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The Sales Team Meeting

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Roger was under a lot of pressure to perform and perform well.

Roger managed the company sales group and it was a high-pressure job. Without sales, the company would fold. He knew and so did all the people that Roger hired.

Roger knew that the sales job depended on him hiring the best people and since the business was a tool manufacturing distributor, he knew he had to think outside of the box.

“Sex sells,” was certainly the thinking of the time-period. Roger was given a lot of leeway by the company CEO, who told him he could do anything to sell the products short of violating company ethics and the law.

Roger contemplated leaving the company, but then the CEO assured him he had to full authority to do whatever was necessary to insure the success of the company. Roger ran a few ideas by the CEO and then as a last ditch effort, he suggested a risqué set of calendars using the sales staff he would be revamping and hiring to model for the posters.

Roger’s fist idea was to get a nice looking young lady to dress in a cut-off t-shirt, a thong and work boots and have her holding on to a variety of tools- jackhammers, shovels, spades, - whatever the company was selling, with a slogan to read, “You need the right tool to do the job right.”

The CEO decided to modify things and suggested the model wear a safety vest, allowing for a small gap to draw attention to the importance of using tools safely. Roger decided the model would be topless, except for the safety vest. Surprisingly, the idea grew legs, and before anyone could second guess the project, Roger set about to finding the right sales team to get the project going.

To everyone’s surprise the project worked and at the end of the first quarter, sales records were going through the roof.

Roger decided to throw a party and invited the all-female sales staff to his house where he had a pavilion, a pool and plenty of liquor.

There were three nice looking young ladies on Roger’s sales staff. Amy, a dark haired, twenty-three-year old college business marketing major, Roxanne, another twenty-three-year old community college business marketing major and a blonde, and Shi, a nineteen-year old Asian cutie who was also a part time bar tender and aspiring model. The three young ladies had each taken turns posing for some of the posters, along with some of their friends.

Amy, Roxanne and Shi were very outgoing young ladies and they were well rewarded by Roger in both salary and bonuses as the company profits soared. Roger filled his refrigerator with wine coolers, beer and several bottles of wine. He had spent a lot of time with the girls, and the banter between them was always light, but filled with sexual innuendo. It seemed the girls were sexually-over charged and none of them had the time to have much of a social life, muchless develop any serious relationships outside of the group. Roger hoped to change that with the party at his place.

The three ladies showed up and it appeared they were already in the party mode. They quickly found the wine coolers and popped them open, as Roger set out a spread of chips. They talked about the photo spread and photo shoots.

“Was that photographer hot or what?” Roxanne asked.

“Oh yeah,” Shi replied. “I think he had a hard on the whole time we were shooting.”

“I thought for sure he wasn’t going to be able to finish my shoot,” Amy added. “Too bad he was gay.”

“He wasn’t gay,” Shi replied.

“How do you know?” Amy pressed.

“I just know,” Shi replied.

“Did you blow him?” Amy asked.

“I am not saying anything,” Shi shot back. “I just know he isn’t gay.”

“Either way,” Roger said, “He got us the shots we wanted and the three of you looked great.”

The four of them continued to drink. As they did, they continued to tease one another. At one point, Roxanne asked Shi if she was ever going to go to school or just bar-tend her way to success.

“No,” Shi replied stoically, “I’m going to dance my way to success.”

Roxanne asked Shi if she could table dance.

“Oh yeah,” Shi replied. “That’s my specialty!”

Amy chimed in and dared Shi to do a table dance.

Shi was not shy. She was very confidant in her skills and although she would have never admitted it, she knew she could pull off a quick table top dace that would silence Amy and Roxanne.

“If I do a table dance,” Shi said, looking at Roxanne, “You have to do a lap dance for Roger.”

“I don’t know if Roger could handle a lap dance,” Roxanne quickly shot back.

“I can handle anything,” Roger quickly replied, clearing the table top of his dining room table where they had all been seated.

Shi was wearing shorts and sandals and a much-too-tight t-shirt that showed off her hot little Asian body all too well. She slipped out of her sandals as Roxanne, and Amy rhythmically clapped their hands, egging her on to the table top.

Shi shuffled her feet and suggestively wiggled her ass back and forth on top of the dining room table, as Roger turned up the music on his boom box sound system. Shi dropped into a squat and after pushing her long black hair back over her shoulders, she placed her hands on her knees and worked her legs back and forth.

“Oh yeah!” Roxanne declared, “We have a stripper in the house!”

Shi dropped to her knees and then worked her way off the table and back to a chair.

“Lap dance time,” she declared, looking at Roxanne.

Roxanne made her way over to where Roger was seated and began her little dance. Roger pretended like it was not a big deal, as Roxanne suggestively wiggled her butt in front of him, working her way between Roger’s spread legs.

“Why don’t we play ‘Quarters’?” Amy asked.

“Good Idea!” Roxanne replied, asking Roger if he had any hard liquor.

“You’re just wanting to see some nek-kidness,” Shi teased.

“Nothing wrong with that,” Roxanne replied, “We’re all grown adults.”

Roger grabbed a bottle of Jack Daniels and poured some in a shot glass he had retrieved from the kitchen cabinet.

“What are the rules?” Amy asked.

“Quarter in the shot glass and you can pass,” Roger replied. “If you miss, you can either take a drink, or you have to ask someone to give you a challenge to tell the truth to a question or perform a dare. Truth or dare. Once you choose, you can’t change.”

Roger started off by bouncing a quarter towards the shot glass. The group watched as the quarter hit the rim and then landed on the table. Roger looked at Roxanne.

“Truth,” she said.

Roger waited for the question.

“Have you ever had sex at work?” Roxanne asked.

“At work or with someone at work?” Roger inquired.

Roxanne quickly amended her question, “With someone at work.”

“Yes,” Roger unabashedly replied. That set off a guessing game as each of the three girls all looked at each other, trying to guess who the guilty party might have been.

“It was before I hired any of you,” Roger clarified, as he moved the shot glass towards Roxanne. She bounced the quarter on the table top and it missed the shot glass by a long shot. Roxanne quickly downed the shot, wiping her mouth with the back of her hand.

“If I pass out,” she said, “Y’all better take care of me.”

“Oh, you can bet on that,” Shi sarcastically replied, grabbing the quarter and bouncing it on the wooden coffee dining room table. She also missing the shot glass. Like Roxanne, she downed the shot of liquor and then shook her head from side to side as the liquor settled into her stomach. Amy followed suit with the same result and taking her swig from the shot glass as well.

Rger lined up the quarter and bounced it off the table. It landed in the shot glass. He slid the shot glass towards Roxanne.

“Drink, truth or dare?” he remarked.

“Wait a sec,” Roxanne replied. “Is this a new rule? Are you trying to get me drunk?”

“I won, so pick your poison,” Ron shot back.

“Truth,” Roxanne declared.

“Have you ever made out with another girl?” Ron asked.

“Yes,” Roxanne replied.

“Oh wow!” Shi declared, “Details, details, details!”

“No way,” Roxanne declared, “Besides it was a long time ago.”

“Would you do it again?” Shi pressed.

“Its not your turn,” Roxanne replied. She looked at Roger. “Who’s turn is it?”

“Yours” Roger replied.

Roxanne lined up the quarter and bounced it towards the shot glass. Like before she missed. She spied the glass, but decided to pass on the poison, hoping to starve off the inevitable drunk feeling. She looked at Amy and said, “Truth.”

“So now we know you’ve made out with another woman, I have to ask, if you enjoyed it,” Amy pressed.

“Yeah,” Roxanne replied sheepishly, “It was OK.”

Roxanne passed the quarter to Shi, who lined it up for her bounce. The quarter splashed into the shot glass and everyone let out a loud “whoop!”

Shi looked at Roger, who waved his hands back and forth, silently indicating he didn’t want to be picked. Shi snickered. “Drink, truth or dare?”

“Truth,” Roger replied.

“Have you ever made out with a guy?” Shi inquired.

“Oh, hell no!” Roger quickly replied. “I don’t do sausage.”

All three ladies let out a “Whoop! Whoop! Whoop” sound as Roger pushed the quarter to Amy.

Amy lined up the quarter and bounced it off the table. It landed in Roger’s lap.

“Double the drink,” Roger declared.

“For what?” Amy argued.

“For not keeping the quarter on the table,” Roger replied. “Either that or lose an article of clothing.”

“Wait a sec,” Amy argued, “Are we changing the rules here?”

“You can still opt to drink or tell the truth,” Roger declared.

Amy thought for a second, then looked at Shi. Shi smiled, a mischievous smile and then asked Amy if she would skinny dip in the pool with Roger.

Everyone let out an audible “hummmm” as Amy sat in silence. She leaned back in the chair and looked at Roger, who sat in silence waiting for her reply.

“Sure,” Amy replied, “He’s a good-looking guy.”

Roger did a little fist pump.

“But don’t get any ideas,” Amy added.

Roxanne lined up the quarter. She missed and opted to drink her third shot. She wiped her mouth with the back of her hand. She shook her head and said,

“You know guys, maybe we should take this too the coffee table. If I keep going like this, this chair is not going to be kind to me.”

So everyone moved to the coffee table that was situated in front of the leather couch, which Roger and Roxanne used as a prop. Shi and Amy positioned themselves opposite, Roxanne and Roger.

“Who’s turn it is it?” Amy asked as they settled into their new positions on the floor.

Roger said it was head and he bounced the quarter towards the Shot glass. Deciding he didn’t want to get drunk, he passed on the truth question just to see who might come up with a good dare. He looked at Shi, knowing she had already asked Amy if she would ever skinny dip with him.

Amy didn’t waste the opportunity. She dared Roger to skinny dip with Shi.

“Wait a sec,” Shi protested. “How did I get drug into this dare.”

“Oh, come on,” Amy replied. “We’re all adults.”

Although Shi wasn’t Roger’s first choice as a skinny-dipping partner, he found her attractive in her own special way. She has chosen to use a jackhammer for her model shoot and the words that encapsulated her really risqué posted read, “Put something hard in your hands that can get the job done.”

Roger was a little shy about stripping down, since he had a good start on a erection that he was trying desperately to keep under control. Before Roger could decide what to do, he noticed Shi pulling her t-shirt over her head and unfastening her white brassiere, slipping the spaghetti straps down her well-toned arms, as she cupped the bra to her chest with a hand. She stood up and walked towards the patio door that lead to the pool, dropping the bra on the floor as she stepped out the door and on to the patio. Roger watched as she stripped out of her blue jean cut-offs and then her pink panties. She was not totally naked. She looked back over her shoulder as Amy and Roxanne let out “whoops!”.

Paul made his way to the patio door as Shi slipped into the shimmering waters of the pool. It was a balmy night, but the air was a bit chilly. Paul slipped out of his polo shirt, heel-kicked off his shoes and then dropped his trousers and shed his underwear. Roxanne and Amy staggered towards the patio door as Roger made his way to the pool and slipped into it.

Roxanne and Amy followed, having shed their clothes and inhibitions. Roger was a little shocked at how fast the Party had taken a turn to the risqué. He made his way to the shallow end of the pool at Shi, Amy and Roxanne huddled at the opposite end, giggling and play splashing around. The liquor had taken hold and the dip into the cool pool waters only heightened everyone’s anticipation for what was to take place next.

Roger made his way out of the pool and quickly toweled off before wrapping his pool towel around himself.

“OK,” Roger declared, “That dare has been accomplished.”

Roger sat down on one of the chase lounge chairs and stretched out, making sure the pool towel was strategically covering what needed to be covered. All three ladies made their way to the side of the pool.

“Het Roger,” Amy called out from the side of the pool, “I dare you to let Roxanne give you a naked lap dance.”

“Its up to her,” Roger replied. In an instant, Roxanne climbed out of the pool. Roger watched as the pool water dripped from her tight little naked body.

“Hang on,” Roger said as Roxanne made her way to where he was situated. Roger bolted from the chase lounge and returned with his portable speaker. He turned the volume up on the speak and re-positioned himself back on to the chase lounge.

Amy and Shi followed Roxanne out of the pool and after grabbing towels of their own, they pulled up chase lounge chairs next to where Roger sat, and Roxanne stood, her hips swaying back and forth. Roxanne throw a leg over the side of the chase lounge chair on which Roger was positioned, straddling him. She leaned forward and slowly raked her fingertips across Roger’s chest, asking him,

“Do you see anything you like?”

“How about you?” Roger teasingly replied.

Roxanne pulled back Roger’s towel to expose the bulge that lie below it.

“I do now,” Roxanne replied. She zig-zagged a lone finger from Roger’s chest down to his stomach and then to his man tool, where she gingerly listed up the head of his stiff tool with two fingers.

Amy and Shi were like cheerleaders.

“Oh yeah!” they exclaimed. “Someone is gonna’ get lucky tonight!”

Roxanne has a devilish look in her eyes. Roger knew it. He knew what was coming. He could hardly contain his exuberance. Roxanne took hold of Roger’s cock and held on to it. She then slowly lowered herself into a half squat, positioning Roger’s man tool at the gateway to her pussy. She bit down on her lower lip as she slipped Rogers tool in past the outer folds of her pussy. He was a tight fit, but Roxanne did not mind in the least bit.

“She’s going to fuck him,” Amy extolled. She was surprised that Roxanne would be so bold.

“Bitch,” Roxanne replied, looking over at Amy, “You’re next!”

Amy howled with laughter.

“Bitch, you’re playing second fiddle. I already know that dick. I’m waiting on you!”

Roxanne was now bouncing up and down on Roger’s stick. Roger just lay there, his eyes closed, taking it all in. Roger glanced over at Amy. Shi had repositioned herself astraddle Amy and had her head buried between Amy’s legs. Amy was busy working her fingers in an out of Amy’s pussy.


Seeing Amy and Shi going at each other was more than Roger could take. It sent him over the edge. He cut lose with a stream of cum that was so forceful that he was sure it would come out of Roxanne’s nose and mouth. Lucky for Roger, he was able to somewhat control his ejaculation, or so he thought. His cock popped out of Roxanne and a second stream of his sperm shot towards my belly and on to his bare chest. Roxanne quickly used her fingers and her hand to scoop up the gooey mess. Where she deposited it, Roger had no idea, but he soon discovered Roxanne had a deep affinity for swallowing a man’s sperm.

Roger was awestruck at how fast the sales team meeting had progressed into an all-out orgy and he wondered how he would be able to get anything else productive out of his sales team over the next quarter, now that they had turned into raving sexual lunatics. As he lay naked and exhausted on the chase lounge with three ladies on his team cooling off in the shimmering lights of his backyard pool, he relished in the thought of spending more time with each of the girls, perhaps one on one and in a state of more sobriety. He closed his eyes and that was the last thing he remembered.

Roger woke up naked and alone in his bed. He wondered if what he had suspected had occurred, really occurred. He looked around his bedroom and found it completely undisturbed. He showered and wondered down stairs and found his house impeccably clean. It was all a mystery. He was sure he had set up and had a party the night before. He looked out at the pool area and found it equally undisturbed. Thinking it may have all been a dream, he opened his refrigerator to pour himself a glass of orange juice.

“Surely,” he thought to himself, “I didn’t just dream up an orgy.”

He was about to call one of the girls on the sales team, when he noticed a text message. He clicked on the message and a photo popped up, showing him passed out and all three ladies from the sales team surrounding him, topless and with the words emblazoned on the photo, “We love our tool man.”

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