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A Trans Atlantic Affair
Milik_the_Red & Jayne33

A Trans Atlantic Affair

Contributing Authors: Jayne33 
Verity thought she would be willing to do anything to be a star..

What did I expect when I left that morning? Nothing? Everything? Maybe both? I don't even know if I would call what I felt 'expectations'. Dreams I think would be a better word. Dreams the likes of which most girls can only, well, dream of!

John Stone was offering me those dreams. Me! Verity Rose Eldridge! It was so impossible to believe that I could barely say it out loud! Even now, I'm not sure how to put it all into words. Out of nowhere, he came into my life and then it was all right there in front of me, the chance to be famous and rich and beautiful... I was going to Hollywood. I was going to be a movie star!

Mr. Stone, or John as he wanted me to call him, had been very helpful. He called me all the time, making sure I got my passport and assisting with all my arrangements. He even offered to fly me to America on his own private jet! It was all just so... Wonderful!

Throughout it all, he had been very proper and polite, but even then I could see something else in the way he looked at me. There was a sparkle in his eyes when he regarded me and his smile turned just a little higher when I flirted with him. Oh, I know I shouldn't have. I was only seventeen and he was over forty. I'd never been interested in older men before, but there was something so exciting about him and he looked positively dashing in his Italian suits. His shoulders were so broad and oh my, I just couldn't stop thinking about him.

During the days before the flight, I fantasized often about him wanting me and holding me in his strong arms. They were such lovely thoughts, but they were nothing when compared to what I dared in the privacy of my dreams. In the solitude of my bed, when my fingers were free to play, those thoughts turned from the naughty imaginings of a girl into the torrid desires of a woman. They became desires that my body craved as it responded to the ethereal promise of his lips touching mine, or feeling the touch of his hands stroking my blossoming young flesh. It made me feel desirable in a womanly way that no mere boy had ever managed to do.

I might not have been as innocent as my father believed, but in my life I had yet to feel the touch of a real man. Oh, the very idea of being so loved tortured me in the most wonderful of ways. It was thoughts such as these that ran wild through me as I packed on the day of the flight, until I shook my head free of the images I knew I shouldn’t be having.

'This is business, Verity!' I scolded myself again, 'and you don’t mix business with pleasure. He’s probably not even interested in me anyway.' The thought made me sigh. 'I know he must have his pick of any number of the beautiful actresses, so why would he even want a girl like me?’ It was a depressingly numbing thought, and it brought me back out of the clouds as I continued to neatly fold my clothes, before placing them in a growing pile atop of my bed.

Still, it was a hard thought to completely dispel, especially when his wife, Marissa, called and left a message warning me that he would try to seduce me! It was an incredible call, and it left me shaken for days. I might have listened and backed away, even though I knew I'd never get another chance at stardom. She was so close to chasing me away, but then she went on and actually had the nerve to suggest I let him have me!

Oh, she nattered and blathered on about how 'she would help me' and 'how much money she'd give me' if I were to sleep with him and then report it to the police! I mean, what a horrible woman! I knew John was going through a vicious divorce, but I never would have imagined she would go to such lengths.

It was a ghastly message. No, I wanted no part in her schemes and the more I thought about it, the more convinced I became that she must have been trying to scare me off. Any woman who would actually encourage a teenage girl to sleep with her husband couldn't be trusted, I was sure of that! 'She's just trying to screw with him', I thought. 'What an evil bitch. I'm sure John is glad to be rid of her!' Those were the things I kept telling myself whilst I built up the courage to tell my father.

As for me, well, I was just certain I was going to make it! Others dreamed, most failed, but I was really going to make my dreams a reality. Oh, there were plenty of my school friends who thought me the fool for going. Even most of my closest friends thought I was daft to hop onto a plane, all alone, with a man I'd just met. They were afraid of what might happen to an innocent and naive girl like me, in a place as cold and heartless as Hollywood was supposed to be.

With the warnings I’d received from my friends circling my head like angry gnats, my thoughts began wandering away from the mundane job of packing my suitcase. With an effort, I brushed away the baggage of other people’s concerns and decided to stay as positive as I could. Besides, the intangible fears of others held far less reality for me than the conversation I would soon be having with my father.


I’d seen that same look of disappointment on his face countless times before, but that didn’t stop it from hurting any less. My father turned away from me, as if the sight of me was seemingly too difficult in that moment.

“Mary, are you hearing your daughter?”

He always referred to me as ‘your daughter’ in situations like that, as if no daughter of his would act in such a way.

“Yes, Richard,” my mother replied. She had learned over the years not to try and come to my aid, it only infuriated him further.

“Daddy! It’s not as if I’m going to be there on my own. Me and a friend are going to look for an apartment together.” I told him about all about Liberty, the girl I’d met on my last trip. She was also an actress.

“It’s, my friend and I, Verity. For heaven’s sake, did you learn nothing from the thousands of pounds I paid in school fees? Besides, I hardly think that using that girl as a way to incite confidence in your success is an astute move. If she hadn’t filled your head with this ludicrous idea of becoming an actress, we wouldn’t even be having this conversation.”

The way he said the word actress sounded like he was speaking of some repugnant mess he’d just stepped in. I’d decided not to tell him about John. I knew he would only assume that he wanted me for reasons of a less than honourable nature. He could never contemplate that John was interested in me for my talent as an actress.

I also wasn’t sure if I could disguise the desire that stirred within me as I thought about him. Perhaps that’s why daddy couldn’t entertain the idea of me being an actress, he’d always managed to read me like a book, even when I tried my hardest to keep something from him. I tried again to convince my father.

“I’ve already had interest from the castings I’ve been on. Why can’t you trust that I haven’t just rushed into this? You continue to treat me like a child, but I’m not a little girl anymore. I’m going to be eighteen in a few weeks and I’d hoped that I could set off through adulthood with the support of my parents. All I’m asking is that you acknowledge my ability as an actress. Perhaps, if you had come to watch my play you’d find it easier to do so.”

I could feel myself getting angry and the tears had started to fill my eyes, despite my attempts to stay strong and have an adult conversation with him.

He looked at me with disdain as he said, “Do you really think it’s a dignified career path? If you ask me, the industry is full of nothing more than a bunch of harlots and rogues. I honestly thought your mother and I had brought you up with more class.”

I couldn’t continue listening to him. I knew if I didn’t make my exit in that moment he would have worn me down, like he had always done in the past.

“The car is waiting to take me to the airport and I was hoping that you might have wished me a safe journey, but it looks like that isn’t going to happen.” I kissed my mother on the cheek, turned away from my father and, pulling the handle on my suitcase, I began to wheel it towards the front door.

“Verity Rose Eldridge! This conversation is not over. If you walk out that door and get on that plane, I swear to god I will stop you receiving a single penny of your trust fund on your eighteenth birthday.”

I stopped in my tracks, thinking carefully about what my next action would mean. Then, I walked out the door.


The tears that I shed in the car on the way to the airport were gone. I resolved to forget about my father and his hurtful comments about my chosen career. I knew deep down I was right and my sadness soon faded away, completely overtaken by a sense of irrepressible excitement.

John met me at the airport, greeting me with his sparkling, blinding white, Hollywood smile. My breath caught as he descended the last few steps of the plane. He pulled me into an embrace and kissed me on both cheeks. “Verity, darling, it’s so great to see you again.” I still hadn’t quite overcome my giddiness at hearing him say my name in his rich American accent.

He took my hand and guided me onto to the plane, giving me a tour as we went. I marveled at the plush and comfortable sofa and television area. I gasped at the beauty of the dining area, which had been set up with fine china plates, crystal glasses, and beautiful flowers that adorned the centre of the table. John laughed at my curiosity when I had asked how the items on the table wouldn’t be disturbed on takeoff and teased me by saying it was magic.

Embarrassed, I lightly slapped his arm and told him, “Magic is for children, John. I’m a grown woman now.”

“Yes, you definitely are.” I saw a look in his eyes when he spoke which both excited and scared me at the same time.

He gave me a cheeky wink and smiled when he showed me the bedroom area with its large double bed and pristine white Egyptian cotton sheets. We seated ourselves in the comfortable, huge, chairs ready for take-off. I fumbled with my seatbelt, and as John reached over to buckled me up, his hand brushed across my legs, lingering a bit longer than I thought absolutely necessary.

The jet rolled along as the engines roared to life, rushing us down the runway. My old life was over and my new life was lifting off, just like the wheels on John’s private jet. I was used to being around people with money, but this was on a level I had never even seen before.

When we were safely up in the air and traveling across the vast expanse of the Atlantic, he invited me to eat with him. We moved to the dining area and while he was pouring us drinks, I lifted the plate and looked underneath. He laughed again; a laugh that was so deep and sexy, that it sent shivers down my spine and tingles to my depths.

“You really are a curious little thing, aren’t you? I’ll tell you the secret if you agree to tell me a little more about what else you may be curious about. Deal?”

With his dark grey eyes sparkling at me I think I would have been hard-pressed to refuse him anything in that moment. “Deal,” I said.

“Magnets,” he simply replied back with a chuckle. “Now, Verity, what else might you be curious about?”

“Well, I was wondering when I would be getting the script to read. I only know a little about my character and I wanted…” John cut me off.

“No, sweetie. That’s business and there will be plenty of time to cover matters like that later. Right now, I'd like to know about the beautiful young woman in front of me. Tell me about you, the person, not the actress. What hobbies and interests you have or maybe about any special boy in your life. Surely, a gorgeous little thing like you must have a string of admirers back home?”

I felt my cheeks flush a crimson red at the question and thought, 'Oh, my gosh!' as I lost the struggled to keep my embarrassment under control. My hands shook as I tried to buy time by taking a sip of my champagne, but the bubbles tickled my nose and the next thing I knew I was coughing the expensive drink down the front of my dress.

John immediately got up, and picking up a napkin, began dabbing up the spill from my bosom. “Those bubbles will do it every time," he said with a smile, and then added. "Don't worry, it's an acquired taste. One of many I'd wager you'll soon be trying.”

Moments later, John seemed satisfied that my cleavage was nicely clean and he sat the napkin on the table.

"That's better. So, you were saying?"

All of his attention caused me my train of thought to snap and I could only mutter, "What?" as I stared at him blankly. "I'm sorry, what were we talking about again?"

"You, your hobbies and hopes. All of those things that make you who you are?" he replied happily as he sat back down.

“Oh, right," I said. "Well let's see, I just love horse riding. Daddy bought me a pony when I was a little girl and I’ve loved riding ever since. I even represented Britain in the junior show jumping. I think Daddy wanted me to carry on and try out for the Olympics, but acting was my first love."

"And boys? Is there anyone special you might be missing?

"Ah, well, boys," I replied, feeling that flush again. "I'm afraid I went to an all-girls' school, so there hasn’t been much opportunity for many boys.”

His eyebrows rose at the mention of my all-girls' school. “So, maybe I should be asking you about girls then?”

“Mr. Stone!”

“Oh please, Verity, don’t be shy. You’re telling me that with all those sexy young girls around, you were never at least tempted to kiss one of them?”

Fearing he would think me too naive, I buried my embarrassment and used my acting ability to cover my discomfort with the conversation. Once I started though, my most intimate memories poured out of me in an adolescent rambling I couldn't control.

“Well, there was Annabelle. I shared my dorm with her in the final year of sixth form. She brought a girl back to our room once. I was asleep in my bed, but I awoke to the sounds of moaning. I was shocked to look over at Annabelle's bed to see her and another girl, well… the other girl was having her…” I couldn’t bring myself to say the word, so I gestured to my lady parts, “you know… licked by my roommate. I know I shouldn’t have watched, but I just couldn’t look away.”

I blushed as I remembered how my hand had descended beneath my pajama bottoms and stroked my own wet pussy as I watched my best friend feast on another girl’s body.

“I asked Annabelle about it the next day and well, one thing led to another. She asked if she could do the same thing with me and I let her.” John’s face was positively beaming as I told my story. All attempts to continue eating vanished and he sat with rapt attention, listening to me.

“I enjoyed it," I went on, "and we did it rather a lot. She taught me how to do it to her, but I still liked to think about what it would be like with boys. I got my first boyfriend, Connor, when I played the leading role in the play I told you about. He wasn’t like any of the boys I’d met before. He didn’t have money and had worked hard to land the part. We dated for the three months, but when the play finished we sort of just drifted apart.”

John was listening intently to everything I said, smiling and encouraging me as if we'd been friends forever. When I’d met John at the party in the states on my last visit, we talked for hours and I felt completely at ease with him, but the conversation never strayed in a direction that was quite so arousing. I took another sip, and my head was getting a bit dizzy, but I was really enjoying the feeling of freedom and looking forward to my future.

He got up and pulled out a camera from a nearby drawer. “I got this new camera while I was in London. Do you mind if I test it out and take a few shots?”

“Oh, I don’t know,” I said, feeling a little self-conscious, playing with my hair and wondering if I was really looking my best for him to be taking pictures.

"I'm just going to snap a few shots. We'll need to do some soon anyway, to use them to determine good light angles for you, okay?"

He stood back a few feet and just started to shoot. I posed, smiling while he took the first few, but then he stopped. "Don't pose please," he asked. "I want to see the real you. Why don't you tell me more about Connor? Was he attractive?"

I couldn't help but blush and I had a terrible urge to hide behind my wine glass. John slowly moved about while the subtle click of the camera repeated time and again. I laughed and giggled and he laughed too. It was so much fun!

"So, Connor? Was he attractive? Did he turn you on?" he was smiling innocently enough, but I am a girl and we can tell when a guy is getting that sound in his voice. John was getting turned on and the very thought made me feel all warm and gooey inside. I bit my lip as my thoughts drifted back to Connor and I could feel that tingling turn to a moist glow as I thought of my ex- boyfriend’s roguish grin.

"Yes, he was very cute, and he wasn't timid at all." That last part slipped out, but Connor had been the first boy who had got my knickers off and his confident prodding and playful teasing worked like magic on me.

"Not timid? How's that work? Tell me, please."

Damn, I was trapped! My face felt hot and my knees felt all trembly. John's eyes glowed with interest. He seemed so at ease with the conversation that I couldn't help but tell him. "Right, well you know how things can happen. We had so many scenes together and we had to study them..."

The constant clicking of the camera continued as John moved around me. "Of course, two young people, spending so much time together. It's natural. Was he a good kisser?"

"Oh yes! God, he made my knees weak! And his hands and the way he touched me..."

"Having a good touch is important. Did he like your breasts?"

Even as comfortable as I was getting, the question caught me by surprise. "Oh, what? I'm not going to tell you that! I'm not that kind of girl!"

My words defied his question, but to my horror, I was betrayed by my tone. Instead of being strong and assertive, my voice was unexpectedly playful and I sounded far less offended than a proper girl should have been.

John laughed at my obvious embarrassment and knelt down, just a few feet in front of me. "Of course you aren't, but I’m sure he did like them," he said with a laugh and snapped three more shots. "You've got spectacular boobs, Verity. I bet he couldn't keep his hands off of them.”

The burn in my cheeks rose and I felt like crawling under my seat, but part of me wanted to scream, 'yes, he likes my tits!' Gaining courage, I put my arms on my hips and thrust my bosom up, showing off my ample and firm breasts. "Do you really like them? They're all natural you know, not like those girls in Hollywood."

John stood over me and brazenly took several photos that looked right down my dress. "Magnificent cleavage, just dazzling, Verity. I know I’d love to see them."

"Oh my! Gosh, Mr. Stone. I don't just go around, showing my boobs to anyone who asks!"

The look he gave me was so funny. Kind of playful and condescending all at the same time. "John, remember?" Then he smiled that devilish grin again. "I'm a guy and guys like to see perfect breasts like yours. We're friends, right?"

I was shocked but flattered as well and my heart was thumping hard in my chest. "Well, yes, we are friends, John, but I wasn't expecting you wanting to see me without my clothes on."

He was still snapping pictures, eagerly recording my shyness. "I'm going to have to eventually, Verity. You are a gorgeous girl and your role will almost certainly require some kind of nude scene. I need to know you're willing to do one, don't I?"

My stomach just flipped over! "A nude scene? But I'm only seventeen! How can I be in a nude scene!"

He sat next to me and took my hand in his. "By the time we shoot, you'll be old enough. So, what do you say? I'd love to see your body, and well, it is for the role."

'Oh, my god!' I was almost shaking, but John was being so gentle about it and what he said did make sense. I looked out the window of the plane and saw nothing but the blue-grey water of the Atlantic beneath and I began to realize just how far I had already gone. It just seemed far too late to turn back then. "Okay John, but promise these are just for you. I don't fancy my breasts being all over the internet."

John smiled reassuringly. "I promise, Verity. Besides, I'm a professional. It's only porn when amateurs do it."

I wasn't so sure about that! He looked so calm yet there was something else in his face. He hid it very well, but a girl just knows when she's being pursued and I knew deep down where his photo shoot was likely to take me.

Then I remembered Marissa's call! 'Oh my God, she was right!' I thought as the reality of it sank in. 'He's actually trying to seduce me!' My mind screamed in useless protest, as the memory of Marissa’s voice replayed in my thoughts. I'm sure I must have appeared ashen with fright, but if I did John either didn't notice or worse, didn't care. My hands were trembling as I rose from my seat and to the almost rhythmic clicking of the camera, I stood, ready to sell my soul for a chance at the tinseled-falsehood of the Silver Screen.

My blood was rushing so hard that I almost didn't hear him tell me to turn around. I tried to follow his direction as I had grown up doing, acting a part and trying to smile, to be cute and above all, to be what he truly wanted me to be. Willing.

Sultry smiles rested on my young face like a mask and the promise of seductive secrets hid in my eyes as John encouraged me to pose enticingly for his camera. He praised my grace and my beauty, but in my heart, it all felt so hollow. Marissa’s words echoed through me and smothered my joy, even though I should have been living in the moment.

For several long moments, I posed and danced for him. With my exterior, I showed him the youthful vivaciousness that he asked for; inside I feared his commands came from a place far deeper than his professional eye. 'Was Marissa right?' Part of me wanted this, but not in the way his wife had described it. John smiled broadly and all the while continued snapping pictures as if they had real meaning.

I’ve loved the attention of the so-called limelight and have always craved the adoration of others in regard to my art, so you will understand why I felt I should have been as happy as I appeared, but the biting doubt that any of it was real began eating away at my heart and despite the mask of exuberance I wore, I was almost in tears by the time he stopped shooting.

"That was wonderful, Verity. You move like a dancer, you really do. Now, do you think we can do something a little sexier?"

So many thoughts were spiraling through my mind in those moments. My confusion on what to do next was matched by the heights at which the jet was flying. If I ruined the opportunity I’d been given, I would have to face my family and friends with their 'told you so' expressions. Marissa’s spiteful words repeated on a loop, but then I remembered how lovely John had been and my dilemma mounted.

Whatever I was feeling on the inside, I knew I couldn’t let it be seen. I could stop things at any point, but this was my entire future on the line. I had to be sure about what I was doing. It was only a few photos; I could do sexy. Hell, I don’t think I’d felt more desired than I did in that moment with his admiring, lustful glances. I’d fantasized far dirtier things than what he was actually asking me to do.

Turning the thoughts of my father’s declaration to cut me off into a driving force to move forward with my life, I took a deep breath and plastered on my most seductive smile.

“A little more sexy, like this?” I said, as started to unbutton my dress. John faltered with his clicking of the camera.

"Yes, that's it, Verity. That's perfect!" He circled about, taking pictures from several angles, whilst I slowly lowered my dress, exposing my bare back to him. "There, hold still, keep your hands over your breasts. Tease me a little; show the camera how sexy you can be."

The sound of the camera and the soft, mesmerizing tone of his voice seemed to reach into my mind. I could see his excitement growing by the bulge in his slacks and I found myself wanting him to want me. My hands shook as I let my dress fall away and then I leaned over the arm of a seat, giving him an eye-full of my panty covered bum.

Almost imperceptibly, the sound of the camera’s clicking slowed and when I reached back to unhook my bra, John set the camera down. "Verity, please don't," he said with what I could only call admiration in his voice.

"You've already shown me everything I needed to see."

I was totally confused and I was so nervous that I could barely breathe. "But, I thought you wanted to see my body..." I began, but couldn't finish.

"Oh, I did and I do. You're a beautiful woman, Verity."

'Oh god, here it comes,' I thought, now absolutely certain he was going to demand sex from me, but to my surprise, he reached into a drawer and pulled a large envelope out.

"You can put your dress back on. I've seen everything I needed to."

"What? But you said you wanted to see my body. I don't understand!" Even now, I cannot put into words what I felt in that moment. I was relieved that he wasn't going to make me sleep with him, yet part of me felt rebuffed and rejected. Didn't I please him enough!? He said I was beautiful, so why wouldn't he want me?

It was crazy for me to think that way, but after all those poses and me removing my clothes, I couldn't believe he wouldn't want to fuck me. "But, Mr. Stone, John... I'm not, I'll do whatever you want me to!" I said as I picked up my dress. I was almost paralyzed with fear. I clutched my dress to my breasts as tears began forming in my eyes.

John smiled at me with a look of quiet bemusement. "I'm sure you would have, Verity. You almost had me convinced that you really wanted to. I know you don't, but you really would have fooled me if I didn't already know better."

"What? I don't understand. Please John, just let me show you. You'll see, I promise."

He gently wiped a tear from my eye. "You already did. Look, I was going to give you a supporting role in my next film. Do you know who is playing female lead?"

I was filled with so much confusion and shame that I felt a terrible urge to hide under my tiny dress as I held it to my body. I had no idea of what he was talking about, or where he was going and I shook my head in answer to his question. "No, I don't."

"Well, that's hardly surprising," John said with a gentle smile." I haven't announced it yet, but I have a meeting with Savannah Northport scheduled for this evening and I just had to know before it was too late."

"Oh, wow," I responded hopelessly while the knife-like pain of his rejection burned even hotter into my body. I may have been too stunned to speak out loud but inside I screamed. 'Savannah Northport!' Oh, my god! She was one of the hottest new stars in the business and I just knew any movie she was in was going to be a huge hit.

The thought of being kept out was more than I could handle. "Please Mr. Stone!" I begged, "Don't take my part away. I can act! I'm good at it. You'll see."

I was very upset and almost hysterical with fear. I was crying and shaking. John suddenly grabbed me and hugged me to his chest. "Oh Verity, don't cry! You don't understand at all," he said, while softly shushing me and stroking my hair. "The truth is Verity, after seeing how natural you were in front of the camera; I can't give you a supporting role!"

“What? What does that mean? You're not giving me the job?"

"What it means, Verity, is that I want to give you the lead."

For the longest moment, I couldn’t get what he’d said to sink in. I sat myself down with my tears still streaming down my cheeks. My near naked state had been forgotten and I tried to process what was happening. John waited, watching me with a concerned looked. I found myself repeating what he’d said purely to try and get the news straight in my head.

“You want me to play the lead? You want to give me a part that should have been going to Savannah Northport? This was all just a test and you never intended to sleep with me.”

It was working, as I said the words out loud, hearing my own shaky voice was clearing my mind. “You want to give me the lead in your film.” This time with a slightly less confused tone, “You want to give ME the lead in your film. Oh, John!”

The relief of it all was incredible. Like the airflows in the skies around me, the sudden changing in direction had my body shaking. This turbulence, however, stemmed from excitement. “You are going to give me the lead in your film!” I jumped up and flung my arms around him.

“You have no idea how relieved I am. I thought I was going to mess this all up and I would have to go back to my family and tell them I’d failed. I thought I’d lost my trust fund for nothing. I thought Marissa was right. I was so scared you were only doing this so you could seduce me…”

John pulled me back from my embrace. His face changed from happiness at my excitement to a seriousness that I had never seen on his face before. “What are you talking about? What has Marissa got to do with any of this?”

I hadn’t intended for that part to come out, but in my thrill of receiving the news and the relief I felt that John wasn’t some sleazy sex pest had caused my filter to stop working. I had just let the words spill from my mouth. “I… I... Well…” I stuttered.

John’s grip grew tighter on my arms and he spat out his angered words, “Tell me what the hell that woman has got to do with any of this!”

“John! You’re hurting me!”

As if he suddenly realized how hard he was holding me, John let go of my arms and stood up. “Verity, I’m sorry. Please forgive me. I didn’t mean to hurt you. It’s just that woman. Please, you have to tell me why you mentioned her name?”

He suddenly looked very tired, like the mention of Marissa had brought back something that he’d been burying deep. It was a side I hadn’t seen and it just made me want to hug him.

“John, please sit down. I’ll tell you, just please don’t be mad with me.”

He looked into my eyes and his face softened. The cold expression that had been created when his wife's name had been uttered vanished. It was replaced with the warmness that he always had when he looked at me.

He came and sat beside me, taking my hands in his. “Please, tell me. I promise I won’t be mad at you. I could never be mad at you.” He kissed me gently on the cheek.

I took a deep breath and explained about the message I’d received from her and all the horrible things she’d said. As I spoke the stormy darkness threatened to take over him again, but I couldn’t stop talking.

“I couldn’t believe what she was saying could be true. The man she described in her message was not the man that I had spent hours talking and laughing with at the party. In all the time I’ve known you, which I admit may not have been very long, you’ve shown me nothing but respect and kindness."

I continued, "I just couldn’t believe what that spiteful bitch had said... But then when you started taking the photos I didn’t know what to think. I was so scared that she was right, I didn’t want that to be the case.”

I paused, unsure if I should say the next words that were on my lips. “I... I was confused when you told me to stop because… part of me wanted it to be true... because I wanted you to find me attractive.” I lowered my head in embarrassment and shame.

“Oh, Verity! My sweet, innocent, English rose. I do find you attractive, more than I probably should. I’ve been battling to keep professional from the very moment I laid eyes on you. When I’m with you I feel like a teenage boy all over again. We can speak so freely and I find myself having to stop myself from wanting to just hold you in my arms. Marissa should have never tried to involve you in this. I can’t believe that woman.”

I could feel his anger rising again and I didn’t want him to feel like that. I didn’t think about what I was doing, I just knew that I wanted to make him feel better. I wanted him to forget about his wife and her vindictive plan, so I kissed him.

It was a soft, hesitant kiss at first. My lips pulled away slightly and hovered close to his as I waited for his response. It felt like an eternity, his thoughts were obviously whirling, trying to make sense and wondering if he was about to do the right thing. I could feel his hot breath against my face. I kissed him again, urging him on and hoping my silent pleas would be recognized through the contact of our lips. ‘Please want me’.

He didn’t pull away. He kissed me back with a depth and desire that I had not known before. Not Connor, nor Annabelle, or any of the other boys I’d kissed before had ever made me feel the way it did when his tongue pushed its way into my mouth and started the passionate dance with mine. I was just finding my rhythm when he suddenly pulled back.

“No. No, this isn’t right. I shouldn’t be doing this. You’re only seventeen. Not only is it against the law, but I need you to know for sure that my intentions toward you are good.”

He got up and retrieved the envelope and pulled out some paperwork, before bringing it over to me. “This is the contract for the film. It says that Savannah gets the lead role.” He tore it up in front of me.

He then picked up the camera and removed the memory card, “Here take this. I need you to really understand that what I feel for you is more than some film role, that I’m not the man my wife told you I am.”

My heart nearly burst with joy. I'd never been able to truly accept what everyone else thought about this situation, not when every time I was around him he made me feel the way I did. I took the memory card from him and immediately threw it over my shoulder. With a confidence I only felt in his presence, a sexy grin spread across my face.

“I believe your intentions are honourable, John. And, if you hadn’t noticed we are currently thousands of feet up in the air, over international waters. Where I come from the legal age of consent is sixteen. You said when you were around me I made you feel young again, well when I’m around you, you make me feel like a grown woman. As a grown woman I’m telling you that it isn’t breaking any laws and I am more than willing…”

I didn’t have to finish my sentence. He grasped my head and pulled me into a deep and passionate embrace. His arms enveloped my body, crushing my breasts against him as he drew my lips toward his. Gently at first, and then with growing need he stole my breath with a kiss and my dress fell from my hands as my arms encircled his neck.

His hands felt strong and warm on my back as we kissed, playing up and down my spine with a feathery grace that made me want to whimper softly and caused goose bumps to rise on my skin.

“Oh my gosh, John!" I cooed breathlessly. "I love the way you touch me."

"I love touching you," he responded as his kisses trailed over my shoulder. "Your skin is incredible, Verity, so perfectly flawless..."

His voice carried a natural honesty that washed over me like a warm breeze, soothing my nerves, but also heating my desire. It was a voice of an experienced man, yet it was filled with the wonderment of a boy half his age.

He was weaving a spell around me that made my belly flutter and the more he spoke, the more I needed to feel his moist lips gliding over my young and tender flesh. He was building a slow burn in my dampening sex that made me shiver and soon I was trembling in his arms.

I felt his hands caressing my sides and flowing over my body in ways I couldn't hope to explain. Electric tingles ran through me so strongly that I wanted to scream and jump even more deeply into his embrace. It was then that I felt a flick of his fingers on my back and suddenly the hooks of my bra were undone and the cups fell away from my full and firm young breasts.

I sighed deeply as he pulled my bra away. His darkened eyes flashed with unmistakable arousal as they roamed over me. For a long moment, he seemed content to simply take in the sight of my body. Then he brought his hands to my bare hips and slowly slid them up my sides until he was cupping my boobs in his hands.

"My God, Verity, you have magnificent breasts," he whispered. His arms dropped to my slim waist, encircling them and holding me close as his mouth found my hardened nipples.

"Oh, wow... Yes, that's so nice." My voice was reduced to a low moan and when I felt his lips touch me, I sucked in a sudden breath, hissing inwardly at the intensity of it all. The soft and insistent sensations of his mouth on my breast warmed my entire body until I could barely stand. I arched my back away, instinctively bringing my bosom higher and then guided John's face into the deep and heaving embrace of my cleavage.

John kissed and suckled on me as I held his head to my breast. The warm, wetness of his sucking kisses made my skin tingle and I couldn't help but run my fingers through his short, dark hair as I guided him from one tender nipple to the other.

The skill of his touch was just incredible! There was a confidence and strength to him that made every kiss feel like a living spark. Flick after flick and kiss after kiss, sparks of lust and arousal flared over me and rained into my belly until an uncontrollable fire began to spread down into my dripping sex. All I could do was hold onto his powerful shoulders as I succumbed to that flame.

His hands moved down from my slim waist until he was cupping my ass. He pulled me more tightly against him until he was grinding the thick and bulging rise of his erection into me. 'Oh Jesus! He's so big,' I thought excitedly. For the first time, I felt the shape and thickness of his cock rubbing against me through his pants.

My gaze flashed wildly around me as it all began to sink in. I was flying not only over the Atlantic but also into the heights of a sexual desire that I'd never felt before. My whole body felt hot and alive. There was a growing, indescribable pressure building inside me that, like a living thing, demanded of me things that I couldn't begin to understand

It was a need that became undeniable. A hot and irresistible pressure in my blood to be more than merely kissed. A craving in my heart that demanded more than to simply be held. The strength of his powerful body and the raw force of his will was unlike anything I'd ever felt. I felt small and vulnerable in his embrace and I knew then there would be no escape from our desire.

His grip on my body and the throbbing bulge of his cock grinding into my belly caused my pussy to flush hot. My heart beat wildly and I knew then that I was going to be fucked. Fucked, not by a clumsy teen, but for the first time in my life, well and truly fucked by a real man.

I had stoked a fire in him that I could no longer control, and I doubted I could have stopped him from taking me even had I wanted too. 'But, oh my God, I didn't want to stop him!' That burning pressure, that insatiable need I felt so deeply would never have let me try. My pussy was dripping wet and clenching in anticipation of feeling him inside me. The thought of him pinning me to the carpeted floor made me want to pant with excitement.

All the while, John devoured my lips with passionate kisses and feasted on the responsive flesh of my breasts. A quickening tremble passed over me and almost made me hop on my toes in frustration. He was driving me mad with lust and with no other way to quench my heated flesh; I pulled away and dropped to my knees in front of him.

"Oh fuck, John! I've just got to suck your cock!"

Looking back, I can't believe I actually said those words and I must have been quite the sight. I was a girl lost in heat, naked except for my virginal panties and even those noticeably damp from my juices. I was hungry too, and even as I spoke I was fumbling hastily to unbutton his slacks. It seemed to take forever, but then his pants were sliding down his hard thighs and his boxers soon followed. Then it was his cock. Hard and rampant, it stared back at me, daring me to take it into my mouth.

Without hesitation, I took the dare and I heard John hiss and moan as my lips and tongue bathed his turgid cock. "Ah yes, suck me, Verity. Oh, damn girl, that feels so good."

Hearing the husky and deep baritone of his voice spurred me on and I finished his shaft, stroking him as I sucked. God, I loved the way his penis felt. He was not so much larger than Connor in length or girth, but somehow he felt fuller and harder in my mouth. He was hot and tangy and the taste of his precum gave him a flavor that was strangely sweet.

As my mouth caressed and sucked his shaft, I felt as much as saw him removing his suit jacket and shirt. Soon he was as nude as I and I caressed his thighs and butt, pulling him deeper and delighting in the hard tone of his flexing muscles.

John lightly guided me, not really forcing himself, but urging me to take him farther and farther into my mouth. I felt his thick head pressing into my throat and the urge to gag on it flashed into my mind. Spittle filled my mouth and covered his cock, letting it slide over my tongue easily and for just a moment, he passed into my throat.

My eyes watered and my cheeks heated as my breath was blocked by his flesh and I pulled back instinctively, coughing as I suppressed the heaving sensation that threatened to overwhelm me. I was embarrassed at first, wondering what he would think of me being so lewd, but the caring and appreciative look in his eyes as he smiled at me, dispelling any shame I might I have felt. I smiled back and stroked him wetly.

"I can do better, John," I said, determined more than ever to please him.

"Better?" he said with a groan and then he chuckled playfully. "Good lord, girl. If you do any better than that you'll have me coming all over your pretty face."

His adoring smile warmed me again and I gave his cock another quick suck. "Mmm, John. Having you cum on me like that wouldn't be a bad thing, you know!"

Kicking his pants away, John lifted my chin and brought my gaze up to his. "Mmm, Maybe later, Verity. You are a beautiful woman and the idea of seeing my cum all over you really turns me on, but right now there are other things I'd like to do." Then he knelt down next to me and kissed me deeply, letting his tongue explore my mouth where his cock had been moments before.

John took me into his arms and lowered me onto the thick carpet on the jet's floor. There, on the floor of an airplane, ten thousand meters above the grey Atlantic, I lay shadowed under his large and powerful body. John’s kiss sucked my breath away and I squirmed beneath him when his mouth moved to my neck. Somehow his legs slipped between mine and I began to feel the length of his bare and pulsing cock rubbing my clit through my thin, white panties.

"Ohh fuck," I heard myself moan.

He thrust dryly over my sex, and my thighs lifted and my calves hooked behind him, drawing myself more firmly against him. We kissed passionately and sucked on each other's tongues as he dry-fucked me for several, long, glorious moments. I was positively drooling wet by the time John moved down to my breasts.

When his hands gripped my fleshy mounds I couldn’t help but arch upward, desiring to feel his lips on my nipples. John soon gave me my wish and I groaned out loud as he began sucking them hard and squeezing them between his lips.

My hands held his head to my bosom as he suckled me and I freely gave in to the urge to writhe under his touch. His bite on each bud was just hard enough to send shock waves rolling through me and he alternated this rough sensation with gentle flicks of his tongue until I was whimpering breathlessly.

I was so ready to feel him inside me that my hips were thrusting toward him. He was driving me to the brink and a frustrated need began moving insidiously into my mind. He was teasing me beyond my limits. I reached up and placed my hands on his head.

"Please John," I begged. "Please fuck me. I need you inside me so badly."

John smiled with a mischievous grin that I hadn't seen before and his eyes lit up like candle flames. "I'm afraid you're just going to have to suffer for a bit longer, Verity," he replied and then he started kissing my stomach!

"Ohh, please fuck me," I whined.

When he began drawing my soaking panties down my thighs, I grinned wildly. I was in hot anticipation of his cock. Instead, it was his tongue that first touched my sex. His tongue felt thick and hot and I groaned as I felt it sliding through my pussy. His lips sucked and pulled at me hard and then I felt his hands on my bum. He lifted me upwards as his tongue slid right into me!

I held my breasts and pinched my nipples while he flicked and sucked on my clit. Where Annabel's kisses had been so light and feathery, John devoured my sex like a man starving for my juice. I was silently thankful that I was so ready because I'm sure that such stiff attention to my clit would have otherwise been too much for me to take. As hot and ready for cock as I was though, his hard and insistent touch was enough to make my hips roll up hard into his embrace. It was all too much for me to take.

His hands were gripping my ass so tightly that shivers rolled down my taut and flexing legs. Hot bolts of liquid pleasure shot from my cunt and coiled inside my belly. My entire body rippled with a searing and wrenching spasm as my orgasm exploded from within me.

"Ah, fuck, fuck... Yes, don't stop, John!! I'm going to cum, ohh!"

My screams strangled in my throat until my breath caught completely and then all I could do was writhe in his powerful hands. My senses were so overwhelmed that I could barely tell what happened next. I'd never cum so hard in my life. By the time my breath returned, John was lying next to me.

"Damn, Verity. I knew you were a beautiful girl, but right now..." His voice trailed into a sweet chuckle. "Well, right now you are positively glowing!"

"Mmm, I don't doubt it. You really know how to please a girl. If all older guys are this good I may never date younger guys again!" We shared a laugh and then he kissed me very tenderly.

He gently caressed me as we kissed and I cooed softly as I cuddled against him. His body felt so warm and strong against mine and I just melted into him. His expert touch felt divine on my skin and made me tingle deliciously. He fondled me and stroked me in ways that made my toes curl and had me purring in contentment.

I let my hands drift over his hips and down to his still hard cock. Wrapping my hand around it, I stroked him until he groaned into my neck. I had just had an amazing orgasm and the fervent heat I felt faded into a sweet desire. I still wanted to feel him inside me, but now it was as much because I wanted to please him as it was for my own satisfaction.

"Mmm," I whispered as his cock grew hot in my hand. "Let's go to the bed," I said quietly as I squeezed him. "Then you can put this where it belongs."

John kissed me again and I felt a distinct throb in his cock. "What, you don't want to do it right here on the carpet?"

"No, John. I'd rather not have carpet burns on my bum, if it's all the same to you."

Laughing, I got up and dashed for the bed and then rolled in the sheets. John was still sitting on the floor with a wonderfully adoring look on his face. It occurred to me that, despite what Marissa had said he likely hadn't been with a girl my age for years. As I found our age difference part of my attraction to him, I imagined the same would be true for him and I decided I'd use that to tease him just a bit.

"What are you waiting for, John. I'm only seventeen years old, at least for a couple of more weeks. Just think about how tight my pussy must be." I slowly rubbed my cunt as I teased him and by the time he rose and jumped on the bed, I was giggling uncontrollably.

Pinning my arms back over my head, John slid between my thighs and ground himself against me just as he had done earlier. This time though, I had no panties to protect my innocence and I whimpered happily at the warm sensation of his bare skin on my wet and hungry sex.

"So, you're forty years old and you're about to fuck a teenage girl. Tell me, John, how does that make you feel?"

John's eyes flashed and suddenly, his thick cock found my slick and waiting hole.

"How do I feel?" he said, as I felt my pussy start to stretch around him. "I feel hard enough to do this!" he said with a growl and then, pulling back slightly, he thrust into me as deeply as he could reach!

"Ah fuck... that's so good," I moaned as his hard cock filled me up.

I was so wet and slick by then that even as tight as I was, I felt nothing but the exciting force of his thrust and the wonderful, deep sensation of my sheath molding to his shape. Like a primal instinct, the urge to arch upwards toward him was overpowering and I could do nothing more than curl my legs behind his, holding my small body as close to him as I could.

My few experiences with boys my age taught me that they were hot and fast and uncontrolled while they fucked me, and that was good. It was always exciting to see them lose themselves into me, but John was different. He took his time with me and slowly built his rhythm until he was plunging into me with just the right amount of force to make me melt under him.

My hands gripped his hips while he rode me and part of my mind focused on the rippling of his muscles as his body flexed. I curled up, giving myself to him completely and he took me with all the passionate skill that a truly experienced man could offer a girl. Oh, it felt so good to be fucked like that!

We kissed deeply, our tongues flicking together even as he slid in and out of my body. I could feel his weight pressing down more heavily as he settled lower and then his arms hooked under my shoulders. His grip on my body tightened and then the animal passions that all men carry within them exploded through his gentleman's guise and he fucked me with a glorious abandon that had me panting for breath.

My arms wrapped around his neck and my legs hooked behind his thighs and I held on with all my strength as his raw desire built into a feral assault on my body. Moments later, his whole body became tense and a deep and thunderous groan escaped his lips, and then he drove his cock deeply into me.

His voice was a stressed gravelly moan, "Ah, fuck, Verity, I'm going to cum!"

I held him tightly and dug my nails into his hips, letting him know I would accept his seed and then a powerful shudder passed through him. I felt a hot flush of fresh moisture appear around the throbbing shape of his cock.

'Oh, fuck, it felt so good.' The hot sensation of his cum inside me, his throbbing, iron-hard cock pulsing inside my pussy and the powerful grip he had on my body combined in my mind and my body responded just as it was meant to do. My own orgasm rose like a tide and swept me away in a roiling current that I couldn't hope to control.

There is only so much a girl can take in one day and I had reached that limit. Between my excitement at the sudden change in my career, and the fantastic sex we had, as a result, I fell into a deep sleep and remained so for most of the remainder of the flight. John woke me about an hour before we landed, which gave me time to compose myself. He explained that press would likely be there and it wouldn't do for me to look anything but my best.

John was right about that, just as he has been about so many things since. Marissa met us at the airport and right there, in front of the flashing bulbs and bright lights went into a drunken rampage of accusations of his infidelity and how I was a conniving slut who had seduced him.

John was horrified and I, well I hid behind my mask, just as I had in front of John's camera. I played the part of the innocent and virginal Verity Rose Eldridge. The paparazzi ate it up and the next day, Marissa's drunken rage was headlined on every tabloid in America.

Her marriage to John was in a shambles, but I wanted him for myself and to ensure that, I had to be certain she was out of his life forever. With that in mind, I leaked the recording of the call she made to me, letting the whole world hear how she, in a drunken fit, encouraged me to sleep with her husband.

She had said they play for keeps in Hollywood. I think I'll fit right in.


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