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Making the Grade- Meghan and Sandra

The unpredictable benefits of being a college professor

As community college professor, I had a lot of freedom when it came to my class. Yes, I had to be on time and yes, I had to stick to the subject matter and course syllabus and yes, I had to abide by the college rules regarding ethical conduct, but every college professor fails in one of these three areas, at least once or twice in a carrier span.

I had no problems in following the basic tenants of college teaching, it was the ethical standards I had issues with. College girls seemed to flaunt their sexuality at every opportunity. Most of the time, I simply ignored it, because it was so blatant that anyone with half a brain could easily see what was going on.

Meghan became the exception. At nineteen and a second semester freshman, I quickly became enamored with Meghan, who had a sultry look that belied her youthful age. With a dark skin tone and straight black hair that she kept tied up in a pony tail, she had model-quality good looks that turned heads any where she went. She stood about five-foot six and probably weighed no more than 95 lb. Her boobs were the perfect size for her lean and svelte figure. Her dark green eyes were simply mesmerizing.

She was a quiet type, who didn’t like to be noticed even though she was very noticeable. She always seemed to sport the tightest jeans, the tightest t-shirts, and the sexist lose fitting sun dresses- sans underwear, a fact not lost on every guy who saw her walking across the campus quad one windy day, to include myself.

So when Meghan took up a seat on the front row in my Advanced Communication Class, I was completely awestruck at how brazenly open she flaunted her best assets. Her sundress couldn’t hide the excitement that her bra-less boobs were putting on full display. Her dress barely covered her well-toned and tanned legs and when she shifted in the front row seat, she unintentionally provided me a perfect unimpeded view up her dress, to her honey pot.

After you teach for a while, you can usually pinpoint student body language that suggest the student may be uneasy or distracted or otherwise no interested in the class or the lecture. Meghan seemed to be attentive to the discussion was it was easy to tell that she was a little distracted. I proffered a 15-minute lecture break, I hoped to find out the source of Meghan’s distraction. When she didn’t excuse her self to the restroom, I began to suspect Meghan had some other issues that might be the source of her apparent uneasiness.

I stepped off the lecture podium and sat down next to her on the front row.

“How are we doing?” I asked.

“I’m OK,” she replied.

“You look like you needed a break,” I replied.

Meghan smiled.

“I need more than a break,” she replied, leaning uncomfortably closer to where I was seated.

I wasn’t sure what she meant by the comment, so I decided to run with it, just to see where it might lead.

“One more week until spring break,” I noted. “Are you going anywhere?”

“No way,” she replied. “I’m not a party animal.”

“I see,” I replied. “You’re more of a domesticated type, right?”

“No,” Meghan replied, “I like to party, but on my own terms.”

“Do tell,” I whispered, cautiously looking around to make sure no one was close enough to over-hear our discussion. I could easily tell Meghan was in a very mischievous mood by the way she seemingly liked to proffer her teases.

“I’m not a teller,” she replied, “I’m more of a quiet, ‘let’s-just-do-it’ type of person.”

“I can tell,” I replied.

“How so?” she whispered.

“You’re not wearing any panties,” I whispered.

Meghan blushed about four different colors as she processed my remark.

“Hey,” I quickly replied, “I don’t mind.”

She quickly apologized, saying she didn’t like ugly panty lines and that she felt more comfortable sans undergarments.

“I’m a naturalist at heart,” she said. “if I didn’t have to wear clothes, I wouldn’t.”

“I think that’s called a nudist,” I replied.

“Nudist, naturalist- whatever,” she shot back, “I’m just don’t like to be confined or placed into a box.”

I told her I understood. Some of the students began to file back into the classroom, so I told Meghan that I’d love to continue our conversation, at a later date. She reached across the seats and placed her hand on to my arm and replied, “That would be great.”

I finished up my lecture, doing my best to avoid making any eye contact with Meghan as she sat on the front row. The one time I glanced in her direction, she proffered a very noticeable wink.

After the lecture, I quickly gathered up my lecture notes since I had a part time job that required me to show up twenty minutes after class ended. I missed connecting with Meghan, so I looked up her student ID and email and quickly fired of a note apologizing for not connecting with her after class and explaining I had another commitment to attend to. To my surprise, she quickly replied, saying that she was going to be spending the afternoon laying out, working on her tan, with a friend.

Thoughts of her laying out naked, working on her tan, flooded my mind.

“No tans lines are a good thing,” I typed in response, noting that I’d catch up to her later.

I eagerly looked forward to the next lecture, if for no other reason than to reconnect with Meghan. When she didn’t show up for class, I was a little disappointed.

I emailed her and asked if she was OK and needed the lecture notes.

“I took the day off,” she replied, adding that she was OK and would appreciate the lecture notes. I told her that I’d send them to her in about an hour, since I was finishing up on a project.

“Do you think you could drop them by my place?” she asked.

It was an unusual request, but for her, one I was willing to make, just to see her again. She provided the address, saying she was staying at a rental house about four blocks from the main campus.

“I’ll leave the side gate open,” she responded, “we’re laying out in the backyard.”

The thought of seeing Meghan totally naked was almost more than I could imagine.

I drove up in front of the small wood framed house. I opened the side gate and walked towards the back yard along the side of the house. As I rounded the corner, I saw two empty chase lounge chairs with towels on them in the back yard.

“Yo!” I called out.

Meghan bounced out of a doorway in the back door to the house, completely naked.

“We’re in here,” she called out, scanning the backyard, her hand over her eye brows, trying to block out the sun.

“You were kidding about being a nudist,” I jokingly replied.

“I told you,” she replied, walking in my direction, “I don’t like to be boxed in.”

Meghan grabbed my hand and pulled me towards the house.

“Come on,” she beckoned, “I want you to meet my room-mate.”

For whatever reason, I had assumed her room-mate was a guy but was pleasantly surprised to meet another very beautiful young college co-ed and fellow nudist by the name of Sandy. Sandy proffered a fist for a fist-bump as introduced myself.

“So, are you a nudist as well?” Sandy asked.

“No,”, I replied, “I’m just your ordinary college professor delivering some class lecture notes.”

“Well,” Sandy replied, “You’re more than welcome to join the fun.”

I quickly apologized, saying that nudity often causes a prurient male interest to get out of control.

Sandy chuckled out loud.

“We’ve seen that happen a time of two,” she replied, “don’t worry, it doesn’t bother me.”

“Speak for yourself,” Meghan quickly chimed in, as she stood beside me in the small alcove just off the kitchen. “Besides, I happen to like that – what did you call it? Something male interest.”

“Prurient,” I replied.

“Whatever it is called,” Meghan quickly replied, looping her arm under-mine and quickly ushering me towards the living room.

Meghan playfully shoved me on to the couch and then launched herself on to my lap, straddling me. She playfully dug her fingers into my left breast and then quickly pulled the rubber band that held her long black hair in place, from her hair. I had never seen her without her trademark pony tail. She shook her head back and forth, allowing her hair to fall gently on her bare-naked shoulders. She then asked,

“So, what do you think?”

“Very sexy,” I replied.

She wiggled her buttocks back and forth on my lap and covered her luscious 36 c cup breasts with her hands.

“Do you think so?” she asked.

“I wouldn’t kick you out of bed,” I jokingly replied.

Meghan looped a finger into the neckline of my shirt.

“I would hope not,” she replied.

‘Would you like to fool around a little?” she asked.

“Depends on what you mean by ‘fool around’,” I replied.

Meghan bit down on her lower lip.

“You know what I mean,” she replied, slipping her hand up under my polo shirt and on to my chest.

“I’m game if you are,” I replied, slipping my hands on to her side.

In an instant, I was shirtless, and Meghan was attacking my nipples, using her wicked little tongue to tease me. She worked her way up to my neck and then slowly, she pressed her luscious lips to mine. I thrust my tongue down her throat, and we swapped deeply passionate kisses for quite a bit of time. There was no holding back on the passion.

Suddenly, Sandra appeared, hands on her hips, looking at us.

“I can’t believe you left me out!” Sandra declared.

“You said you weren’t interested,” Meghan replied.

“No,” Sandra countered, slipping on to the floor in front of me. “I only said male nudity didn’t bother me, and it doesn’t. But this appears to be an entirely different thing.”

Sandra pulled at my shoes and then my socks, and then forced my legs to part, pushing her way between my parted legs, as Meghan continued to claim her spot on my lap. Meghan raised up and pushed one of her boobs into my face, as Sandra worked to unfasten my trousers. In another instant, I found myself stripped of both my trousers and my underwear, my eight-inch steel rod arching upwards.

The introduction of Sandra into our lascivious activities was totally unexpected. I had always dreamed of doing a three-some and Sandra was a perfect complement to Meghan. Meghan launched herself into a standing position, bracing herself against the wall behind the couch, her shaved kitty pressing into my face, as Sandra focused on my manhood.

It didn’t take a whole lot of sucking, finger probing, licking and in-general teasing to get Meghan wobbly as she stood over me. She was primed and ready. So was I, thanks to Sandra’s deep-throated action with my man tool.

Meghan suggested we move to her bedroom. I positioned myself on to the bed, on my back, as Meghan straddled me, pushing my cock into her very warm and moist pussy, her hands pressing on to my chest. Sandra positioned herself just above my head, her beautiful bald pussy mere inches from my face. I inserted a finger into Sandra’s pussy and she wiggled back and forth, as I worked my finger back and forth, and around her sloppy wet pussy.

“Oh fuck, that feels so good,” Sandra exclaimed.

Meghan worked her hips in a gyrating motion, my cock buried deep inside of her. Sandra’s pussy was right over my face, so I pulled her downward, thrusting my tongue on to and into her vagina. She planted her hands on my chest, beside Meghan’s.

I wasn’t for sure how long I might be able to hold off a massive explosion. Taking a break from dining at the Y with Sandra, I caught a wickedly erotic glimpse of Sandra and Meghan lip-locked. That was all it took and I exploded.

“You’re cuming!” Meghan announced as I shot my load deep inside of her.

“Yes!!” I breathlessly acknowledged.

Meghan continued to grind herself on top of me, even after I had shot my load. At some point, she stopped long enough to absorb the moment, her entire body tensing up, shaking and trembling. Sandra flooded my face with her pussy juices. She fell off to the side and stared up at the ceiling. I wanted to pursue her, but I couldn’t. I didn’t have it in me.

The three of us lie naked and well spent for the longest period of time.

Meghan offered me her shower and I eagerly took her up on the offer. As I rinsed off, Sandra stepped into the shower to thank me for allowing her to join in the fun. I told her I wanted to make sure she was equally pleasured as her roommate. She slipped her hand on to my testicles and gently massaged them.

“Next time,” she replied, “We’ll have to make sure I have first dibs.”

I readily agreed. Sandra was a hottie and I made a mental note to insure I revisited with her in an effort to get to know her a little more. After the shower, I started to get dressed, but Meghan insisted I join her and Sandra in the back yard. Although I was hesitant, Meghan told me there was no shame in being naked, and that the only shame would be, to not be naked and experience the goodness of being free and uninhibited.

“Free and uninhibited”, were two of many things I learned about that day and something I quickly developed an understanding and appreciation for, on that wild Saturday, delivering lecture notes to a student in my Advanced Communications Course. 


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