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A Day Alone With My Diving Instructor

A Day Alone With My Diving Instructor

Learning to dive was more fun than you can imagine.

I had been spending the summers or at least large part of them with Christian, a friend that had moved down to Florida. I had been going down for a few years and sometimes I got to spend a month, sometimes a week, before I was back on my way home.  The summer after I turned seventeen, I was going to get to spend almost the entire summer with him and his family. The two of us thought that was awesome and we started planning what we wanted to do. Both of us being seventeen, we luckily got to have fun without all of the adult supervision of years past.

I arrived in Florida in late May and the fun began. We did all the normal stuff seventeen-year-old boys would do, including spying on the nude babes on the beach. We spent a lot of time at the beach, but even for us, that wore thin. We had been looking for a new adventure and decided to take a snorkeling trip. It took a little convincing to his mom, but she signed off on the trip. We planned it out for the first Saturday we could get booked on. Luckily, we only had to wait a week.

Saturday morning finally came and we were jolly on the spot at the dock to catch our boat. As we went through the check-in procedures we got a nice surprise. Our snorkeling instructors and guides were two women. One was a dark-haired woman named Carri. She was about five feet four or so. She had on a wetsuit that had been peeled down to her waist showing a very nice set of tits snuggled into a yellow bikini top. We both agreed that it was a shame she was going to be all covered up in a wetsuit.

The other was Jeni, she was a little taller, pretty close to my five feet seven-inch height. She had red hair that was a bit longer than shoulder length and to our relief, she wasn’t in a wetsuit yet. Her skin was a golden brown encased in a pink bikini top and grey boy short bottoms. She didn’t have large breasts, but they filled out the top nicely and the rest of her wasn’t doing too bad of a job in the shorts.

We stood there and listened to Carri give us a safety briefing and instructions about buddy teaming when in the water. As Carri talked I was watching Jeni move around in the background. She bent over at one point and her short boy shorts stretched across her ass showing how perfectly formed it was. I instantly got hard and had to adjust the way I was standing to hide the bulge that had developed.

Carri droned on for about another ten minutes and finally, we all boarded the boat. It was a nice forty-five foot open well commercial dive boat. With only twelve of us in the dive group, there was plenty of room to sit and relax. A few of the younger ladies in the group made their way up on the front deck to catch some rays.

Jeni had come back to an equipment rack near where I was lounging back in a seat. Just seeing her move was making me quite hard again, so I sat up. Moved a little closer and struck up a conversation with her about where we were going and what to expect. I also asked some innocent questions about her. I found out she was twenty-seven years old and had been a certified diver since she was sixteen. I also found out that she and Carri gave diving lessons. That interested me a lot. I could just picture spending hours learning to dive with Jeni.

The rest of the day went pretty quick. We spent about three hours on the reef snorkeling and having fun. The only hiccup of the whole day was an older man that decided he wasn’t cut out for ocean-going boat rides and demonstrated this by spending almost the whole trip out and back chumming the water.

We finally arrived back at the dock and I asked Jeni if she had a card for her and Carri’s diving business. Standing there in a pair of cut off jean shorts this time and the pink bikini top she said, “Not on her.” Instead, she took a grease pencil out of her pocket and grabbed my arm. She wrote the number up my forearm with the grease pencil. She then turned and started to work on the gear that had just been piled on the dock next to the boat, but before she did, she looked back at me with a wicked smile and said, “Don’t lose that number.”

I wasn’t sure exactly how to take her comment but I said, “I’ll be careful with it” and I was damn careful with it until we got back to Christian’s house where I quickly wrote it down on paper.

After talking the idea of getting a scuba license over with Christian, we then went to his mom. Now, this was a hard sell, but not because of the cost, which was substantial at seven hundred fifty dollars for the lessons and seven dives, but rather for the safety of it. She was really concerned about this aspect so we did the only thing we could. We gave her Carri and Jeni’s number so she could talk to them.

She called them and left the house shortly after to go meet them. She was only gone about an hour, but when she came back, she looked at us and said, “I see why you too are suddenly interested in diving!” With that, she gave us her permission and after a phone call to my mom to secure hers, we were all set. I called and Carri answered the phone and we set up our first class for the following Tuesday.

Well, we started on the classes and went all the way through the dive tank, meeting all of our requirements. Then it was time for our first dive. We were going out with Carri and Jeni to an old wreck on a sandbar in about forty-five feet of water. Instead of the big dive boat we used for the snorkeling trip, we were taking a twenty-four-foot cabin cruiser rigged out for diving.

When we arrived at the dock, we both just about dropped our jaws on the ground, letting our tongues roll out. There on the deck of the boat was Carri in a silver bikini that was damn near not there. I would have to say; all of her better assets were on display in it. Looking at Jeni, well she wasn’t covered any better in a lipstick red bikini. We stood there and gathered ourselves as we did an uncomfortable amount of shifting to hide the large bulges that had suddenly developed in our trunks.

We eventually got control of ourselves and boarded the boat. Carri and Jeni welcomed us aboard and we cast off for our first dive. It was a wonderful day of diving. We went down once in the morning and then had a great lunch on the boat with the ladies before making a second dive. The wreck we dove on was a turn of the century schooner that had been sunk during a hurricane.

It was beautiful, but not quite as beautiful as the ladies in their bikinis and diving gear. We had expected them to put wetsuits on, but Jeni explained they dove all the time in bikinis and only used wetsuits on large tours. We got back to the dock that evening and set up our next dive date. We said our goodbyes and got our last look at the ladies.

We made four more dives progressing in the depth and conditions. The two ladies varied their attire but never did do much for covering up their assets. We got to see several more old wrecks including a naval destroyer that had been sunk as part of an artificial reef project. It had been a wonderful couple of weeks of diving and spending time with the ladies. Even though there was a ten-year age gap we all seemed to get along pretty well. So well, we even all went for dinner after the last dive trip.

Christian and Carri seemed to be getting along wonderfully, but Jeni and I were making a deeper connection. She would lean into and whisper in my ear or take a hand and brush my face with it. Then she did the last thing I expected that evening. She leaned in and kissed me, softly at first, but it deepened into a much longer kiss. She pulled back and broke the kiss and made an apology for that. I assured her none needed, but I guess whatever she was feeling had evaporated. The next thing I knew, she had asked Carri to go to the lady’s room with her and they excused themselves quickly after that.

Luckily Christian and I had enough cash to pay the whole bill before we left as well. On the way home Christian asked me about the kiss. I hadn’t realized he had even noticed. I told him the truth, she kissed me and I kissed her back. I wasn’t sure what to make of it either really. She was ten years older than I was but sexy as hell. I was having a bit of difficulty figuring out what was going. We were getting along great on the dive trips with Carri pairing off with Christian mostly and Jeni with me. I really couldn’t fathom why she would be attracted to me.

At seventeen I wasn’t any Greek Adonis by any stretch. At five feet seven inches tall, I was actually on the shorter side compared to most of my friends. Even Christian had me by several inches. I was stocky in a muscular way from playing sports but wasn’t overly handsome. Granted, I had my share of the girls at school, but none was on the same level as Jeni. Trying to figure all this out was giving me a headache, so I gave up on it. Besides, with the ladies leaving that quick, it couldn’t mean anything good. We had another dive scheduled in a few days, but I wasn’t going to hold my breath it was going to happen.

The events of the dinner behind me but not forgotten, Christian I went about our normal hijinks of running around and goofing off at the beach until the morning of our next dive. Since we had never heard from Carri or Jeni, we assumed our trip was still on. We were supposed to be heading south along the coast towards Key West. There was supposed to be several really cool spots to dive on down that way. The only hiccup was Christian got up with a sinus headache that wasn’t going away. We decided to head to the dock and see what happens.

As we arrived, we could see Carri on deck in a pair of cargo shorts and a tank top, but no signs of Jeni. I was disappointed not seeing her. We walked on out to the boat to talk to Carri. We explained to her about Christian’s problem this morning and got the reply we feared, that he couldn’t dive until it cleared up. I asked about Jeni and Carri said she had stopped by the store to pick up snacks and drinks for the boat. Well, I at least I knew Jeni was going to be there, but know it seemed to be for nothing.

Jeni showed up a few minutes later lugging a couple of bags from the grocery store. Christian and I both hurried back up the dock to help her. She sent me back to the car for a couple of cases of drinks. By the time I got back, there had been a decision reached pending my approval. Carri and Christian would hang out together today doing whatever and Jeni and I would still go diving for the day. To say I was a bit shocked would’ve have been the understatement of the year, but I sure as hell wasn’t going to say no to these plans. I would’ve had to have been nuts. With everything set, Carri gathered up her bag and a few other things and joined Christian on the dock while I helped Jeni get the boat ready to cast off.

I stood next to Jeni in the cockpit and waved to Christian and Carri as they waved back. Jeni already at the helm was moving us away from the dock and out into the channel that would take us out into the bay, before heading south along the coast.

Jeni looking over at me said, “I’m glad you decided to come diving” with a sly little smile.

I was hoping it meant a bit more but would settle for whatever Jeni had meant it to be.

“I’m glad you decided to take me out by yourself,” I replied.

We headed on south exchanging topics of conversations easily until we got to our dive spot just northwest of a little island about a half mile off the coast. Jeni had explained to me on the way down that there were some beautiful coral formations and fish in the area. As we anchored, I noticed she had shielded us from the shore and partly from the open water side. Jeni ran the diver down flag up on a tall mast and let it flutter in the wind before coming back to the deck.

“Well, let's get this show on the road,” she said to me and with that, she pulled her a tank top off exposing her bare breasts to me. I quickly turned away. “Does this bother you? I was just going to change into my suit. Would you hand it to me? It’s in my bag.”

I took several quick steps towards the cabin and grabbed what I thought was her bathing suit, but was a little confused, because it was damn near see through in my hand. I held it up asked, “Is this it?”

“Yep, bring it here please.”

I turned to go back out of the cabin and standing facing me was Jeni completely nude. I couldn’t help but stare at her. She had this little smile on her face with her hands on her hips, looking at me. I could see her full breasts with dark little areoles and thick little pink nipples. My eyes wandered further down until I could see the thin little tuff of hair just above her pussy. All I could do was stare until Jeni snapped me out of my trance.

“Hey! Can I have my suit?”

I broke out of my trance and said, “Sorry, I didn’t mean to stare, but you are absolutely beautiful.” I then tossed her the suit.

She quickly slid her suit on, legs through the bottom before pulling it up until she tucked her breasts in the front and pulled the straps over her shoulders. As far as the cut, it wasn’t all that revealing, but as far as the fabric, it hid nothing. Standing there in front of me, she could’ve still been nude. I couldn’t imagine how much more you’d see with it wet.

“If you are done staring at me, let’s get our gear together and go see the sights.”

This finally completely broke me from my trance and I went to help get the tanks and regulators ready. I helped her on with her diving gear and then she helped me. As she was making sure I had my straps tight, she brushed her hand across my cock, feeling that I was hard. She looked up at me and smiled that same little sly smile. It wasn’t long before we were in the water and moving towards the bottom. As she swam in front of me I could see I was right, her suit hid nothing wet. I could make out every curve of her body.

We stayed down forty-five minutes before coming back up to the boat. The plan was to dive here then move to another site, but when we surfaced, Jeni asked about just staying here to make our second dive. I decided that was fine, we hadn’t even covered a mile of the coral. We headed for the boat and Jeni went up the ladder first. I could see her pussy outlined in her suit as if the suit wasn’t even there. Of course, this had the immediate effect of causing my hard on to return or I should say, harden further, it never really went away today. I eventually climbed out of the water trying to stay turned away from her so she couldn’t see my huge bulge in my trunks.

We stored the tanks and rinsed the equipment off with a freshwater hose on deck. We had just finished and Jeni turned to me and said, “I’m going to run through the shower in the cabin. You can wash down out here.” With that she started for the cabin, pulling her suit off her shoulders and by the time she disappeared into the cabin all I could see was her bare ass.

Not sure of my position here with Jeni I choose to leave my trunks on and just rinse the saltwater off myself. I used the water sparingly knowing we planned on diving again later. I had just put the hose away and was drying off when Jeni called for from inside the cabin.

“Come in here for a minute, I need your help with something,” she yelled.

Not knowing what she needed I yelled back, “I’m coming!” and started towards the cabin.

As I walked into the cabin there was Jeni stretched out on the couch nude with her legs bent and parted. She was slowly running her fingers over her pussy. I watched as she stroked herself from top to bottom and back up. I was standing there transfixed as she slowly slid a finger into her pussy.

She worked it in and out a few times as her head tilted back against the wall behind her. She moved her other hand to her clit and started rubbing it back and forth. She was matching the timing of her strokes to the pace she was sliding the finger in and out of her pussy. She then slid a second into her pussy. Speeding up faster and faster until suddenly she let out a moaning shout. Her legs closed on her hands as her whole body shook for a few moments. She lightly moaned through the whole experience.

I just stood there and watched. I couldn’t take my eyes off her and had to make myself breath. I’ve had sex with a bunch of different girls back home and few here in Florida this year even, but I had never watched a woman masturbate herself to orgasm other than in videos. It was an experience I was never going to forget. Neither was my cock. It was fully hard in my tented trunks and straining for release. Jeni finally relaxed and looked at me smiling. I still hadn’t moved a muscle since walking in, even though I had at least one muscle moving on its own.

“You going to stand there staring or are you going to come closer?” When I didn’t move, she finally said, “Come here!”

I slowly shuffled towards her, transfixed by the sight of her nude body and what I had just watched her do. I finally came to a stop in front of her still staring. She dropped her feet to the floor and slid towards the edge of the couch, not bothering to close her legs. I still had an even closer of view of her very wet pussy. I just could not break myself away from her body to raise my eyes to her face.

“If all you are going to stare, I guess I had better take the lead here,” Jeni said just before reaching for me.

Jeni ran her hands around my waist pulling me even closer to her naked body. I felt her grip the waistband of my shorts and tug at them, sliding them down my hips. As she got the waistband to my swollen cock, she just gave a quick tug pulling them over me. My cock sprung out like a jack in the box just released. Her face was almost even with my cock as she worked my trunks to the floor.

Looking up at me she said, “Mmm, what do we have here?” as she stuck her tongue out and licked across the head of my cock.

Caught completely by surprise I yelped and lost my balance, placing my hands on her shoulders.

“I want more of this cock,” she said and leaned forward taking me between her lips.

I could feel her tongue work its way around my cock head. She licked the underside of it causing me to jump again. If I hadn’t already been leaning forward holding her shoulders I probably would’ve just fell to the ground. I felt her work her tongue along my shaft as she slid me further into her mouth. She was sucking my cock as she ran her tongue around it. Then I felt my cock hit the back of her mouth and stop. Then she did something I’d never had one of the high school girls do, she slid me into her throat. I’m not a large guy so it didn’t go very far, but she had her nose pressed into my pubic hair as she gave my cock a might suck before sliding me part way back out.

I stared down at the top of her head as she started to work my cock in and out while pumping my shaft with a couple of fingers. She would bring the head almost to her lips and suck on it before taking me back in. I could feel my building, getting ever closer to blowing a load into her mouth. I had my hands entangled in her short hair now as she bobbed back forth on my cock.

It was all getting to be too much and I moaned out, “I’m going to cum!”

Jeni never missed a beat, she pulled me deep into her mouth and with one might suck pushed me over the edge. My cock pulsed in her mouth for what seemed like forever. I could hear her gulp a few times before she finally pulled back letting my head rest on her tongue just behind her lips. I was still spasming a bit from what had to be the hardest orgasm I’ve had in my short sexual life. I finally loosened my grip on her hair and she leaned away from me smiling with her fingers still wrapped around my cock.

“Did you like? I know I did. You tasted so fresh as you filled my mouth with your young spunk.”

I just numbly nodded my head unable to speak.

“Have you ever gone down on a girl before?” Jeni asked.

Finding my voice, I answered, “Yes, but it wasn’t very good. We quickly just went to having sex.”

“Let me teach how to make a woman enjoy it if you will?”

What was there to say to that other than yes? I looked at her and shook my head yes. With that, she slid her ass to the edge of the couch.

“Kneel down in front of me between my legs. Some women like to start with having their nipples played with, but I’m already excited so will skip that,” she said. Then she began giving me instructions.

She had me place my hands on her inner thighs, spreading her legs wider and opening her pussy up to me. She told me I could tease a girl by kissing and licking her soft inner thighs and working my way to her pussy. Taking my cue from her I started to do that. Slowly kissing and licking each thigh as I worked my way towards her pussy.

Jeni moaned out, “God you're getting me so wet again!”

She had me place my lips on her pussy and I could feel the wetness on them. She began to instruct me on how to kiss and lick along her pussy. She had me move up to her clit, taking her fingers she spread herself open to me. Showing me her clit and telling me how to stroke it and lick it without hurting a girl. She then had me move back to her pussy and told me to slide two fingers into her, telling me to slowly pump them at first as I played with her clit.

I followed her instruction and soon she was lifting her hips off the couch, bucking into me as I ran my fingers in and out of her pussy faster and faster at her urging. She told me to suck her clit hard and deep into my mouth. Just as I did this she let out a scream and lifted herself off the couch back, arching her back. She forced her pussy right into my face and that is when I felt the wetness spray on me. I didn’t know what was happening to her. I assumed she was having an orgasm, but I had never seen a woman squirt so I had no idea that is what she did.

Jeni finally calmed down and relaxed onto the couch again. I had already sat back away from her fearing I had hurt her. I finally asked, “Are you okay?”

“I’m better than okay. That was the strongest orgasm I’ve had in some time. You’re a natural pussy eater.”

Well, my face turned beet red with that comment and she looked at me and laughed hard for a couple of seconds.

“If you do that to the girls back home, they’ll be lining up for you. Come here, sit down next to me.”

I stood up, moved to the couch next to her, very much aware I was still naked and being this close to her was already stirring my cock again. As I sat down she leaned over and gave me a kiss, that turned into a much deeper session of petting. She reached for my cock and I ran a hand over her tits, rubbing her nipples before dropping my hand to her pussy.

She finally broke our groping by straddling me. Reaching down, she took my cock and placed it at the entrance of her pussy. She then lowered herself onto me until she was resting on my thighs with my cock totally wrapped in her pussy.

Leaning forward she kisses me again before lightly saying, “This is your reward for that awesome orgasm you gave me. Just lean back and enjoy.”

Jeni placed her hands on each side of my hips and started riding my cock with long strokes. She would lean back and I had an unrestricted view of her pussy spreading around my cock each time she lowered herself on to it and each time she raised up. Finally leaning forward, she placed her hands on my shoulders and rode me harder and faster. I could see her breasts bounce as she moved on my cock. It was all driving me towards another orgasm, but not before it drove Jeni towards one of her own.

Throwing her head back she let out a moan as she pressed down hard on my cock. Her pussy was squeezing my cock. I could feel the pulses of her orgasm running the length of my cock. This triggered my orgasm and grabbing her, I thrust my hips up into her pussy as I filled her with my cum, pumping her full. We finally settled down holding each close. As we did, I could feel our combined juices run down over my groin and between my thighs.

We made love several more times that day and never did make another dive. But who was I to complain, I had sex all afternoon with a woman ten-years-older than I was and as sexy as any girl at my school. I was in hog heaven for a teenage boy.

We finally got cleaned up by diving into the water and rinsing off naked. Needless to say, there was some good-natured touching going on, but we finally got back up on the deck of the boat and hosed the salt water off of us. We got dressed and Jeni got us moving back towards home. On our way, she called Carri to give her an idea when to expect us. I never heard her mention how we spent the afternoon.

I stayed right beside her on the trip back and we shared a few kisses along the way. As I saw the dock come in view, I could see both Carri and Christian standing on the dock. I wondered briefly why he was still with her, figuring I would need to call for a ride home.

I moved to the deck of the boat as we neared the dock and tossed the lines over to Carri and Christian. They tied us off and were standing dockside when Jeni appeared out on deck.

Carri asked Jeni, “Was he good or a disappointment?”

My head snapped around at that to look at Carri but quickly went to Jeni.

Smiling, she said, “He was wonderful, young and was very much full of cum, but now I’d say just young.”

My jaw hit the deck with a resounding thud at Jeni’s comment.

Christian not being able to hold back any longer burst out laughing. I turned and looked at him trying for the life of me figure out what was so damn funny.

He straightened up and looked at me saying, “I’ve spent the day doing pretty much the same as you with Carri. Carri and I had already made plans to ditch the trip today when Jeni found out why. She decided she wanted her fun today too. Sorry buddy, but I don’t think you minded, did you?”

Letting out a snort of a laugh, I said, “Hell no, it was a fun day!” I reached out and grabbed Jeni pulling her towards me continuing, “I learned a lot from diving instructor today.”

With that, we all went about squaring away the boat quickly before heading off towards town and a night of many more lessons from our diving instructors.

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