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Can Librarians Change Their Ways?

My library is not too active, but it was this evening.

Moving to a new city can be a great chance to check out the local flavor. I was 65, retired, and spent my time cruising different places for mature women who hadn't experienced life to the fullest. They could be found anywhere, sitting alone in hotel bars, singletons in the finer restaurants, cruising the aisles of the late night supermarkets, or even, as I was to find, the local library.



This city had several libraries, big and small. Some stayed open late, until 10:00 p.m or so. And they were all filled with librarians. The ones I was interested in were the mature ones who had that look in their eye of maybe never having been with a man. Or having tried it in their youth and something didn't work out right.


I finally came across a small library in an affluent neighborhood, with three librarians on duty at any given time. The two I was interested in were working the later shift with a young girl. She was obviously a trainee and spent most of her time entering returned books into the computer. The other two ladies were in their late 50s.


They roamed as they pleased about the library, doing what needed to be done, but the evenings were slow.


One lady was about 5 feet tall, with naturally white hair already. She was cute as a button and under normal circumstances would have been happily married, with children and grandchildren, if some idiots hadn't passed her by. She was a little plump, especially her tits, but I liked some meat on my ladies. Her name was Grace, I discovered later.


The other lady, Sarah, was taller, about 5 feet 8 inches. She was obviously proud of her wavy brown hair, because she wore it long, old-style. She was slim with delicate hands, and her breasts were small, but still had a bit of perk in them.


After frequenting the library several times to check out good books, and good looks, I returned one evening to find Sally checking in books at the front desk and Sarah and Grace were back in the stacks, re-stacking books.


I decided to take a stroll around the premises, to see what promised.


I saw Grace down a long aisle, and, as I walked towards her, she turned and smiled, recognizing me, of course. I gave her my most dazzling grin and then just wrapped my arms around her and started kissing some lips that had been alone far too long.


Of course she struggled. She was a lady. But the struggles became weaker and weaker as she began to feel something she had lost or never found before. Her body was responding in ways she didn't quite understand. And it wasn't unpleasant at all, because I could feel her begin to respond, beginning to kiss back, and even pressing her plump little body against my hard, well-kept frame.


When I stopped kissing her, and looked into her eyes, I saw a tear forming. She was very moved and hungry for more, I could see. She took my hand and we went into a conference room that was just down the aisle. It had a small love seat in it along with a table and other furniture.


We sat in the love seat and began making out. She was so fucking hungry for affection she was cramming her tongue down my throat and rubbing my cock through my pants. It had worked again. These lonely older ladies often turned into ravishing vixens.


This was all new to her apparently. She had no idea how to proceed. I was glad to take charge. First, I gave her a peck on the lips, then I stood up and removed my clothes, while she stared at something she had never seen before. A raging hard on.


I would have loved a blow job right then, but I needed to get her in the mood, to excite and delight her, as she had never been by a man. I slowly took her dress off, then her over-flowing bra, then pulled her panties down. Surprisingly, they were decorated with little leprechauns. She was a little pixie in disguise.


I slowly laid her on the love seat, then moved her legs apart and began nuzzling between her ample thighs. She had obviously never shaven her pussy, but she was scrupulously clean, and smelled of lilac water. Her pussy matched her hair, white as snow, and already seeping out pussy juice.


I always begin with the clit, after first kissing and loving her sensitive thighs. Her clit was extended from its hood, so I licked it and she almost screamed, but managed to stifle it. Then I licked and licked and even gave it a little nip. She shuddered.


It was time for some serious pussy licking and sucking. I proceeded to suck out the juices she was producing, and licked over and around her labia, while she pressed her cunt into my face. She was loving this. She would love the next thing even more.


I gave her one last kiss on her pussy, then moved up over her, began sucking her huge tits, and placed my cock at the entrance of her cunt. Then, for the first time ever, she felt the head of a prick entering her pussy. And it was good. I could tell from the deep sigh she emitted and the smile that spread across her pixie face.


Now it was time to break the hymen. I have found this to be best done quickly. So I thrust my whole cock into her cunt, broke the hymen and kissed the squeal from her mouth. With that accomplished we could have a proper fuck. And we did. I rammed all six inches time and time again, and she responded by humping back. For her first time she came in the first few seconds. But that was not enough for me. I kept ramming, to the back of her pussy, and she kept cumming and cumming, oozing her juices out and covering her thighs with lovely pussy cum.


Finally, I shot a huge wad into her tired pussy, and she jerked as she felt it reach the back of her cunt. Then I slowly withdrew, because I wanted to see her first cream-pie. It was lovely as my cum dripped out of her pussy. The white of my cum matching the white of her pubes.


Then came something even newer for her. It was cock-sucking time. I lifted her limp, spent body up on the edge or the love seat, and stood before here, still hard, and dripping my cum and her cum both. I put my hand on her white-haired head and drew her mouth to my cock. She started licking and sucking like it was mother's milk. She was a natural, she just hadn't known it. Now she did, and she made up for lost time. I loved the sucking.


I started face-fucking her and she loved it, grabbing both of her large tits and squeezing and pinching her own nipples. Then she put one hand down and started diddling her clit, while with she other she cradled my balls. Like I said, a natural.


"What is going on here?"


That was Sarah, luckily, not Sally. I had been hoping something like this would occur. Luck lives with me as I travel the country finding these older, juicier ladies.


I pulled my cock out of Grace's reluctant mouth, turned to Sarah and said, "Grace is learning something new. This a library isn't it. It's about time you learned something new too."


I strode over and used the tried and true method, wrapping my hands around her and making out with her as I had with Grace. Only this time there was a hard cock sticking out and she could feel it pressing against her pussy. I said she was taller, so we met together at cock and pussy. And the making out was having an affect. I nuzzled her neck, nibbled her ears, and rammed my tongue down her throat. And she grabbed my cock. Eureka!


"Come over and look at Grace. Isn't she beautiful tonight? This is what sex does for you, it transforms into a true, loving human being. Now it's your turn."


Grace reached up and took Sarah's delicate hands and drew her down into her arms. These two had worked together for years. You don't do that without growing to dislike, or, more often, caring for deeply, that person. They obviously cared for each other.


Grace and I began to undress Sarah, and her skin turned bright red, but we soon saw her perky tits had nipples standing at attention. I think Sarah had had a thing for Grace for years because she just melted into her arms, and they began to make out with their tits rubbing against each other.


"Taster her pussy Sarah," I said, and she immediately went down on her friend. This what I was waiting for. Sarah eating pussy, with Grace laid out on the love seat and Sarah's naked, still brown and curly pussy wiggling in the air.


I knelt behind her and began to eat her pussy out. She was giving and receiving at the same time. I really juiced her up with saliva, and her own cunt juices were flowing quickly out and dripping onto my tongue. Now it was time for Sarah's true initiation.


I rose up, and began to feed man-cock into some 55 year old pussy, that had probably not been touched by a man (or woman) for many years.


It felt so damned good. So tight, but creamy, like an eclair, and the smell had been of Jasmine. So I crammed all six inches in, discovering that someone had been there before. Must not have done a good job. But I sure the hell was doing a good job. So good she had to stop eating Grace to just enjoy the hose job.


I gave her an even better fuck than Grace, because she had obviously be abused somehow and needed to know that fucking was good and fine.


So I began methodically thrusting slowly and deeply, making her cum and cum. And Grace kept playing with her huge tits with the huge nipples, squeezing and pinching, and sticking as many finger as she could into little, white-haired pussy. And her juices kept flowing, and Sarah's kept oozing out around my dick.


Finally, it was time to let her have some real man sperm up her used and abused cunt. I shot hard, but not as hard as with Grace. There was only so much cum in a mans balls. But what there was was choice and she virtually screamed with happiness as she came harder than ever.


We all collapsed together on the love seat.


Then each sat beside me in the middle and they both reached for my spent cock. It was definitely soft now. I think they both just wanted to really examine a man's cock for the first time. So the played with it, touching it and seeing how it worked.

A man can only take so much admiration before he starts rising to the occasion. Old faithful rose up and now they were playing with a hard on. They were both smiling with glee, like little girls, but both in their 50s.

"You ladies have produced something that needs to be taken care of."

They looked quizzical until I took both their heads and pushed them gently down into my lap. They were educated enough to know what to do, if not experienced. They both began to lick him clean, trading the job of sucking back and forth. After about 20 minutes of that I finally built up enough juice and exploded on both of their faces. They giggled like schoolgirls and then licked and kissed the cum off their own faces.

They were now bosom buddies, and ready to go into the world and find more cock. My job here was done.


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