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Charlotte's New Job, Part 3

Contributing Authors: AmericanDreamgirl 

Charlotte has gotten her promotion, now can she really go through with what he requires of her?

Charlotte thought about this new twist, but only for a moment. She really wanted this job and to be his secretary. Every job has some part of it that isn't as easy or as much fun as the rest, she thought to herself. And if he wanted her to schmooze the clients once in awhile, she could do that. 

After all, it wasn't like that was her whole job - he said it would only be an occasional thing. And in the meantime, she would have him all to herself! A hefty pay raise and benefit package, travel all over the country and to exotic overseas locations, and all the hot sex she could want! Who could turn that down!

"Yes, Mr. Peckerwood, I would love to come work for you as your secretary, your assistant, even your slut!" she said after a moment. "I don't have a problem helping to 'sell' the company as you have described. And I know you will watch out for me - you have always looked out for us employees. That's one reason why we all love it so much here. 

"I remember when Janet in new accounts lost her apartment when her building caught fire. You put her up in a hotel at the company cost until her building was fixed and ready for her to move back in. And when I first came here, you gave me an advance on my first paycheck from your own pocket so I could get groceries and pay to have the utilities transferred to my new apartment. You have always looked out for us Sir. You are a wonderful boss and a wonderful man," Charlotte said.

"Well thank you, Miss Sintallie. I believe that in order to have a successful company you need to have employees who are enthusiastic about their work. A happy employee will try harder because he wants his company to grow and become even better. 

"Many of the people here at Silver Hill Securities have worked for other agencies that didn't treat their people well and now that they see how nice it is here they want to stay and they want the company to grow. They are happy so they do a better job for our clientele which makes them happy. They invest with us and they tell their friends and others about us so we get more business. Everyone wins - except for our competition!" he said.

"Yes, Sir," she said.

"I will be going over your interview and your files along with the other girl who is vying for this position and will let you know by the end of the week who I have picked for this position. But I will tell you that you have impressed me here today and it will be a very hard decision. 

"Both of you have done very well in this application process and I will have a lot to weigh to make my choice," he said, getting up and walking her to the door. Charlotte headed for the elevator to go back downstairs to work again - hopefully one of the last times she would have to go back down to the second-floor secretarial pool.

It was three days later - that following Thursday - when Charlotte was busy with her work in the secretarial pool, that she got a call to go upstairs to see Mr. Peckerwood. This is it! she thought to herself as she made her way to the elevator to head upstairs. Her knees were weak and her heart raced as the elevator took her upstairs. She got off the elevator and walked rather unsteadily to the receptionist's desk.

She was scared to death - this was her one chance to have her dream job and she knew that she was behind the ball in her application. Mr. Peckerwood had already said that the job entailed flirting and charming the clients. 

She knew that she wasn't as young and pretty as the other girl, Beverly. And she knew that Mr. Peckerwood was a businessman above all else and that he would want and need a qualified and skilled secretary. The position was an important one and she was just a simple secretary - Beverly had a degree in Business Management for pete's sake!

Still, she had beat out all the other girls and Mr. Peckerwood did say it would be a tough choice. She still had a chance...

She got off the elevator and walked rather unsteadily to the receptionist's desk. "I-I'm here to see Mr. Peckerwood," she said shakily. 

"Yes ma'am, he is expecting you," the girl said. Ma'am - that's just great! she thought to herself, suddenly feeling very frumpy and old. Charlotte took a deep breath, trying to calm her nerves and stepped into the office.

"Ahh, Miss Sintallie! Please come in and have a seat. I believe you know Miss Watkins here?" she said, waving to Beverly.

"Yes, we know each other, Sir. She works in a different department, but we know each other," Charlotte said.

"Good. Now the reason I have called you both here this afternoon was to inform you that I have made my decision as to who I want to be my secretary and personal assistant. I must tell you that you both made the decision a very tough one - each of you brings quite a bit to the table and I had a lot to take into consideration. I looked through your personnel files for work history your qualifications and time here at the company..." 

Charlotte's heart sunk - she was less qualified than Beverly but she had also been with the company a shorter time. Two strikes against her!  

"then I looked at the notes I took during our meetings and how we related with each other. After all, if you and I can't talk and get on the same page, none of this other stuff makes a bit of difference! We need to be able to work together, to think alike and to know each other and how we work," he said.

The girls were sitting forward on their chairs at this point eagerly waiting - and hoping - their names would be the one he would pick.

They shot a quick glance at each other.

"Okay enough stalling. You want to know who got the position, I understand. Beverly, you are very qualified for the position and you have a Business Degree. I'm sure you would do wonderfully in this position as my secretary," he said.

Charlotte moved to stand up and congratulate Beverly. "Hold on a moment, Miss Sintallie, I'm not quite finished. As I was saying, Beverly you are highly qualified for this position - there's no disputing that. 

"However, when you and I were talking I didn't get the sympatico that I did with you Charlotte. You and I seemed like we thought alike and I felt that we were of one mind. And I need that kind of rapport with my personal assistant. 

"The personal assistant part of the job is more important to me than the secretary part. Typing, filing, taking dictation - that stuff is fairly easy to do. But being able to anticipate and meet my other needs - knowing my upcoming appointments, my favorite cigars, keeping the liquor cabinet stocked when I have clients over, making sure my clothes are clean and pressed - that sort of stuff is what I need more than anything. 

"My head is always buzzing with financial things and what's going on in the Stock Market - I often forget to even eat until I am forced to by hunger!  So remembering to pick up my dry cleaning is way down on the list and I forget a lot of those little details. That's why I need a personal assistant that thinks like I do and I felt that with you Charlotte.

"And so Charlotte, I am offering you the job, if you want it. Beverly, I'm sorry and I hope you will continue to do the same great job for the company you have been doing. I am going to offer you a raise in pay because of your exemplary work," he said.

Both the girls stood up then and hugged each other. Charlotte was very restrained - even though she wanted to jump up and down and scream for joy, she maintained a calm, dignified outward appearance. Beverly was a gracious loser, shaking Charlotte's hand and thanking Mr. Peckerwood for the opportunity before leaving to head back to her desk.

"Now, Miss Sintallie, you can return to your desk and finish out the day there, but tomorrow I want you to spend the morning clearing out your desk and move your things up here. Once you have brought everything upstairs and have had a chance to set your new desk up the way you like it, we will sit down and talk about your new duties and responsibilities. That way, come Monday morning, you can start as my new Girl Friday. How does that sound?" he asked.

"Mr. Peckerwood, that sounds wonderful. Thank you so much for giving me this chance, Sir. I promise you I will do my very best to be a good personal assistant and secretary to you. Please feel free to call me anytime day or night if I can be of service to you," she said. She secretly hoped he would call on her soon and often to be "of service" to him!

The rest of that day was a fog to Charlotte. She managed to have just enough of a clear head to finish her work but her mind was constantly on what her new job would be like Monday morning. 

Her friends and co-workers in the secretarial pool were all thrilled that one of their own had made it to the big time and was moving upstairs. They all gathered around her desk and gabbed and chattered as Charlotte told them about the interviews - what she could tell them at least! 

"So what kinds of things are you going to do as Mr. Peckerwood's personal assistant?" one of the girls asked.

"I'm not really sure just yet. He mentioned something about keeping his appointments straight, picking up his dry cleaning, making sure he ate, and things like that though," she said. She didn't go into detail about the sexual side of her job. She figured that was between her and Mr. Peckerwood.

After work that day she went home, still so elated about her new job she could barely contain herself long enough to get home. Once she was home and the door was shut and locked behind her she felt able to release all the pent up celebratory energy she had been keeping down.

"Oh my God, I can't believe I was picked over Beverly!" she said aloud, her back leaning on the closed door. She kicked off her heels and danced and pranced her way through the house like a schoolgirl who just got asked to the prom by the hottest guy in school. She danced her way to the bedroom and flopped down on her bed, arms stretched wide. Charlotte lay there in bed thinking about her new job and trying to figure out what she would do now that she was "moving uptown". 

I will have to get some new clothes, that's for sure! she said to herself. Then it occurred to her - in her excitement over getting this new position she never bothered to ask what the pay was! She figured she would get some kind of raise, but how much? 

Charlotte's secretarial pool position paid about nine hundred dollars take-home every payday. Which was enough to get by if she was careful with her spending and conservative on her utilities. It didn't leave much for fun money, but since she didn't go out much, it was okay. She would have to ask him tomorrow what the pay was for the new position so she could figure out her budget and what she could spend on some new clothes. 

She lay there for several minutes before getting up to start dinner. She decided to treat herself that night, fixing her favorite dinner. Then after dinner, she decided to take a bath. A bath was more relaxing than a shower. A long, relaxing bath would do her good. I deserve a little pampering after landing this job, she thought to herself.

The bathtub in Charlotte's only bathroom was a shower/tub combination and was equipped with one of those handheld showerhead devices. It also had a handy ledge on the back of the tub where she usually sat to shave her legs or wash her feet. 

Charlotte turned on the water, adjusting it to the temperature she liked and watched as the tub started to fill. She knew it would take a few minutes for the tub to fill - the water pressure in her old building left something to be desired. So while she waited for the tub to be ready, she went into her bedroom and got undressed. 

Coming back into the bathroom naked, she saw the tub was getting close to full. She got out some of her favorite lavender bath oils and poured some into the water. Charlotte loved the smell of lavender and the way it made her smell after one of these luxurious baths. Soon the bathroom began to fill with the delicate, artificial scent. 

When the bath was ready, Charlotte turned the water off and sat on the edge of the tub, putting her hair up in a loose bun held there with a butterfly hairclip. She lowered her naked shapely body into the hot welcoming water and spent the first few moments enjoying herself and playing with the foam that the bath oils had created. 

She laid back, resting her head on the ledge and closed her eyes, luxuriating in the warm hug of the water. After a few wonderful minutes of lazy soaking, she put a little bit of liquid soap on a sponge and started to slowly wash her body. She lifted one of her long well-toned legs high in the air and delicately half washed, half caressed it.

The warm water and the caresses of the soapy sponge were quite pleasurable, but the higher up on her leg she went the warm pleasure of the bath gave way to another more intense pleasure. And then it hit her – horniness. The events of the day and the prospects it held for her in the future had made her extremely aroused!

Laying back again, she began daydreaming about Mr. Peckerwood and working next to such a handsome, sexy man. She parted her legs hooking them over the edge of the tub and wishing it was bigger. Her hand rested on the top of her thigh as she closed her eyes and began fantasizing about him...

She is at her desk, typing up some sort of report when he walks in. He looks amazing as always but this time he has a certain look in his eyes... like the look of a hungry wolf on the hunt. He locks eyes with her and she can't look away. 

He comes closer, ever closer still focused laser sharp on her. He moves slowly around behind her as she sits there. She feels his hands, his strong hands, on her shoulders. Those hands move to her neck, caressing her, making her relax and causing her pussy to dampen. 

She knows what is coming and she can't wait. His hands roam down her front, releasing each button of her white blouse at a time. Her breathing quickens as he opens her blouse a little more with every button that is undone. 

He reaches the clasp of her front-hook bra and with a single deft twist, it flies apart, causing her to gasp aloud. Then his hands are on her now exposed breasts...

Charlotte's own hands have moved up to her breasts as she mimics his movements in her mind.

"Please Sir," she says to him. "Please... I need you."

He knows the need which she speaks of because he feels it too. He pulls her to her feet, gently pushing her up against a nearby wall. With her back to the wall, he finishes undoing the buttons on her blouse and pulls it off her shoulders and down her arms partway, trapping her arms at her sides.

He lowers her head and cups both breasts in his strong hands, curling his fingers into the creamy soft meat. She moans as she feels his hands on her - she always loves it when he touches her. He caresses and squeezes her milky globes playing with her hard cherry red nipples.

Charlotte pinches and pulls at her own nipples as if it were him doing it. Her real-world moans echo in the small bathroom, adding to the fantasy.

"I want you," he growls in her ear and her hands move down to unbuckle his belt and unfasten his pants. She releases his huge cock which springs out of its fabric prison ready for action.

He presses himself against her, his cock needing no guidance, he slides easily into her slippery hole. "Take me!" she gasps as she feels him enter her.

Charlotte's own fingers slide into her wet pussy as her fantasy man begins fucking her.

"I know you have been wanting this, wanting to feel my cock inside you. You have fantasized about it dreamed about my thick cock stretching your pussy wide plunging deep into you. You have dreamed of me fucking you, haven't you, slut?" he growled in her ear.

"Yes! Oh Yes!" both Charlotte and her fantasy cry out at the same time.

Her fantasy man fucks her hard and fast and Charlotte's own fingers plunge in and out of her in rhythm. She can feel her pussy clenching as her orgasm takes over. Her heart is racing and her breath is coming in ragged gasps as she thrashes around both in her dreams and in her lust-fogged reality.

“That’s it baby, cum for me. Cum all over my big thick cock," he commanded. He shoved his fantasy cock into her hard “Yes baby, cum, all over my fingers. Mmmmm… I am cumming in you too… can you feel my hot thick cum splashing into you… my cock jumping with each spurt.” he said as her orgasm took control of her body now.

Charlotte's fantasy quickly disappeared and she lay in the tub trying to collect herself. Once her breathing returned to a normal pace and she had the strength to, she moved up to sit on the ledge and used the handheld showerhead to rinse off - careful not to spray directly on her hyper-sensitive pussy and clit.

With her bath finished she dried herself off and went to her bedroom to get dressed.

Charlotte put on her cozy fleece pajama bottoms and her oversized t-shirt and then while she was in her bedroom, she opened the closet doors to take stock of what she had that she could wear to work. She knew that Mr. Peckerwood would want her to dress a certain way - sexy but yet not trampy... something just revealing enough to make a man's mind wander without getting too lost!

"This is pathetic!" she said as she went through her closet. She was able to come up with one dress, her little red dress, that would work in a pinch. "I am definitely going to have to go clothes shopping soon - I can't wear the same dress every single day!" she said to herself.

While she was thinking about it she decided to check her makeup supplies too. Getting herself all dolled up for him had worked to help get her the job to start with so she figured the look must please him. 

She made a list of all the things she would have to get then did some quick calculations... it was quite a list! She would have to get things a little at a time and build up her clothes and makeup supplies over a few paychecks. 

She goes back to the bedroom and lays out what she wants to wear the next day. Since she will be spending the morning cleaning out her desk and moving her things upstairs, she decides to wear regular office clothes. Besides, she only has the one dress, which she decides to save until Monday morning so she can start off right at her new job.

That night she went to bed looking forward to the morning and the start of her new adventure...


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