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Charlotte's New Job, Part 5

Contributing Authors: AmericanDreamgirl 

It wasn't long before she was off on her first business trip with him!

Charlotte started that next Monday and she picked up her job duties very quickly. Mr. Peckerwood couldn't have been more pleased with her performance and how she had taken to her new responsibilities. Charlotte and Angela were a good match too, which made his job all the easier. He was really feeling good about his choice. The first month seemed to fly by.

Charlotte got her first paycheck two weeks after starting with Mr. Peckerwood and couldn't believe it - almost two thousand dollars! More than she made in a month downstairs in her old position! it was so much she thought that maybe payroll had made a mistake!

"Peter, I think there's a problem with my paycheck. It says here it's $1975.45 that can't be right!" she said.

"No, that's correct," he said.

"Really? I am making that much? Every two weeks?" she asked unbelievingly.

"Yes, my dear. That is what this job pays... at first. So enjoy your new found wealth. Go have a ball!" he said.

So for the next month, Charlotte took some money and bought herself some new clothes and makeup so she could look good for Peter. And he seemed to appreciate her efforts too - they had a number of "private meetings" during that first month in which Charlotte never emerged the same graceful, stylish way she went in! On a couple occasions when she came out of the office and headed to the ladies room to freshen up, Angela giggled and once she laughed out loud.

"I see you have been in conference with Mr. Peckerwood again!" she said. Charlotte just looked at her, still woozy and glassy-eyed as she made her way, following the wall, to the bathroom.

It was about six weeks since she started working for Mr. Peckerwood when she came into work one morning. "Good morning Peter, would you like a cup of coffee?" she asked.

"Yes I would thank you," he said. When she brought his coffee back, smiling, to his desk he said. "Charlotte, sit down for a minute I have some news."

She sat down perplexed. "What is it, Peter?" she asked.

How would you like to go on your first business trip with me? I will need to go out of town for a few days next week to meet with an old and very good client. You don't have to go - they have been clients here for some time and their portfolio is well-established - but I thought you might want to," he said.

"I would love to go. Where are we going?" she asked.

"He has a place in Malibu. We would fly to Los Angeles and then drive up the coast to Malibu to meet with him," Peter said.

"Really? Oh, Peter, I've always wanted to go to California! Yes! Yes! I want to go!" Charlotte said excitedly.

"So you've never been there? Well, maybe we will have to do a little sightseeing while we are there then!" he said.

"Oh yes! I would love to see some of the things I have only seen in pictures or read about!" she said.

"Okay then, I will leave it up to you. I want to meet with our client on Monday. I think we can safely get away with a couple days for 'client relations'. And don't forget you have a lot of built up leave time that you could use. I have a few days built up myself so I think we can pull off a week in Los Angeles. I really don't think it will take much more than three or four hours with our client to show him how we are doing. Like I said he is a long-time client and trusts us to take care of his investments. After we show him how good he's doing and what we should do next, we will have the rest of the time to see the sights," he said.

"Yes Sir!" she said. "I will make all the arrangements."

"That's fine. A couple of things, though. We will fly first class with the minimum number of stops and layovers - I hate rushing to my flight or hanging around the airport for hours at a time. Secondly, I want a limo and driver to take us to Malibu and back. Appearances count for a lot and in the money world, showing off is a key point. We need to show that we know money, so a limo and driver is a good way to do that. And lastly, I want a nice hotel room. Preferably a suite, in a quality hotel. I don't want your first trip to be in a small cramped flea-bag hotel. Remember, we have a very liberal expense account - let's use it," he said.

"Oooh, this is going to be fun!" Charlotte said. She went right to work - when she wasn't doing some other secretarial work she was online looking up hotels and booking the flight or looking for things she wanted to see or do. She planned everything down to the smallest detail - this was her first trip to California and there was so much to see! She didn't know when (or if) she would get back to L.A. so she wanted to see as much as she possibly could.

On her lunch hour, she stopped by a travel agency that wasn't far from the office and picked up a handful of travel brochures. She looked through them as she ate her lunch, tossing out the ones she didn't want. She was ruthlessly efficient - she knew she didn't have long and she had so much to do! Soon she had the stack of brochures pared down to her favorites and she mentally checked that off her to-do list.

When she got back to the office after lunch, she made some phone calls and booked the flight and hotel room. Then she began looking into the limo that he had requested. Charlotte knew he wouldn't want one of those super long stretch limos - that would be a waste and make him look bad in the eyes of the investor.

But he needed something to impress, so in looking through several companies, she found one that had a seventy-inch stretch Chrysler 300 limo. It was big enough to be impressive and luxurious, but it didn't have the sofa, disco lights, and all the nonsense of a party wagon! She booked the limo for their trip and that step was done as well.

About 4:30 that afternoon Peter was wrapping things up for the day about ready to go home when Charlotte came over to his desk.

"Peter I have everything set for our trip. I have booked our flight, the hotel, the limo, and even got us a rental car once we come back from Malibu to sightsee in. I also got a bunch of travel brochures and I would like to sit down with you maybe tomorrow and so we can draw up an itinerary," she said.

"Very good. You have done a great job on this Charlotte - I am proud of you," he said.

"Thank you, Sir," she said smiling broadly. She was pretty proud of herself, as well... she had taken this first trip and planned it to perfection!

"You are pretty excited about this trip aren't you, Charlotte?" he said.

"Oh yes! I haven't been out of New York since moving here when my father retired. And although I have been to many places all over the world growing up, California was never one of them. I've always wanted to see it," she said.

"Well, I'm glad you are accompanying me on this trip. It will be nice to have someone to talk to about something other than money and investments! The last few trips have been nothing but work, work, work! And I'm sure we will both have a wonderful time. You have done a great job in planning everything out," he said. "But really you don't have to try to cram everything into this one trip... we have a lot of clients on the west coast and you and I will be going to Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, several times a year. You may actually get tired of jetting around! One of my previous secretaries, Rachael, was like that - she didn't really like to fly as it was, and the amount of time we were bouncing around got to be too much for her," he said. "She finally took a job in another line of work - one that kept her on the ground!"

"Well, I have no problem with flying - I got really used to it growing up. And if you don't mind me saying so, you can 'bounce around' on me anytime, Sir!" she said with a coquettish smirk.

The next few days went by aggravatingly slowly for Charlotte but eventually, the time came for the pair to leave on their trip. Peter had told her to just leave her car in the garage locked and he would pick her up so they both didn't have to try to find parking. 

On the day they were set to leave, Peter pulled up in front of her house in a taxi. He went up and knocked on the door to find Charlotte sitting in the living room, her bags packed and ready to go. He carried her suitcases out to the taxi and the driver put them in the trunk with Peter's. Then they headed to the airport. 

"I am so excited, Peter - I didn't get a wink of sleep last night! I have dreamed of seeing California since I was a kid. I used to watch all the old beach movies and I can't wait to see those places!" she said.

"Well don't expect to see Frankie and Annette strolling along the beach! Most of those places you saw on those old beach movies have long since gone. In fact, most the places that replaced those places have folded - the '60's were a long time ago!" he laughed.

"I know. But some of the things are still there - the Hollywood sign and Venice Beach and things like that," she said.

"Yes, those things are still there. And we will see them - if not this trip then in future trips. I usually get to Los Angeles at least four times a year so there's lots of time for sightseeing," he said. " In fact, you will be seeing a lot of this country. We have clients in Seattle, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Dallas, Atlanta just to name a few. Plus we have investors overseas too. I'm glad you like to fly because a plane will be like your second home now!"

"Gee Peter, I didn't know you traveled so much! How does the company stay going with you gone so much?" she asked.

"Well, to be totally honest, I'm pretty much just a figurehead at the company. Sure, I sit in the big office, but as far as running the company and the major decisions, that is up to the shareholders and the investors that are our clients. We just move their money where they want to put it. We advise and tell them what's hot at the moment, but it's up to them to tell us what to do. So you see, my main job is selling the company and our people to new investors and keeping our regulars up to speed with their investments. The brokers move the money and do the buying and selling of stocks and bonds and whatnot. So you and I are glorified door to door salespeople!" he said.

"Well, you can count on me, Peter. I'll do whatever it takes to make the company - and you - look good," she said.

"I know you will. I already know how persuasive you can be!" he grinned, patting her leg.

A few minutes later they pulled up in front of the airport and the cab let them off in the loading zone. He snagged a luggage cart for their suitcases and they went inside to check in.

They made it through check-in and security easily and before long they had found their gate and were sitting there waiting for the plane to arrive. Charlotte was so excited she could hardly sit still and Peter chuckled to himself at her impatience.

"Charlotte, you are acting like a teenage girl getting ready to go on her first date with a boy! Settle down... the plane will get here when it gets here!" he laughed.

She sat down and tried to relax, at least on the outside. Inside she was still just as wound up as ever!

At last, mercifully her anticipation was rewarded when she heard the announcement "Flight 119 to Los Angeles now arriving at Gate Fourteen." 

Peter picked up his laptop and his overnight bag and Charlotte picked up her purse and her overnight bag. Peter had been on enough flights and knew enough to pack a few crucial things and clothes for a couple days in a carry-on, just in case the airlines decided he didn't need the rest of his clothes! Charlotte followed suit and had packed a couple changes of clothes and her make up kit in her carry on. Peter may not mind her spending the next few days naked, but it would be hard to do her job as his secretary and meet clients without something proper to wear!

The traveling twosome boarded the plane and settled in for the seven and a half hour non-stop flight. A few minutes waiting for their plane to take off and they were underway. Charlotte looked around the First Class cabin and was quite impressed - she had never flown First Class before and she marveled at the legroom and luxuriousness of everything.

"I've never flown First Class like this Sir. Whenever we would travel, it was usually at the government's expense and they would only allow us to fly Coach or Economy- Class. And since Dad was 'under orders', we couldn't even upgrade our tickets." she said. 

"Yeah, I know about that. I served in the military - the Army - and I know how tight the government travel can be. Just be lucky you got to fly commercial and not on one of the military hops! On those, you are considered cargo and you are pretty much treated as such. You would be more comfortable sitting in the cargo bay of this plane than flying on one of those hops! But you are with me now and I always fly First Class - so get used to this!" he said.

"Oh, I think I can suffer through it!" she giggled and reclined her chair for the trip. Peter plugged in his laptop to do a little work while Charlotte closed her eyes to rest a bit. The lack of sleep the night before finally caught up to her and she drifted off. Peter noticed it and quietly asked one of the flight attendants for a blanket for her, covering her and letting her sleep for a bit.

"Hey, sleepyhead, better wake up - we're almost there. You want to see Los Angeles from the air don't you?" he said tapping her on the shoulder. Charlotte sat bolt upright, wide awake now and nose pressed to the small window.

About twenty minutes later, they had landed and were pulling up to the terminal building. Charlotte started gathering their things and preparing to disembark the plane. 

Once inside the terminal, Peter led the way. He knew this airport and knew where the baggage claim area was and so they walked toward that section. As they walked he reached out and took her hand. Charlotte looked up at him when she felt his hand and he smiled at her. Charlotte felt her pussy gush and she stood a little taller and a lot prouder as they walked through the crowds.

"I should have started traveling with you a long time ago, Charlotte - I've never gotten through LAX this fast before!" he said when they had gotten their luggage and were on their way to catch a taxi to go to their hotel.

"Well, Sir, isn't the job of a secretary and personal assistant to make things run smoother and more efficiently for you? That's what I do!" she said with a big grin. Truth be told, she was just as surprised at how this part of their trip had gone too.

They got to the passenger loading area outside the front of the terminal and while Charlotte waited with the luggage cart, Peter hailed a taxi. The cab driver loaded their bags into the trunk while Peter seated her. Then he got in and the driver took off headed to their hotel.

"So where are you two headed anyway?" the driver asked.

"Take us to the Omni Los Angeles Hotel please," Charlotte said all business-like. Peter smiled at her.

"The Omni - that's a very nice hotel. Are you two on your honeymoon or something?" the driver asked.

Charlotte giggled, "No, this is a business trip - I'm Mr. Peckerwood's secretary!" she said. But as Peter squeezed her hand and smiled at her, she knew that she was much more than a mere secretary to him and she blushed, feeling her panties getting damp again.

It took about a half hour of driving to get to the hotel but they got there and the driver let them off in front of the hotel where a porter brought their bags to the check-in counter and waited while they checked in. 

After getting their room key, they went up to their room and the porter took their bags up the service elevator. 

"So what are we going to do now?" Charlotte asked as they rode up the elevator to their room.

"Well first off I want to change and freshen up a bit. Then I thought we'd get a bite to eat here in the hotel restaurant and then go back up to the room and unwind a bit. Our appointment with Mr. Reynolds is tomorrow afternoon at 2:00 pm. I never meet with a client the same day I fly in. And actually, I wouldn't meet with him tomorrow except I have you now to take care of some of the things I'd spend all day tomorrow on. With you here, I can concentrate on the appointment and the work and let you handle the other things. Thank you for coming along and for what you have done already Charlotte," he said

"Oh Peter, it's me who should be thanking you!" she said, "You picked me to be your new secretary and personal assistant remember? Without that I wouldn't even be here... I'd still be down on the second-floor typing pool, not in a fancy hotel in Los Angeles with you," she said. Peter pushed her gently back against the back wall of the elevator and had just leaned in to kiss her when they heard the chime signaling they had arrived at their floor.

Damn! she thought to herself and they straightened up to look professional as the doors opened. There was nobody waiting for the elevator but Peter took Charlotte and they went to their room anyway. When he had swiped their keycard and the door opened up, Charlotte's jaw dropped open.

"Oh PETER!" she said, "This is the most beautiful place I've ever seen!" 

She stepped inside and began looking around, still in total awe and wonder. "This place is incredible... it just goes on and on!" she said as she went from room to room. The living room was the size of her apartment, and there was a huge bedroom and a bathroom that she could get lost in!

"Oh Peter, this... this is just..." she said when she came back to the living room area. She came up to him and kissed him on the cheek. "Thank you, Peter. Thank you for hiring me and thank you for bringing me here. Thank you for everything!" she said, looking up into his smiling face.

"You're welcome honey... but I think we can do a little better than just a kiss on the cheek, don't you?" he said, "Let's try this..." Peter took her in his arms wrapping her up in his embrace then he leaned down and took the kiss he missed out on in the elevator.

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