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Young lovers: part 1

First chapter of the story. Not too long but the next chapters will be longer and better.
Chapter 1

A cold winters night in the middle of nowhere. The air obscured by heavy winds and sheets of snow. Amongst all this chaos sits a small cabin, lights shining out of the windows into the snowy darkness. Inside the cabin all is still. A fire gently crackles and keeps the cold at bay, the sound of the wind can be heard all around as it buffets the sides of the building. The figure of a tall male appeared from one of the rooms. His wide blue eyes scanned the room, flicking from side to side. He had medium brown hair; his face was stern and emotionless. His torso was bare, revealing a skinny pale chest and stomach. His long arms hung by his side. He wore long black trousers that hung loosely round his legs.

From behind him appeared two small arms that wrapped themselves around his waist. They belonged to a girl, smaller then the guy, no more then 20 years of age. She slowly moved her hand to his face and then kissed him gently. The two gazed into each other’s eyes for a moment. The woman wore no more then a bra and matching panties, black with a red lacy trim. She had a petite figure in all but her chest. The bra, tight around her breasts, was obviously too small but made for a more alluring look. The panties were very lacy and partially see through.

“I love you Bryony,” the guy said,

“I love you too Edward.” she responded in her soft voice. Bryony took Edwards hand and pulled him back into the room they had both emerged from only moments before hand. This room was smaller then the previous, still filled with the faint glow of a crackling warm fire. Bryony made her way over to a bed on one side of the room and sat on the edge of it. Her eyes followed Edward as he paced slowly up and down the room.

”Come sit with me,” she murmured, her hand resting on the bed next to her. Edward made his way over to the bed and sat next to her.

They locked eyes for a moment before Edward leaned in and softly kissed Bryony on the lips. Bryony’s hand slowly made its way up Edward’s back and to his neck. The couple sat there for a few moments, their lips together, and no sound except the crackling of the fire. Bryony moved her hand and unclasped her bra, throwing it to the side among a pile of other clothes. Edward’s hand immediately darted towards Bryony’s boob. He gently massaged it and teased the nipples with his fingertips. She bit her lip lustfully; her body tingled with pleasure at what he was doing. Her panties started getting more and more transparent. Her delicate pussy was getting wet from the pleasure and her panties started to drip. The couple fell back onto the bed and lay there for a moment, Edward’s hand still on Bryony’s boob. He continued to massage it a bit until she let out a muffled groan. She couldn’t take much more of it, she grabbed Edward’s hand and pulled it down towards her pussy. He ran his hand along her pussy before slowly putting a finger in, just one finger to tease her, and drive her crazy. She grabbed the bed sheets as her back began to arch.

“More!” she cried, “I can’t take it.” Her voice was filled with lust. She looked at Edward, her eyes begging him for more.

He sat there for a moment staring into her eyes. Seeing all the pleasure she had. He was waiting; enjoying just seeing how much pleasure he was making her feel. She kept begging for more and more, each word obscured by groans of pleasure. He finally gave in. Another finger entered Bryony’s wet pussy. He then bent down so his face was next to hers. Her moans got louder as Edward’s fingers got faster and faster. She bit his neck to try and muffle the groans a bit but to no avail, she was too loud and Edward was getting faster by the second. All of a sudden Edward just stopped. He removed his fingers and Bryony licked them. She was still filled with so much lust. She grabbed Edward’s hard cock, trying to pull it towards her dripping pussy. She let out moans of pleasure mixed with cries of “More!”

Edward pushed Bryony gentle back on to the bed, her body still twitching slightly. Edward slowly starting kissing down her chest, each kissing taking longer and longer but getting further down. As he got further down he put his warm hands on Bryony’s hips, her legs shook a bit as this happened. She had begun to relax now, her head was lying gently on the bed but her pussy was still ever so wet. Edward finally reached the bottom of her stomach. He placed a gentle kiss just above Bryony’s clit; this turned the state of relaxation into a state of arousal, she grabbed the bed sheets as Edward began kissing further down, little by little. As his lips were going down on her wet pussy he stuck his tongue out slightly, a shiver went through Bryony’s body as this happened. He stuck out his tongue more and licked along the length of her pussy, making sure to flick her clit gently at the end. She started to shake, her back beginning to arch again. She let out a moan of pleasure. Her hands grabbing anything they could, the bed, Edward’s head, his neck. She pushed his head down had, wanting the most out of it all. This spurred him on; he got more intense, making it much more pleasurable for her.

Edward slowly moved his hands from Bryony’s hip, is fingers gently rubbed against her clit before moving down and sliding into her soaking wet pussy. As it got more and more intense Bryony started to moan even louder, she got louder and louder until she let out an almighty cry of pleasure. Her whole body just relaxed and she lay there on the bed panting. Edward moved up next to her, he looked into her eyes and kissed her gently on her soft lips. They both lay there for a while, looking at each other with their hands locked together. Bryony rolled over and lay on Edward’s chest. She could feel his heart racing. Before long they were both asleep and the only sound was light breathing and the crackling fire which filled the room with its orange glow.

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