A Hard Day's Night

By DappledSunlight

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Anna's long day at the office takes an unexpected turn.
Stretching at the close of a long day, Anna scans the office. The early evening sun casts a golden hue across the rows of slowly emptying desks. The quiet hum of lights intermingle with the sounds of shuffling papers and murmurs of quiet conversations as familiar faces make their way home. Returning to the last few tasks of the day she notes with mild irritation the soft tone indicating yet another last minute request dropping into her inbox. Fingers massaging the nape of her neck, she mentally tallies up the minutes late she would be getting home. These 'urgent' jobs always seem to show up right when she is planning to leave. 

Tucking some loose strands of long brown hair behind her ear she gets to work. The office grows quieter as her fingers fly, her head lifting in small nods as workmates drift out one by one. Lengthening shadows edge across the desks as the lights in the building opposite slowly began to blink off one by one. A familiar prickling sensation along the nape of her neck makes her fingers pause, someone was watching her. A hint of a smile appears as she briefly glimpses across the room knowing he would be there.

An instant electric jolts through Anna's stomach. Leaning against a doorframe he is silently staring at her. The last of the summer sun catching his dark hair and eyes with a golden glint. She loves the feeling of him watching her. He always spends a few moments silently watching before nodding a quick farewell, and his soft approaching footfalls make her heart rate quicken.

She likes to look up at the last possible moment to catch him smiling before he walks past, but today his approaching footsteps slow, and then pause directly next to her desk. The hint of his cologne drifts over her and she watches his fingers play along the edge of her desk out of the corner of her eyes.

"Working late again tonight, Anna?" he inquires, the sudden question causing her to jump a little.

Looking up she catches a wry smile on his face, "I wonder what could possibly be keeping you back tonight, you're always the last one out. Do you live here?"

His voice is playful as his eyes lock onto hers, before wandering languidly along her collarbone.

Catching her breath she replies, "I'm not always the last one out, Alex. I just keep getting these ridiculous jobs at the close of work!" 

He scowls, "Ridiculous? Are you finding my requests not worth your time, Anna?"

Taken aback, she stammers "You're the one sending me all of these jobs? Why are you waiting to the last possible minute, Alex?" The flash of anger causes the skin of her neck to flush.

His smile widens in response, "Why do I do it?” while his hands slowly spin her chair so that she finds her feet tucking between his. She glares up at him with a mix of irritation and desire. His hand strong and warm finds her wrist pulling her up, "How else am I going to get you here all to myself?"

Gasping, she stumbles into him, his chest and body toned beneath a dark charcoal suit. The warmth of him radiates into her, his hands holding tightly around her wrists.

"What do you think you're doing, Alex?” she muffles into his neck, the dark sugar scent of his skin making her feel heady.

"Exactly what you were hoping I would," is his quick reply as he pulls them backwards, spinning deftly as they approach a wall. Her breath releases in a sudden shock as her back presses firmly against the cool wall, her face inches from his. His eyes look even darker, his pupils fully dilated.

"What makes you think this is what I was wanting, Alex. How can you possibly know I...", her question is cut off as fingers twirl and intertwine into hair tugging, her head arching back.

His mouth and lips run along Anna's neck, pausing briefly along her jugular feeling the deepening of her pulse. A soft moan reveals her need, as fingers play and twirl through her hair. Her lower back ia arching as Alex's hand drifts down along her spine and back up, nails trailing softly.

Breath, hot and soft along her collarbone, Alex whispers, "I think this is precisely what you've been wanting, Anna. God knows, I've been thinking of nothing else since I first laid eyes on you."

Her breath shudders as his fingers slowly run under her bottom lifting her thigh, her leg wrapping around his like it had a mind of its own.

"See?" he grins, "This is what I've been waiting for. The feel of your hips grinding into mine, the warmth of you against me. Can you feel how much I've been wanting you?"

He presses her hard against the wall, her lifting hips raising her skirt up her thighs.

Anna can feel him rock hard against her, her head tilting back as he nibbles along her collar bone with teeth and tongue. The warmth of his hands silky along her inner thigh, fingers running and trailing up and back sends blooms of pleasure running through her. His lips on hers, as fingers hook under panties teasing and pulling.

Hips bucking as fingers tease up and along her soft lips, her eyes half close as he watches her. A held breath as a finger slips briefly inside her sweet folds.

"MMM," he hums, "You are so deliciously wet."

Anna's eyes widen as Alex brings his glistening finger to his mouth savouring her. His lips now slick find hers, and Anna moans into his mouth as he slides her black panties down in one quick movement.

Alex’s tongue runs along her lower lip as he lifts and pushes her hard against the wall. The coolness a gorgeous contrast to the heat of his body. His mouth against her ear now, a hand grasping her wrist leading it between her legs.

"I want you to feel how wet you are, Anna. I want you to make yourself moan as your fingers play."

Anna's eyes close as his hands, strong and warm lift under her thighs. Gasps turn into soft moans as fingers circle and flip, his eyes watching intently. Alex's hips circle into hers, with his face burying into her hair, Anna's quickening moans driving his hunger.

"Tell me how much you want me," he demands.

Her voice catches in a gasp as he bites gently along her neck her fingers moving in fast little movements, "So... so... "

Before she can answer, his mouth is on hers, his tongue slipping over hers. A long needing whimper as she hears the clatter of his belt. Warm hands grasp her wrists as he steps out of his pants, and spins her around. Her face presses against the wall her back arching, so desperate now.

A shock of pleasure as she feels the length of him slide between her. Alex's hand wraps tightly into her hair, pulling her head back to him, Anna’s neck flushing, and breathing in quick gasps as her hips push hard back into him. The teasing is sweet madness as he slides back and forth. Looking down Anna can see him slipping between her soft folds.

His cock glistens slickly from her own wetness, his breath whispering in her ear.... "I know that this has been what you've been thinking about all week."

Her breath suddenly held as his fingers slip under and guide. The pleasure intense as Alex pauses the teasing seeming to never end. A hand presses hard against her hips, preventing her sliding back.

"Please..." she gasps and then again.

Alex's other hand slides under her chin, his thumb finger slipping along Anna's lower lip. He grunts in a moment of bright pain as Anna nips hard along his thumb in utter desire. He hisses half in pain and half in pleasure as he slides forward. Both lost in the moment he fills her, hips grinding hard against her pretty little bottom, his arm wrapping tightly around her.

Holding there and then back, Anna's mouth and teeth still worrying along his thumb. A deep building moan as he drives back, her hips matching his as they move. Her wetness drenching him, his breath so hot against her neck, biting and nibbling as he drives deep into her.

"I want you to come all over my cock, Anna," his voice husky and deep, hands slipping along her stomach and between her legs.

Anna's hips buck as fingers flip and slide between wet lips and circle her clit. Her toes tingling familiarly as Alex grinds her against the wall, his fingers circling quickly. Each breath is held in long pauses before exploding for air.

Faster they move, she clenches and grins to feel him thickening as her wetness squeezes around the length of him. Anna's whole body shakes as she can feel the waves building, about to collapse around her. Her moans muffled as she bites down hard onto the palm of his hand, her hips shaking as she feels the sweet approaching release. Alex's hips drive back as he loses control, his cock stiffening insider her.

Legs collapsing as she cums, taking him with her. He pulses deep inside, a low moan of pleasure in her ear. Their bodies trembling and breath in matching gasps, the lights in the office seemingly darker as Alex pulls Anna's ear close to his lips.

"I have a long list of things for your to-do list this week, Anna. I hope you are up to the task."