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Charlotte's New Job, Part 10

Contributing Authors: AmericanDreamgirl 

Their trip might be over, but the fun wasn't!

Peter and Charlotte spent the next couple of days being typical tourists. They saw as much of the sights and sounds of Los Angeles as they could. They both decided that visiting Disneyland and the other theme parks would be fun, but would also take up too much of their time so they decided to see them another time. Peter took her to Venice Beach, they went to the La Brea Tar Pits, and they walked down Rodeo Drive, amongst many other places. 

Sadly, all vacations have to end and Friday came too soon for either of them. 

"Are you all packed, Charlotte?" he asked her.

"Yes, I just have my makeup to put away and then get dressed and I'll be ready to go," she said.

"Okay, good. Our flight leaves in a couple hours so we need to get going," he said. The pair hurried to do the last few things needed and then left for the airport. He dropped the rental car off at the counter and put the cost on his expense account.

Then they went to the ticket counter and got their tickets set up. Peter was able to flag down a shuttle car - basically, a golf cart that carried people around the airport - and they went to their gate. Security wasn't a problem, and they made their gate with a little time to spare.

"So what did you think of your first official business trip with me?" he asked.

"Oh, Peter I had such a wonderful time! Los Angeles is an amazing place - so much to see and do here! I can't wait till we come back!" she said. She knew that she should be sad to be leaving and heading back to home and work, but she kept remembering what he had told her about how often he made this trip to Los Angeles for Mr. Reynolds and other clients.

She knew that it wouldn't be long and they would be returning to sunny Southern California. And of course there were other trips as well and other adventures yet to be had.

"Yes, we will be back here before too long. And maybe we can hit some of the things we didn't have time for this trip," he said.

"I would like that very much," she said. He took her hand in his as they sat there waiting for their plane to arrive. Charlotte couldn't be happier or more proud - Peter was much more than her boss now. He had become her boss, her lover, and the most important person in her life. He was the only real relationship she'd had in a very long time and she only hoped that she meant as much to him.

The more she thought about this, the more concerned she was about it. She was having a wonderful time with Peter, there was no doubt about that. Both at work and away from work, being with Peter made her feel better than she could ever remember being. She was completely and utterly happy being his secretary - and his slut - and would be for as long as he wanted her.

The question was how much did he want her? Was she just a convenient piece of ass that could type and take care of him, or did he have some level of real feelings towards her?

The announcement over the airport PA system interrupted her thoughts "Flight 120 to New York will begin boarding at Gate 4 in five minutes."

"That's us," Peter said, "We'd better get ready."

"Okay," she said. Charlotte put her thoughts away. There would be time for that later.

When the boarding call came, Charlotte and Peter walked down the jetway and boarded the plane. They moved into the First Class cabin and found their seats. He let Charlotte sit by the window so she could watch as they took off.

They waited for a bit before they started moving. Charlotte watched out the window as they taxied to the runway and sat at the end of the runway waiting for clearance to take off.

"What are they waiting for?" she asked as they seemed to sit there for a long time.

"Relax, they have to call the control tower and get permission to take off. Maybe there's a plane coming in that we can't see or something. We'll be taking off soon," he said, patting her leg. It was about a minute later when she heard the engines rev up.

"Here we go!" he said. Charlotte grabbed the seat and pressed her nose against the window. The plane lurched and began moving. It moved faster and faster and she saw the terminal building go by. Then suddenly the ground dropped away and she could no longer feel the bumps of the runway.

"We are up!" Peter said. She watched as the ground got further and further below them. They took off headed west towards the ocean (which is typical for LAX since it cuts down the amount of noise for the houses close to the airport) Then they made a slow turnaround and headed back over the city but at a greater height.

She could see the thousands and thousands of houses below her - L.A. seemed to stretch on forever! But as they continued heading east and climbing, the buildings gradually thinned until there was nothing but mountains and then high desert under them.

"We may as well get settled in - we're going to be here awhile!" Peter said. 

"What time are we supposed to arrive?" she asked.

"Well let's see, it's noon now and this is a seven-hour flight. But since we are headed east, there's the time difference to take into consideration. So for us, it will seem like 7:00 pm, but local time it will be 11:00 pm." he said.

"Oh wow! That pretty late to be getting in! That means if everything goes right, I will be home about midnight!" she said.

"Yeah, that's why we are going back today... you'll have the weekend to reset your body clock to New York time and rest up before going to work Monday. I always give myself at least a day to get adjusted when I travel," he said.

"I can see why now! It's going to take me awhile to get back on schedule! I'm just glad I did all the housework before I left - I wouldn't want to come home to a dirty house after arriving there so late!" Charlotte said.

"Yeah with all our technologies we still haven't found a way to fix time zones!" Peter said. "It's not so bad going to California, but coming home is a real pain in the ass!"

"So now that we have Los Angeles over and done with, are there any other trips in the near future or on the horizon?" she asked.

"Well I will be needing to fly down to Miami, but that's not for a couple months yet. And I do have to go overseas to London sometime this year. I don't know when though," he said. "I think the next time we fly to the west coast, I will try to combine Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Seattle all in one trip - maybe then we can stay home for awhile!"

"That would be nice. I can see how traveling too much can be wearisome!" she said.

"You're not tired of it already are you - this was only your first time!" he laughed.

"No, it's just that with all the sightseeing and everything, this was more than just a business trip," she said.

"Well, you did make this one of the most enjoyable trips I have taken in a long time. Thank you for all your help on this," he said.

"Oh Sir, it was my pleasure, believe me. This trip was wonderful and I want to thank you for taking me with you. I had the most amazing time!" she said.

"Well you know.... our trip isn't over just yet. We might be able to squeeze in one more 'attraction' if you're game," he said, leaning over to her and speaking quietly.

"What do you mean?" she asked.

He stood up and got a blanket from the flight attendant saying that Charlotte was a little chilly. He took a look around and the few people in First Class were already starting to fall asleep. He took the blanket from the flight attendant and put it over Charlotte and sat back down. 

With the blanket covering his actions, he moved his hand over and slid it up her nylon-encased leg. He had specifically asked her to wear a nice dress, her stockings, and heels for him and now she was beginning to see why!

When he reached the hem of her just above the knee dress, she opened her legs allowing him better access to her. She knew where he was headed and she wanted him to arrive just as much.

His fingers continued up the inside of her leg and reached her panties. he began to rub her pussy through her panties and Charlotte laid her head back on her seat and gripping the armrests. 

"Mmmm" she moaned softly letting him know she was enjoying herself. 

Peter smiled and rubbed a little harder so she could feel him better. He rubbed her slit up and down, teasing her pussy lips thru the thin fabric. And Charlotte could feel herself dampening.

Then Peter moved his fingers under her panties and Charlotte gripped the armrest tighter, her breath catching in her throat. She scooted down in her seat slightly and pushed her dress up so she could open her legs more. She closed her eyes, pretending she was asleep so no one would suspect she was being fingered.

Peter fingered her pussy lips and clit for a bit, not wanting to just barge into her. He circled her slit and grazed the length of it very lightly, making her rise in her seat slightly in an effort to feel him more. Peter loved to tease - he loved to make her want him, need him. He loved to hear her beg or see her move to get at him. It let him know that she was his and that what he did to her kept her his.

Peter then plunged his fingers into her pussy and Charlotte's eyes flew open wide. She clamped her lips shut to keep from crying out and slammed her legs open as wide as the seat arms would allow.

"You like that do you my little slut?" he said in a whisper. Keeping her mouth slammed shut she nodded her head yes.

"I thought you might. Now just sit back and let me play," he said.

She sat back and as Peter's fingers churned inside her sopping pussy, her hips began to grind and she began humping up at his hand. She screamed behind closed lips as he touched all her favorite spots in order just the way she wanted him to. 

Charlotte was thankful that the plane wasn't very full, at least here in First Class, and the people that were in the cabin were sleeping or had headphones on watching the in-flight movie. She squirmed and twisted in her seat as he brought her higher and higher. She knew that he wouldn't stop until she came... he wouldn't be happy with just teasing her and letting it go at that.

And she was right. He worked her to a frenzied, fever pitch and when he had her nearly out of her mind with lust, he stopped. "Give me a couple minutes, then come to the restroom," he said. She nodded, her panting preventing speaking easily.

He got up and went back to the restroom and waited and sure enough a minute or so later he heard a soft knock on the door. He opened the door and pulled her quickly inside and immediately pressed her to the back of the closed door and kissed her hard as he reached past her to click the lock for some privacy.

In the small bathroom there wasn't much room for one person let alone two, so he leaned her over the small sink and hiked her dress up, holding it out of the way with one hand as he unfastened his belt and the clasp on his pants with the other. His pants fell to his ankles as if knowing he wanted them there and he inched forward until his cock could rub up and down her dripping slit. She spread her legs and pushed back a bit, bending further over the sink and giving herself to him.

He took her offering too, his hard fat cock slipping into her welcoming hole and sinking into the wet depths easily. As her hands were occupied holding her up and bracing herself against the walls, he put one of his own over her mouth to keep the noise down. Seeing herself in the mirror being fucked from behind by him with his hand over her mouth was an amazing turn on for her.

Added to that the danger of being caught and Charlotte was barely able to contain her passions. It was a good thing he was covering her mouth or the whole damn plane would hear her screams!

Peter knew they only had a few precious moments before someone would come along and need the bathroom or hear them inside and wonder what was going on so he got right to work. He fucked her hard, fast and deep, keeping her pressed against the sink and plowing into her fully with each stroke. 

Teasing her prior to bringing her to the bathroom helped a great deal - she was primed and ready to cum before he even entered her. So it didn't take a lot more work to get her to the edge of herself. Just watching herself in the mirror was enough to bring her to her edge and his hard thrust pushed her over it easily. 

"Mmmmph! Mmmmph!" she screamed behind his hand as her orgasm slammed into her.

"That's it my little slut, cum! Cum for me! How does it feel to be taken in a bathroom like a cheap two-dollar whore?" he growled. 

His words only heightened her response and made her cum even harder. She poured her juices out onto the bathroom floor soaking her panties in the process. When she finally stopped cumming she leaned her head against the mirror sucking air and softly moaning. He held her pressed against the counter until she came back to him and was stable and steady.

"Oh, Sir, look at the mess I've made!" she said looking down.

"Don't worry about it, my dear. You aren't the first to join the Mile High Club in this plane, I'm sure. Just give me your panties and I will get out of here so you have a bit of room. Use some paper towels and soak up as much as you can then come back to the seat. I'll make up the excuse you aren't used to flying and that will cover your disheveled appearance," he said.

She handed him her panties and he blotted the dampness from them and put them in his pocket.

"But Sir..." she said. She saw the devilish smile and the twinkle in his eyes and she knew. "Oh," she said blushing red as an apple.

He stuffed the garment in his pocket and gave her a kiss before leaving her to wipe up her mess. She joined him a couple moments later sitting down and Peter covered her again. "Now just rest, we still have a few hours to go before we get to New York," he said.

She nodded and reclined her seat back and closed her eyes, a happy smile on her face.

"Wake up sleepyhead, we're almost home," Peter said, shaking her gently. Charlotte sat up and looked out the window. She didn't see any signs of New York just yet, but she did see that the sun had gone down and the lights of the buildings and houses were more numerous.

A few minutes later the captain came over the plane's PA system. "Ladies and gentlemen, we will be landing shortly in LaGuardia. Please fasten your seatbelts and make sure your trays and seat backs are in their full upright and locked position. Thank you for flying with us today and I hope you have a pleasant evening."

Charlotte got herself ready to land then watched out the window as the ground passed by underneath her. It was dark so she couldn't see much except the lights from the buildings and streets but they got more concentrated as she got closer. Soon it was like a sea of lights. 

We must be getting very close now, she thought to herself as the lights had become a carpet of tiny pinpoints in the fabric of the darkness. Then she started seeing the approach lights of the runway and they got closer and lower.

"I can see the runway lights," she said. Peter smiled. This kind of travel was old hat for him, he didn't even look out the window anymore. But it was nice to see the magic in her eyes and the excitement he used to have many years ago at flying.

The lights got closer and closer until finally, she felt a bump then she heard the engines change pitch as the planes reverse thrusters came on to slow the plane down.

"That was a pretty smooth landing," Peter said. "I've had some landings where it felt like we just dropped out of the sky!"

They came to a stop smoothly and then taxied over to the terminal building. Charlotte and Peter disembarked and went through the jetway to the terminal. They went straight to the luggage claim where they got their bags.

After hailing a taxi the two of them made their way to Charlotte's house "I'll drop you off first," he said. Charlotte smiled and nodded.

So the taxi drove them both to her apartment and when they arrived he helped her with her bags to her apartment.

"Peter I'd invite you in but it's so late and I'm sure you want to get home too. Thank you for a wonderful, amazing trip," she said.

"Thank you, Charlotte for making it a wonderful amazing trip," he said. Then he leaned over and kissed her warmly and deeply. Charlotte sighed into his mouth and put her arms around his neck. She didn't want to let him go but she knew he still had to get home himself.

So after a lingering kiss, he turned and headed home. She watched from her open door until his cab turned the corner then shut her door and went to unpack and go to bed.

She could hardly wait for Monday morning!


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