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Insurance Evaluation Gone Bad

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I wasn't expecting this. .

My job takes me to some very interesting places and I get to meet a lot of very interesting people along the way. Not once have I ever mixed business with pleasure, but on a recent trip to South Texas in a small town, I got to experience the best of both worlds.

I like Hispanic women, always have. There is something very special about the dark hair, the dark skin tones and that sultry look that gets to me. You couple that with a Spanish flavor to the language and I am hooked.

Maria Lopez was my point of contact for a small clothing boutique in a small south-central Texas town. On the phone, she was very pleasant. I liked the way she was so seemingly nice, and not at all business like. I told her I'd be by the store around eleven in the morning and she said that if I was a little late, it would not be a problem, since traffic at the store was usually very light during the weekdays.

I arrived right at eleven o-clock, after about an hour drive from the airport. The Texas furnace was on full blast, so I didn’t spend much time out in the heat. I took a few quick photos of the business and then stepped into the small boutique clothing store. I didn’t see anyone in the store, so I hollered out,

“Is there anyone here?”

“Uno momento,” replied a female voice from a backroom. A few seconds later and Maria stepped out from behind a curtain that hung over an open doorway that lead to the back room in the small store.

“Lo siento,” Maria said. “Lo siento” was an apology. I was happy to remember that much from high school Spanish.

Maria’s looks belied her true age. If I were to have guessed, I would not have pegged her for a day over 25. She sported very tight designer jeans and a button-down white shirt with the top three buttons unfastened, revealing quite a bit of very nice cleavage. Her black hair hung lazily on her shoulders. A smile crossed her face as we connected.

“You must be Rick,” she asked.

“Yes, I am,” I replied. She quickly sized me up as she walked towards me.

“You’re tall,” she said. “I like tall guys.”

OK. This was an unusual start to a business meeting, but I wasn’t going to complain. Maria was strikingly gorgeous. Instinctively, I scanned her left hand for a wedding band. Not seeing one, I quickly surmised she wasn’t married.

“Well,” I replied, “I like beautiful women.”

“Gracias,” she replied in Spanish.

I explained that I was there to get some photos of the building and the building contents for the insurance company.

“What?” Maria asked playfully, “Don’t you want to take my picture too?”

“Sure,” I teasingly replied, “I can take your photo as well.”

“No,” Maria shot back, “I am serious. I like to have my photo taken. If you take photos of my store, you have to take my photo as well.”

I scratched my head, because it was such an unusual request. There would be no way I could use the photos with her in them, and I explained as much to her.

“That’s OK,” Maria replied, “The photos with me in them, you can give them to me and no one will have to know.”

“OK,” I said, as I took a couple of photos to the store contents, with Maria standing off to one side. I took a photo of the fire extinguisher. Maria laughed, grabbing the fire extinguisher from its wall mount and holding it and dangling it between her legs.

“Take my picture,” Maria instructed. I snapped a photo of her holding the fire extinguisher in front of herself, between her legs. Maria laughed.

I stuck my head in past the curtain that hung over the open doorway behind the cash register. There was a small couch in the room and a desk with a computer on it.

“That’s my naughty room,” Maria exclaimed, brushing past me.

“Naughty room?” I asked. She spun around and instantly, our eyes locked on to each other. She held up a lone finger.

“If you come back here, I get very naughty,” Maria warned.

“I can’t imagine you being naughty,” I replied, stepping into the small room.

Maria wiggled her finger back and forth, stepping towards where I stood stoic – as if I had somehow challenged her.

“Now you have done it,” Maria replied, stepping right in front of me, and looking up at me. Suddenly, Maria dropped to her knees, her hands reaching out and grabbing at the waist band of my pants. I took a step back, in shock. That didn’t seem to faze Maria one bit.

Maria scrambled to her feet and settled on to the couch behind her, her legs spread. She unfastened the top button of her jeans, and then proceeded to unbutton her button-down shirt, while biting down on her lower lip. My feet were frozen in place. A part of my brain said to move on, but another part of me wouldn’t let me.

Maria started speaking in Spanish and although I didn’t understand a single word she was saying, I didn’t need to. She slipped out of her snakeskin cowboy boots and kicked them to the side. She patted the empty space on the couch beside her with her hand.

She switched to English as easily as she unbuttoned her shirt.

“Come on Pappi,” she beckoned from the couch. “Don’t turn me down.”

I stripped out of my polo shirt as she pulled off the buttn- down shirt she was sporting. Her 38dd breasts begged to be set free. They got their wish as I took a step towards the couch. Maria flipped her long back hair back over her neck as I took up a station beside her on the ouch and reached out to gently feel her boobs. She closed her eyes and hummed her approval as I lightly rubbed my fingers across her rock-hard nipples. I leaned down and gently sucked on each nipple, running my tongue around each one, as she unfastened her jeans. She, arched her back to slide them out from under her very cute ass and then down her thick thighs, her bright pink bikini panties coming into view. She continued to bite down on her lower lip as she slipped her jeans off and then looked over at me.

Desnudarse,” she implored, reverting back to Spanish.

I unfastened my trousers and slipped them off, leaving on my boxer shorts. There was no hiding the tent that had formed.

Este tambien,” she implored, fingering the elastic waistband of my boxer shorts.

“You take them off,” I replied in English. Maria reached past the elastic waistband and grabbed my cock.

“Aye! Estas muy grande!” Maria noted in Spanish as she clutched my cock in her hand.

My boxer shorts quickly joined the other garmets on the floor in front of us. Maria didn’t waste any time. She quickly took charge and slipped the head of my manhood up to her lips. She planted light kisses on my enlarged phallic, and then proceeded to stuff it into her oral cavity. I damn near exploded right then and there, but somehow, Maria managed to keep me under control.

After quite a few minutes of intense cock worship, Maria settled back on to the couch and arching her back, she slipped off her soaking wet panties, revealing a shaved kitty. Oh my! She used her fingers to part the dark lips of her bright pink vagina, and then she inserted a lone finger deep into her pussy, as she let out a deep sigh.

“Come on Pappi,” she intoned. I leaned over the gently planted a light kiss on her pubes, just above where she held her vagina open. She took out her finger and I slipped my finger in to replace it. Suddenly, a rush of bodily fluids spilled out of her vagina and she let out a loud moan. My cock was throbbing. I wanted to taste her, but that would have to wait. I hovered over her small body and positioned my cock for entry. She parted the lips of her pussy using two fingers and I slowly pushed my cock into her honey pot, as she bit down on her lower lip.

She was a tight fit, so I went in slowly, giving her time to adjust. She closed her eyes as I pushed further and further and until my pubic bone met hers. I rocked back and forth, very slowly and gentle-like, working my cock around inside her warm and moist vagina. I could feel the walls of her vagina camping down on my cock. More fluids filled her pussy. Her 38 dd’s bounced as I we rocked back and forth.

I grabbed her head and pushed my tongue into her mouth. The passion was uncontrollable at this point. She gripped my ass with her manicured fingers and I exploded inside of her. My eruption surprised her. Her brown eyes widened as I filled her pussy with my cum.

Oh Pappi!” Maria exclaimed. “Damelo!”

She grunted with each of my pushes, as I pummeled her pussy. Finally, I stopped after making a huge deposit inside of her and insuring she had been as equally pleasured as I had been. We lay there kissing for the longest time.

She allowed me to take a few photos. Well, that’s not really true; she insisted on it. I was more than happy to comply.

I got dressed as she lay naked on her couch. I told her I appreciated her making the accommodations.

“It was all my pleasure,” she replied. I peeked out from behind the curtains to see if there were any customers in the store. Seeing none, I decided to make my exit.

I was about a half mile down the road when my phone rang. I looked at it and saw it was the number from the store.

“Hola,” I said as I answered the phone.

“This is Maria,” the voice said. “I am sorry I couldn’t make the visit. I hope my daughter took care of you.”

“Is your daughter also named Maria?” I asked.

“Si,” said Maria. “She is a little crazy, so I hope she took good care of things for you.”

I assured mamma-sita that I was well-cared for.

I am hoping I get a return trip request next year. This is one work assignment, I have to keep on my radar screen.

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