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Charlotte's New Job, Part 7

Contributing Authors: AmericanDreamgirl 

Charlotte's first test in dealing with a client goes very well!

Once they were safely back in their hotel room and the door closed behind them, Peter spun Charlotte around and pushed her back against the wall. He stepped forward and pressed himself against her, leaning in to kiss her hard once more. This time Charlotte didn't have to try to be "ladylike" and proper - they were alone with no one to interrupt them.

She threw her arms around his neck and pulled him closer. She wanted him more than she wanted air itself. They kissed - the desperate, urgent kiss of two people denied far too long. Each couldn't seem to get enough of the other and both acted like it was a contest who could kiss who harder.

After a few frenzied moments, she broke the kiss. "Peter, darling, please fuck me! Fuck me hard like the slut I am for you! I need this cock now or I will just die!" 

He reached down and put his hands on her ass hefting her up and carried her, reverse-piggyback, to the bedroom. Setting her down on the floor next to the bed, it then became a race to see who could get undressed first. Charlotte had the advantage with her dress, stockings, panties, and heels.

"Just take off the dress - leave your panties, stockings, and heels on,"  Charlotte paused for a second then smiled and tossed her dress over onto a waiting chair and climbed into bed, dressed as he had instructed her. 

She lay there in the middle of the bed watching as Peter finished undressing. As she watched the show, Charlotte played with one hard pointed nipple, circling it with her finger then gently pulling on it as her other hand cupped her other tit. She licked her lips as his pants fell and the bulge she had been waiting on was prominently displayed in his boxers.

He hooked his thumbs under the waistband of his boxers and pulled them down just a little bit, teasing her. He saw her eyes light up with expectation. "You sure are a horny little slut. Whose little slut are you?" 

"Yours, baby. I'm all yours."  

"That's right. I own your ass. I own that tight ass, that wet hot pussy, and that talented little mouth. I own every part of you don't I slut?" 

"Every part, Sir. I am 100% yours. In every way,"  She loved that he considered he owned her. It was what she had always wanted - to be claimed, to belong to someone. She may have kept to herself all these years and been closed and private, but sometimes you build walls not to keep others out, but to see who cares enough to knock them down. And Peter had. He had broken through all of her defenses and now she belonged to him, the spoils of battle.

Peter dropped his shorts fully and climbed up on the bed, crawling up the bed towards her. She smiled and spread her legs wide - an open invitation for him to take her.

But before he did he wanted to sample what smelled so deliciously appetizing. So just as he reached her apex, he lowered himself into position and pushed his face into her sopping crotch.

"OHHH!" Charlotte gasped as she felt his mouth close around her pussy lips and his tongue thrust itself into her very soul. Her legs fell open of their own accord and her back arched as he began feasting on the wanton woman. 

Peter began licking and lapping at her pussy, first cleaning up the residual wetness and cum from her previous orgasm. But in the act of doing so, he also opened the breach in her dam to allow fresh juices to come pouring out adding a new and more intense flavor to her.

"Oh, God, Peter! Oh, right there, baby! Oh, shit that feels good! Oh oooh! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Yessss!" she cooed and mewled and cried out her pleasure letting him know she was thoroughly enjoying herself.

Peter used her encouragement to judge his next actions and what she wanted him to do. When he had, temporarily at least, slated his thirst for her sweetness, he moved his tongue up to her throbbing clit. Then he introduced her to a new trick of his. Sliding two fingers into her under his tongue, palm side up, then he curled the tips upward to massage the spongy pad that has come to be known as the g-spot. Rubbing her g-spot while licking her sensitive clit, was too much for her already lust-maddened mind to take.

"OH, PETER! FUCK, BABY, I'M CUMMING AGAIN! OHHH, FUCK MEEE!! AAAUUUGGHHH!" she screamed out, not caring anymore who heard her. She slapped the bed, balling up handfuls of sheets and arching her back so high Peter was afraid she'd hurt herself. She froze like that straining and trembling as her orgasm took her over like Regan from the movie The Exorcist.

Peter licked and lapped up her flood of juices as fast as he could, but it was hopeless - he may as well been sucking up the Pacific Ocean through a straw for all the headway he was making against her tsunami. The wet spot on the bed grew and grew until both were laying in the middle of the soaked bed.

Spent and exhausted from her seizure-like orgasm, Charlotte crashed back onto the bed, panting for breath, her heart racing and unable to move. He relented and raised his face up to smile, face covered with her juices, at her. She couldn't see him though, her vision still clouded by the lustfog in her head. He crawled up to lay beside her, taking the dishrag-limp woman in his arms. 

He brushed the sweat-matted hair from her face and slowly rocked her until she had rested and regained enough of herself to open her eyes and see him. She offered up a weak, but happy smile and snuggled into the crook of his arm. 

They lay together spooning for several wonderful minutes with Peter softly running his fingertips up and down her side occasionally taking a side trip to visit her nipple and circle her areola and ten back to her side again. 

After luxuriating in Peter's arms, she sat up. "As much as I would love to just lay in your arms forever, Peter, I need to take a shower and get cleaned up. We have a business meeting tomorrow and I don't want to go there smelling of sex!"  She gave him a quick kiss and then went into the bathroom to shower. 

Peter lay there for a few seconds until he heard the water start and then he got up. Sneaking into the bathroom still naked, he opened the shower door and stepped inside. The shower was plenty big enough for the both of them and at first, she didn't notice with the water running, that he was in there. That is until he touched her shoulder. 

"Peter!" she said as she whirled around in surprise. He gave her a kiss then turned her back around so her back was to him again. He wrapped his arms around her and began to tease her nipples as he kissed her neck.

"Peeeterrr..." she groaned in half-hearted protest.

"What - you've had two orgasms and I haven't gotten mine yet!"  

Her protests ended and her hand moved back and wrapped around the cock that had pleased her so much already. She began gently stroking him as he, in turn, managed and caressed her ample wet tits. Her eyes closed and her head went back to rest on his shoulder as the warm water coupled with his strong but tender hands made the shower more than just getting clean - it was heavenly.

Charlotte felt his cock getting hard and erect as she stroked it and when he was almost completely erect she turned around to face him again. Peter put a hand behind her neck and pulled her into a kiss as she continued tugging on his cock. His other hand slid down her wet body to her pussy and began toying with her. Charlotte opened her leg, putting her foot on a small ledge the ran around the bottom of the shower wall. It was just enough to allow him better access to her and he took advantage of it.

After a couple moments of passionate kissing his mouth moved down to her eager tits and he began licking and sucking on each nipple in turn. Charlotte cooed her pleasure and her free hand held his mouth firmly against her tit. Her hips had begun grinding against the hand in her pussy and her fire was roaring once more.

Peter licked and sucked at the tender tits rolling his tongue over and around each meaty nipple. Every so often he would nip at the morsel and Charlotte would gasp in surprise then sigh afterward. He really did know how to make her crazy!

Charlotte then rotated them around so that his back was now to the water spray. She kissed him one more time and then kissed her way down his body, kissing his chest and licking at his nipple then kissing his abs before sinking to her knees on the shower floor.

She took his thick, beautiful cock in her hand, stroking it as if petting a cat and kissing the tip. She looked up at him and took him into her mouth and began to suck the mighty shaft.

Charlotte bobbed up and down on his hard cock using a hand behind her lips to stroke it with a bit of a twisting motion. Her other hand cradled his cum-heavy balls, massaging them and stirring up the sweet creamy reward it held for her.

Peter guided her head with his hands as she got him harder and more aroused with every bob of her head. Now it was Peter's turn to moan and groan his enjoyment of her work. And he wasn't shy about letting her know how good she felt on his cock either.

"Oh fuck sweetheart! You are so good at that! You know just what I like..."

She pulled him out of her mouth for a moment "As any good personal assistant should. My job is to see to it that your needs are taken care of. And since you have made it clear that those needs include a sexual component, it is my responsibility to ensure that aspect is handled too. So why wouldn't I learn your sexual likes and dislikes?" 

He pulled her to her feet "So are you saying that all this is because it's your job, Charlotte?" 

She smiled and kissed him, "Silly man! Yes, it's my job as your secretary and assistant to make sure that your business needs are taken care of. And I might be tasked to do a few errands that are outside the business scope of my duties..." she tugged on his cock, "but this... this is pure pleasure, my dear, sweet man! 

"You have treated me wonderfully and shown me things I could never have dreamed of. Sex with you is by NO means a job, my darling. I may be your 'whore' but I don't charge for my services in that area! Besides, I already told you, you own me, you don't rent me! I am yours, my darling man. No further payment is required - you have the pink slip to me already!"

He smiled at her then turned her around and pushed her to the shower wall. He nudged her legs apart and took his hard cock. Aiming it between her ass cheeks he thrust it deep into her pussy from behind sinking fully into her wet slippery hole in one push.

"OH GOD! Oh, Peter!"  He pulled her to him holding her close as he began pumping in and out of her at a regular speed but fusing his full length. Charlotte reached out straight out to the sides and put a hand on each wall, bracing herself as he pumped in and out of her hungry pussy. He bent her forward a bit and she stuck her ass out for him. His hands moved to her hips holding her in place while he slammed harder into her.

"Ohmygod! Ohmygod!" she chanted as he moved in her. Peter fucked her like he was mad at her and she loved the ferocity of his attack. She loved feeling his fat cock deep in her pussy and feeling every bump and ridge of that wonderful shaft. He pounded into her and she moaned and groaned her response. 

Peter pulled out and turned her to face him he picked up one leg holding it in the crook of his arm as he thrust back inside her. He pushed her back against the wall so he could thrust harder into her without knocking her down since she was just on one foot.

Charlotte could only last a few strokes like this though so when her legs got tired he dropped her other one then he got down on the shower floor in a position where the water wasn't hitting him in the face and Charlotte got on top facing him there she could bounce and set the pace and he would just let her fuck him for a while. She liked this and she bounced up and down on his cock while he used his thumb to rub her clit.

By this time Peter's cock was aching and he needed to cum himself. The feeling of Charlotte's hot tight pussy hugging his cock and her moans accompanying his own in the shower stall was enough to bring him right to his crest. 

"I'm going to cum, honey," Charlotte bounced up and quickly got to her knees as he stood up. She took him in her mouth again, sucking and pumping him furiously, wanting to get at her sweet creamy treat. It wasn't long in coming, either. As he felt the cum start to travel up his shaft, he took over and Charlotte knelt there, mouth open like a little bird until the first hot jets hit her in the face and partially in her mouth.

She took him into her mouth then, not wanting to waste any more of his delicious cum. He filled her mouth until she almost couldn't take anymore but she held his load until he had finished. She opened her mouth to show him she had kept it. Then, when he smiled, she swallowed it down. She rubbed her face and the cum on it with his still dribbling cock and then sucked the last drops from him, sitting back on her heels and smiling broadly.

Peter reached down and pulled her to her feet, holding her and kissing her, not even minding that he tasted himself on her tongue. He took the wet washrag and tenderly wiped her face of the cum that he had put there and cleaned her up kissing her forehead and then her lips as he did.

Then he stepped out of the shower and let her finish while he went into the bedroom and waited for her in bed.

The next morning they woke up early. "How did you sleep Charlotte?" 

"Mmm, I slept wonderfully, Peter! I can't remember sleeping more peacefully!" 

"Yes, the beds are nice here. I have stayed here a couple times before." 

"It wasn't the bed, darling, it was having a hot, sexy hunk to snuggle up to and keep me warm and safe!" she said, kissing him on the cheek.

"Well, having a hot sexy and very beautiful woman by my side isn't too shabby either. You make a pretty good bedmate yourself, hon!" 

"Awww, thank you, Peter. And you can have this bedmate for as long as you want her. I would travel anywhere with you!" 

"Well, we had better get a move on if we are going to have any breakfast before we head to Malibu." 

"Yes, I made a reservation for the limo for 11:30 this morning - I calculated that it will take about an hour to drive to Malibu from here." 

They got dressed and went downstairs to the coffee shop in the hotel lobby. There they grabbed a quick Continental breakfast and they were ready to go. Just in time too - the limo pulled up about twenty minutes after they had finished breakfast!

"Oh Sir, this is lovely!" Charlotte said when she got into the limousine.

"Yes, it is very nice. I am glad to see you didn't get one of those long stretch jobs - they are fun for parties and proms but they aren't really practical for a business meeting. They give the impression you squander money - not a good thing in our line of work! We want to impress, not show off!" 

"That's what I thought too Sir," she said, "I'm so glad you approve,"

"Driver, how long before we get to Malibu today?" he asked the limo driver.

"About fifty minutes or so, Sir. Traffic is a little light today," the driver said.

"Good. Let's take this time to go over what we will talk about at the meeting, Charlotte." 

So they discussed the meeting, the client and what he would like to see his investments do. Peter showed her what the history of his investment was like and what he proposed to do to increase its yield. Charlotte didn't know a lot about the technical aspect of investing although she was picking it up a little at a time.

"Sir, I don't really understand all that mumbo jumbo yet. Just tell me what you want me to do." 

"Okay," he chuckled, "It does take awhile to pick up everything. Just look good, smile a lot, and act like you do at the office and we'll be fine. These investments sell themselves on their performance history. All we do is show the client what options are available and make recommendations on what they should do. It's up to them to make the final decision," he explained.

"I can do that." 

"You will do great Charlotte. I have the utmost faith in you. I wouldn't have hired you for this position if I wasn't confident you could do it." 

"Thank you, Sir. I will do my best," she said, not as sure of her own abilities as he was.

They arrived at Mr. Reynolds home right on time and Peter told the driver to wait. Mr. Reynolds met the two of them at his door. "Ah Mr. Peckerwood, please come on in. And who is your lovely companion here?" Mr. Reynolds said, taking Charlotte's hand and kissing it.

"This is my secretary Miss Sintallie," he said.

"A very charming secretary too I am sure. Mr. Peckerwood is a lucky man," Mr. Reynolds said. said. "Um, I hope I'm not getting too personal, but I couldn't help noticing the sleeve tattoo on your arm - I assume there's a story behind it?" he asked.

"Yes, Sir. My first husband was a biker. It was a long time ago and we were both too young. I started the tattoo, wanting to be a biker chick or something. I had the outline done and the top partially filled in. Then we got divorced and for a while, I didn't do anything with it. But tattoos are permanent, so to keep it from looking stupid, I went ahead and finished it," she explained.

"I see. Yes, we have all done things we have regretted or thought better of later, I suppose. Like this earring. I got it because I wanted to look "cool" Now I am an old man with a diamond stud!" he said.

"Well, I wouldn't say you are old. And you are definitely cool!" Charlotte said.

"Thank you, my dear. That's nice of you to say, but I think it's the surroundings rather than the man, that are impressing you!" Mr. Reynolds chuckled.

They went inside and got down to business. Charlotte took notes and acted every bit like the perfect secretary. She laughed at all Mr. Reynolds corny jokes and played up to him just like she should. She was careful though not to get too overly friendly as she hadn't read him completely yet. She wanted to appear friendly and sociable, but not overtly sexual. She was a secretary, not a hooker!

The meeting went well. Mr. Reynolds took the information that Peter gave him into consideration and evaluated what they had done for him so far. He had done very well with Silver Hills Securities and was very pleased with the reports and figures Peter had brought him.

"Well, Mr. Peckerwood, Sir, you have done a great job for me so far and I see no reason to change things now. If you say these investments will perform well, then count me in. Just move them as you see fit - I trust your wisdom and judgment on this," Mr. Reynolds said.

"Thank you, Sir, for the vote of confidence. It's nice to know you believe in us so much. I will take this back to my brokers and we will make the needed adjustments right away. Thank you for your business and for putting your faith in Silver Hills Securities," Peter said.

"And you, young lady," Mr. Reynolds said turning to Charlotte, "If you ever get tired of working for this little upstart and want to live the life of luxury, you just give old Danny a phone call!" he said with a wink.

"Thank you for the offer, Mr. Reynolds, Sir, but I am quite happy being Mr. Peckerwood's secretary. He is a wonderful man to work for and he treats me very well," she said.

"He'd better because if he doesn't I will be right there to scoop you up and whisk you off to my castle here!" Mr. Reynolds said. "Your boss is a very lucky man to have such an efficient and attractive secretary,"

After the meeting, Peter and Charlotte went to get back in the limo for the return trip to Los Angeles and their hotel.

"I hope I did okay at the meeting, Sir. I didn't really understand all that you talked about but I caught a little," she said.

"You did just fine, Charlotte. I am quite pleased with your performance. But tell me something - and be honest - since this is our first trip together and knowing there will be many more, are you really as happy being my secretary as you let Mr. Reynolds think?" he asked.

Charlotte didn't answer his question directly. She just looked at the panel of buttons on the side of his seat. "Which one of these buttons raises the privacy window? she asked...

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