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Angela's Back Orifice

Angela proves popular in her new job

I’ve got the kind of sex drive which means I often end up doing things I shouldn’t do. When I get the horn, nobody is safe, including my sister’s boyfriends, my female friends, my neighbours… the list is pretty extensive for an 18 year old.

I do try and steer clear of married men but sometimes I really can’t help myself.

That’s what happened with Dick, my latest boss. Perhaps it was his name: although he liked to be called Richard, I thought of him as ‘Dick’ and his less-than-complimentary staff always called him a dick, although not to his face.

Having finished college, I signed-up with an agency. They really liked me as most of their staff didn’t want to work for a few days here and a few days there. I actually preferred the short term positions as they gave me enough time to have a bit of fun with the people in an office and before moving on, leaving the carnage of broken hearts and broken furniture behind.

I’d been temping in a garage, which mainly involved taking bookings for cars to have their MOTs. The mechanics liked me because I had bigger boobs than the girl on their calendar. The boss liked me because I’m a whizz with a spreadsheet and the customers loved me because of the special servicing they got while they were waiting for their cars to be finished off. One guy came back complaining of a rattling exhaust three times. “There’s nothing bloody wrong with it,” the mechanic grumbled, having taken the car for an extended run. I had to confess to Bob that it was because I was so good at tightening the customer’s nuts that he kept coming back.

“It was nothing too naughty,” I said. “I just wanked him off a couple of times… but he wanted a blowjob.”

“That twat came back here three times.” Bob held his hand up as though he was going to punch me in the face. If I’d been a bloke, he probably would have done. But I’m not a bloke, which was the root cause of his problems. “Wank. Wank. Blowjob.” Bob counted out the sex acts I’d performed by extending two fingers and a thumb from his hairy fist. “You were having sex with that fuck-nut while he was literally leading me a merry dance around the block in that bloody car.”

“It’s good for business,” I reasoned, shrugging my shoulders and squashing my boobs together. Bob noticed my cleavage, just as I’d intended.

His anger derailed but the passion from it fuelled other emotions.

“Are your services limited to the customers?”

“No, of course not.”

“Prove it,” he challenged. Pulling down the service hatch, I led the mechanic into the back room and let him take down my particulars. In actual fact, I took them down as I didn’t want his oily hands on any of my work clothes. “If you don’t want my hands on your clothes, you’d better take them off.”

“I better had,” I said, undoing the buttons on my blouse. Bob’s cock obviously wanted to play, but he only dared take it out when I exposed my tits to him.

“Fuck in hell, Angela.”

“It does seem a shame to have to hide them away,” I said, twisting from the waist to jiggle them together. But Bob obviously wasn’t a boob man: he paused long enough to weigh my tits in his hands, leaving a pair of black hand prints on the white curves, but he soon was down between my legs, lusciously licking my pussy.

His love for pussy was plain.

As was his experience.

Again and again Bob’s tongue painted out a letter ‘T’, tracing up from the opening of my vagina to my clitoral hood and then across from left to right, again passing over my clit.

One soft stroke, one hard stroke.

One hard stroke, one soft stroke.


Allowing me to anticipate what he was going to do, and thus what I was going to feel. Forget making me come, if he carried on like that he was going to make me faint.

I was desperate for a fuck but couldn’t bring myself to ask Bob to stop what he was doing. I could have stayed there all afternoon… all week… maybe longer.

“Why is no-one answering the fucking phone?” Dick was filled with such rage that he didn’t seem to notice that I was naked.

“Shit. Hits. Fan,” Bob muttered, wiping pussy juice from his chin with a filthy rag and pulling his coveralls over his rampant cock before turning to face Richard’s raging storm.

“Are you shitting me, Bob? Are you fucking shitting me, Bob?” Bob didn’t answer. “What do I pay you for, you fat fuck? What do I fucking pay you for?”

“Fixing cars.”

“That’s fucking right. Fixing fucking cars.” Dick looked round the office in a deranged manner. “I don’t see no fucking cars in here.” He went over to the filing cabinet and opened the top drawer. “No fucking cars in here.” Richard slammed the drawer so hard that it bounced out back to a fully-extended position and threatened to topple the cabinet. “Do you see any cars in here, Bob?” he asked, flinging the doors of the office’s cupboard open.

“No, Richard.”

“You damn fucking right! Where do we keep the fucking cars, Bob? Where?”

“Out front.”

“Halle-fucking-lujah, Bob! That’s right. We keep ‘em out front.” Richard’s voice dropped from the volume of a near-by nuclear explosion to that of a mouse's fart. “So where do you think you, a car mechanic, should be?”

“Out front.”

Richard didn’t say another word.

He didn’t move.

Bob moved: he moved as though an invisible express train had hit him in the back and propelled him into the safety of the inspection pit. I imagined him turning round with his eyes peeping above the parapet, waiting for the bullets to fly.

Richard turned to me, still seemingly unaware that I was naked; unaware of the oily paw prints covering my tits, torso, hips and thighs – temporary tattoos of my tryst with Bob.

“What were you doing?” Richard asked venomously.

“Helping to keep the staff motivated,” I replied like a shot. It wasn’t the first time I’d been caught and knew my best chance was to brazen my way out of trouble. Richard’s anger exploded but it remained internal. The pressure made him temporarily goggle-eyed but he didn’t say a word. Perhaps he wasn’t used to having someone answer him back; perhaps the rationality of my explanation engaged with the business brain inside Dick’s head. “I know it’s not the kind of thing you’d find in a training manual but-”

“Is it working?” he asked.

“Seems to be, although you interrupting like that has left me high and dry.”

“You’re talking about your motivation? You’re fucking my staff to help your motivation? To satisfy your... needs?” The anger flared in Richard’s eyes; the same anger which had sent Bob literally running for cover.

“Is that so wrong? Check the books, Richard. My sex drive is driving your business.” Richard frowned but the facts were there in the order book. Word was getting around about the special customer services available at Murphy’s Motors. “We're attracting business from our competitors. I'm helping your bottom line. So why don't you help me..."

"With your bottom line? Are you seriously propositioning me? You know I’m married.”

“Yes,” I replied steadily, answering both questions simultaneously as I backed up against the office door and locked it. Dick took a quick look around, noting the dropped shutters but perhaps suspecting a hidden camera or two.

He was still thinking when I unzipped his flies. “I bet you’ve got a nice big one for me,” I said, perching my bum on the office desk. I wanted to give Dick a full view of what he was getting, so spread my legs wide as I dragged his cock out and pulled it between my legs. He resisted just before our genitals touched. “Don’t just tease me with it, stick it in!”

An expression of shocked disbelief showed on Dick’s face.

Maybe he was just an angry bastard; maybe he was faithful to his wife.

Maybe he really didn’t want to fuck me but he’d come close enough that I’d already snared him. Catching his hips with my outstretched heels, I pulled our bodies together and used my hand to guide his hard cock into my slippery pussy, aware of every throbbing lump and bump on its gristly length as it slipped inside me. “Mmmm,” I groaned, taking my boss’s cock as deeply as I could, and then wrapping my legs even-more tightly around his waist to pull him in further.

“Just try and enjoy it,” I said, feeling the tension in Dick’s body. He’d barely moved since I’d taken him fully inside me and although having his cock inside my pussy was fun, it would have been much more fun for both of us if he’d actually fucked me with it.

Looking down, Dick sucked in a breath which hissed back out angrily through his clenched teeth. His hands touched my knees and traced slowly down to my groin. “Motivated? Huh!” Dick pushed and pulled his hips, examining my pussy as it stretched around the thick shaft of his cock.

Highly motivated,” I said, tightening my vaginal muscles around his cock. Dick groaned with pleasure and barked a laugh before reluctantly rocking his hips. Each thrust sent a series of tingles up my spine. Bob’s licking had been magical – but it had only satisfied the surface; now Richard was starting to satisfy my depths.

Gripping my hips, Richard grunted with effort as he twisted my body through 180 degrees.

I liked his power and was more than happy to spread myself with my up-thrust bum now fully exposed.

Dick seemed to come to life, guiding his cock back up into my slippery pussy with a single thrust. I grunted happily as his powerful thrusts continued, compounding the pleasure in my needy pussy.

His hands gripped my hips and in pulling apart, he separated the cheeks of my bum. If Bob had been a ‘pussy man’, my boss was definitely a ‘bum man’. Just how much of a ‘bum man’ was revealed as his thumb lingered on my arsehole. I realised with great excitement what the mucky bastard was thinking about doing.

Perhaps this was something his wife wouldn’t do.

Or something she had done but wouldn’t do any more.

I gasped as Richard forced it inside, adding a different kind of pressure from that pounding my pussy. It felt deliciously dirty, especially in view of who was doing it.

Dick was panting as he fucked me with barely controlled energies. We were both grunting and groaning with animalistic passion, oblivious to anything which existed outside the shuttered windows of the office.

He was close to coming and I knew just how to help us both over the orgasmic line.

“Imagine sticking your cock in my ass,” I moaned. “Imagine how tight and hot it would be.” That was what I’d been thinking about.

My boss.

My stretched arsehole.

His cock.

“Oh fuck,” he groaned, pushing in hard enough that there would surely be desktop bruises across the tops of my thighs for days to come. “I’m going to come.” Sure enough, a few more deep-thrusts like that first one and Dick’s body quivered. I came as his cheating cock pumped his spunk deep into my pussy.

But one orgasm wasn’t enough.

“Keep your thumb up my bum,” I said, sliding my hand down between my legs. Masturbating as my married boss played with my arsehole with his cum leaking out of my pussy took me to an orgasm of epic proportions… and I knew exactly what had made my head throb so violently. “I was thinking about you sticking your cock up my bum as I came,” I admitted. Richard jammed his cock in where his thumb had been. It was fully hard again.

“I’d need lube.”

“We’ve got all sorts of lubricant in the garage,” Dick said urgently, as though he was about to rush out and start searching through the shelves.

“Anal lube?” I asked doubtfully.

“No, probably not,” he said, coming to his senses.

“Don’t worry,” I said, taking hold of Richard’s cock as I sank to my knees. “I’ve got some at home. I’ll bring it in.”

“Is this a new service you’re offering?”

“Not ‘new’ exactly,” I admitted between sucks. “That’s why the guys have nicknamed this ‘The Back Orifice.”

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