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Charlotte's New Job, Part 8

Contributing Authors: AmericanDreamgirl 

The trip back to the hotel was fun, but there was a matter waiting there for her...

Peter showed her which button it was and she raised the privacy glass between them and the driver. As the glass raised, Charlotte gave him her best come-hither look. When she saw the window was completely closed, she sat in the seat opposite him and watched him intently as she began to open her blouse. 

Peter tried to keep a straight face as she unbuttoned each button on her blouse and when it was fully unbuttoned she seductively took it off and tossed it to him. He smiled then seeing her little show and put the blouse on the seat next to him. She sat back in her seat and hiked her skirt up a bit. She spread her legs showing him her lacy black panties, teasing him as she ran her fingers over her legs and across her pussy. 

He watched her seductive little show, careful not to let her see what she was actually doing to him, but he could feel his cock growing and getting harder.

Not satisfied with his reaction so far, Charlotte slunk down onto the vehicle floor and crawled cat-like to him. She turned around and he unzipped the back of her skirt. Charlotte then moved back a bit and wriggled out of the tight, form-fitting pencil skirt.

Once her skirt was off she crawled back up to him and with a mischevious smile, spread his legs and moved between them. She craned her neck up to kiss him and Peter responded by grabbing her by the back of the neck and pulling her closer, roughly, and kissing her deep and hard. He mashed his lips to hers and when her mouth opened a bit, his tongue thrust into her mouth. They kept kissing as Charlotte climbed up into his lap straddling him, his face in her hands.

Peter reached back and deftly unhooked her bra, sliding it off her shoulders without breaking the kiss. When her bra was off, he moved his kiss to her neck and Charlotte moaned tossing her head back. He kissed her neck then along her collarbone to her sternum. His kissed his way down the center of her chest to her magnificent tits. She watched as he began licking and nibbling on her rosy nubs. 

Charlotte put her hands under her tits, holding them up for him and offering them to his ravenous mouth. Peter meantime let his own hands roam around behind her and down to her panties, slipping under them to caress and maul her firm round ass cheeks.

"Ohhh, Peter! Oh, baby, I love your hands on my body!" she purred.

"That's good because they like being there," he said.

Then one of Charlotte's hands moved down to see what she could find a bit lower. She rubbed against his hard cock. "Oooh.. somebody wants to come out to play!" she said. 

She slid off his lap to kneel on the floor between his legs. She looked up at him watching his face as she unbuckled his belt and pulled both his pants and his boxers down around his ankles.

Peter's cock sprang out at full attention and Charlotte smiled, happy that she could have such an effect on him. She wrapped her hand around the huge shaft. It still amazed her that such an impressive example of man-meat was hers to enjoy. Although Charlotte was no virgin - she'd had her share of lovers, both men, and women, Peter was by far the biggest cock she had ever experienced. And she absolutely loved the incredible feeling when he was inside her, stretching her pussy and filling her to the very brim. 

Charlotte began at the base of his cock right where his ball sack started. She licked long and slow up the underside of his shaft enjoying the musky man smell and his slightly salty taste. She took her time getting to the swollen mushroom cap and when she reached the rim, she circled it, the tip of her tongue curled under the lip and tasting him with the very tip of her tongue. Next, she ran the flat of her tongue over the velvety head, picking up the drop of pre-cum that had formed in the pee-hole.

Charlotte licked up and down the entire length of Peter's cock, working her way around until the whole shaft had been liberally coated with her saliva and no part of his cock had been neglected. With proper cock worship completed, it was time for her to get down to business. She held his cock upright and scooted a bit closer to his crotch. Keeping her eyes fixed on his, she put her full sweet lips on his cock and began taking him into her mouth.

Charlotte slid down the meaty pole until she felt the tip of his cock at the back of her throat, just short of her gag reflex. She began slowly pulling back until only the head of his cock was still in her mouth. Then she began moving at a regular cocksucking pace - one that she knew he liked and she began working to get him harder and fatter. She had plans for this cock and she didn't have much time to waste before they would get to the hotel!

Settled into her rhythm now she licked and sucked his cock the way he had shown her he liked it. She used one hand to follow her mouth, stroking him as she sucked. The other hand busied itself cradling and massaging his balls, warming and mixing the sweet creamy cum that awaited her there. 

Peter sat back in his seat relishing the caring attention that his personal assistant was giving him. He stroked her hair tenderly as she worked to get him where she needed him to be. Charlotte sucked and licked and loved on the fat juicy cock for a few minutes before popping him out of her mouth. She laid his now steel-hard cock up against his stomach and moved lower to suck one of his big heavy nuts into her mouth.

"Ohh yesss!" he moaned aloud, letting Charlotte know he fully approved of this. She licked and laved the tender but then pulled it out of her mouth with an audible pop to take in the other one and treat it to its spit bath. Then when both had been cared for, she moved down to lick at his perineum just to finish her work down below.

By now Peter's cock was aching and he couldn't wait any longer. The smell of sex, the sounds of her moans, and the gluk-gluk-gluk of her sloppily sucking his cock had all worked to drive them both to a fever pitch. He pulled away from her moving her to sit semi-reclined on the butter-soft leather seat with her ass right on the edge and her legs spread the width of the car's interior. He pushed her legs up so her feet were up by the headrests and her ass and pussy were totally exposed and vulnerable.

Peter nested down between her legs and began reciprocating for her wonderful oral care. He loved the taste and smell of a ripe juicy woman-peach and Charlotte had one of the tastiest he'd found. He dove into her like he hadn't eaten in months and she was all too happy to feed him all he wanted.

"Oh fuck Peter! Oooh! Oh God! Yess! Oooh, baby right there! Fuck!" she moaned and whimpered and cried out as he gorged himself on her. He paused after a bit licking his first two fingers. She watched with interest at this new move and then he used his spit-slickened fingertips to rub quickly back and forth across her puckered asshole. 

Charlotte's eyes got wide as saucers and her mouth dropped open as she felt him rubbing her asshole. "OHHHH, FUCK, FUCK, FUCKK!" she cried out, slamming her head back against the seat.

He rubbed back and forth rapidly over her star several times then suddenly he stopped and immediately plunged the same two fingers into her dripping pussy. He fingerfucked her rapidly several times just to pull out and repeat the tormenting cycle. With both holes being stimulated like this every few seconds, Charlotte's mind couldn't keep up with the changes and she slowly sank into lustful insanity. Her once clear and intelligible words were gradually reduced to incoherent groans, moans, and senseless babbling.

He watched her reactions and just when he felt she was at her limit and was about to plunge over the precipice into a tremendous orgasm, he stopped. While she sat there, dreamily panting and trying to come back from wherever she went during the pre-orgasmic trips, Peter moved quickly between her spread thighs.

Without a word of warning, he aimed his iron cock at her slobbering hole and thrust forward, sinking into her warm, wet hole until his nuts slapped her ass, Charlotte came alive again.

"OHHH FUUCCKK, PEETERRR!" she screamed, her eyes flashing open. He didn't give her a chance to catch a breath or get used to him inside her. As soon as he felt the tip of his cock bottom out in her, he began fucking her hard, fast, and at full depth. He reached forward and grabbed her by the throat, holding her tightly enough that she could feel him dominating her, but still letting her breathe reasonably well with a little extra effort.

Peter fucked Charlotte like there was a time limit - which actually there was. But they had some time before they reached the hotel so Peter made good use of it. Still, he didn't waste time or effort. He fucked her with purpose, fully intending to make her cum before they got to the hotel. And with her already hyper-sensed and so turned and aroused she could hardly stand it, it didn't take her long to get there. Peter continued to hold her legs up over her head as he pumped into her hard and fast until her eyes got wide and her mouth dropped open again.

"OHHH GODD, PEETERRR!" she said just before her dam broke. Charlotte poured her juices out onto the floor of the limousine as Peter pulled her a bit forward to keep her from getting the leather seats wet.

"We don't want to ruin these nice seats, do we slut?" he said with a smile. Charlotte grabbed the edge of the seat holding on as she erupted onto the floor and howled her pleasure.

He kept on pumping in and out of her like some deranged oil rig even through her orgasm, which only served to extend the sweet agony for her. 

But then something else began to happen. Charlotte's writhing and moaning and her pussy walls clamping down on his cock brought him to the brink of his own orgasm. He pumped into her a couple more times then pulled her down onto the floor while he sat on the seat.

"Now I'm going to cum - I don't want you to spill a drop - understand? This poor driver has enough to clean up with your mess!" he said.

She nodded and took him into her mouth, sucking and jacking him until she felt the first hot jets hit the back of her throat. As he had commanded, she started swallowing right away and kept swallowing until he had finished cumming. Not a drop escaped her tight lips and she swallowed down every creamy drop sucking the last few from him before licking him dry.

About then they entered the city and Peter and Charlotte had to get dressed again and fixed up so they would be ready when the limo got to the hotel. The limo had just gotten to the 10/110 highway interchange when they were finished dressing and rode remaining five minutes to the hotel.

When the limo pulled up to the hotel, Peter gave the driver his fare plus a good tip. "Here you are, my good man, this should cover the cleanup back there," he said.

"No worries, Sir, accidents happen. I should have avoided that bump that made you spill your drink," the driver said with a knowing smile. He knew what had happened, but was being diplomatic about it. Charlotte overheard the conversation and came up to him.

"Thank you," she said and kissed him on the cheek.

"My pleasure, Miss. If you need my services again on your trip be sure and call the company. Ask for Charlie Walker. I'd be happy to drive you wherever you need to go," he said, handing her his card.

Back at the hotel room, Charlotte said "I'm going to change into something more comfortable and I'll be right out. Then we can do some sightseeing!"

"Hold on a moment before you get changed. You can go ahead and take off your blouse and skirt though," he said as he took off his suit jacket and untied his tie. He left the tie draped around his neck.

"What is it?" she said, now standing in front of him.

"I am really proud of how you handled yourself at the meeting, Charlotte. I knew I had picked the right girl for this position!" Then he sat down in a handy chair. "Speaking of positions..." he turned her so that her back was to him. Then he pulled her hands behind her back and with his necktie, tied them there. "there is a little matter that we still need to take care of. Remember the other night when I put that vibrating egg inside you and we went to the restaurant? I said that you could cum as many times as you wanted but you had to ask me before you did, Remember?" he asked.

"Yes, but..." she said.

"And then after dinner, you went ahead and came in the elevator. You didn't ask permission," he said.

"But I told you that I was about to cum!" she protested.

"Telling me you are about to cum and asking me if you can are two entirely different things, my dear. And I told you that if you came without permission, I would spank you," he said. "Now bend over my knees and let's get this over with!" he said.

Charlotte knew she couldn't win the argument and so she knelt down and bent over his knees as he directed. She remembered what Angela had said about her spankings - she did seem to enjoy them. She just hoped he gave her the same kind of spanking now.

"Good girl. Now because this is your first offense and first spanking, I'm not going to get too carried away with it. It will be a simple bare-handed spanking," he said as he began caressing her panty-clad ass.

She jumped when he first touched her ass, expecting it to be a swat rather than a caress but when she realized what he was doing she relaxed a bit. She actually liked his hands on her and she began to enjoy his gentle touch.

But the gentle touch wasn't to last. "Okay we are going to begin your spanking now," he said as he pulled down her panties to just below her cheeks. He raised his hand and Charlotte clenched, preparing herself for the blow. But it didn't come. She waited but nothing happened. She just began to relax again when...

SMACK! the first blow landed squarely on her left ass cheek.

"Yeowch!" Charlotte exclaimed and squirmed on his lap.

SMACK! another blow landed, this time on the other ass cheek. Both sides now sported a red imprint of his hand.

Yeow!" Charlotte cried out.

SMACK! SMACK! Another two swats one to each side brought both her ass cheeks to a lovely shade of pink.

"Now that your ass is nicely warmed up, let's get down to business," he said.

He began a long string of swats, alternating sides each time and moving the target all over each ass cheek. He rained the swats down without pausing at a rate that gave enough time between smacks for the burn to set in, but not enough time for her ass to cool down.

It took about twenty-two seconds to deliver the twenty-five swats he wanted to give her but for her, it seemed a lot longer. Her ass was now nice and red and hot. She writhed and squirmed and squealed as the spanking took place and now she lay quiet, not sobbing but not crying out either. She waited to see what was next and she found out.

Peter spread her legs as she lay across his knees, gathering her breath. He ran a finger over her fat rose-colored lips. Then his fingers parted the lips and he inserted one finger partially into her just to the entrance to her tunnel. He ran his finger around the rim of her vaginal opening as Charlotte moaned and raised her ass slightly.

Peter smiled. Always the little slut - even when being spanked! he thought to himself and fondly remembered the times when Angela had done the same thing. He pulled his finger out and found it wet with her juices. He wasn't sure if those juices were from the spanking or just what was left from the limo ride but it didn't matter - she was wet and that's what counted! 

Peter then shoved two fingers into her and began fingerfucking her rapidly. Her response was instant and dramatic.

"OHHH! Oh, fuck Peter! Oh my God!" she cried out, raising her ass even higher and pushing back against his fingers.

He finger-fucked her rapid-fire with one hand and with the other he used just the tip of his index finger and gently pressed against her asshole very slowly and very gently easing the tip into her bum as she opened for him The double penetration had her squirming and writhing like a snake on a hot griddle and in less than a minute Charlotte was crying out her need for release.

"Please, Peter! Oh God, please make me cum! Ohhh, I need to cum baby... please, please may I cum! Please, pleeeease!" she pleaded desperately.

He didn't refuse her this time. He kept the pressure up until she begged him again to cum.

"Okay slut you may cum," he said. He no more got the words out and she did cum - explosively. 

"OHHHHH FUUUCKKKK!!" she screamed out, spewing her juices out onto the wood floor. She poured them out like a water balloon that had been popped. Charlotte trembled and quaked with the force of her orgasm and he held her still on his lap until she had finished and calmed down.

"Are you okay to get up now?" he asked.

"Yes, I think so," she said. She slowly got up with his help

When she was steady on her feet he said, "All right, now go get dressed. We have some sightseeing to do!" he said. 

Charlotte went happily into the bedroom to change into something a little more comfortable for sightseeing. The business part of the trip was over and now it was time to have some fun! She came out wearing a nice painted-on pair of hip-hugger blue jeans which rode low on her hips and had flared bottom legs, and a midriff-baring white crop top with a daringly plunging neckline that showed off her extraordinary bust quite appealingly. She also wore a pair of black strappy, open toe heels.

Peter had changed his clothes as well. Although he didn't wear jeans, he had packed some casual slacks and shirts on the trip. 

"Wow! You look amazing!" he said as she came into the living room.

"Thank you," she said with a smile. "Peter, honey, I want to thank you for the limo ride and..." she blushed.

"That's quite alright, my sweet slut. You did very well today. I am proud of you and I am pleased with how you handled yourself at the meeting," he said. Charlotte beamed with pride.

When they were ready, they headed downstairs. "Why don't you go sit down here and I'll go get us a rental car so we can go see some of Los Angeles," he said. She took a seat in the lobby and he went to the check-in counter where the girl behind the counter called for a rental car. Then he went to a nearby vending machine and got them both a soda.

 "I thought you might be thirsty," he said, handing her a cola.

"Thank you, Sir, how thoughtful!" she said, looking up at him and smiling.

A few minutes later, the rental car came and the attendant handed him the keys. They got in and he turned to her and said, "Okay you're the one with the travel brochures, where to first?" 




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