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A Dangerous Temptation

You Were looking up my Skirt

As usual she was the last one to leave the class and as usual she took an age to tidy up her books giving me teasing glimpses of her long suntanned thighs, she smiled at me as she stood beside me at my desk.

"You were looking up my skirt weren't you sir?"

"Nonsense Kylie," I protested weakly.

"I saw you, you were trying to see my panties."

"Kylie that's just not true."

"I bet you've got a hard on haven't you sir?"

"I bet you were thinking how much you'd like to see my pussy weren't you?"

She moved round to stand beside me, her perfume filled my nostrils and I was very much aware of her bodily scent, the scent of a horny little sixteen year old on heat.

"I think you'd better go now Kylie."

"I was hoping you could give me a lift home sir," she leaned down and put her mouth close to my ear.

"After all my parents are away and your wife's away, you could give me some extra tuition." I looked into her big blue eyes and my prick jerked.

"If you asked me nicely sir," she breathed. "I might be persuaded to take my panties off, or even better sir, I might let you take them off."

"Perhaps I could borrow a pair of your daughter's panties sir, you know, those lovely little white ones, the ones she likes to wear with stockings."

I could feel myself sweating at her words and the proximity of her ripe young body to mine.

"Oh dear you're sweating sir. I hope I'm not upsetting you by talking about your daughter's panties, here let me help."

She moved away very slightly and I sensed a rustle of clothing, I didn't dare look but I could just see my career disappearing along with my liberty.

"Here we are sir," she said softly and dabbed at my forehead with her tiny baby blue panties, "They're already quite wet so a little sweat won't hurt will it?"

I could smell their fragrance, they smelled of her, her pussy and I knew she'd won again.

"When are your parents due back Kylie?"

"Not until next weekend sir," she smiled impishly, "Why do you ask?"

"Oh I was just wondering, as it's a bank holiday weekend, I thought we could go to my cottage at the seaside."

She dabbed at an imaginary drop of sweat on my lips and I tasted the wetness of her panties.

"Ooh yes sir," she giggled, "That sounds wonderful, will I have to go home and pack some clothes?"

"As long as I can come and help you."

"I think that will be fun don't you sir?"

Ever the gentleman, I held the car door open for her and she rewarded me with a teasing glimpse of her sweet young pussy as she got in. I had her panties in my hand and she shuddered as I deliberately wiped my face with them before getting in beside her.

"God that's so fucking sexy," she laughed.

"So was the view you gave me getting into the car."

"You'll be seeing a lot more soon."

"Mmm, yes," she sighed happily and put her feet up on the dashboard allowing her skirt to fall right back over her thighs, "I'm looking forward to this."

And my prick jerked to signify it's agreement!

At her house she opened the front door and stepped back to allow me in, but once in she closed the door and wrapped both arms around my neck. Her tongue was a live thing, like a snake it slipped between my teeth searching and probing.

Her tie came off first closely followed by her school shirt and I moaned with pleasure at seeing her beautiful, firm young breasts bulging out over the cups of her lacy white bra. She fed one into my mouth and dipped her head to take the other nipple into her own mouth, I lifted her skirt and broke away from her just long enough to lift it right over her head whilst she practically ripped my shirt off. We took my trousers off together and she moaned as she saw my rigid prick standing up in a salute to her beauty.

"Eat me," she said softly, "Eat my cunt."

It was an order I was happy to obey, pushing her back against the door I kissed my way down from her neck to her breasts paying homage to each swollen nipple in turn. Then down onto her perfectly flat stomach where her scent assaulted my senses and then she moaned loudly as I kissed downwards over her shaven mound and into the swamp between her legs.

"Yes," she hissed, "Oh fucking yes, I was born for this," She let her weight fall back against the door and put both legs over my shoulders. I heaved her up and wormed my tongue into her anus eliciting another squeal of delight from her lips,

"Dirty," she gasped. "Oh God this is so fucking dirty."

I felt her hands scrabbling at my hair, holding me there while she rode my face, she used her anal muscles to grip my tongue and tried to force herself down on it even further but I ran my tongue back up to feast on her wetness. She squealed again as I flicked at her clitoris before sucking it into my mouth. She was wet, very wet and I savoured her juices as she used my face like a towel, she got into a rhythm of using my nose to induce an orgasm and soon I heard her breathing change.

"I'm coming," she gasped. "Do it, fucking hell yes, I'm, I'm, oh God I'm coming."

She all but ripped my hair out in clumps with the power of her orgasm and she was still shaking as I pulled her down and entered her.

"Yes, oh fucking yes, fuck me, fuck me, fuck my hot little cunt you dirty fucking bastard."

"I'm going to fuck every one of your holes this weekend," I grunted as she wrapped her legs round me and heaved herself back at me meeting my forward thrusts with her own.

"Tell me," she hissed through clenched teeth. "Tell me what you're going to do to me!"

"I'll wake you up in the morning with my tongue in your cunt," I said. "Unless you sleep on your stomach, in which case it'll be your sweet little bottom that I'll be licking."

"Fuck yes," and I felt her finger nails digging into my back.

"And I'm going to pour so much spunk down your throat, you'll become addicted to it."

"I'm addicted now," she moaned. "Give it to me, shoot your spunk up into my cunt."

"I'll fuck your sweet little ass every night and I'll buy you the tiniest bikini we can find, so that every one will know you're a hot little slut."

"Yes, I'll pretend that I'm your daughter, I'll call you daddy."

"Yes, God yes, and I'll shave you every day."

"I'm coming again," she gasped. "Fuck me, fuck me harder." Our pubic bones mashed together and I felt her vaginal muscles contracting.

"Kylie, I'm coming, oh fuck yes darling I'm coming."

I felt my muscles tense just for a moment and then I erupted, sending spurt after spurt of hot, creamy spunk into her womb as she clung to me through her own orgasm.


She and my daughter were friends and I know they often wore each others clothes, so we spent half an hour at my place while she went through my daughter's underwear drawer. She put on a pair of her stockings along with a little white g-string, then we hit the road, it took us two hours to reach the cottage and she fell in love with it straight away,

"Nobody overlooks us at the rear." I told her, "I like to sunbathe naked out here."

"Oh well, in that case," she giggled and promptly took her dress off.

"Have you ever seen your daughter like this?" she asked and twirled round to display her sexy little bottom divided by the narrow string in the cleft of her buttocks.

"Only occasionally," I admitted ruefully and felt my prick rising as she drew the string down over her thighs and struck a pose with her finger in her mouth and a surprised look on her face.

"What about like this?"

"No, very definitely no," I laughed, but she walked up to me and said softly.

"My panties keep falling down daddy, what can I do?"

"I'll take them off for you and we'll buy some new ones tomorrow at the market."

"Will you help me to put them on?"

"Oh definitely."

"Can we go to the pub tonight for a drink daddy?"

"As long as you promise to behave yourself."

"Of course daddy."

"And keep your panties on."

"Aw daddy, I like it when I take them off."

"Yes darling, I know you do but men look at you, bad men, men who would do bad things to you."

"What sort of bad things?"

"Come on, I'll tell you in the pub."

She turned heads as we walked into the garden, she wore a short white skirt, just long enough to cover the top of her stockings, a white blouse with the top two buttons unfastened to show the swellings of her breasts and I was the only one there who knew she wore nothing under her skirt.

I got our drinks and she smiled as we sat down on the low wooden bench.

"Do you ever wish that you were a pub bench daddy?"

"Eh?" the question stumped me for a moment.

"I'd be sitting on your face."

"Without any panties," she added. “Just imagine, my sweet little cunt could be on your face, all day, every day.”

My prick jerked at her words, just the thought of having that sweet little cunt on my face had it growing again immediately.

Then she changed the subject and leaned towards me to whisper softly.

"Will you fuck me anally tonight?"

I sat back and looked at her beautiful face.

"Kylie," I said softly, "I can't believe that you're actually asking me if I'll do that."

"Why, is it really awful?"

"No darling, no it's not, it's beautiful, it's just that most stunningly beautiful sixteen year olds don't have to ask!"

"Stunningly beautiful?" she giggled. "I don't think so."

"You are," I told her and meant it. "You're absolutely gorgeous."

"Ooh," she giggled. "That made me go all funny, nobody's ever said that to me before."

She looked at me curiously for a moment and then used her little girl voice again.

"Daddy, will you tell me what sort of things the bad men would do to me?"

I leaned closer and looked into her eyes.

"They'd try to fuck you darling."

"That's not so bad, you fuck me and I love it."

"Yes darling but I love you."

"You're making my pussy wet daddy."

"Shall we take some booze and go home?"

"Ooh yes, we can drink in the garden while you fuck me up my bum."

"It might hurt you darling." and she looked up at me with all the trust in the world in her eyes as she shook her head.

"No, you wouldn't hurt me daddy, I know you wouldn't."

I didn't, it was beautiful and she cried with joy as she came with my prick embedded in her sweet little anus. We were sitting out in the garden, I was naked and she just wore stockings, the little minx had me lubricate her with my tongue before sitting on my lap facing me, she kept her eyes on mine as my prick slid very slowly up into her body.

"I thought you said it would hurt me," she breathed into my mouth, "It's the most beautiful thing I've ever experienced."

She was moving slowly, enjoying the sensation of my prick sliding in and out of her hole almost as much as I was.

"There's more you can learn from me Kylie," I said very softly. "So very much more."

She leaned forward and kissed me tenderly.

"So teach me teacher."


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