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Charlotte's New Job, Part 4

Contributing Authors: AmericanDreamgirl 

Moving upstairs meant leaving old friends behind, but new friends - and new fun awaited!

The following day Charlotte woke up with an excitement she had never felt before. Charlotte never minded going to work - it was just something you did and there was no point in making a fuss about it. But today was different; today she was genuinely excited about going to work!

She went to her desk and began clearing things out. She had brought a couple cardboard boxes to work with her to put everything in and make it easier to move. She turned in the work she had been doing to her supervisor so the next girl could pick up where she left off and then she went around saying goodbye to the girls she worked with. She wasn't leaving the company but she didn't know how often she would be able to get down here to visit. They were usually too busy for idle chit-chat and she didn't know yet what her work schedule would be like either. 

Before she left to start taking things upstairs one of the girls Jennifer, came up to her. "Now Charlotte you know we can't let you go without a proper sendoff so we got this cake for you," she said. A couple of the other girls wheeled out a small sheet cake decorated with Goodbye and Good Luck Charlotte written on it.

"Oh how sweet of you all!" she said. "I think I might just cry!"

"Well it isn't every day one of us gets a chance to hobknob with the top executives here much less the boss himself!" one of the girls said.

"Yeah, just don't forget where you came from! Come down once in awhile and tell us what life uptown is like!" another girl said as everyone laughed.

"It was wonderful working with all of you. I'm going to miss the gossip and chatter we had... I'm going to be up there pretty much alone - only the receptionist is up there and I don't know her much at all. I'm going to miss you, girls! I don't know what my work schedule is yet, but maybe we can get together on our lunch breaks and you can catch me up on the goings-on around the pool here. And if I have any news of upcoming changes or anything I can share I will be happy to," Charlotte said.

And so with kisses and hugs all around, she loaded the two boxes of her things onto a cart she borrowed from the mailroom and headed for the elevator to head upstairs. She turned around to wave goodbye and then pushed the cart into the elevator and headed upstairs.

The elevator opened and Charlotte wheeled her cart and her belongings off the elevator and headed toward the door to Mr. Peckerwood's office. 

"You must be Charlotte," the receptionist said coming around her large desk. "My name is Angela. I'm sorry we didn't get a chance to meet like this before on one of your visits, but I wasn't sure who Mr. Peckerwood was going to hire for this job."

"Hello," Charlotte said shyly.

"He's been called to another appointment, but he left word for me to show you to your desk and help in whatever way I can to get you settled in. Let me get the door for you," Angela said. She held the door for Charlotte and then showed her to her new desk. 

"Oh, my! It's twice the size of the one I had downstairs!" Charlotte said.

"Well, I will let you get your things put away and afterward come out to my desk and I will show you the break room restrooms and other things up here," Angela said.

"Okay, thank you, Angela," Charlotte said. She seems nice...maybe I will have someone to talk to up here after all! Charlotte thought to herself.

After Angela left, Charlotte busied herself getting her desk set up the way she wanted it. She put her mom's picture on her desk right where she could see it. She put the other things on her desk as well - the pencil cup her niece made in art class for her, her regular desk items, and she pulled the phone closer so she could reach it easily. 

When her desk was the way she wanted it, she walked around the large office getting acquainted with where things were. She went to the filing cabinet to see how the files were kept, she went to look over Mr. Peckerwood's desk. She took a quick glance through his appointment book to see what upcoming things he had already scheduled. Then she went over to the closet to check it out. 

There hanging on a hook was his coat. She couldn't help herself - she took a long deep sniff, inhaling the scent of him... his cologne, the wonderful smell this man had all on his own. It made her damp to know that she was now his and that she would be getting him regularly. 

She went out to see Angela and the two took a quick tour of the fourth floor. Anglea showed her where everything was and introduced her to some of the people there. Then they went back to the office and Charlotte, not having any work yet, sat in the reception room with Angela and they got to know each other a bit. About that time it was lunch and so the two decided to go to lunch together so they could talk more. 

The girls sat and talked about everything - where they were from, growing up, how they came to work at Silver Hills, and other things. They found out they had a few things in common, including the fact that they once lived less than five miles away from each other! Eventually, though the talk turned to work and Charlotte's new job. 

"You're gonna love working up here, Charlotte. Mr. P is a wonderful man to work for," Angela said. "Oops! Don't tell him I called him Mr. P - he doesn't like that. He'd turn me over his knee if he found out I called him that!"

"H-he spanks?" Charlotte said incredulously.

"Oh yes... but only for little things like calling him Mr. P or something. And then he only spanks certain people. Like you and me and maybe a couple other girls. You have to be special to him to get a spanking," Angela said.

Charlotte leaned forward obviously wanting to know more.

"Okay, the last time I got a spanking, I accidentally broke his coffee cup trying to carry too much. He had told me I should make two trips, but I didn't listen. Anyway, when I broke his coffee cup, he called me into his office and made me stand in front of him while he scolded me. I felt terrible about breaking his cup - Mr. Peckerwood loves his coffee. After a good tongue lashing, he made me hike up my skirt and lay over his knees. I was wearing panties that day, so he rubbed my ass over my panties for a bit. I was already getting wet - I knew what was coming... this wasn't the first time I was in this position with him!"

"Oh my!" Charlotte gasped. 

"He pulled my panties down and off me, and made me stuff them in my mouth. He said it was to keep from alerting the whole building with my screaming. Then he began spanking me. He spanked me and spanked me and I got wetter and wetter as he did. By the time he was done, my ass was red as an apple and my pussy was dripping. He saw that and he finger-fucked me to a screaming orgasm! Not just once either - he made me cum three times! I hadn't made much more than a whimper during the spanking, but I made up for it with the fingerfucking! That's one thing about his spankings - you feel terrible in getting one, but afterward, he makes you feel sooo good! 

Charlotte couldn't believe what she was hearing! This was not usual business practice!

"Anyway, after the spanking and orgasm, he made me stand in the corner with my skirt hiked up so he could see my red ass. I stayed there until quitting time. The next morning I came in and there was the most beautiful flowers on my desk with a note that said: "You're Forgiven, Love Peter." I came into his office bawling like a kid! I told him how sorry I was, and apologized for breaking his cup and he held me until I quit blubbering. That day at lunch I went out and bought a World's Greatest Boss coffee cup and when he came back from lunch I gave him the cup with his afternoon coffee. He still has that cup and it's the only cup he takes his coffee in," Angela told her.

"Wow!" Charlotte said, astonished.

"Yeah, there are lots of things about Mr. Peckerwood that you probably don't know," Angela said.

"I'll say! When I was downstairs we all looked at the fourth floor as some sort of castle or something and Mr. Peckerwood as a king. We didn't even think of him as human - he was almost a god to us. When I was first called up to see him I was as scared as the Cowardly Lion going to see the Great Oz!" Charlotte said.

"Well, he is a businessman and he has to keep order and a certain respect and discipline. But once you get to know him personally he is a great, great man and you can't have a better boss," Angela said.

"He's not like any boss I have ever had!" Charlotte said.

"How's that?" Angela asked.

"Well, for starters no boss I have ever had ever kissed me or..." Charlotte blushed.

"Yeah, Mr. Peckerwood does get grabby! Hell, he's like an octopus with a cock!" Angela giggled. "A few people have tried to get him on sexual harassment charges on him. But Mr's Peckerwood always makes sure that any groping or anything is completely consensual which takes the harassment right out of the picture. And believe me, you will come to want to be 'harassed' before long!"

"I already do!" Charlotte laughed. 

After a nice girls lunch, the two went back to the office and Angela went to her desk while Charlotte went into Mr. Peckerwood's office and her desk. A minute or two later, the office door opened and Mr. Peckerwood came in.

"Good afternoon, Sir. I hope you had a good lunch. I am all moved in and ready to start work," Charlotte said standing up to address him.

Mr. Peckerwood didn't say anything. He merely stepped over the where she was standing put a hand on the back of her neck and pulled her into a deep, powerful, passionate kiss. Charlotte was completely caught off-guard and at first, didn't know what to do but only for a moment, then she melted into the kiss like butter on a warm plate. She moaned into his mouth and her hands went up to cup his face.

But he wasn't looking for tender at that moment. He pulled her hands down and put them behind her back. He wanted her to know he was in charge here. He owned her and he was claiming that dominance now - right from the beginning, he wanted her to be submissive and obedient. And Charlotte fell right in line. She could feel the power behind his actions and she was smitten with being taken like this. She could feel her pussy getting wet as he claimed her and took ownership of her.

Charlotte felt her knees go weak and she was afraid she might fall, but he wasn't about to let that happen. His strong arms wrapped around her, holding her close to him. She never felt more safe or secure.  After a few long wonderful moments, he broke the kiss, leaving her gasping for air and completely owned.

"Oh, Sir!" Charlotte exclaimed when she had caught her breath.

"Okay that's the first thing we need to discuss," he said taking her hand and leading her to the chair in front of his desk. He seated her then walked around to his place behind the desk. "Now outside this office and in public or in a meeting, I am Mr. Peckerwood or Sir. But here... this is home and I am Peter. Outside the office, you will be referred to as Miss Sintallie, but in the office here you are Charlotte - if that is all right with you," he said. 

"Yes, Sir, that is fine with me. I mean yes, Peter!" she said blushing a bit.

"Good girl. Now there will be other names like slut and whore that I call you when we are... playing. But of course, that is just between us. How do you feel about that?" he asked.

"Oh Peter, I love being called slut and whore and talked dirty to! It's such a turn on! And I know you aren't calling me that to be mean, that it's all in play to make our sex hotter - as if it could!" she said.

"Okay good. I'm glad we got that out of the way. And I'm glad you like what I can do for you - thanks for the ego boost! Now let's get down to your duties and responsibilities here, shall we?" he said.

"Before we do Peter, would you like a cup of coffee?" Charlotte said pointing to his cup.

"I see you and Angela have been talking! Yes please," he said grinning. She smiled and went to get him a cup of coffee, being very careful not to break his coffee cup!

"Thank you Charlotte," he said when she returned. "Now, your role as my personal assistant here in the office will be to take care of all the organizing and administrative tasks, freeing me up to concentrate on the tasks of running this company. Some of your responsibilities will include dealing with correspondence and phone calls, managing and organizing my meetings and appointments, booking and arranging travel, transportation, and accommodations when we have to go someplace, reminding me of important tasks and deadlines. In addition, there are the regular secretarial things like typing, compiling and preparing reports, presentations and correspondence, managing databases and filing systems, and so on," he said.

"I can do all that, no problems there. Once I learn the specifics - the forms, reports, and the database setup, I can take care of all that for you," she said.

"Good," he said, "Now outside the office you will be responsible for some of my personal duties and tasks - such as picking up my clothes from the dry cleaners, making sure I have a cup of coffee, making sure the liquor cabinet and cigars are kept full for our clients visits, and other things... and yes, that too!" he laughed. 

Charlotte knew what he meant and blushed red.

"Because of the nature of our work here - investments and securities - we are always under the eye of many people. The FTC, the IRS, the New York Stock Exchange itself, our competitors, and most of all our clients. We have to be very careful we don't tread into dangerous territory in our work. 

"One thing that this job demands is absolute discretion and confidentiality. Under NO circumstances are you to talk about, hint at, write down, or otherwise pass on information about one of our clients or their portfolio. To do so is automatic termination - no questions asked, and no excuses given. Even in regular conversation: 'You know Bill and I were talking the other day and he says that such and such is set to take off' - that sentence right there can get you fired. If Bill happened to be one of our brokers, then it could be construed as insider trading - a jailable offense." he said.

"Yes Sir," Charlotte said taking note of the seriousness in his tone. 

"Even if he is just the school janitor or a garbageman, if he is a client, it's a breach of trust and you will be terminated. Understand? It's best not to talk about work at all outside this building. The most that should be said would be something like: 'How was work today? Oh, it was hectic, but I got through it.' Do I make myself clear? I have had to let others go because they screwed this up," he said sternly.

"Yes, Sir. It won't happen with me. I hardly talk to anyone outside of work, so it's not like I have a huge group of friends to talk with!" she said.

"Good, because I'll tell you finding a personal assistant that will work with me is not an easy task! It took me some time to get you and I don't want to have to do it again anytime soon!" he said.

"Believe me, Peter, I don't want you to either. I like it here and I am looking forward to working up here with you," Charlotte said.

"Along those same lines, nothing that happens up here on the fourth floor goes any further either. I don't mind if you and Angela trade notes on me, but that's it. I have to remain the boss here and that requires a certain amount of separation in the supervisor-employee thing. I know that the girls in the secretarial pool look on me with fear and all that and I wish it didn't have to be so, but it does. and it needs to remain so. I feel I treat everyone pretty good... as good as I can," he said.

"You do, Peter. The girls downstairs do look at you with awe and respect, but you are the boss of a big operation, and can't be all friends and chums with everyone here - we understand," she said.

"That's good to know. Now in addition to confidentiality, tact and diplomacy are needed. You will be discussing important matters and being able to charm and schmooze with our client is important. We have already gone over the fact you will need to be flexible and ready to travel if need be so we don't need to talk about that. 

"I have a good feeling about you, Charlotte. I got that feeling in our interview and I haven't felt anything less yet. I think we can do wonderful things working together. Now, do you have any questions for me?"

"Well, Peter I do have one. You never really told me... um... about the pay?" she said feeling a bit embarrassed about having to ask.

"Oh, I must have forgotten that little detail! And me, the head of a financial institution - see why I need a personal assistant? Well, this job starts off at 50,000 a year, which if I'm not mistaken pretty much doubles your old salary. Plus you will get a 350.00 a day per diem when we travel. 

"Now the company gives me an expense account, so the meals and rental car and other things are on the company dime. And if you should decide to share the room with me, that 350.00 per diem is basically just fun money just for the extra time you spend 'on the job'. Does that answer your question?" he asked.

"Oh, SIR! Oh, I knew I would get a pay raise, but I never dreamed it would be DOUBLE! Oh, you don't know what this means, Peter! It's been hard at times making ends meet. I mean you pay well for me being just a secretary - better than most places. But still the cost of things these days; this will help tremendously! Thank you, Peter. Thank you!" Charlotte said, nearly in tears now.

"You are welcome Charlotte. But believe me, you will earn that pay. Unlike your old 8-5 secretarial job being my personal assistant doesn't really have closing hours. The money trade never sleeps - somewhere in the world stocks and commodities are always being traded. So brokers are up at all hours trading them. 

"You will be on call from now on. You will have regular hours of course, but you will also have to be available after hours as well. That's why I had to be so specific about finding someone with no romantic or family ties... nothing that would prevent them from the odd hours or spur of the moment travel needs," he said.

"Well you come to the right girl then!" she said. I don't have any problem with working late or on call. I don't have a problem with spur of the moment travel. As I said, I don't have much of a social life and no ties so I'm all yours... Peter."


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