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Susan's Teacher Evealuation Part 2

Susan must show herself to her students

It was trouble, and I knew it. The Principal of the school where I teach had pulled me into his office one evening after school and berated me about teasing the boys in my class with the low-cut blouses and short skirts I had been wearing. He had manipulated me into agreeing to him to demonstrate with some “hands-on” teaching which had led to me being bent over his desk and spanked with his bamboo cane. This ultimately ended with him teasing me until I begged to have sex with him.

At the end of the “lesson,” he insisted that we would have to have follow-up meetings on a weekly basis. Even though I had enjoyed the Principal’s ministrations to some extent, I didn’t know how all this would end.

As I walked into school early on Friday morning, I stopped to pick up any messages I might have. There was an envelope with my name on it, and I instantly recognized the writing as that of the Principal. My knees went a little wobbly as I suspected what was inside. When I got to my empty classroom, I sat at my desk and opened the envelope. It was indeed a note from the Principal. My hands shook a little as I read it:

Mrs. Jenkins;
It is time for your second lesson on the effects of teasing, and I have devised, I believe, an appropriate plan.
You are to come to my house tomorrow afternoon at4:30pm. You will wear one of the outfits that you have worn to school – short skirt, thigh-high stockings, low-cut bra and button-down blouse.
Do not be late. Remember that your career hangs in the balance.

I stared at the note, my mind racing, wondering what his “lesson plan” could be. I was somewhat in a daze when the first of my students walked into the room. I quickly stuffed the note back into the envelope and into my pocket-book.

When I got home from work, I lied to my husband that I was going to meet with a couple of other teachers in my grade to go over some planning the next day. He didn’t care – he was going to go golfing with some friends in the afternoon anyway. My husband never cares about me anymore. He has lost interest in sex and doesn’t even glance at me when I dress or undress in the bedroom. That thought gave me the impetus to accede to the Principal’s direction.

Guessing something of what was in store for me, early the next afternoon I was very fastidious about getting myself ready. In the shower, I shaved my underarms and even trimmed up the hair around my pussy. I thought about shaving down there too but didn’t want to take the chance that my husband might be curious as to why I did that (although I doubted he’d even notice). I dried and curled my hair, and dressed according to instructions, with a pair of black, high-cut French briefs to match the bra.

I drove up to the Principal’s house, got out of the car and walked up to the door. I knocked tentatively; I was very nervous but excited at the same time.

Mr. Buchanan opened the door. He was dressed nicely in slacks and shirt. He smiled and ushered me through to his kitchen.

“I’m glad to see that you dressed as I asked, Susan,” he told me. “You look very nice, but I want you to undo the top three buttons on your blouse.”

I followed his direction. Looking down, I saw that the tops of my breasts were now clearly visible.

“Now, Susan, I have five guests in my living room, and I want you to serve them all a glass of beer. Here are the glasses and the beer is in the refrigerator. Don’t worry – they are all over 18 and legal.”

I stared at Mr. Buchanan for a few seconds while my mind raced through the information he had just given me. FIVE guests? At our last meeting he had intimated that another teacher might be drawn into the mix, but FIVE? And what did he mean about being legal?

I mentally shrugged and poured out two beers. Walking through to the living room with them I stopped dead in shock. Sitting around the room were five of my male students! A quick mental rundown told me that they were the ones that seemed to stare at me the most in class.

“Good afternoon, Mrs. Jenkins!” they announced in unison. One or two of them had broad grins on their faces. I recovered my poise some and greeted them in return.

“Why hello boys!” I continued into the room and placed a beer on the coffee table in front of two of them. As I did so, I felt my blouse open and saw them both stare intently at my exposed cleavage. I lingered a little, giving them a nice eyeful, then stood up and returned to the kitchen.

“What are those boys doing here?” I asked the Principal nervously.

“Why, they are part of your lesson on teasing, Susan,” he replied. “Now serve the rest of the beers and remember, you must do exactly as I say if you want to keep your job!”

I served the other three boys their beers, also giving them long looks at of the tops of my boobs – I couldn’t help it! As they looked down my front, I could feel my nipples tingling as they became hard – I was aroused despite myself. I wondered if my nipples had become visible over the top of my bra. Apparently, the boys were becoming aroused too as I noticed a bulge in several of their pants.

Mr. Buchanan got a beer for himself and joined us in the living room. “Now, Mrs. Jenkins, you have been distracting these boys all year with your teasing outfits. They are young, virile males and you have made their hormones run wild.

“But I’m much older than them,” I protested. “They couldn’t possibly be…… be turned on by an older woman like me with all those young chickies running around,” I protested. The situation was a little tense for me – six men in the room with me.

“You are quite wrong, Susan. You have aroused these boys, and I will prove it to you. Boys – I want you all to drop your pants and underwear and show Mrs. Jenkins what she does to you in class!”

The boys looked around at each other, hesitating. Then one of them – Jimmy – looked at me and said, “Mrs. Jenkins, you are so sexy….you make me hard in class every time I look at you!” With that, he stood up, dropped his pants and underwear and sat back down on the sofa. My eyes were instantly drawn to the hard young cock sticking out in front of him. He moved a hand down and stroked it gently, staring insolently back at me. My pussy became damp as my own hormones took charge of my body.

The other boys followed Jimmy’s lead, and soon I was faced with five hard cocks with their owners looking directly at me. It was nerve-racking and arousing at the same time. My knees felt a little weak as I watched them play with their dicks.

“Well, Susan,” Mr. Buchanan continued. “I guess I have proven my point. The way you dress in class has distracted them all year, causing their grades to deteriorate. I think it is only fair now that they should be compensated for that by seeing what you have been teasing them with. Now Mrs. Jenkins, take off your blouse and bra and reveal to them what they have wanted to see for so long!”

I froze for a few seconds, then looked over at the Principal. He had his bamboo cane in one hand, tapping it in the other impatiently. He gestured with it for me to remove my blouse. I saw no alternative and began to unbutton the rest of my blouse, dropping it to the floor. I looked over to Mr. Buchanan, and he made that same gesture with his cane. I reached behind me and unsnapped my bra. Looking down at the floor, red-faced, I let the bra fall. I was now naked to the waist, my bare breasts exposed to five of my students and the Principal!

I heard one or two gasps from the boys. Sneaking a look I could see that they were all now stroking their hard dicks. The sight of that really turned me on – imagine five eighteen-year-olds getting horny at the sight of my mature body!! Mr. Buchanan walked over to me and lifted each breast in turn with his cane – it was so embarrassing…. and I was a little apprehensive about that cane.

“Very nice! You seem to have caused quite a stir, Susan,” the Principal commented as he prodded my nipples with the cane, making them even harder. “Those poor boys are really heated up now. You must pay your dues now, Susan. Go over to each of them in turn, straddle their laps and allow them to feel your gorgeous, soft tits.” With that, he swatted each of my breasts with the cane. Although the blows were soft, the thin end of the bamboo made a red line on my boobs – it was very visible against the lily-white color of my breast.

The thought occurred to me that the Principal had made his mark, his brand on me.

I reluctantly walked over and knelt on the sofa astride the first boy, Andy. He immediately started to paw on my breasts until Mr. Buchanan admonished him to slow down and enjoy the moment, and to use his mouth on my nipples. I turned my head aside so as not to see his face.

As Andy sucked on my nipples, Mr. Buchanan commanded me, “Susan – play with his dick while he plays with your tits!” I obeyed, and reached down to stroke Andy, still with my head turned to the side. He about jumped off the sofa as I made contact and stroked his hard cock. In the meantime, my panties were getting soaked from my own arousal – I was getting incredibly horny despite my resolve not to show my desire to my students. The feel of Andy’s mouth on my nipples – five other males watching – was exciting! I was undoubtedly the center of attention.

“That’s enough with Andy, Susan. Just one minute each. Move on to Steve.”

I moved on and repeated the process on two of the other boys. Moving on to Mike, I straddled him and allowed him to play with my breasts. I obediently reached down to stroke his cock. I had only moved my hand up and down of it a few times when he suddenly stifled a grunt, and I felt a hot, wet stickiness all over my stomach. I was startled and grunted out loud. He had been unable to control himself and had ejaculated all over me! He looked around sheepishly as the other boys snickered. “Guess you don’t have much stamina!” gibed Jimmy.

Jimmy was the last in line. He was a troublemaker in class, and I couldn’t meet his eyes with mine. As I straddled him, he immediately reached around to grab my ass cheeks, pulling me closer. I could feel his cock hard up against my pussy. He leaned forward and whispered in my ear, “You have great tits, Mrs. Jenkins. Bet your ass is just as sexy!” As I reached down to his cock, he continued whispering, “You want this cock don’t you Mrs. Jenkins. You want me to plunge it deep into your cunt and fuck you hard.” With that he kissed me full on the lips, his tongue insinuating itself into my mouth.

I tried to pull my head away, but he moved his hands up and pulled me close to his lips again. “Come on, Mrs. Jenkins, you want this hard young cock up you, admit it!” I did want it but wasn’t going to admit it. As the Principal called “time,” I got up and walked over to the side of the room away from the boys. They were in a state of disarray, some still stroking themselves, some sipping on their beers avoiding my gaze.

“Well, Mrs. Jenkins,” Mr. Buchanan said, “I think you have followed through and shown the boys what they have craved. What do you say, boys?”

Jimmy (of course it had to be Jimmy) spoke up. “Well, Sir, while Mrs. Jenkins did tease us with glimpses of her tits, she also teased us with her ass.”

“What do you mean, Jimmy?”

“Well, sir, when she writes something high up on the blackboard, her skirt rises up, and we can see her thighs and sometimes the bottom of her panties. It makes me very horny, and I can’t concentrate on my work.”

“I see.” the Principal murmured. He pondered for a little while then told me, “Susan, go over to the window and hold on to the curtain rod with your back to us. Let’s see what Jimmy is talking about.”

I looked over to the window. It overlooked the front yard and the road beyond. “But people might see me,” I protested. “Can I put my blouse back on?” I pleaded.

“Do as you’re told Susan,” Mr. Buchanan tapped his cane in his hand as he nodded at the window.

I walked slowly over to the window and did as he commanded. Reaching up I could barely reach the curtain rod. This had two effects – my breasts rose up and touched the cold glass, making my nipples harder than ever, and I felt my short skirt rise up to the bottom of my cheeks.

“I see what you mean, Jimmy. The sight of those bare thighs and the hint of panty would certainly distract me from my lessons.” The Principal strolled over behind me. Using his cane, he raised the hem of my skirt even higher. “I bet you boys have dreamed about seeing Mrs. Jenkins’ ass naked, haven’t you. I bet you have gone home and jerked off thinking about it. Well, let’s see if your imagination was right. Jimmy – come over here and take Mrs. Jenkins’ panties off.”

I was mortified – standing at the window with my naked breasts pressed against the glass for anyone to see, and my problem student about to strip off my panties. Looking out the window, I thought I saw a curtain moving across the street. And did that truck slow down on the way past? I was exposed for anyone to see.

I felt Jimmy’s hands slide slowly up my legs. He was relishing every moment. He hooked his thumbs into the waistband, and soon my panties were down to my ankles, exposing my ass to my pupils. I felt Jimmy’s hands on my cheeks, exploring my asshole and then moving towards my dripping pussy.

“Step back and let the others see Jimmy,” Mr. Buchanan interrupted him. He was still holding the hem of my skirt up as Jimmy moved back. “What do you think, Boys?”

There were murmurs of appreciation. “What a naughty slut you are, Mrs. Jenkins,” the Principal observed. “Maybe you need a little discipline.”

With that, I felt him hold up my skirt with one hand while he played the cane around my ass – sliding it from one cheek to the other, insinuating between the cheeks, up and down my thighs, then back between my cheeks with the tip on my asshole. I tensed myself, then felt him take it away.

“Whack!”. OWWWWW! - He had caned my ass, over both cheeks, I could just imagine the red stripe he had made on them. I would have to hide my ass from my husband for several days!

“Well, boys, her ass is sore now. You deserve to know what Mrs. Jenkins’ soft ass feels like. Line up and you can take turns to caress it better.”

I then suffered the embarrassment of having five of my male students feeling my ass. The first two (I didn’t look around to see who they were) just cupped and kneaded my ass cheeks. The next one, however, insinuated a finger into my asshole. I had never allowed anyone (including my husband) to do that before. I just gritted my teeth and allowed an unknown finger to violate my pink rosebud.

The next student slid his hand between my legs, trying to get a feel of my pussy, but I squeezed my legs together and prevented so intimate a touch.

When the final student moved in, I felt his hard dick between my ass cheeks, grinding away. It was Jimmy again as he whispered, “You want it in your ass as well as your cunt, don’t you teacher?”

As he was done, I heard a request. “Can’t we see her cunt too, Sir?” asked Jimmy again.

“I guess she owes that to you boys,” replied the Principal. “Let me see…… Susan – lay down on your back in the middle of the room.

I obeyed, naked to the waist, my breasts flopping to the sides.

“Pull up your skirt and spread your legs!” Embarrassed and mortified I exposed my pussy for all to see.

“Very nice, Susan,” Mr. Buchanan commented. “Now use your fingers to spread your cunt-lips!”

I felt my juices flowing out and down my thighs as I realized what the boys could see – their teacher, wearing only skirt and thigh-highs, face up in front of them with her pussy naked to their adolescent gaze.

“You have been a very naughty woman, Susan, parading your body in front of these boys all year,” the Principal announced. “Now, boys – gather around Mrs. Jenkins – show her some appreciation as you stroke your cocks looking at your teacher’s naked cunt and tits.”

As I watched five young men stroking their hard dicks over me, the fingers spreading my lips apart began to move, seemingly of their own accord. I started to rub my clitoris, then moved my other hand down and put two fingers inside my pussy. I began to writhe on the floor as I began to feel myself building to an orgasm.

Suddenly I felt a hot, wet stickiness on my breasts – one of the boys had cum all over my tits. That set me off. AAARRRRRRGGG!” I screamed out loud as my pussy spasmed and I had a huge orgasm, spurting out all over the carpet.

I felt more cum hit my body as the other boys covered me in cum. Looking up I saw Jimmy was the last. He gritted up his face as he approached his own orgasm. Then, looking down he released a huge amount of cum, directing it at my face. As it hit my lips, I couldn’t help my tongue darting out and tasting it.

Jimmy looked down and smirked. “Like the taste of me, Mrs. Jenkins?” I quickly looked away, to hide my desire. I thought about what they could see – their teacher, mostly naked, covered I their cum. How could I face them in class on Monday?

“Well, I think we have recompensed these fine students for today, Mrs. Jenkins. You boys can all leave now.”

They all moaned, but put their pants back on and filed out the front door.

“You can use the shower, Susan,” the Principal said as he closed the front door. “Don’t bother to get dressed afterwards, it’s my turn now,” he continued, tapping the cane in his hands.



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