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Beautiful Mess - Meeting

Teachers Can Have Fun Too
“Have you seen him yet? Oh my heaven, the man looks like he just walked off the runway, straight into our lives,” my friend Kaylee gushes. Her eyes light up, like a kid at Christmas, ready to pounce into the gifts and indulge herself in them. Both of us standing near the coffee maker, speaking in hushed tones. Even though we all know all the lady teachers are talking about the same thing.

She, of course, is talking about the new history teacher for the sophomore year. Mr. Lee retired last year, and we were all sad to see him go. He had been teaching at Little Edge high school for over thirty years. We all wondered who was going to replace him, when we heard it was someone from another state, we were all a little surprised. Up until today, no one had met him.

I let out a sigh, shaking my head. “Yes, I've seen him. We actually park right near one another, as you know Mr. Lee parked next to me. We came in at the same time. We said a hello, exchanged pleasantries and went our own ways. Indeed he is a beautiful looking creature, but a man like him has to be involved with someone. Wouldn't you think?” I smirk, before taking a sip of my still scolding hot coffee. I love the burn of the first few sips, it helps waken me up in the morning.

Kaylee scoffs at me, as she pours far too much sugar in her coffee. “Who cares? He is still good to look at. And I plan to do just that. Besides, Rob and I got back together, as you know. And before you say it, I know. Three times too many, but I love the bastard. But back to more pressing matters. Have you seen his ass? Oh you could bounce a quarter off of it. Damn!” Kaylee giggles like a high school girl.

Sometimes I wonder if she forgets we are supposed to be the teachers. She more often than not sounds like one of the students she teaches. It's probably why she gets on with them so well. It is well known she is one of the favourites among the students. But, she was not wrong about the new teacher.

Mr. Kirk, from the short moment I had to drink him in, looks to be in his early thirties. He had such vivid blue eyes, I almost stared at him too long because of it. I could tell, even through his dress shirt, how well muscled he was, his face showing that sexy five o'clock shadow, that I love oh so much on men. I don't know how else to explain him, those eyes, that full mouth, the dark hair, that hung a little too shaggy, but in a sexy way. I felt myself swoon over him, however I'd never admit that to Kaylee.

“I hadn't noticed, Kaylee. I don't go staring at men's asses like their pieces of meat,” I say, glancing at the clock over the door. Seeing we had about fifteen minutes to go before the first class, of the new year begins.

“Why the hell not?!” Kaylee scoffs, speaking a bit too loudly. “They sure as hell look at us like that. Why can't we do it to them? Besides, who said they don't like it as much as we do,” she grins, flipping her perfectly blonde hair over her shoulder.

Kaylee and I are totally different in our appearances. She is the typical blonde hair, blue eyed, girly-girl, whereas I am the dark hair, green eyed, laid-back type. Even though we are different looks wise, we are incredibly alike in almost every other way. We have been friends since uni, both learning to study teaching. She was studying maths and science and I was studying English.

Before I had a chance to say anything, Joy and Rick come up to us, cups in hand. Both of them whispering about something, growing quiet as they reach us.

“What are you ladies talking about?” Rick asks, stepping up to pour his coffee. “It's the new guy, isn't it? I can tell on your faces. You look like every other female, teacher and student alike right now. I can't blame you. That man is hot!” His mouth pulls into a huge grin.

Everyone knows that Rick is gay, he has never hidden the fact. It has never been a problem for him here at the school either. Thankfully, I might add. It was a concern of his before he decided to become a teacher. That he might not be expected by his co-workers, students, and even parents. That wasn't the case, though. He has, like many people, have heard some pretty horrible stories about gays not having the same rights as everyone else.

Kaylee was the first to chime in. “Hmm, yes. Yes we were. I was trying to convince Miss James here that it is just fine for us ladies to admire the male form, the same as they do us. Isn't that right, Ricky?” She coos, giggling as she knows he melts over her. If he wasn't gay, he'd be all over her, he admits it all the time.

“Are you kidding? We love it as much as you bitches do. Helps with our egos! Gawk away, make us feel like slabs of meat. It makes our own meat stiffen,” he laughs, moving to let Joy by to get her coffee.

Joy is a very quiet lady, who hardly speaks to anyone but Rick, unless she is teaching. She is our Spanish teacher, who prefers to keep to herself, than really socialise with the rest of us. She smiles at our comments, but doesn't add her two cents to the matter. We've learned that she probably never will, either.

“I'm sure you all do,” I add. “But, I'm not about to make Mr. Kirk feel uncomfortable, or stared at by the lot of us. He might think we think he is an alien or something.”

“He kind of is, at least for now,” Rick says, grabbing a doughnut and stuffing it into his gob.

“You're both very childish,” I grin. “Fine, the man is damn sexy. He is drop dead gorgeous, with such a toned ass it makes women and men alike weep. I'd love to crawl up every last inch and do filthy things to him. Oh yes!” I play it up, acting like Kaylee usually does. “Is that better?” I grin.

“Much!” They both say at the same time. Just as the first bell rings, altering everyone that class starts soon.

We all see Joy rush off, coffee in hand, wanting to get to class before her students do. She always likes being there first, in case anyone needs her for whatever reason. The three of us walk causally through the halls, making small talk about our summers. Rick tells us how he went on a six week gay cruise with his lover of nine years. It is something they do every summer. Rick's boyfriend is a lawyer, so they have the time and money each year to do it.

Kaylee goes on and tells us about how she and her on again, off again boyfriend are trying to make things work out. She thinks that they keep getting back together because it is meant to be. I keep my mouth shut, but think it is because neither of them know how to let shit go. If he makes her happy, though, so be it.

Who am I to judge? I haven't been in a relationship in over two years. I've been on a few dates, had great times, but for one reason or another, things fizzle out on someone's end, or even mutually. I keep an open mind of being in a relationship, I know I want to be in one. I just don't see the rush to be in one.

I'm turning thirty this year, and my mum gets on my case all the time about finding the one. All I ever hear from her when I see or talk to her is, “Julie, you need to find a man. You need to settle down. I want some grand babies before I'm too old to enjoy them. You don't want to die alone, do you?” She says. And all I can think is, gee ma, thanks for thinking I'm going to die alone because I'm still single at not even thirty yet.

She really liked my last boyfriend. I did also, but we didn't see things on the same level. He wanted to get married and have babies and make me a stay at home mum. I didn't want that for a life. Why would I go to school, all the trouble I did for only five years of teaching? He wouldn't agree on anything, as hard as I tried. Nothing was good enough. So, we parted ways, agreeing to be friends... Yeah, that didn't last.

I haven't heard anything from him or about him since a month after our breakup. In a lot of ways I'm glad I haven't. I'm not bitter about our breakup, it was really my idea, because I couldn't be the little housewife he wanted me to be. That just wasn't for me. My calling was and is teaching, always has been. Nothing gives me more pleasure than teaching.


Once I was in class, things flow smoothly. Each year I still get a little nervous things will go ass up, but they never do. The students seem to be a good bunch. We take the time to get to know one another. It is something I do each year, on the first day of school. I really want to try and get to know each of my students. They are people, not little robots looking to be filled with knowledge and shoved out into the real world.

The first three classes go the same, smoothly. It is another reminder why I love being a teacher so much. I remember being a kid and one teacher leaving such an impression on me. I was in the seventh grade, and he was probably the best teacher I had ever met. He did the same thing, getting to know his students. He hated how so many teachers didn't try and get to know their students. Just going about the day filling them with information, without truly teaching them.

He is the reason I wanted to become a teacher. When I graduated from uni and got my job here at this school, I made a trip back home and went to see him. I told him what he had done for me all those years back and how he inspired me to be a teacher. He actually broke down and cried. He told me that he was beyond pleased he could leave such an impression on his student.

We still keep in touch. He is now only substituting, because his wife is sick and needs constant taking care of. He loves his job too much to retire completely, though. Luckily for him, his oldest daughter helps when he is called in to work. So he doesn't have to worry about spending money on a nurse.


At lunch time, I go back to the teachers lounge and get my lunch from the fridge. As I start to heat up my leftover chicken and collar greens, Mr. Kirk walks in. I give him a blushing smile, not knowing why I feel so girly when he is around. I shake my head and scold myself for being silly.

“Good afternoon... Miss James, is it?” He says, as he walks towards the fridge, grabbing a brown paper bag.

“Good afternoon to you too. Yes, it is Miss James, but you can call me Julie. If you'd like. How has your first day going?” I ask, taking my lunch out of the microwave as the timer beeps loudly at me.

A few other teachers come in, but leave, heading back to either their class, or the lunch-room. One teacher stays, but heads towards computer area.

“It's going well, actually. Thanks. And Julie it is. That's a pretty name,” he says, as he sits down at the round table, in the middle of the room. “Care to join me for lunch?”

“That would be nice. Sure beats eating alone,” I smile. I sit down next to him, watching as he pulls out a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and a salad. “Hmm, nice combination you have going on there, Mr. Kirk,” I can't help but giggle.

“Hey, this is a great combo. Don't knock it until you try it. And you can call me Jack. You know, Jack Kirk. I always told people I was Captain James Kirk's brother. You know, the captain from Star Trek?” He laughs and actually blushes.

“Nerdy, Jack, truly,” I tease him. “I like it, though. James' Kirk's brother likes peanut butter and jelly, with salad. Got it. I'll make a note of that,” I tease him.

“Through and through. Hardcore nerd and proud of it. But, I'm a sporty nerd, you know? I love to go surfing, play basketball, go roller-blading, all kinds of things. I like being active.”

“I'm down with that. Very universal. I like it. I have a bit of nerd in me too. Though, I have never seen Star Trek, I'm not that kind of nerd,” I grin, taking a bite of my chicken. “I'm more into video games and films. But, I too, like to be active. Swimming, running and whatever else can get the heart racing.”

The conversation keeps at a natural flow through the entire lunch. I learn that Jack is from California, moving here to take the job. He had always wanted to live on the southern east coast. When he got the chance to get a teaching job and move to the area, he jumped at the chance. He's only been here in South Carolina for a few weeks. It took him longer than expected to find a place to live. It isn't easy moving across the country.

I noticed throughout our conversation how much I enjoyed talking to him. I didn't want it to end. But, when you only have thirty minutes for lunch, you have to make due. We exchanged numbers, since he has no friends here, I told him I'd be honoured to show him around.

The rest of the day went by without a hitch. The whole day was what any teacher would think of as a perfect day. Though, the real day starts tomorrow, when teaching actually begins. Throughout the day, I see Kaylee who informs me that everyone already knows I had lunch with the new hottie. I roll my eyes, telling her it was just lunch. Sometimes I really do think the teachers are worse than the students when it comes to gossip.

When I get home, I change into my running clothes and head back out for a much needed jog. I walk towards the lake I live near. They made a path around the length of it, for people to enjoy their jogs. It is used by many and enjoyed by even more. It is one place I love to come and forget everything, or in this case, think about things.

Tonight my jog was focused on Jack Kirk. I know I have a rule of not dating guys I work with. It can't end well, but that isn't what was on my mind. It was how good looking he is. I wanted to know more about him. He was fun to talk with, interesting, and had been to many places. I've not had the chance to really leave South Carolina. So those who have, or aren't from here who move here always fascinated me.

The next morning, Kaylee announces to the few of us who are in the teachers lounge, that we should all meet up at Gritty's, for a drink Friday and catch up. We all agree, knowing it is something we do pretty regularly through the school year. It is a local bar and grill place we all enjoy going to.

“You should ask Mr. Kirk to come,” she smirks at me, hip bumping me.

“I think I will,” I reply with sly smile, hip bumping her back. “And it is Jack, his name is Jack, Kaylee. Get with the program,” I tease her.

“Oh, well excuuuse me,” she drags the word out, looking at me, “not all of us had lunch with him yesterday. How was I supposed to know?”

“You could have asked at any time. I'm sure he would have told you. Don't be such a dork.”

“Why I never in all my life!” Kaylee stomps her foot, smiling and giggling. “Ugh, I can't even do that seriously with you. It only works on the meat stick.”

“Bloody hell, Kaylee! Class, learn it. You can be so crass at times,” I chastise her. But she knows it is one reason I love her so much.

“ Only at times? Here I thought it was always. That is why the students like me, no?” She giggles, just as Jack walks in.

He spots me right off, smiling and makes his way over towards us. Somehow he looks even better looking today. He has on a light blue button down, form fitting dress top. The trousers seem to fit him perfectly, as if made for him personally. Simply perfect, I think to myself.

“Morning, Jack. This is Kaylee, the local student, pretending to be a teacher. Don't mind her. She often pretends to work here, we play along, because she is simple minded,” I grin at her, just as she sticks out her tongue, proving my point.

Jack laughs a deep chuckle, one that sends chills running down into my core. “It's nice to meet you Kaylee, I'm Jack Kirk. I've heard you are quite popular with the students. You're very liked.”

“I'm pleased the payoffs are still working. Ah, my little minions do well, don't they?” She giggles. “I just like relating to the students, also I don't want to grow up. So, I'm refusing. I'm on strike. Can't make me grow up, if I don't want to,” she smiles, in her utmost flirty ways.

“Hey, I totally understand. I just turned thirty last month and wondered where the hell my twenties went. Maybe I should go on this strike too. Where do I sign up?” He asks, pouring himself a cup of coffee.

“Sorry pal, you're too late. Once you hit thirty, it is all over. Julie is in the same danger, her birthday is in a month. I keep trying to convince her to join my childlike ways. She is a stubborn cow.”

“Watch it, bitch. I get enough grief about my age from my mum. I don't need it from you too,” I sigh. “Anyway!” I say a bit aggressively, wanting to move on from the topic of age. “Kaylee announced a bit ago that we should all go to Gritty's this Friday for drinks. And since I told you yesterday I'd show you all the hot spots, I figure why not start there. What say you, Captain Kirk?” I tease him, remembering yesterday's conversation.

“That would be great,” Jack says. “I really do need to get out. I haven't done much, between unpacking and planning this years work load for the students. Mr. Lee, the former teacher who worked here, sent me a package of the things he has taught. Telling me I don't need to use any of it, but it worked for him.”

“Well that was nice of him,” Kaylee coos, before smiling. “Great, sounds like a date for you two then. I'll see you guys later, I need to use the ladies room before class. Ciao!” She says quickly, before fluttering out of the room.

My jaw nearly drops, I want to run after her and tackle her to the ground and smother her with whatever I can get my hands on. I can't believe she did that. Actually, I shouldn't be so shocked. She has been trying to get me to go on a date almost as much as my mother. I swear they are conspiring together. Before I have a chance to defend myself Jack speaks.

He looks at me with a smile, a twinkle in his eye, making my knees lock and my breath catch. “Huh... a date?”

“Ugh, don't mind her. She likes to set people up. You know the type, I'm sure?” I pray that he does and that he won't bail on drinks because of it.

“I do actually. I have a good friend at home who used to try and set up all his single friends. I don't mind though. We can call it a date. What can it hurt, right?” He grins, that beautiful, sexy grin. It makes me want to pounce him right here.

“Ah, oh, um, yeah, sure. It can't hurt, not at all,” I state, kind of taken aback. Thinking of my no dating at work policy. Well, that has gone to shit.

“Great, looking forward to it. I should head to class, I don't want to be late on my second day of work. Need to make a good impression. Why don't we grab lunch again?”

“Same place, same time,” I reply, feeling my heart thump hard in my chest. I can almost feel my pulse slamming through my entire body.

With that, he smiles and heads off to class, leaving me to let what just happen set in. I still have the urge to go tackle Kaylee. Instead I take my phone out and send her a text.

I hate you. Watch your back, girly!

She replies back with:

Nuh uh! You luv me! Don't deny it!

I can't help but smile, replying back.

Me love you long time

I can actually hear her laugh from down the hall, just as I get a reply back:

Sucky sucky!

I tuck my phone back into my pocket, knowing that the bell is going to ring soon. We allow our students to text and make calls between class, but we try to set a good example by not texting often. Sometimes however, it is needed. In this case, it was.

After second period, I see Kaylee, who asks what actually happened. I fill her in and she giggles again, just like a school girl. I think she is, just as, if not, more excited about this than I am. Though it helps me get excited for it even more. But, with that, makes me nervous also. Now I'm the one feeling like a school girl.

Knowing that I was going to have a date with Jack was on my mind all day. It was hard to focus on what I should be doing...That was teaching. I tried my best, though. Knowing that teaching comes before everything to me, always has. I'm not about to let some guy I hardly know come before that. It was all it took for me to avert my attention to what matters most. My students.


As the days went by, I spent more time talking and getting to know Jack any chance we got. The rumours flew quickly, as they do. I paid them no attention, because that only adds fuel to the fire. Something I did not need. Jack didn't seem to mind it either, he worked on making friends with everyone. Rick and Kaylee took a liking to him right off, as I knew they would. Though we do have our own cliché cliques, even as teachers, we are all fairly respectable.


Friday evening came quickly, and now that it is here, I feel the butterflies swarming my stomach so much, I could swear they were hornets instead. I decide on a glass of wine, before even going to the bar to meet the group, just to calm myself. I keep telling myself that this isn't a serious date, that it is just two co-workers meeting up, with a group of other co-workers.

“Get a grip, Julie,” I growl at myself, before downing the rest of my wine. I glance in the mirror, making sure I still looked all right. I had changed twice, before settling on a knee length dress, which hugs my curves like a fine glove. I took the time to curl my hair, adding a bit of wave to what is naturally rather flat looking. I want to look nice, without looking like I have tried too hard.

Upon arriving at Gritty's, I'm greeted by Jack, who arrives at the same time as I do. His smile as he looks me up and down, without any shyness makes me blush fiercely. Though, I do the same with him, with a little more class. He is more relaxed, wearing a pair of dark denim jeans, which hang from his hips with ease, as if they were a second skin. He is wearing a button down shirt, but leaving it open, with an under-shirt to go with it. Very casual, yet sexy as fuck.

“I hope I look okay, I didn't know what this place was. Wasn't sure what to wear, felt odd texting and asking, so I winged it,” he says, as he embraces me in a hug. We had never hugged before, I was taken aback, but in a good way. His aftershave was light, but overwhelmed my senses in a way that left me breathless. His strong arms gripping me tightly, as I squeezed back, not wanting to let go.

“You look dashing. It's very low key, nothing fancy for us. Though if it were up to Rick, it would be. Don't tell him I said that, though. He'll pout and somehow we'll end up at a five star bar next time we go out,” I giggle, letting the hug part.

“Secret is safe with me. I'm just glad I didn't dress up too much, or down too little. Always hard being the new guy in a new place,” Jack says, taking my hand with ease, heading towards the double doors.

I can't help but think he really is taking this as a date. He is being very gentlemen-like. I can't complain, it is a nice change. I can't remember the last time a man acted like a gentlemen for me. But, I also don't want to lead him on. I still don't think dating men at the work place is a good idea. I really need a drink, I think to myself.

Spotting our little group at our normal table, I introduce everyone again, making sure everyone knows everyone. The waitress comes up, taking our order of drink and food, as we all tell Jack what the best is to nom on and what to avoid. It takes a bit longer than usual to order, but well worth it. With drinks in hand, we all start talking at once. Mostly to Jack, since he is the new kid on the block. Everyone wants to know about his life in California and why in the world would he want to move to a little bumpkin town like this.

He tells us he always lived in the big city, but each summer they'd go to this small beach resort town, very small compared to what he knew. He loved it and wanted to always move some place small. He never thought it would be this small, but he says he enjoys being here thus far. Of course this leads to us all telling him the best places to go, where to avoid, etc.

With food arriving, we all dive in, making Jack try a little of everything, everyone got. Before he nearly has to beg us to stop, or he'll explode and no one wants to clean up a Jack size mess. After order another round of drinks, we move to the pool tables, where we spilt up in teams, girls versus guys, naturally. Taking it far too seriously, but having a great time. It feels right with Jack added to our mix.

After a few hours, the group begins to part a little, mingling with others at the bar, as we do. Jack and I talk quietly at our table, joking and having a good time. I feel myself starting to get a little flirty, which I simply can't help myself with. I haven't felt this comfortable for such a long time, that I don't want to miss my chance on something good. I can't help but think my mother would be so proud. Which makes me want to roll my eyes and laugh about.

I find out that Jack has two older brothers, that being the youngest had only a very few perks. He says they say being the youngest, you're spoiled and coddled, well, not in his family. He was unplanned, being almost ten years a part from his brother Jim, who is in a wheelchair, they didn't ever expect to have another one. But, they made the best of it, as well as they could. His oldest brother John, he hardly knew. He left home at an early age and joined the military to help support the family, but never came home to visit all that much. He married young and had two daughters, whom Jack never met, because John doesn't make the effort to see his family. Jim still lives at home, unable to fully take care of himself and not wanting to leave his mother, being a mama's boy, as Jack calls him.

I soaked in all the information, not really paying attention to anything going on around us. The bar wasn't overly busy, as it usually never is. Since it is more of a grill type bar, it is easy to stay focused on one person. I filled him in on my family life also. Telling him I grew up with just my mother and older brother, who is five years older than I am. My dad skipped out on us, when he had an affair with his boss. Neither my brother Seth or I wanted anything to do with him, knowing how badly he hurt our mother. So we stuck together, not looking back and became a stronger family unit because of it.

Kaylee makes her way over to us, I can tell right away she has had one too many.

“Hey love birds, you two do it yet?” She grins, giggling at her own corny attempt at a joke.

“Not yet, but we'll let you know when, okay?” Jack pipes in, before I have a chance. My jaw drops to the table, just as Kaylee busts out laughing.

“I knew I would like you, Jacky boy. Do her good. She needs a good man. You seem to fit the bill just fine,” she chirps.

“Ugh, you're worse than my mother,” I whine. “Go away, go find a pretty boy to dance with. Look, there,” I point, spotting one she'd like.

“Oh, he is yummy. Ciao bitches!” She calls over her shoulder, flipping her blonde hair, like she owns the place.

“I'm sorry about that,” I sigh. “Between her and my mother, they'd have me in an arranged marriage by the end of this weekend. I don't know why,” I look at him, blushing.

He leans forward, taking my hands in his. The softness of his hands are intoxicating, making me want him to touch me more. “I get it, I do. No worries. I've been in the same boat. Besides, I kind of like it. I really dig you. I know we've not known each other long, but, do you ever get a feeling that some things are just, well, right?” He stumbles and blushes a bit at the end of his sentence, making him cuter than he already is.

“I do, honestly. I just have this no dating other teachers rule and I don't want there to be awkwardness if things went south. I love my job and don't want to lose it, or cost anyone theirs. You know?” I look at him, meeting his gaze. “But, yes. I know the feeling, I can't deny that I feel it with you,” I let my words trail off.

Before I know it, Jack lets go of my hands and slips his hands up to cup my face, kissing me tenderly at first. Testing the waters, feeling out my reactions. Which are to naturally kiss him back, because the spark of lust that zips through from my lips, into my entire being, makes me want to kiss back with fierce force. And I do, without question. He feels the same need, taking me fully, kissing, exploring my mouth for the first time.

The softness of his lips and tongue, the scent of his aftershave, the mixed taste of his beer, all tangled in with my own flavour makes me let out a soft moan. It causes him to groan into my mouth, his fingers tighten in my hair, holding me closer. If I thought I didn't want the hug to end a few hours ago, I change my mind, because I don't want this kiss to end.

It doesn't either, until we hear someone clearing their throat. When our kiss breaks, we both look in the direction of the throat clearer, to see Rick with a cocky grin on his face. “Well, well, well. What do we have here, hmm? You little minx,” he looks at me, “and you, you sly dog,” turning his direction towards Jack. “You didn't last long, you filthy sluts. I'm happy for you.” He sits down, propping his feet up on the nearest chair, “man, I saw that coming from a mile away. I should have started a pool. Damn my luck.”

“Rick, shut your face, before I knock you down a peg,” I tease him, kicking the chair his feet are resting on. “As if, no one saw it coming. I sure didn't. Don't think Jack did either, did you, Jack?”

“Nope, not even close,” he grins at me, making me blush.

“Whatever bitches, you can't fool me. I have this secret power of know-all. I even told Kaylee Monday, once the rumours started about you two's little lunch date. Ask her,” he sticks out his tongue at us.

“Ask her, who what?” Kaylee asks, as if she knew we were talking about her.

Rick looks up at her, “Them,” he says, pointing his finger at the two of us. “I told you, didn't I?”

“Mhmm, sure did. That's why I helped set you two up. Ricky is never wrong with his power of knowledge. Don't fight it. Go with it. Can't hurt, right?” She grins, sitting on Rick's lap, nuzzling into him.

I can't help but think they really would make a great couple, if he weren't gay. They remind me so much of the TV program 'Will and Grace'. Though they know this, they even agree.

“You can think what you will, you two crazy loons. I, however, am going to call it a night. I'm beat and I need to get a workout in tomorrow. So, I bid you a farewell,” I stand up, stretching. “Rick, make sure she gets home all right. You know the drill,” I lean down and kiss each of them on the cheek.

“You got it, babes,” he says, letting out a yawn.

I say goodnight to the others, who had slowly started coming back to the table, before heading towards the door. Just as I opened it, Jack grabbed me by the wrist.

“Mind if I catch a ride with you? I walked and yeah, I forget how to get back to my place,” he blushes.

“Man, that is some pick up line, if it was not for the fact you're so new to town,” I let out a laugh. I shake my head and grin. “Sure, let's go. Where do you live?”

When he tells me, I'm surprised, he lives a little less than a mile from me. Which works for me, I didn't want to drive all over town, even if it was small. I wanted to get home and get some shut eye. Getting into the car, I turn down the music I had up a little too loudly from before. We make small talk, avoiding what was said at the bar. I'm not sure how he feels now that tweedle dee and tweedle dum said what they said.

At his apartment, I let the car idle, as we finish our conversation. I was taken by surprise when he leans in and kisses me again. It was soft, tender and light. I drank him in, though. Letting out soft mewling noises every so often. I can feel my skin buzz with delight, igniting a burning passion, a heady need for him. I'm not sure how long the kiss lasted, not long enough, but felt like hours at the same time. But, when it does end, I can't help smiling.

“Look, I know you have a no dating co-workers rule. I respect that, but I am going to be forward and ask you to break that rule. I'd love to take you out. I want to get to know you more, not at work, not with others, just you and I. What do you say?” Jack asks, inches from my face, lips nearly touching mine.

How could I possible say no, when it feels like he is putting me under a spell with his voice, his touch. I let out a soft groan, closing my eyes, before pecking his lips lightly. “Yes, I'll break my rule, but please don't make me regret it,” I half sob and giggle at the same time.

“I will do my utmost best to not make you regret it. What do you say, tomorrow?” He asks me.

“Sorry, I can't. Family thing,” I sigh. “Next weekend I'm free,” I half smile, feeling bad for having to say no for tomorrow.

“Hmm, under one condition,” he says.

“What's that?” I ask, raising an eyebrow at him.

“You can't back out on me. No getting cold feet, or thinking straight,” he laughs, pecking my lips again.

“You keep kissing me like that, I'm not going to ever think straight again,” I claim.

“Is that so? Well then,” he says, before pulling me back into a long kiss.

Kissing back, I don't question it. I don't even care. It is perfect, feeling him suck my tongue into his mouth. I let out a gasp, feeling my core burning higher. At the rate he is teasing me, I am going to have to masturbate before bed. I pull back, before we get ahead of ourselves.

“Yes, like that. I promise, I won't back out,” I sigh and grin. “Next weekend, it's a date. Promise.”

We say goodnight after that, before we start making out again. I have to get home, get some sleep and get up for a long day of family fun time. As close as I am with my family, as much as I love them, I know it will be a long day of my mother telling me how I need to find a man and settle down. Seth is the golden boy now, since he is now engaged and the wedding is being planned out.

I thought with the news of his engagement, she'd back off me. Nope, no such luck. All I hear is “how nice would it be for you to have a boyfriend at the wedding, Julie.” I want to shake her sometimes, I know she means well, but damn.

My head still swarming with everything that happened tonight and the upcoming day's event, I tuck into my blankets and fall asleep.


“Oh Julie! I wish you'd find someone. You're going to be a spinster. Next thing you'll tell me is you own a cat. Ugh, child. Don't do this to me,” my mother complains, just as we start digging into our lunch.

I had woken up on time to get a workout in, before coming home, showering and making it to the restaurant with time to spare. Now I'm sitting here, with my brother, his soon-to-be wife, my mother and them all staring at me, as I take a bite of my salad.

“Mother!” I sigh. “Can't we ever spend time together without you bringing this up? Please, I beg you. Let's talk about Seth and Rachel's wedding. They still have so much to plan. Happy times, yeah?” I glare at my brother, begging him to help me. But it is Rachel who steps in.

“Yes, let's. I have so many ideas I want to run by you two. Seth is no help. He has no taste whatsoever,” she smiles sweetly at him. “No offence, dear.”

“None taken. Wrangle them in to help, I don't know what colour schemes and flowers are good. Whatever works for me,” Seth shrugs.

That is all my mother needs and she is off like a fuel fire, talking at high speeds. I silently whisper 'thank you' to Rachel, as we listen to my mother. She smiles at me, knowing how it is. I give my two cents every so often, but I'm like Seth, I don't really care about these things. I'm not a girly-girl who ever had dreams of this stuff. I've always been a Tom-boy, who rather play in the mud, sweat and workout. It always drove my mother mad, claiming she already had a son. She never forced me to be who I was not, though.

I ended up spending the entire day with them, moving from the restaurant, to my mother's home, talking more about the wedding and what is to be expected. It is nice to be home again, spending time with my family and my mum off my back with finding a guy. Part of me wants to tell her about Jack, but it is far too soon for that. For all I know, it won't last more than this one date, that we have planned next weekend.

Jack on my mind, it makes me miss him, oddly. So, I send him a text.

Hey, it's Julie. Just thought I'd say hi. Still sorry we couldn't meet up tonight. I hope you're having a good evening.

I hit send, waiting for a reply. It doesn't take more than a minute for him to reply back.

No worries, sweetie. I get it. Family is important. Looking forward to next weekend. And believe it or not, Monday too, so I can see that beautiful face of yours.

My heart melts, I swoon, I let out a sigh, blushing deeply. I recover quickly, before my mum notices. She'll start the twenty questions game.

Suddenly the sweet talker, eh? Smooth skills, captain.

Again, moments later he replies.

Hahaha, I'm starting to like this captain thing. All nerdy and whatnot. Very sexy, Jules.

I send one more back.

Told you, I like nerds. Now shhh, you have me blushing. Go away.

Not going to happen. Xxx

He replies back. My heart thumps, but I don't send anything back. Dangerous waters to be in when around my family. I focus back on the topic at hand, which is food for the wedding. Rachel's father is footing the bill, but doesn't know much about weddings. He lost his wife when Rachel was young, so she has no mother figure. Her and my mother bonded quickly, though.


Sunday I spend most of the morning and early afternoon on my upcoming week and what I want to get done with my students. Kaylee comes over in the early evening, wanting to gossip about what went down with Jack after we left, I gave in and told her. She takes it just like I knew she would, like a teenage girl. Making me laugh at how excited she gets for someone else's date.

When Monday rolls around, I'm happy to get back to work. I love my job, but I can't wait to see Jack again. I sent him a text last night telling him not to bring lunch in, I was going to bring in something. My morning was crazy busy with students needing me, so I didn't get a chance to see him until lunch. We met in the lounge, like we had all last week. I couldn't help but smile when I did see him. Releasing just how much I actually did miss him. Which made me nervous. How could I have such feelings over a guy whom I just met a week ago? I must be going crazy, I think to myself.

“Hey there good looking,” Jack says, settling down at the round table. “So, you made me lunch, did you?” He smiles at me.

“Ease up with the cuteness, Jack. We're at work, please,” I say in a low tone, so no one hears me. “Yes, though, I made us lunch. I had enough leftovers from yesterday, thought I'd share,” I smile at him.

I bring the Mexican soup over, after it is heated and sit across from him. I don't want to be too close. I don't need people talking anymore than they already are. I knew they were, I heard a few of the rumours from Rick through text. We both fall into our easy conversations, that we tend to have so well with one another.

Though it wasn't long until I feel him playing footsie with me under the table! I glare at him, shooting daggers at him, warning him to be careful, but not wanting him to stop either. I can feel the heat of my arousal for this man growing deeper. I've been neglecting myself, denying myself masturbation. For what reason, I don't even know, I just have been.

“You play dirty, captain,” I growl lowly.

“I have a feeling you love every minute of it, Jules,” he grins at me.

“Won't lie, I do. But, this is not the time or place. Not even close,” I complain.

“Come over to my place tonight then, let me cook for you. It is only fair after all. I promise not to just whip up cereal or something,” he laughs.

I can't help but laughing back. “Fine, if you knock it off for now!” I plead.

His foot stops instantly, a smile so wide on his face I think it might split his whole face in two. “Deal, see you tonight. You know the place. I'm in apartment 2A. Come around six, work for you?”

“Ah, yeah, sure,” I stammer over myself, feeling a blush come on.

“Cool. See you tonight Jules,” he says, standing and leaving the lounge just as the bell rings.

I sit there for a long moment, taking in what had just happened. What happened to this weekend and going out. How was it moved up on a school night? I suddenly laugh at myself. You're not a kid, Julie. You can go out on school nights, you derp.

Tempted to text and tell Kaylee, I don't. Wanting to keep this to myself, to see how it plays out first. I grab my stuff and head back to class, to finish out the day. Which goes smoothly, leaving me happy that I love my job so much.

At exactly 5:55 I knock on Jack's door, feeling like a nervous bucket of nerves. I don't even know why. I had gotten ready with no problem. I didn't over do it. Not wanting to look like I tried too hard again. I'm a very simple kind of girl. I'm not about to give him some fake idea of someone I'm not. I'm just in a pair of good jeans, a tank top and flip flops. Though, I feel great, just nervous.

When Jack opens up the door, he smiles widely, pulling me into his arms and kisses me. No, more like ravishes me. That is the best way to explain it. His mouth engulfs me, pinning me tightly into his body, and even groping my butt a little. Which I totally approve of. I let out a long moan, feeling any ounce of nerves wash away with the kiss. I don't know if it is his goal to do that, but it sure as hell is working.

“I've been wanting to do that since Friday night. I had to. I would say sorry, but that would be a lie and I don't lie,” he grins at me.

“No, no, please don't be. I'm not. I've wanted to do it since Friday too. I totally approve,” I grin, stepping inside.

“Wonderful to hear,” he says. “Well, this is my little slice of heaven. I made enchiladas, I hope that works for you. It goes with what we had for lunch, so I figured it was something you'd be okay with. I probably should have asked?”

“One of my favourites, actually!” I smile at him.

“Great, good. Well, they are ready, if you want to eat now?”

“Absolutely, lead the way, captain.”

We go and sit in his little kitchenette area, not talking as much as we were eye fucking one another as we ate. I didn't have a doubt at this rate, it was going to go in that direction and I wanted it more than I have ever wanted anything else in a long ass time. Jack teases me by running his now bare feet against my bare feet, making me squirm in my seat.

Once we ate, I offered to clean up the table. I went to go stand, just as Jack stands and pulls me into him, he lifts me up, just as I wrap my legs around him. No words are even needed at this point, he turns to take us towards his room. His mouth roaming over my neck, nipping and sucking on my flesh. I'm groaning, squirming in his arms, letting out whimpers. He let's out a low growl, tossing me onto the bed, with a wicked smile.

He pulls off his own shirt, unbuttoning his jeans, but not fully taking them off. The site is almost too beautiful. He is too beautiful. I bite my bottom lip, eyeing him up and down, soaking in the site of his body. He steps forward, with ease, unbuttons my jeans, taking them by the cuffs of the ankles and yanks them off with one swift motion.

“I've also wanted to do this since Friday,” he growls, lifting one of my feet to his mouth. He kisses the instep of my foot, making me squirm on the bed. His nose skims along the flesh, kissing upwards until he sucks on my big toe. I let out a yelp as he bites down a little, teasing me. It reminds me of what I would do to a cock. Which turns me on even more than I ever thought it would.

No words can form from my mouth. As if my voice box is broken somehow. I just fall back, watching him work my foot. I use my other foot to play with him, to tease him more. I run it over his extremely aroused cock, which is still imprisoned in his boxer-briefs. When he releases my toe, I let out a long sigh, but his mouth moves to my ankle, kissing slowly upwards. Over my soft flesh, the silky smooth curves of my calf, over my knee cap, until he starts kissing on my thighs. Going back and forth between them.

My knickers still on, I gasp when he kisses my mound over them. I want him to take them off, to dip his tongue deep inside me, to tongue fuck me into a few orgasms. I shiver, goose bumps skating over my skin, letting out mewls, feeling him kiss further. I can feel just how slick I'm getting. The wetness overwhelming. Hooking his thumbs through my knickers, he begins to pull them down. Inch, by slow inch he does. His eyes locked onto mine. The vividness of his eye colour sharper than ever.

I can feel the cotton of my knickers run along my skin, until they're at my ankles, before he tosses them aside. He yanks me closer to the edge of the bed, pushing my legs apart and up over his shoulders. Kneeling at the end of the bed, he does what feels like a slow dance with his lips on my mound, again. He avoids going down more for the longest time, not until he truly knows I can't stand the wait any longer. When his tongue makes contact with my clit, the current is strong. I react as though I had been poked with a cattle prod, but in a good way. I push my hips forward into him, begging for more. He indulges me, giving into what I beg of him.

Slurping, sucking, licking, biting, teasing, his tongue and mouth never stop. I lose count at the times he is able to make me come. I almost feel as though he'll never stop. Not that I want him to. It has been so long since a man with this kind of skill has gone down on me. When he finally does stop, he looks up at me, his face glossed with my juices. I can't help but blush and giggle.

“You look tasty,” I moan, looking down at him still.

“Oh, I am. You taste so fucking good. Love your taste, Jules, my sweetness, mmm fuck!” He growls, coming up to me finally.

We begin to kiss, I suck deeply on his tongue. I taste myself on him, mixed with his own flavour. It's a perfect mix, I want even more. His hands move to help me out of my shirt and unsnapping my bra. Before he finally lets go of our kiss, to remove what he has left on also. That's when I'm able to drink in every last bit of his nakedness. He does the same with me, eyeing each other up and down, enjoying the views of one another.

I lean up, just at eye view of his cock. Standing at attention, pre-cum beading at the tip. I lick my lips and smile. “Mmm, what do we have here, captain? Is that a treat just for me? I do think so,” I say. Before he has a chance to say anything, I wrap my lips around the head of his cock and suck, moving down his whole length. He is a good size. Not too big or too small. His thickness is something to be grateful for, though.

Jack doesn't let me last long at sucking on him, though. He tells me he doesn't want to come that way and isn't sure he would be able to hold off, if I lasted too long. We move together to the top part of the bed, with him now on bottom. I straddle him, I slowly lower myself down onto his engorged prick. I can feel my wet snatch take him deeply. I let out a long moan, as he grips my hips and grunts. He swears unspeakable cuss words, gripping my hips tighter.

“Fucking hell, Jules. You're tight as fuck!” He growls out.

I smile down at him, wriggling my hips, until he is at the hilt. I start to roll my hips onto him, doing a teasing dance with my hips on him. Both of our breathing is heavy with lust and need. He releases my hips, moving to grip my breasts, pinching my nipples, tender and sore as they are, I moan out further. I lean down, letting a breast linger over his perfect mouth. He licks the tip of it, before suckling it into his mouth, gripping it with his teeth and lashing his tongue against it.

My head falls back, gasping out, breathing deeply, but it is all it takes until I start coming on his cock. I soak him, riding him at a steady speed. I can feel how tightly I'm gripping him, he growls into my breast, his hands back on my hips, just as he begins to thrust up inside me. He adds more motions, causing my orgasm to last longer. I tremble, shaking out what is an epic orgasm, that I don't want to end.

Once it does pass though, I climb off of him, moving to my knees. I want to feel him all the deeper. This is the first time I even notice how clean his bedroom is. That surprises me, coming from a man, but it makes me smile. Jack moves behind me, slapping my bum lightly, before taking my hips again. He lets his cock guide itself to my slit, finding my entrance on it's own, and pushes in slowly.

When he has the head in, he slams the rest in. I cry out his name, feeling like I had just been impaled. It is beautifully delicious. He pulls all the way back out and thrusts back in just as hard. He does this again and again, fucking me hard, until finally he finds a deep, long thrust stroke we both crave. Fucking me with all he has, me leaning into it, rolling my hips with the perfect timing. Our moans matching with lustful need.

Beautiful moans, a song we are creating ourselves, are soon joined by our orgasms. I yelp out between moans I'm coming, he tells me he is about to as well. I beg of him to come with me, squeezing him tightly, I come hard. He thrusts a little harder, once, twice, thrice more strokes and I feel him stiffen and fill me. I move my hips, rolling them, so I can drain his balls of his seed. My pussy quivering around him, taking it all.

Lying side by side, legs tangled together, we catch our breath. It couldn't have gone better, I don't regret a moment of it. I shiver in pleasure, just as I curl into his chest. He leans down, kissing my forehead.

“Just so you know,” he speaks softly, “I'm still holding you to this weekend. You can't get out of it just because we had sex,” he grins at me.

“Oh good, you still do want to see me this weekend,” I giggle.

“Captain says yes ma'am,” he pulls a smile even wider.

“I knew you were a nerd! Now even talking in third person. What have I gotten into?” I shake my head, nuzzling into him.

“A beautiful mess,” he teases me.

“Something like that,” I breathe against his chest.

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