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Charlotte's New Job, Part 9

Contributing Authors: AmericanDreamgirl 

With the meeting out of the way, it was time for Charlotte and Peter to have some fun!

"Well, Peter, since it is 4:30 now and it's already been a busy day, can we just go to see the Grauman's Chinese Theatre and the Walk of Fame?" she asked. It took about twenty minutes to drive the eight miles or so to the theater due to the afternoon traffic. But they made it and they were able to find parking nearby.

They crossed the street and began walking down Hollywood Boulevard looking at all the stars on the famous Walk of Fame. They walked past Grauman's Chinese Theatre and she asked Peter to take her picture in front of the iconic theater. They continued walking down the street, looking at the famous names on the stars embedded in the sidewalk.

After they had walked six of the eighteen blocks the Walk of Fame stretched, they decided to turn back. They had seen a lot of the stars they had seen on TV and both were tired of walking.

"How about getting something to eat before we go back to the hotel?" he suggested.

"That sounds wonderful, I'm starved!" she said. Since Charlotte was in a sightseeing mood, he knew just the place. He didn't tell her where they were going, he just let her enjoy the ride. Soon they pulled up to the restaurant. 

"Philippe's?" she asked. It didn't look like much from the outside - just a small sandwich shop on the corner of Ord St and N. Alameda Blvd. She looked at him quizzically.

"Philippe's is a world famous eatery. It was established back in 1908 and is reportedly the original French Dip sandwich. The story goes that in 1918 the owner of the restaurant, Philippe Mathieu, accidentally dropped a French roll into a pan of juice that was still warm from the oven. The patron who was a policeman didn't want him to waste the roll and said he would take the sandwich anyway. He returned the next day with some friends and asked for more 'dipped sandwiches' and so the French dip was born!" Peter explained.

"Oh wow!" Charlotte said. They went inside and enjoyed a couple world-famous French dip sandwiches.

Phillipe's also happened to be not too far from their hotel so after they had eaten it only took a few minutes to get back to their room.

Once back in their hotel room, Charlotte went first into the bathroom. When she came out she was wearing just her panties and an oversized sleep shirt. Peter was lying in bed with the sheet up to his waist covering only his legs. He had gotten undressed and was wearing only his boxers while he waited for her. She saw him in bed and came over to him smiling and hopped into bed. She moved over to him to straddle him, sitting on his hips.

"Peter, I just want to thank you once again for hiring me for this position and for bringing me out here to California with you. Both are a dream come true for me. I never in my wildest imagination could have imagined all of this. And it's all because of you, you dear, sweet, wonderful man.

"You took a chance on a plain, lesser trained and lesser experienced woman from the typing pool and because of your gamble, I am living a life so far above anything I could have dreamed of that it isn't funny. You are like my Prince Charming, my knight in shining armor, who rescued me from a life of being a faceless nobody in the typing pool to being... well being a princess in a wonderful high castle," she said. Then she leaned down and took his face in her hands and kissed him tenderly.

"Well I don't know about the whole Prince Charming, knight in shining armor thing, but I do know that you are no princess, Charlotte. You are every bit a queen. Princesses are little girls and usually spoiled at that. You are by no means an immature bratty little girl. You are a fine, beautiful sexy woman.

As far as thanking me goes, it is I who should be thanking you. Thanking you for applying for the job, thanking you for accepting the job - with its unique working conditions and job requirements - and thanking you for all that you have done and will be doing for me in the future. This may be your dream job, but you are my dream secretary! 

"You see when my last secretary quit I was worried I would never find anyone that meshed with me like she did. I mean we had one mind between the two of us. She knew what I wanted before I even asked her. She was like my right arm - I depended on her for everything.

"In fact, on the rare occasions that she would be out of the office sick or on vacation or something, I often times didn't even come in myself because I knew some issue would come up that I didn't have an answer for. But she always did. She was amazing and I never figured I would find a decent replacement for her.

"Then you applied and I'll be truthful, you are not what I expected. When I read your application I figured you for just another mediocre secretary who I would have to take by the hand and show them how to do everything several times. But I was dead wrong. You have shown me that you are beyond competent and that you are willing to go above and beyond to get the job done, no matter what that job might be.

"If you hadn't told me you weren't interested already, I'd want you to become a broker - you have the drive, the tenacity, and the persuasive skills to be a hell of a broker. But then you wouldn't be my secretary and I don't think I would like that. I want you right by my side. I need you by my side, Charlotte," he said.

"And I want to be by your side, Peter. No, I wouldn't want to be a broker, because that would take me away from you. And I am not leaving you. I am your secretary, your assistant, and your slut for as long as you will have me. And I will make sure you don't need to look for anyone to replace me!" she said.

"No one could, my dear. No one could," he said.

The next morning they woke up bright and early. "Today I thought we would drive through Beverly Hills and show you some of the movie stars' homes then go see the famous Hollywood sign if you like," he said.

"Oh yes! I want to see both of those things!" she said excitedly.

Peter and Charlotte got dressed and went downstairs to grab a quick breakfast and then headed out towards Beverly Hills. As they got to Beverly Hills they started seeing people standing on the street corners selling what they claim to be maps to the movie stars homes.

"We should pick one of those up - it might help us find the stars houses," she said. He was skeptical but wanted her to enjoy herself so he stopped and got one for her. If nothing else it would make a good souvenir, he thought. They entered Beverly Hills, they began to follow the map. As he drove she read the map and pointed out the stars homes as they passed them.

"There's Groucho Marx's home!" she said

"There's Judy Garland's home!" she said a moment later.

"That's Fred Astaire's house!" she called out. 

They weren't able to see too much - most of the houses were hidden behind tall hedges or high solid fences, but that didn't matter to her - she was in Beverly Hills!

They drove around for about three hours looking at all the big mansions and following the map. Charlotte was in her glory - all the stars she had watched all her life were now suddenly real people! She wished she could catch a glimpse of somebody but it was not to be. That was okay with her, just being here was enough for her. Besides, as Peter had told her, he comes here to California several times a year - she knew she would be back!

Finally, they had covered the Beverly Hills area pretty good. Charlotte had checked off the stars homes she had seen and now had a wonderful souvenir map to keep. She was a regular chatterbox as they headed to their next destination - the famous Hollywood sign.

As they drove Peter explained. "The best place to see the Hollywood sign is from Griffith Observatory. It's not the closest you can get to the sign, but it gives you the best view.  You don't have your view blocked by brush or rocks and you can see the hill its on as well." 

A few minutes later they arrived at Griffith Observatory. The Observatory was closed for maintenance when they were there, but that was no problem for them - they were there to see the Hollywood sign and to get an amazing view of Los Angeles. Because the observatory was closed, there was only a handful of people there which suited Peter's purposes perfectly. They walked around the large building to the terrace that overlooked the Hollywood sign and he let Charlotte up to the railing to see the sign.

Charlotte had worn a flirty pink skater dress with a deep V front and a metallic gold belt. This also fit in with Peter's scheme. As Charlotte stood there looking through the coin-operated binoculars on the terrace, Peter ran his hand over her ass and down her thigh. She tried to ignore his caress but when his hand began moving up the back of her thighs, she knew this was not going to end well for her! 

Peter looked around and not seeing anyone, he put his hand up under her dress and pulled her panties aside with a couple fingers. Then he began running his index finger up and down her slit between her lips as she tried to keep her composure - something that got increasingly difficult as he kept toying with her!

She tried to act as if nothing was going on - she was in public after all. But her own body began betraying her and she started slowly grinding against the intruding finger. Acting nonchalant got even tougher when he introduced a second finger alongside the first. She could feel her pussy getting soaked now and she even heard a tell-tale squishing sound as his fingers moved and churned inside her.

Peter smiled as he saw Charlotte bite her bottom lip as she tried to fight the desire to moan out loud and when a soft whimper escaped, he nuzzled up against her ear. "You know it's only a matter of time slut. You can't hold it back forever!" he growled softly.

"Siirrr... we're in... public!" she whispered in a pant.

"They are far enough away they can't really see anything. Besides, we don't know anyone here and we won't be running into them again. So what do we care what they think? Even if they saw us fucking right here, it wouldn't matter to me - or to you," he said.

"Ohhh, Sirrr,,," she moaned again at the thought of fucking here in public. She had always thought sex in public was so hot - and now he was fingering her right in front of these people!

Peter pulled his fingers from her and Charlotte thought for a second that he had changed his mind. But she quickly found out that once Peter set his mind to something, it would take a lot more than the aroused whimpering of a woman or the fear of getting caught to dissuade him! 

Charlotte gasped when she heard the sound of his zipper and he hiked her dress a bit higher moving in close behind her and acting as if he was helping her with the binoculars. But in reality, his hand guided his hard cock between the cleft of her ass cheeks and into the warm wet depths of her now-soaked pussy.

Once he had slipped into her welcoming pussy, his hand moved around her waist and blocked from view by their bodies, it slipped into the deep V neckline of her dress and hefted her bra up over her tits so he could play with them as he fucked her!

Charlotte gripped the yoke of the binocular mouth and rested her head against the binoculars as if she was looking through them. However, the Hollywood sign was not the focus of her attention anymore. She used the binoculars not as a viewing tool but as a means to stay upright as Peter's hard, fat cock moved slickly in and out of her - just enough to drive her wild, but not so obvious that people would wonder what was going on.

"Ohhh, God, Sirrr!" she whispered loud enough for him to clearly hear. He moved in and out as he rolled her pebble-hard nipple between his fingers, tugging on it slightly and flicking it every so often. 

Charlotte was beginning to see what Angela said when she told her that Peter Peckerwood was "like an octopus with a cock!" It seemed like when he wanted sex - and it was often - it didn't matter where he was or who was around! He was discrete enough not to get arrested by the police, but aside from that, he didn't have any qualms or reservations about just taking what he wanted!

"Sirr, I'm... I'm going to cum! "Oh, please make me cum! Please, I want to cum for you!" she said trying to keep her voice down as much as she could.

He pulled his hand from her dress and put it over her mouth. "Cum!" he growled in her ear. 

Charlotte came there on the terrace of the Griffith Observatory in plain view of over a dozen unsuspecting people. With his hand over her mouth to keep her noise down and another around her waist to help hold her up, Charlotte came, shaking in his arms and feeling her knees go weak. Her breathing was quite difficult - breathing so hard through her nose meant she couldn't get as much air in and out as she would have liked. But had he removed her hand so she could breathe her cries would have attracted far too much attention. So she was grateful for the gag.

Finally, her orgasm passed and she was able to compose herself enough to stand on her own. He continued to block her from view as she fixed her bra and panties and stood up like nothing had happened. She looked around to see if she had been noticed and no one seemed the wiser - that is until they started to move to the other side of the observatory to see the city from the hilltop.

That's when she noticed another woman slightly older than her. The woman gave Charlotte a knowing smile and winked at Peter. Charlotte blushed beet red - she HAD been caught! They had to walk past the woman who, when they got close, reached out and lightly touched her arm. "Hang onto him, sweetheart - not every man is as romantic as yours is!" she said quietly. Then she left and Peter and Charlotte looked out over the city, Charlotte in front of him wrapped happily in his strong arms.

After a little while, they left the Observatory and headed back into town. By now it was about 4:00 pm and too late to go see anything else really. So they headed back to the hotel to relax a bit and get cleaned up for dinner.

"Where are we going for dinner tonight, Peter?" Charlotte asked when they left the room after changing and get ready.

"I made us a reservation at a five-star restaurant. While you were in the shower, I called to follow up with Mr. Reynolds. He was so impressed with our presentation and with the way we have made him money that he increased his holdings with us another 25,000 dollars! And I have to believe a lot of it was because of you. He asked about you again - he really is quite smitten with you, I think! Anyway, I wanted to take you out to a top class restaurant to thank you for your work on this," he said.

"Oh Peter, you don't have to thank me for doing my job!" she said. "Besides, honey, you have thanked me over and over already!" she giggled.

"Well I'm glad you like them, but your 'you're welcomes' aren't too shabby either, young lady!" he chuckled.

Charlotte blushed. "I'm just glad I can be of service to you Sir," she said shyly.

"You are of great service to me, my dear - in a number of ways. The name of this restaurant is The Beefeater Steakhouse and it is world famous for its steaks," he said. A little while later they pulled up to the restaurant.

"Okay we're here," he said. And just as they pulled under the entrance canopy, a man dressed in a Beefeater costume came out to open the passenger door for her. Peter got out of the driver's side where a parking valet took the keys to his car and would move it into their private parking lot while they ate. The Beefeater opened the door for them and they went inside.

"Oh Peter, this place is amazing! she said as she looked around. The maitre d' came up and led them to their seat and the waiter came to take their order. "We will have two of your rib eye steaks with baby red potatoes and roasted garlic asparagus spears, Peter said.

"Very good, Sir. And would you like something to drink?" he asked.

"Yes, two glasses of your best Merlot please," he said.

"An excellent choice, Sir. I will get this order in right away," the waiter said and hurried off.

Thier food came quickly considering how busy the place was and they enjoyed a wonderful meal. The food was done to perfection and the wine was excellent as well. Soon they were done and Peter put the meal, like everything else, on his expense account.

Back in the hotel, a little while later, Peter was lying bed watching the evening news. Charlotte came in dressed in her panties and oversize t-shirt and crawled into bed with him. "Peter honey, I hope you don't mind but dinner was so good I ate too much. I don't know if you planned anything for tonight but can we just hold off on it tonight?" she asked.

"I'm glad you said that because frankly, I am pretty full too. I'm fine with just relaxing and taking it easy tonight - I mean, I'm going to have you with me for a long, long time. Missing a night or two once in awhile is not a big thing!" he said.

"Yes, Sir, I'm not going anywhere!" she said snuggling next to him. After watching TV for awhile Charlotte fell happily and contentedly to sleep in his arms.


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