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Making the Grade- Michelle

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I love my new profession. I really, really do.

I sat in my office going through my lecture notes just prior to heading off to the classroom at our local community college. I was in a good mood and looking forward to spending a Friday night with some fellow “horn-dogs” at a local strip joint called “Babes”.

My wife and I had split up months earlier, because she and I just didn’t see eye to eye on things and I was feeling a bot down because I hadn’t been out of the apartment in months, closeting myself away from the world. Then, one of my buddies suggested we hit the strip clubs, saying that if I played my cards just right, I might “get lucky.”

I was going to need more than blind “luck” if I was going to get laid. I had been off the single market for years.

I gathered up my lecture notes and headed into the classroom. The class had bout fifty students in it, so while it was not a small and intimate setting, it wasn’t hugely unmanageable, either. I glanced at my notes, then decided to first call roll to see who was there. I methodically went down the roll, calling each student name and listening for a response, or in come case, no response, which make me call out the name three times and scan the classroom to make sure I wasn’t missing anyone.

Melinda Watkins. Melinda was my ex-wife’s name. I called the name out a second time. Just as I marked the name absent, a rather cute girl on the front row, piped up and said, “I’m Melinda Watkins.” I scratched out the “A” for absent and peered back at the student that had suddenly remembered her name.

“Miss Watkins,” I matter-of-factly said, “Please pay attention.”

The young lady, seemingly unfazed by my admonition, didn’t respond. She just sat there, stoically chewing on a wad of gum. I didn’t pay much attention to her manner of dress, except to note she was wearing a very short mini-skirt that showed off quite a bit of leg and thigh. Her legs were slightly spread, and I could almost envision her little while panties. Mind control. I needed to exert mind control.

About midway through the lecture, I heard her phone buzzing and while I tried to ignore it at first, I had to look in her direction and ask her to please silence her phone.

“It’s on vibrate,” she said, proffering a wink and asking, “Are you against a woman using a vibrator?”

Several students giggled out loud. Her comment, which probably sounded harmless to her, was a bit over the top.

“Miss Watkins,” I replied, “What you do in the privacy of your bedroom is your business, but here in the classroom, I’d kindly ask that you silence your phone and take it off the vibrate mode.”

“Fine,” she replied, digging into her back pack and silencing her phone.

“I think you’re just jealous,” she muttered out loud. I ignored her comment and simply smiled and made a mental note that she was a student to be watched. I finished up my remarks. As I did, I asked Ms. Watkins to stay for a moment so we could clear the air, since there was obviously a bit of tension between us. She stood by as the classroom emptied.

“I’m sorry,” she quickly apologized after the last student has left the classroom.

I accepted her apology and politely encouraged her to try and be a little less continuous. She again apologized, then darted out of the classroom, saying she was late for work. I watched as she quickly exited and disappeared from the room.

I told my friend Chuck that I’d meet him at Babes after I grabbed a bite to eat. At the strip club, I settled into a high back chair off to the right of the stage. A skinny black chick was pole dancing, half naked on the main stage and another great-looking girl was dancing on a side stage. The club was sparsely populated, which I found rather unusual for an early Friday evening.

A couple of scraggly-looking girls came by and asked if I wanted a table dance. I quickly turned them down.

Chuck joined me and after a couple of beers, he said he was more than ready for a table dance. There were about ten girls in the club, only two or three of which I would have allowed to do a table dance for me. Chuck set his eyes on a young Hispanic girl that was doing her first set of stage dancers. Then, the unthinkable happened.

Th next girl on the stage was Melody Watkins.

I stared in disbelief as she suggestively made her way across the stage, dressed in the skimpiest of bikini’s. Once she made it to the edge of the stage, she dropped on to her hands and knees, her cute little ass pointing in the direction of where Chuck and I were seated.

I leaned over to Check and whispered that I knew her.

“How?” he asked.

I told him she was a student in one of my classes and that her name was Melody. Chuck unfolded a bunch of one-dollar bills and took off for the stage. I watched as she did her little dance for him with Chuck tossing the bills on to the stage. Chuck then made his way back to our table.

“She has a shaved pussy,” Chuck announced. That was a little more than I probably needed or wanted to know at that point.

I watched intently as she slowly made her way across the stage, stripping out of her bikini top to reveal her all-natural ta-tas. I took in a deep breath and exhaled. I knew it was just a matter of moments before she would realize her college professor was in the audience. I wondered how she might react. It didn’t take long to find out.

She made her way to the second stage. As she took to the steps and worked her way on to the side stage, we made eye contact. Her hand immediately went to her mouth and for a brief second, I’m sure she probably wanted to disappear.

I casually made my way to the stage as she stood horrified, not knowing what to do. In each of my hand, I held several dollar bills.

“Oh my gosh,” she exclaimed as I stepped up to the stage.

“I’ve got your back,” I said, as she slipped into a squatting position, covering her boobs with her arms.

“I just started,” she started to explain.

“Yeah, me too,” I replied, dropping my dollar bills on to the stage beside her. “Let’s just keep this between us.”

Michelle uncrossed her arms and faced me.

“This is a bit awkward,” she said, “I’ve never danced for anyone I know outside the club.”

“Like I said,” I replied, “We’ll keep it between us.”

She stood up and peered down at me. I proffered a wink, as I reached out and placed my hands on to her ankles. She turned and provided me with a great view of her cute little ass and her thong-covered pussy. She squatted back down and peered back over her shoulder at me. I slipped my hands up to her bare thighs and whispered, “Drop by the table, I’d love to get to know you a little better.” I pushed a ten-dollar bill into the elastic of her thong and then headed back to the table where Chuck was seated.

“Do you really know her” Chuck pressed.

“Oh yeah,” I replied. “Get ready to have some fun.”

I don’t think Chuck really believed me at that point, but he soon became a believer.

Michelle sauntered over to our table, after her set of stage dances, completely naked. In her hand, she clutched a handful of dollar bills, which she promptly set on the table next to me.

“OK,” she said, looking first at Chuck, then me, “Who wants the first table dance?”

Rut row.

I quickly offered up Chuck for the first dance. Chuck looked at me like a deer lost in the headlights of an approaching truck.

“You said you wanted a table dance,” I quickly replied, “Well here you go!”

Michelle didn’t hesitate. She pushed Chuck’s legs apart and quickly settled on to his lap, working herself slowly and deliberately back and forth, her hands on her knees. She glanced over at me and proffered a wink. She stepped forward and I watched as she hand-groped Chuck, her hand behind her, feeling for Chuck’s wanker. Chuck lowered her his head and closed his eyes.

Michelle spun around and placed one of her stilettoed heels on to the chair, beside Chuck, giving him and unimpeded look right at her twat, which she fingered for his viewing pleasure. I thought for sure Chuck was going to pass out. I watched as she forced herself on to Chuck’s lap, grabbing his hands and placing them on top of her bare breasts, as she pressed her naked body against him. Chuck to his credit, was a perfect gentleman. I on the other hand, I was not going to be so nice.

Chuck fished a twenty dollar bill out his pocket and added it to the pile of money already on the table, as Michelle worked her way over to where I sat and positioned herself on to my lap.

“You were pretty gutsy in class today,” I remarked.

“I apologize,” she replied. I placed my hand on her bare thigh, close to her womanly parts.

“So, do you give as good as you take?” I asked.

“I can hold my own,” she replied.

“Then if I told you to suck on my cock, would you?” I asked.

“It would cost you,” she replied.

“Would you do it for an easy “A” in the course?” I pressed.

“Hell yeah,” she quickly shot back. “That’s a no brainer.”

I laughed.

“Maybe instead I should ask for something else,” I replied.

Michelle bit down on her lower lip, as she took her hand and placed it on top of mine, guiding my fingers in towards her pussy.

“May be so,” she replied. “But let’s start first with a simple lap dance and see what transpires.”

As she stood up, Michelle pulled a couple of the high back chairs into our area, positioning each to block the view of anyone who might happen by. Chuck sat in silence, watching as Michelle began her erotic dance.

She placed her stilettoed feet on either side of where I sat and launched herself into a standing position over me, her hands on the wall behind us. She kept one hand on the wall and then used her free hand to part the lips of her pussy, giving me an unobstructed view of her womanly parts. She slowly lowered herself until her pussy was right in my face. I could smell the musty sweet smell of sex as she pushed her pubes on to my nose and continued her downward plunge. I proffered a light kiss on to her pubes as she stood over me, looking down at me. She made her way into a squatting position, hovering over my lap, her hands on my shoulders, as she peered into my eyes. She bit down on her lower lip.

“Would you like to fuck?” she asked.

I laughed.

“Of course,” I replied.

“Me too,” she replied. “Do you have a condom?

“Uh, no,” I replied.

“Are you married?” she asked.

“Separated,” I replied.

“Do you have a girl-friend” she pressed.

“No, no girl-fiend,” I replied.

Michelle stepped off the chair and immediately fell to her knees between my parted legs. Her hands felt for the bulge in my crotch.

“Hummmm,” she exclaimed, “It seems like someone is having a party down here.”

I closed my eyes as she unfastened my belt and pulled at the opening to my jeans, thrusting her manicured fingers in past the elastic waist-band of my underwear and grabbing my throbbing cock. I thought for sure I would simply explode at that point, but lucky me, I didn’t.

She pulled my cock from my underwear, and quickly slipped her mouth over the end of it. I glanced over at Chuck and he quickly looked in another direction.

“You’re going to make me cum,” I quickly noted.

“No!’ she replied, pulling off my stick. She quickly turned her back to me and settled her bare ass into my lap, my bare cock pressing against her butt crack. She raised up and reached between her legs to reposition my manhood. As she settled back on to my lap, I could feel her warm and moist pussy on top of the shaft of my manhood, as she slowly worked her hips back and forth, her hands on her knees.

“Fuck it,” she exclaimed after only a few seconds of the proverbial stripper slide. She pushed the head of my cock into her pussy and then slowly worked her hips back and forth, to insure I was fully seated inside of her. She put her hands back on her knees and worked her hips back and forth, my cock buried deep inside of her. Her pussy was tight, at first, but then she loosened up, allowing things to go a little smoother. It didn’t take much, and I exploded inside of her. She knew it the instant I unloaded, leaning back against me and whispering, “Give it all to me,” even as she held my cock in place and I exploded inside of her.

I looked over at Chuck. He was sitting there, looking like a little lost boy.

Michelle grabbed several napkins from the pile a waitress had left on the table and cleaned herself, as Chuck and I looked on.

“Come on big man,” she said to Chuck, after finishing me off.

Chuck politely declined her offer, saying “I don’t do seconds.”

“Your loss,” Michelle quickly replied, as she took up a seat oin front of us.

After putting myself back together, I helped her arrange her stash of cash as Chuck sat and sipped on his beer.

“One hundred fifteen dollars,” I told her as I handed her the straightened-out bills. Michelle smiled.

“The night is early,” she said, asking if we were going to stick around.

Chuck said he had to call it a night. He thanked Michele for the lap dance and quickly departed, telling me he’d catch up with me later. Michelle took up Chucks’ seat and asked if perhaps he had offended him. I reassured her that he would be fine.

“I think he’s just a bit jealous because I got luckier than he did,” I remarked.

Michelle laughed.

“You’ve got a little more to offer,” Michelle replied.

I laughed.

“I sure wish my soon to be ex felt that way,” I replied.

“Screw the ex,” Michelle replied, “Her loss is my gain.”

I took a sip from beer and asked if Michelle wanted anything. She grabbed my glass of beer and quickly downed it.

“Let’s top off at the beer store,” she said, “I’d just as soon as get drunk and fuck with you than fuck with strangers.”

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