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Young Lovers: Part 2

Edward and Bryony get up to more fun after a great night before
Chapter 2

As the sun rose in the early morning sky, it crept in through a window in the cabin, the room became flooded with light. The room was clearer now. Clothes of all description littered the floor and even some sexy toys. The light hit Edward hard, as he began to stir from his slumber. Bryony was still naked and asleep, just resting on his chest and breathing softly. The fire was now just embers that glowed faintly in the early morning light. Birds could be heard outside with their morning calls.

As the room got brighter, Bryony began to move. Her head lifted and looked longingly into Edward’s eyes.

“Good morning beautiful,” he said in a soft voice, almost a whisper.

“That was great last night. You need to remind me to pay you back for that sometime,” came the reply.

As this response was uttered, her gaze shifted from Edward’s eyes and down towards his crotch. A small patch of hair sat just above his cock. He had woken up with it almost fully erect and this is what had caught Bryony’s gaze. She gently stroked his cock for a moment, before letting out a playful laugh, getting up off the bed and retrieving a pair of panties from the floor.

The black material clung to her arse as she bent over to pick up a bra, before turning back and saying, “What do you want for breakfast, handsome? We can eat now and if you are hungry later, I have something else you can eat...” Wiggling her bum, she said, “And I think you will like that option very much."

“Oh I can’t wait. Why don’t you go get started on the food? I will be up in a minute to give you a hand, or maybe just a finger or two.”

The pair looked deep into each other's eyes and smiled, before Bryony made her way out of the room and Edward got out of the bed. Shortly after and with no intention of putting any clothes on, he followed Bryony out of the room.

Bryony smiled, as she saw Edward walking into the room, his hard cock hanging between his legs, “Well if you are going to wear no clothes, then that means I am allowed to as well!”

Her hands were instantly at her back, undoing her bra, then down to her hips and sliding off her panties. Both garments were a small pile on the floor within seconds. She rubbed her hands over her boobs and down to her shaven pussy, rubbing her clit gently with her fingers as Edward looked on.

“You upset me last night. I loved the feel of your tongue and fingers in me but I would have preferred it to be your big hard cock. How about right now? Let's forget about breakfast and you can fuck me right here, right now?”

“How about after breakfast? I need to eat first because I know how hard it will be to satisfy you”

“Fine then,” was her short reply, as Bryony turned back and kept on cooking.

She still had a smile on her face though. She saw the way Edward looked and knew that, once he had eaten, she was in for a treat. He looked so horny, she could get whatever she wanted from him.

The two carried on making breakfast. Every so often, Edward would squeeze Bryony’s bum and give her a kiss that lingered for a few minutes. Bryony would reply by rubbing her bum up against Edward’s crotch, making sure that he would stay hard and horny long enough to fuck her. They carried on until the food was ready. Then they plated up and sat down at the table, opposite each other. Edward did not eat much, he was too focused on Bryony’s tits and the way they looked in the morning light, that was still coming through the windows around the room.

Bryony noticed this and realised she was going to get fucked sooner than expected. She extended her leg under the table and stroked it up Edward’s thighs, pushing it against his hard cock. She felt some pre-cum already dripping down his shaft. His eyes started going wild and he looked at Bryony, biting his lip. They both understood each other, as they gazed at one another for a moment. Edward got up and put the plates back in the kitchen. When he got back, Bryony was sitting on the table, her legs were spread wide to reveal her wet pussy. As she leant back on her hands, her large tits, with their hard nipples, stood to attention. Edward walked over and wrapped his arms around her waist and placed his lips against hers. His tongue went out of his mouth and began to swim around hers. The pair of them exploring each others mouths, their bodies pressed tightly together. Both of them very horny and wanting sex more than anything. Bryony pushed Edward back for a moment and mouthed the word 'payback'. He knew what this meant. As Bryony slipped off the table, Edward took her place and spread his legs a bit. Bryony grabbed his cock and started to rub it, gently at first just letting her hand glide up and down the shaft, feeling how hard it was and enjoying the pleasure she was giving her lover.

Then suddenly her tongue, sliding up from the base of the shaft to the tip just before a kiss, a kiss so gently placed on the tip of Edward’s hard cock. Bryony enjoyed teasing her lover, but at the same time she wanted this big dick to be inside her. She didn’t care which orifice it was. Edward noticed this. He knew everything about her body. All the little signs and what they meant. After the length of time they had been together, he knew what he could get when she showed a certain sign. He placed his hands on the back of her head and pushed her mouth down over his cock, sending a shiver through his body. All the way to the back of her throat pushed the cock. She was good at this though, she had practiced. Bryony’s tongue started dancing all over the head. She could taste all the sweet pre-cum and she loved it. Her hand now on the shaft, was rubbing harder and harder, wanting Edward’s cum to fill her mouth.

She wanted to speed up the inevitable, her hand rubbing faster and her tongue licking harder. As she got faster, Edward began to moan a bit louder and he pushed Bryony’s head further down. He knew his girl would do anything to fill him with pleasure, but at this moment, he was wrong. Her head pulled back and she looked up at him.

“You’re making me gag big boy!” she said with a big smirk coming across her face, small amounts of pre-cum resting on her lips. “I think that something else is needed to pay you back?”

Before Edward had a chance to accept or refuse, he saw Bryony turn around and assume the all-fours position, on the floor. Her bum pointed up at Edward and he could see the lips of her wet pussy waiting for him, waiting for the pleasure. She slid one of her hands between her legs and rubbed her pussy, before announcing that her pussy needed some cock as well. Edward was only too happy to oblige, as he pushed himself off the table and got onto his knees behind her.

He knew how to tease as well, as her rubbed his cock on her arse, down between her cheeks and across her pussy. It was waiting to be entered and was already dripping wet. He placed his hands on her waist, before thrusting into her. She let out a short moan, as the lips of her pussy were separated. He kept up a short rhythm, in out in out. Bryony moaned loudly as she gyrated her hips, to increase the pleasure she was experiencing. The two bodies merged as one, enjoying each other. Edward kept going, as Bryony moaned even louder, her hips pumping back and forth, getting as much out of this as she could. She loved this kind of payback. She got fucked and Edward had a good time.

Edward’s balls began to tighten, as Bryony’s warm insides got wetter and wetter. His cock stiffened even more as he unleashed his load inside her. Streams of cum spilled out round the edges of her pussy. Bryony’s arms collapsed from the pleasure and Edward followed her down, lying on top of her with his cock still inside her. He kissed her on her back, before she rolled over and their tongues shared each other's mouths again. Edward wrapped his arms around Bryony tightly and squeezed her.

“Best pay back ever!” He managed to murmur whilst his mouth was being explored.

“I love you so much. Fancy cleaning my pussy with your tongue? After that we can go out. I have a surprise for you.”

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