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A Strange Cycle of Events

Melissa’s new job takes in some much needed exercise.

Melissa double checked the room number. It definitely said forty-two, on the fourth floor of one of the most decrepit buildings in East London, Balfron Tower. It wasn’t the prettiest site, but then again, neither were her clients these days.

At forty-two, Melissa was getting on a bit; having entered into this shadowy profession in the last three years. At thirty-nine she found herself at a crossroads; one that said carry on with your current sexless and going-nowhere relationship or get out and go for something new. Melissa chose the latter, and so with very little money and a costly divorce, she found herself analysing her options.

Actually, analysing wasn’t the right term as there were only one or two options open to her, and when her friend Sarah suggested that she earnt some money and had sex at the same time, Melissa more or less jumped at the chance. Prostitution would not have been her fist choice, but it was the only one left open to her.

Sarah was good enough to put Melissa up in her two bedroomed flat to allow her enough time to get settled and it all worked out for the best.

Except, as she stared at number forty-two, she was having second thoughts. The place smelt musty and there was mould growing all around the windows that let in a small modicum of light into the narrow hallway. Melissa looked at the piece of paper. Shit! It definitely said number forty-two. She stood facing the door, contemplating the artwork of peeling paint, scratches and marker pen that criss-crossed the wooden door. There must have been several layers of paint and every one of them gaudy; ranging from bright orange, purple to lime green. The latter colour was trying its best to take control.

She reached out to knock on the door and hesitated; studying it hard in order to know where to knock. Did she really need this money; the resounding answer was, unfortunately, yes. Melissa read the note again, five hundred pounds, ask for Denis. At the end of the sentence was an emoji giving Melissa a wink.

Melissa cocked her hand and searched for a part of the door that would not collapse inwards when her knuckles knocked on it.

Tap… Tap… Tap.

Melissa wondered what the fuck Denis would look like? What kind of person would live here? She built up this image of a bloke that had stubble from not having shaved in a few days. He would be wearing a string vest, covering his torso that would be splattered with the after effects of beans or spaghetti hoops and the traditional ill-fitting Adidas jogging pants; the ones that would be half way down his backside and showing a sizeable builder’s cleavage. His pot belly would be hanging over the cord that was struggling to hold up his trousers, and he would sneer at her in a filthy and disconcerting way as soon as he opened the door.

And then she would have to have sex with him. Fuck this game, she thought, but it was five times her usual wage after all.

Melissa started to turn to leave; having waited the statutory minute. Relief flooded her whole body, but was soon to be extinguished when the door creaked open.

The owner pulled it once, then twice. Melissa could see that the top corner of the door had swollen and had become stuck in the frame. Finally, it released and the door flung open to reveal - Denis?

Melissa went into work mode.

Disgust and Anxiousness – Off.
Professionalism and Loveliness with interest covering her face – On.

A waft of floral perfume punctuated the air and Melissa quickly gulped some in. At last, she thought, the musty smell from the corridor had some competition. A warm and orange light emanated from inside and the fuzzy hair of the owner was backlighted by the sunshine streaming into the flat from the setting sun.

Melissa turned and stood upright; she smiled and nodded at the thirty-something lady in front of her.

“Hi, I’m here to see Denis?” She smiled hiding the paper in her tiny handbag that was draped around her body.

The lady smiled back.

Melissa was right on one count, the lady did have a string vest on and it did have orange and yellow on it, but those colours were not from egg or beans or spaghetti. They were vibrant and sassy. The string vest strained to hold in the woman’s bare breasts and her nipples protruded through the fabric. Melissa wondered whether she had just come from dangling them over the chest freezer as they were indeed huge and erect. Her shorts were of the same colour and continued down to just above her knees.

Melissa tensed her anus, causing her pussy and her stomach to clench in unison. She couldn’t help but let her tongue protrude out from between her lips as she waited for a reply.

Another waft of scent skimmed past Melissa when the woman moved to one side to motion her inside the flat. This time, it was sweat mixed with a little perfume.

Melissa walked into the lounge and tentatively looked around her without noticeably moving her head. She was getting good at covertly surveying a client’s place. At one end of the room was the kitchenette area, half hidden by a small dividing wall and next to a small corridor that must have led to the bedroom. In front of her was a comfortable sofa that faced the window and which was bathed in light. To the right of the sofa, along the wall, was an exercise bike.

“I’ll just be five minutes, make yourself comfortable,” said the lady as she pointed to the sofa.

She got back on the bike and started to turn the pedals.

Melissa took a seat, crossed her legs and looked at the lady cycling away to herself. She wondered whether Denis was in the bedroom or on his way home. She wondered whether she was going to service both of them, she smiled and looked forward to whatever was in store.

The lady was getting up speed and soon was leaning over with her hands outstretched on the extension bars in front of the dropped handlebars. Her heavy breasts swung beneath her and were periodically squashed by her thighs as her legs pumped away. Gears clicked upwards and Melissa could see she was sweating once more.

The lady had occasion to glance in Melissa’s direction a few times. Once when she sat upright and took a drink from the bottle and the other when she was pumping her thighs flat out on the bike, like it was her final sprint. She would have caught Melissa looking at her breasts as they swung to the motion of her sprinting down the imaginary one hundred metres to the line.

Melissa caught herself staring not only at her breasts but at her ample bottom that was perched atop the very narrow seat. It wobbled as her legs pounded the pedals and Melissa caught herself wondering how her pussy was feeling; squashed like a tomato on that slim saddle.

The lady shot upright causing Melissa to look in her direction. She took a long sip of water from the bottle and climbed off the bike. Once more, she smiled at Melissa.

“It’s Denise,” she said between deep breaths and taking another squig of water.

“Sorry,” said Melissa biting her lip, smiling and letting her head rest to one side.

“That’s OK, most people make the mistake.”

“Well, I shouldn’t have,” Melissa responded. “Unprofessional of me.”

“So tell me, what have you got for me?”

Melissa understood the question perfectly. She got up and slipped her handbag over her head and dropped it on the table close to the wall. She unbuttoned her coat, pulled it apart quickly and let it slip off her shoulders to the floor.

Denise stood in front of her with her hands on her hips and nodded. A smile crept over her lips and one of her hands came up on her nipple; grasping it easily between the strands of the string vest and squeezing it tightly, before rounding it with her fingertip.

The warmth from the exercise and the sun heated her nipple underneath her touch.

“I love sex after a good exercise – don’t you?”

Melissa nodded.

“Get on, I want to watch you ride.”

Melissa walked over to the bike and swung her leg over the bar; she only just made it despite being as tall as Denise. She stood up on the pedals and started to ride. Her breasts bulged into the blue string vest that she was wearing and she tried her best to push the pedals around but had to drop down on the gears in order to do so. Melissa was not as fit as Denise, that was evident, but she really wasn’t here for the exercise anyway.

Denise flopped on the sofa and pulled her lycra shorts off; throwing them on top of Melissa’s coat. She watched as Melissa’s legs turned the pedals and her breasts heaved against the thin cotton vest that she was wearing. The only difference in attire between the two women was the colours they wore.

Melissa did think it strange when she was told to arrive at number forty-two, wearing the clothes so neatly packaged and sent to her house. They had arrived the day before and Melissa ripped the packaging open, hoping to find sexy lingerie. She was disappointed when she pulled out the cycle shorts and string vest. But now it all started to make perfect sense.

Melissa cycled as instructed. Head down, legs pumping and hands straight ahead. Her breasts wobbled as she pushed as hard as she could. She let the bike slip down another gear making it easier for her to turn the pedals. Melissa was breathing heavily. She glanced over towards the clock on the wall to see how close she was to finishing, but she had only been there for ninety seconds; far less than the instructed ten minutes she had read in the letter.

In that moment, Melissa caught sight of Denise with her fleshy thighs lying flat on the sofa and her finger stroking up and down her fleshy lips; eagerly watching Melissa all the time. Melissa’s eyes closed and she concentrated and pedaled as fast as she could. She could feel the sweat drip from her forehead and the heat building up between her thighs was now being influenced by two things: the exercise and the vision of Denise’s flexibility as she nonchalantly flattened herself on the sofa and displayed herself so wantonly.

Melissa’s pussy started to wet itself as she thought of Denise. Her eyes opened and she once more looked in her direction. Six minutes left, thought Melissa, as she watched Denise’s finger disappear into her cunt; only to be removed and sucked into her mouth as she smiled at Melissa.

Legs pumped the pedals as fast as possible. Sweat poured from her face onto the floor below. In her reclined position, Melissa started to feel her pussy grind against the narrowness of the saddle and she pushed her bottom up into the air and flattened her torso as much as possible. Melissa’s clit contacted the narrow saddle and she started to rub backwards and forwards as her legs pushed harder and harder.

“I do that sometimes too, it’s fucking heaven,” came a voice from across the room.

Melissa looked at the clock and then at Denise. Three minutes remained and Melissa was beginning to enjoy the feelings too much. She could smell her own sweat as it permeated her nostrils while rivulets dripped onto and was carried downwards by her ample cleavage. She closed her eyes once more and cycled as fast as she could.

Denise knew exactly what Melissa was trying to achieve and although she wanted her sweaty pussy on her mouth, she allowed her to have her moment. She watched with a grin as Melissa’s legs were now pushing the pedals around in such a way as to push her bottom backwards causing it to slide along the saddle.

With a roar, Melissa stopped pedaling and while grasping the bars tightly, slid her pussy along the saddle until she came. Melissa gulped in lungful’s of air as her body poised over the bike; her bottom and thighs shaking. Her breasts hung low; gripped by the tight netted fabric.

Denise thought her outburst was perfectly timed. She watched Melissa as the pad of her fingertip circled her wet clit.

Melissa heard a faint instruction over her laboured breathing.

“Come over here and get those shorts off.”

Melissa cautiously removed herself from the bike. She pulled her shorts down and over her shoes and staggered on shaky legs towards Denise.

“Over my face.”

Melissa looked down at Denise. Her instruction was clear. Sweat dripped onto Denise’s pussy and then her breasts; soaking into the cotton strands as it did so. When she was poised over Denise, Melissa lowered herself to her waiting mouth.

Even Melissa could smell the sweat emanating from her loins and mixed with the juices from her orgasm, and yet, the naughtiness of what Denise was doing caused her wanton nature to surface once more. Melissa let out a cry of joy when Denise’s tongue touched her lips and then penetrated them. She found herself wanting to do the same to Denise, but hands came up around Melissa’s bottom pulling her in towards Denise’s mouth.

Denise’s tongue lapped at the moist and flavoursome odours that pervaded her nostrils. The mixture of sweat and aroused pussy was something she craved; more and more as she got older.  Although Denise was not being touched, she found herself responding to Melissa’s moans and groans and soon her orgasm was climbing the walls; desperate to get out.

Melissa had no such trouble and soon found her second orgasm about to flow nicely over Denise’s face and mouth. Melissa groaned, her hands descended and she pulled Denise’s face into her as she came. The sweet juices tricked out of Melissa’s cunt were swept up by Denise’s tongue and eventually swallowed by her mouth. Moments later, Melissa released her grip on Denise’s neck.

With the smell of Melissa’s juices pervading Denise’s senses, she came almost at the same time, just from the action of tensing her buttocks and squeezing her thighs together.

Melissa was quick to recover this time and while pushing Denise’s head away from her, dropped on top of her and slid her body down between her thighs. It was now her turn to taste sweaty pussy.

There was one vision in Melissa’s mind; one overriding image that she could not get rid of; one that she had to experience, first hand. That was the image of Denise’s legs splayed wide open and flat to the sofa; her plump pussy lips on display and eager to be sucked. She gathered up Denise’s thighs and pushed them as far to the side of her as she could.

Denise’s shaved pussy opened up nicely to Melissa’s gaze, but Melissa did not reckon on what happened next. Denise pulled her legs upwards and slipped her feet behind her head; tucking both of them behind her and looking down over her splayed form.

It was with awe that Melissa looked into Denise’s eyes and then at her pussy lips and then back into her eyes. Denise’s eyes and pussy were inches apart as Melissa settled between her thighs, and with outstretched tongue, looked at Denise as she settled and drew it over her lips.

The first swathe of her tongue slipped all over her pussy and so did the second one. Never once did Melissa look away from Denise’s glare, watching as Denise’s nostrils flared and her teeth clenched. The sight of Melissa watching her as she licked and sucked at her sex was awesome. Her hands came around the front of her body and it took mere seconds for her to clasp Melissa’s head fully; drawing her into her moistened depths. Denise lifted her bottom off the sofa and rubbed her pussy along Melissa’s tongue.

Their combined actions were lewd, lusty and highly erotic.

Denise’s head eventually fell backwards as Melissa’s tongue invaded her before being removed to rest on her clit. Melissa flicked the tip of her tongue, catching under the hood several times as she did so. Denise’s groans became louder and louder, and with a drawn out growl gave way to her ultimate orgasm.

Melissa was not prepared for the flood of juices that flowed out of Denise’s cunt and over her face, yet without any thought, Melissa plastered her face and mouth over the waterfall of tangy liquid and lapped and sucked it all into her mouth. Melissa reasoned that if it were spunk, she would have been there, no questions asked, so why not this.

Melissa found herself loving the taste and relishing in the wetness that covered her whole face. She wanted to give Denise another orgasm immediately to get a second flood, but Denise started to push Melissa away; gasping for air in the process and unravelling her legs as she did so.

Melissa stared at Denise’s pussy for ages, grateful for what had been emitted from there. The smile on her face needed no words, yet she spoke them for Denise’s sake anyway with the result that Denise pulled her up and over her voluptuous body to kiss her fully on the lips.

The early afternoon eventually gave way to evening and both women ceased pleasuring themselves when the room fell to darkness. Denise’s time was up and Melissa did get her second coming of pussy juice.

Melissa stood in front of Denise with her coat covering her sweat infested lycra outfit as Denise handed her a wad of twenty pound notes.

Melissa looked at her and then at the money before taking it from her. She glanced around the room, taking in the simplicity of it; all the basic stuff, but none of the trimmings. She felt guilty and, rightly or wrongly, came to the conclusion that Denise could ill afford the expense.

“Can I use your loo before I go?”

“Yeah, it’s just around the corner,” Denise indicated with her outstretched hand.

Melissa headed off to the loo and after having the statutory contemplation and piss, placed four hundred pounds back into the bathroom cabinet. Denise would find it eventually, she thought.

Melissa then did something that surprised even her. She took Denise’s lipstick from a shelf next to the cabinet and wrote on the mirror; smiling to herself as she did so.

Melissa was proud of herself as she left the bathroom. Kissing Denise before leaving the house, she thanked her for a wonderful afternoon. As she stepped into the hallway, she could once more smell the dampness. At least it was better than the piss that pooled in the corner of the lift when the doors opened.

Melissa’s nostrils complained heavily at the smell and she turned and walked to the stairs. Melissa got to the ground floor just as her phone beeped. She smiled.

She had left her number and a short message on the mirror that stated that any more sessions would be free, and something to do with the fact she loved drinking pussy juice, finished with a few x’s.

At forty-two, Melissa had just found the glory of pussy juice and surprised herself at loving the whole session at number forty-two. She looked at her phone as she got into the car.

‘Same time next week, same clothes? J’

Melissa thought that she would have to get fit. She hurried her reply; she didn’t have to say much, just two words.

‘Yes please!’

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