. 

“You like that, don’t you?” He snarled, reaching between her legs to tease her clit as he continued to pound inside her, “You like being used like this. Filthy little slut!”

Melanie closed her eyes. She did not want to hear those words. She did not want to be reminded that she was being paid for it. 

“You’re loving it. You like this big cock inside your wet cunt!”

Melanie pushed back against him. She felt his fingers leaving her clit and heard him urge her to keep stimulating her clit with her own fingers. She could feel his fingers digging into her hips as he held his grip on her, continuing to fuck her relentlessly, deeper and harder than ever.

She felt herself getting closer and concentrated on her pleasure as she pushed back against him. She suddenly felt him pulling out of her and made protesting sound. 

“Suck it!” He grunted, as he pumped his dick in his fist. She turned around, facing him. He rubbed the tip of his very hard cock against her lips and she parted them. He groaned loudly as she wrapped her lips around his manhood, licking the precum off it. 

“Yes, that’s it. You’re going to swallow all that cum, little slut.” He groaned as he started to push his length down her throat, letting her adjust to his size as he held the back of her head. 

“Play with yourself as you suck me!” He ordered her as he started to fuck her mouth. He moaned as he watched her hand reach between her legs as she continued to work on his cock. He was going to cum soon. He warned her and within a few minutes, he was shooting a load of cum down her throat, still holding her there, moaning in pleasure. He watched as she swallowed as much as she could. 

He soon released her and smiled in satisfaction. He sat back in his armchair, trying to catch his breath. She was panting as well. Her makeup was a bit smudged but he found that somehow sexy. She finally stood up and spoke, “Can I use your bathroom for a moment?”

He nodded and pointed to the door behind her. He watched her walk away, wondering if she would allow him to fuck her ass. Maybe she would accept if he proposed her more cash. It was obvious that she badly needed money. He went to his desk and opened the drawer. A heavy envelope was waiting inside.

She soon walked out, looking impeccable. Her hair was sorted out and it seemed like she had redone her make-up. He handed her the envelope and watched as she carefully stuffed in her small handbag. She muttered a polite thank-you to him and was about to leave.

“I have something else for you.” He called out.

She paused and walked back to his desk. She eyed him questionably and he handed her a small package. She looked confused as she took it. As she opened it, she saw that it contained an expensive jewelry set; a diamond necklace and a pair of matching earrings. Her fingers traced the necklace and she finally spoke, “Do I need to wear this next time?”

“It’s a gift.”

“A gift? Why?” She asked, totally surprised.

He walked to her and cupped her chin in his hand, “You pleased me a lot. You deserve a reward.”

“You paid me, that’s enough,” She stated flatly.

“Consider it as a gift from a special friend,” He said sternly.

She pulled away from him and placed the package on the desk. She glared at him, somehow aghast by his attitude. “You’re not a friend.”

She walked out of the room quickly. She found the driver waiting outside the mansion. She got in the car and soon they were driving back to her small apartment. She was glad to have refused the gift. Judging by the way he spoke to her from the previous encounters and the reputation he had at the agency, she knew that he meant trouble.

Back in the room, the boss sat back in his arm chair, contemplating the expensive necklace in his hands. “You’re just like her, Melanie,” He thought, the face of the woman emerging in his thoughts.


Megan woke up early. She had a long day ahead of her but she could not waste any second. She yawned and stretched her legs as she tried to gather her thoughts. She finally got out of bed and walked to the small bathroom. She stared at the reflection in the mirror as she brushed her teeth. She could not help but notice the dark circles under her eyes. She looked terrible. It seemed like the old athletic Megan Parker was gone. She was now replaced by a new person who would easily blend into the crowd of common people. 

She knew that she needed to hurry. She was more aware of the danger. She fumed, wondering if she should have stayed with Nathan. Maybe she would have been able to discover who was behind the whole masquerade. But she had acted on impulse. Maybe it was a smart choice too. Maybe Nathan would have taken her directly to the boss and she would have been dead by now.

The thought made her shiver. How could Nathan do this to her? Why did he play with her feelings? Why did he betray her trust and that of her family? She felt that it was all her fault. She gave away too much information to him and he used it all against her father. She was hurt and angry. 

An hour later, she was walking down the street. Once again, she was wearing the blonde wig and a pair of sunglasses. She was pretending to be a tourist who was exploring town. She was trying to spot a locksmith’s shop. She continued to walk around, turning into a busy avenue. She finally saw it, an almost empty shop; Hartley’s Locksmith. She walked in without hesitation. She scanned her surrounding carefully before deciding that it was safe enough.

She approached the counter and an elderly man greeted her. She decided to drop the French accent. She dug in her pocket for the key.

“Hello, I need some help please. I found this key a few days and I would like to know whether it opens a door or something else.”

The man eyed her suspiciously and Megan sighted. She pulled out a bundle of notes and handed it to him. He grinned and examined the key. 

“Well it seems to open a safe. Actually, similar to the one here.” He replied, pointing to a safe at the back of the room. Megan walked to it and studied it carefully, trying to memorize each detail. She thanked the man and left the shop.

She knew for sure that she was looking for a safe. She started to wonder if it could be at home, in Patrick Parker’s office. She pondered over the thought as she walked back to the small motel. She asked to use their phone as she reached the reception desk. She dialed her governess’s s personal mobile phone number and waited. 

“Pick up, Nana!” She whispered as she waited. 

The phone kept ringing and Megan was about to give up someone finally answered.

“Nana, it’s me!”

“Meggie. Oh my child, please come back home! We all miss you so much.”

“Please, listen to me! I need to know if the locker in dad’s office is made by Carvers Co.”


“Nana! Please, I cannot explain. Just check it!”

Megan could hear the latter walking around rather quickly. She waited, one hand holding the phone and the other crossing her fingers.

“Meggie? No it’s not Carvers Co. Sweetheart, can you…?”

Megan hanged up immediately, unwilling to answer the questions that Nana Camilla would have. She knew the risks if the elder woman would know anything. She rushed back to her room, wondering where to go next. 

She threw herself on the bed and felt the tears falling down her cheeks. She did not know how to act. She was desperate, angry and giving up hope. She was frustrated and tired. Why was it so hard? Why did all this have to happen? 

She sat up, grabbed the letter which she was ready to tear when she noticed something unusual. She scanned the letter again and gasped. 

“Oh my god! How can this be? How could I have missed this?”

She grabbed a notebook and pen which were lying around and went back to the letter. It seemed so obvious now. The letter had been written by hand but certain letters had been traced by a pen a few more times in order to make them look bold. There was a series of numbers and letters. Megan scribbled each bold letter and number in the order they appeared on her father’s letter.

When she finished, she realized that she knew where to go. She had just solved the mystery behind the letter. The numbers and letters put together revealed an address. This would be her next stop!


Melanie was on the bus to the town where her mother has been hospitalized. She had gotten a call at night, informing her that the poor woman’s health was deteriorating rapidly. The latter was desperate to talk to her daughter. There was no time to waste. She had enough money already. She would transfer her mother to a specialized hospital and she knew that everything would be fine. It had to be!

The bus soon stopped and she rushed to the hospital as fast as she could. It took her barely fifteen minutes. As soon as she reached the reception desk, she requested to see her mother and was directed to one of the hospital’s wards.

She watched in shock as she saw her mother laying motionless in bed. 

“Oh mom!” She whispered as she approached her. “Don’t worry! I’m here now!”

She wondered what was happening. She needed to see the doctors and find out what should be done. 

“Mel…is that you?” Eliza Flors asked.

“Yes..sshh… don’t talk. I’m here now.” Melanie whispered as she sat next to the weak woman.

“I ha…have to te… tell you…the truth!”

“Mom, please. Just relax, you will be fine.”

“The truth… you have to know…”

“I have the money. We’ll get the best doctors. I…”

“Mel… listen…please.” Eliza begged, sobbing a little.

Melanie watched her mother helplessly and nodded. 

“I love you, Mel. I love you so much. You’re the best thing that happened to me but you don’t know everything. Mel, I’m not your biological mother.”

“What? What do you mean? No way, this cannot be…”

“Mel, please, let me talk. Your mother gave birth to you at the hospital. She was my best friend. She had an accident,” Eliza explained, “Your father had left her, months ago and he did not want to hear anything about you. After giving birth, she was so weak and she passed away shortly after. I called your father but he refused to hear about you. In the end, I decided to take care of you and adopted you.”

Melanie cried softly as she listened to her mother. It was hard to believe. She did not know what to say or how to react. 

“Who was she?” She finally asked.

“Your mother’s name was Beth. Beth Jones.”

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