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Charlotte's New Job, Part 2

Contributing Authors: AmericanDreamgirl 

Charlotte finds out about the new position - and tries some out in the boss's office!

Mr. Peckerwood sat in his chair a little puzzled, watching as Charlotte got up and walked around his desk. This was an unusual move and he wasn't sure what she was doing at first. But she made her meaning clear when she turned his chair slightly to face her and pushed him back a bit.

"Mr. Peckerwood," she started, "I have worked hard for you and for this company for a long time now. I have seniority over half of the other girls in the secretarial pool and three or four of your investment brokers. I have never taken a vacation day and have only called in sick a handful of times. I love my job here and I love working for you. 

"In that time, however, I have seen a lot of money here at Silver Hill - or rather what that money brings. I see the nice cars in the parking lot... the BMW's, Audis', and your own Cadillac. I see the hand-tailored suits and all that. Then I look at my own life. I live in a small fourth-floor apartment. I drive an old Chevy Cavalier and I wear things like this. 

"Don't get me wrong, Sir. I am glad for the opportunities that working here has provided me. I know that things could be a lot worse. However, my father taught me long ago never to rest on my laurels - even as a Brigadier General, he never stopped trying to get ahead. He was always trying to progress, whether he wanted the next higher position or not, because advancing meant that he was not falling behind. 

"Sir, I am not looking to become an investment broker. I don't want that kind of a job - I don't know anything about it, nor am I really interested in learning. Being in charge of someone's life savings and future retirement is more responsibility than I want to bear. Nor am I after your job or any of the other managers here. No, I am happy being a secretary and working behind the scenes to keep the machine that is this company running. But the secretarial pool only provides so much room for advancement. 

"Sir, I want to get out of the secretarial pool and become a secretary upstairs  I want to be your secretary Sir, I really do, and I think I would do a very good job at it. I may not have the best qualifications - the other girl, whoever they are, might have more experience and more training. But I have one thing that she doesn't... I would do anything required to get and keep the job. And Sir, I do mean anything. An-y-thing," she said.

To show him she meant business, she crawled up into his chair with him, kneeling and sitting on his lap facing him, her legs straddling his. She reached up and pulled his face to hers kissing him hard and passionately. At first, Mr. Peckerwood was shocked at her brazenness, but after a moment on her soft full lips, his surprise was replaced with something different.

Mr. Peckerwood began returning her kiss, putting his arms around her and pulling her closer to him. Charlotte felt better about this risky move and melted into his kiss, softly moaning into his mouth as she felt his arms around her. 

Still a bit leery and knowing full well what kind of trouble this could bring from Human Resources in a sexual harassment suit, he made sure he kept his hands well above her waistline. But that wasn't where Charlotte wanted them. She broke the kiss and pulled her head back a bit to look into his eyes. 

"Sir, you can go lower... you can touch my ass. I want you to, Sir... please?" she said as her eyes flickered back and forth. She wanted him and she wanted him to know it. Since her supervisor, Mrs. Haskins, told her of today's meeting with him, she had been thinking about this moment and she could feel how wet she was getting already.

At her suggestion, he did move his hands lower and she wriggled her ass as she felt him gripping her there. Sitting slightly higher than he was being on his lap, she looked down and noticed his eyes were fixed on her 36D tits.

Charlotte had always believed her tits were one of her best features and on the rare occasions where she would dress up, she liked to display them to their best advantage. She thought that if she wasn't such a reclusive type, that she'd dress so that she could show her tits off. 

She saw the dresses the other girls wore and she saw the ones she would like to wear on the racks in the clothing shops. But who would she wear them for? She had no man to dress nicely for. She had no prospects even. So dressing up was a moot point for her - it just meant spending more money for no reason at all. She had nice conservative clothes - they didn't do much to show off her body, but they looked professional and that's what mattered to her. Still, she was a woman and would like to dress like that someday. Maybe someday...

She looked down at Mr. Peckerwood again and saw him licking his lips. She decided to see if her tits were as attractive as she hoped they were. She pulled open her blouse, thankful she hadn't put her bra back on when she had gone home on her lunch break. Her full, firm tits popped out with hard, erect nipples beckoning him to take a taste.

Charlotte saw his eyes widen as he saw her exposed like this for the first time and smiled. She pulled his face to her bosom and tossed her head back as he began licking and chewing on her hard, aching nipples.

"Ohhh, Sirrr," Charlotte moaned, feeling her boss's hot mouth on her tender nipple. She'd had other guys lick her nipples before - Charlotte was no virgin. But it had been a very long time and she had forgotten how wonderful it felt to have a man feasting on her like this.

Mr. Peckerwood was indeed feasting on this young woman's sweet, succulent tits... like a ravenous animal he licked and sucked and chewed on her creamy flesh while Charlotte writhed and wriggled on his lap, holding his face firmly to her and shoving more meat into his hungry mouth.

Suddenly, he stood up and with a wide sweep of his arm, he cleared his desktop. Then he picked Charlotte up and laid her on her back on top of the huge mahogany desk. He gently laid her back on the hard desktop and then, running his hands up the outside of her legs, he pushed her skirt up to her waist, smiling when he saw she was not wearing any panties.

"The mark of a good secretary is being able to anticipate the boss's needs," he said. Then he spread her legs wide and Charlotte gasped. Mr. Peckerwood ran his fingers lightly up and down the insides of her thighs, circling her pussy before moving to the other thigh.

Charlotte trembled each time he got close to her core... she so wanted him to touch her there! But he knew that drawing out the anticipation would do more to arouse her than if he just went right to work. Mr. Peckerwood knew how to play a woman, and he played her like a fine instrument. 

By the time his fingers had made their third pass down her thigh and were circling her now dripping pussy, Charlotte was moaning and moving her hips, trying to get him to touch her hungry pussy. She would have been happy with just a brushing of his fingers across her swollen strawberry lips, but his teasing fingers came aggravatingly close then denied her once again.

"Please, Mr. Peckerwood... Sir..." she moaned as she tried humping up at the tormenting hand.

"You like this do you?" he said with a mischievous grin. "Then you're really going to enjoy what comes next!" He moved around to her side and, placing one hand on her abdomen just above her bush, he thrust the middle two finger of his other hand into her wet pussy, using the outer fingers to hold her lips open.

With his palm against her crotch, he curled the fingers inside her, up behind her pubic bone, and found her spongy g-spot - that special area that, when properly manipulated, drives women crazy. He knew just how to do manipulate hers and he began using rapid, short, thrusting motions, rubbing the g-spot while holding his fingers up against the top of her slit and rubbing her clit as well. 

Charlotte had never seen this trick before and certainly never felt it used on her... the first couple of seconds she wondered what he was up to. But very quickly, she began to see why he was doing what he was doing. She felt her pussy catch fire as if his motions had struck a match in her cunt. He ignited her lust fire and fanned it quickly to a raging inferno, like a lit torch dropped in a field of parched, dry grass.

It was only about twenty seconds, if that long, before Charlotte was completely out of control. The first of many orgasms hit her unexpectedly. A small one at first, they would get much bigger and much harder before he was through.

"Oh, Sir! That was incredible!" she panted as the first orgasm slowly ebbed away. But before she came fully down from this first one, he thrust his fingers into her and repeated it, quickly bringing her to a second, more powerful one. He repeated the cycle, bringing her to ever higher and stronger orgasms each time and then not letting her fully relax before starting her up again.

By the fourth orgasm, she was flailing around like a woman possessed. She squealed and gasped and moaned as he kept her riding the waves of her lust and bucking like a prize bronco at the rodeo.

"Please, Sir! Please, I can't... ohhh..." she moaned.

"Why, Miss Sintallie, we are only just starting with this 'interview' my dear!" he said with an evil chuckle.

"A good secretary has to be able to communicate. The ability to speak and share ideas and get her point across not only to her supervisor but also to others is critical in her daily duties. So I want to test your oral communication skills next!" he said as he walked around to her head.

He reached out and pulled her closer to him until her head fell off the edge of the desk and hung down. She watched, upside down, as he unzipped his trousers and fished out his cock from his boxers. As he pulled the cock from his shorts he warned her, "Now, do not try to lick it or put it in your mouth until I give you permission." When the hard shaft emerged with it's swollen purplish head throbbing in eager anticipation, Charlotte moaned audibly.

"That's right Miss Sintallie. And if you are successful in getting this position, you will become quite familiar with this cock. You see, I do not have a wife or girlfriend - my work responsibilities require me to travel so much that having any kind of steady relationship is difficult at best.

"One of the more 'personal' duties of this personal assistant position is to take care of my non-work needs... in other words, my sexual needs. If you are chosen and accept the position, you will become my personal slut and be responsible for satisfying the sexual needs that I cannot satisfy otherwise, due to extensive travel," he said. 

As he spoke, he rubbed the tip across her lips and softly stroked her cheek with it. Charlotte was trembling with excitement and need. It was all she could do to comply with his orders not to move on the hard, yet velvety-soft cock, teasing her so mercilessly.

Mr. Peckerwood smiled as Charlotte closed her eyes - wanting to feel his cock without the interference of her sight. "So you like the feel of my cock on your lips do you? Imagine how it will feel when it goes between those pretty, pouty lips! Would you like to taste that cock, Miss Sintallie?" he asked.

"Oh, Sir! Please! Please let me suck it!" Charlotte said, nearly cumming at the thought of it. She opened her mouth wide in invitation. Mr. Peckerwood wasted no time in accepting her warm, wet welcome and pushed his hard, fat cock deep into her open mouth, sliding down until he felt the back of her throat. Charlotte wasn't quite ready for him to go so deep, and when he touched the back of her throat and hit her gag reflex, she retched a bit and pulled her head away.

This irked him a little and he pushed her head back into position, holding it between his legs so she couldn't move it again. "Miss Sintallie, if you want this position you will have to learn to accept the duties and responsibilities that come with it. You DO want this position don't you?" he said, holding her head clamped between his knees. "If not or if you don't think you can cut it, say so now and we can end the interview immediately."

"No, please! Please, Mr. Peckerwood! I do want the position, Sir!  I do want to be your secretary and your assistant. I want to be your slut, Sir! I'll do better, I promise!" she cried quickly.

"I'm glad to hear that. Shall we start again?" he said. She nodded her head and opened her mouth, this time prepared for him.

Mr. Peckerwood began thrusting in and out of her mouth and Charlotte did her very best to lick and suck him the way he liked. She tried different techniques and combinations and listened to his responses so she could learn what to do to please him the most. Some of the things worked very well and she remembered those; others not so much and she dismissed them.

As she worked on his cock, Mr. Peckerwood reached down and opened her blouse, fully laying the garment open and exposing her full, glorious tits to his view Her large, creamy mounds were topped with hard, rose-colored nipples straining upwards and begging him for attention. He palmed her hard nipples, feeling them trying to poke through his hands as his fingers curled and dug into the soft, pliable flesh

Charlotte moaned around his cock as she felt his hands on her sensitive tits. She had always loved feeling a man's hands on her tits - it was a definite hot button for her. And Mr. Peckerwood obviously enjoyed it, too... his hands roamed over her cupping the mounds, squeezing them together to narrow the valley between them, then rolling the nipples in his fingers. He gently pulled them upwards and smiled as she arched her back in response, as if she was giving them to him.

"You have potential, Miss Sintallie... you will have to work on your oral skills to learn how I like things, but that's to be expected. The point is you have the potential I am looking for and a willingness to learn. That is good. I can work with that. Now, let's see if you can seal the deal," he said as he moved around the table to position himself between her legs.

He spread her legs wide and rubbed his cock up and down her wet slit, the head just parting her lips so she could feel him without making an entry just yet. The feeling was delicious, but maddening - she whimpered and whined, wanting him to push into her.

"Please, Sir! Oh God, please fuck me! Please, I need your beautiful cock in me. Please, I can't stand your teasing much more! Please fuck your slut, pleeease!" she pleaded.

Despite her whimpering and pleading, Mr. Peckerwood continued talking about the job while he rubbed his hard cock across her pussy lips, up and down her drooling slit, and pushing into her just enough to frustrate her.

"I need someone who can help me persuade our new clients to go with us instead of our competitor's firms. My assistant will have to be part secretary, part hostess, part saleswoman. If you get the position, you will be called on to charm and even flirt with our clients - both men and women. You will be called to go to meetings which sometimes occur over a nice dinner. And you will help me convince the prospect to become a client with us," he said.

"Yes, Sir, anything you want! Please, Mr. Peckerwood, please fuck me! I'm going crazy here! Please, I beg of you... fuck me!" Charlotte said, humping and writhing on the desk. She couldn't remember ever being this horny and turned on. It was like her whole body was on fire and alive with lust.

Mr. Peckerwood chuckled to himself. This was exactly where he wanted her to be. He needed her to be so aroused and so horny that she would do anything to get the release she needed. And now that she had reached that point, it was time to bring this "interview" to a successful conclusion. Mr. Peckerwood pointed the head of his cock at her dripping opening and pushed forward.

"OHHH SIRRR!" Charlotte gasped loudly as he sank his eight-inch-long and two and a half inch thick cock slickly into her wet pussy in one smooth thrust. He pushed deeper into her until his balls slapped her ass and Charlotte arched her back, her fingernails trying to dig into the hard wooden desktop.

He reached forward taking her by the back of the neck and pulling her to him, holding her in a semi-bent position to get the maximum depth into her. He began fucking her hard and deep and fast - almost as if he wanted to hurt her. He didn't of course, he merely wanted her to know what a good, hard fucking was like and make her want more of them in the future.

He was offering her a position as his personal assistant and secretary - a job with good pay and lots of benefits. He wanted to see to it that if she accepted, that she meant that statement about "anything he wanted" she had offered him!

He pounded into her like he wanted to punch a hole in her and Charlotte loved every brutal stab of his cock. Her past lovers had always thought of her as a delicate, fragile thing that needed to be loved tenderly and cautiously... as if she was a china doll you didn't want to break. But what she really wanted was hard, hot, sweaty, sex - the kind that made it hard to walk the next morning.

Charlotte was nearly out of her mind with lust now. She could no longer form words; she only uttered babbling, grunts and moans. Mr. Peckerwood knew that he had gotten her so hot and bothered before ever starting to fuck her that it wouldn't take long for her to reach her peak and he was right; only a few minutes into the cunt-churning pounding he was giving her, she was crying out her need for release.

"Oh, God, Sir! I'm going to cum! Oh, please make me cum! Please, please, please! I need to cum so bad! Please, Sir, let me cum for you!" she cried out, begging and pleading with him.

He would grant her request. He increased the speed and force of his thrusts and at the same time used the thumb of one hand to rub her swollen throbbing clit vigorously. That was all it took. Within moments, Charlotte screamed her arrival at her orgasm.

"OHHH FUUUCKKK, SIRRR!!" she screamed out as her body wrung itself out, writhing and twisting and convulsing, the orgasm taking control of her like a string puppet. Charlotte bucked and twisted and squirmed for what seemed to her like an eternity, but was actually only about a minute or two.

When the colossal orgasm finally released her, she lay panting and moaning, dripping sweat and pussy juice onto the desktop. He let her lay there for a few minutes until he felt it was safe to let her move to a chair, then he helped her off the desk and into her chair again.

Charlotte sat there in her chair, gathering her wits about her again. She didn't know it, but she was his choice for the position if she wanted it. He just hoped she did. He wasn't concerned with the money part, he wasn't concerned with the travel part. Even the sex with him didn't seem to be a deal breaker. But there was one last facet to the job that he was concerned might cause her to turn him down after all. And that was that she may be called on to "entertain" prospective clients. 

Being made to flirt with and subsequently have sex with clients to get them to sign on with the company made her little more than a glorified whore; the only difference was that she wasn't selling her own body, but rather using it to sell the company.

Other girls he had interviewed for the position had balked when the subject of sex came up - either with him or with the clients. Some felt they were too good to "sleep their way to the top"; others had relationships they didn't want to damage; still others were just abhorred at the idea of having sex to get a good job.

Whatever the reason, they had declined the job offer and now it was down to Charlotte and one other girl. And Mr. Peckerwood wanted her for the job even though the other girl was more qualified. He felt that Charlotte would try harder and do what he asked with less hesitation or resistance.

"Now, before I formally ask you if you want the job, there's one last thing I do need to warn you about. Your charm and flirtations will normally be just regular office coquettishness. But on occasion, you may need to take more advanced and... shall we say, personal measures to secure the client for the company. I don't want to say you will have to whore yourself out, but let's just say a little extra attention might be required. Are you okay with this?

"Of course, I will do everything in my power to protect you from any unwanted consequences - from providing condoms to keeping the client from getting out of hand. You will never be left alone, I will always be close at hand and watching over you. And it won't happen all that much, I'm really hoping our company services will do most of the selling!" he said.


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