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Celebrating the Century Mark – Chapter Two - Showtime

Jim gives me a special assignment to prepare me for writing my 100th story on Lush
As you recall from Chapter One, my husband and I had an intimate discussion about my obsession with writing erotic stories on LUSH after I informed him that I had recently published my ninety-ninth story on the site. I also asked for Jim’s help coming up with an idea for my one hundredth story. I wanted to do something special for this milestone.

Jim got me to open up and describe for him my motivation for writing these stories. I told Jim how aroused I become recreating the tales of real-life experiences he and I have shared together. I also shared with him the arousal I experienced as I formalized the details of some of my most wicked fantasies into a coherent story. The fantasy seems to become real, as I feel all the emotion, fear, guilt, anticipation and pleasures of the main character vicariously as she experiences the events of the story.

I even confessed to my husband that, on occasion, I have had to stop and masturbate, while I am writing.

We ended the evening skinny dipping in our pool and making love while we jointly recounted some of our most arousing adventures. We both had powerful orgasms, fucking in a froth of water.

Later that night, while lying in bed, Jim suggested that for my one hundredth story on LUSH, I select one of my fictional stories and live it out in reality. His suggestion struck a chord within me.

After considerable thought, I finally decided to attempt to live out a scene from Irene’s Story, where Irene is attracted to a co-worker, Alfredo, and she exposes herself to him. The flashing starts out innocently at first, but Irene becomes bolder and bolder. Eventually, Alfredo and Irene have a torrid love affair that lasts months.

The thought of doing this, exposing myself to someone with whom I worked excited and scared me. I found the potential embarrassment and humiliation highly arousing.

Jim gave me permission to pursue this fantasy with any combination of three candidates in the law office where I work: Matt, an attractive partner who is recently divorced and is in his fifties; Brian, a young married lawyer with the firm who is in his early thirties; and Toben, a strikingly handsome law student who is in his very early twenties and who is interning with the firm this summer.

Toben is an interesting choice; he’s from Nigeria and is a large, powerfully built man. In many ways, Toben was unlike any man I had ever been with.

Friday morning:

I sipped my coffee while sitting silently at the kitchen table as I considered my options.

I knew that the office would be basically empty today. All of the partners, and most of the lawyers and the paralegals, would be tied up in annual strategy and planning meetings today. These meetings were held offsite at the Omni hotel, several miles from our office. These meetings presented a unique opportunity to give Toben an intimate glimpse of my charms, if I so chose. How would he react? I was not sure. I guess I’d find out soon enough.

I went to the closet to select my outfit for the day. It would need to be modest enough to seem appropriate for the office, but allow me to attract Toben's full attention when the time was right.

After surveying my options for several minutes, I opted for my brown wrap around skirt that buttoned up the front, my beige silk blouse and my sheerest white bra and pantie set. I decided that white panties would be most noticeable if someone was looking up my skirt. I also reasoned that it would be very obvious that they were missing if I decided to subsequently remove them and go 'commando’ to give Toben a more intimate view.

I looked at myself in the mirror and liked what I saw. My long blonde hair framed my face nicely. My large green eyes and full lips gave me a sort of cheerleader look, giving me a cute, sassy, youthful appearance. Yes, I was a very pretty, if not beautiful woman. Most people would describe me as statuesque, slender and athletic looking.

I assure you, I am not hard on the eyes.

The sheer bra and silk blouse did very little to hide my perky 34B cup breasts with their erect nipples which were standing so proudly. You could even see the faint darkness of my areolas through the thin beige material of my blouse.

I turned to Jim and said, "How do I look?"

"My god, Cindy, you are smokin' hot. You will drive the men crazy. You look beautiful and sexy. What is your admirer's name again?"

I saw the small bulge forming in the front of my husband's pants.

"Toben. His name is Toben," I said before pausing. "You know, I’ll have to wear a sweater in the office until I am alone with Toben and ready to start my show. I can't let the other guys see me like this," I said nervously.

"I don’t think it’s just the other guys you have to worry about. Hell, the women in the office would be after you, too, if they see you dressed like that. Fuck, baby, you’re hot enough to thaw the Arctic in that outfit," Jim chuckled, staring at my breasts with obvious admiration. "You need to text me throughout the day telling me how your day is going."

I really appreciated the fact that my husband enjoyed my adventures as much as I did. Jim always made me feel beautiful and desirable. And no matter how slutty I behaved, Jim made me feel sexy, not cheap. Yes, I love that man.

I assumed my sexiest pose, thrusting my chest and butt out at my husband and said, "Okay, but that will just make 'little Jimmy' stand up. If I text you, I will have two men walking around their offices with boners."

‘Little Jimmy’ is my pet name for my husband’s penis, but let me assure you, it is not little. My husband has a wonderful penis.

"I am pretty sure I will be hard imagining you are teasing your new boyfriend regardless," Jim admitted. I liked knowing he would get hard just thinking about me.

“I might even send you a selfie, if you’re a good boy,” I teased.

“So how do you feel about doing this today?” Jim asked. As always, he wanted to make sure that I was emotionally equipped for whatever experience was in store for me.

“I’m nervous and scared, but excited too. I’ve been thinking about this for days, ever since I learned that Toben and I would pretty much have our floor to ourselves today. But I won’t lie, I am very nervous. When you’ve exposed me before, you’ve always been there, close by, to make sure things don’t get out of hand. Knowing you were nearby gave me a lot of confidence and courage. Today I’m flying solo… and that’s pretty fucking scary,” I admitted.

“Well, I wish I could be there for you, baby, but this is a pretty safe environment. The situation is not going to get out of hand.

“I know, but if he does not react the way I hope he does… well I’ll be pretty embarrassed,” I confided.

Jim simply nodded, indicating that he understood.

During my thirty minute ride to my office, my vagina was leaking into my panties, soaking my crotch as I considered various scenarios to play with Toben today. To be honest, I was nervous and scared. I really had never misbehaved at work before. The risks and danger of doing so were quite real. And if Toben reacted badly, if he acted offended or put off, I would have the embarrassment of facing him for the rest of the summer. Oddly, the danger and potential embarrassment heightened my arousal.

Toben was doing some research for me in preparation for a wrongful termination suit, which meant Toben and I would have ample opportunities to interact throughout the day. However, I had not formulated a concrete plan of how I was going to accidently expose myself to him.

I arrived at my office a little before nine o'clock. I walked by Tobin’s cubicle on my way to my office. Toben was not at his desk yet, but several other interns and early career lawyers were lingering around.

With my tan sweater covering my breasts, I was dressed appropriately for the office and did not attract undue attention. I thought to myself, ‘if you boys and girls knew what I was wearing under this sweater, you wouldn’t believe it’.

Seated at my desk, I discretely unbuttoned the bottom three buttons on my skirt. If I kept my legs together, the skirt revealed little. However, if I crossed my legs, the skirt would fall open, exposing most of my upper thigh. I practiced subtly opening my thighs ever so slightly until I perfected the motion such that it looked accidental and innocent.

Toben stopped by a few minutes later and handed me a latte he had gotten at the café in the lobby. He was so cute the way he seemed to constantly be vying for my attention and approval. I am not sure why he was so attracted to me, but clearly, he was. Perhaps it was the simple fact that I flirted back with him that encouraged him so.

"Here, I was getting myself an espresso, and I bought you this," he said as he handed me the drink.

"That is just so sweet. Thank you," I replied before taking a sip.

Toben wore a light tan suit, white shirt and blue and white striped tie. The tan suit complimented Toben’s dark skin very nicely. In contrast to my blonde hair and alabaster white skin, I found his deep black complexion very appealing. Toben’s skin color was the blackest of black, highlighting his other handsome features. His jet black eyes seemed to dance, his smile glistened against the darkness of his skin color. His muscles seemed to ripple under his starched white shirt. To me, he was simply gorgeous and sexy.

Yes, he was a handsome specimen, but the thing that most captured my attention, and my imagination, was the way his penis hung down his left pant leg. Please understand, his suit pants were not tight, but the outline of his cock was unmistakable when he walked, and even when he was just standing in front of me. I had no idea how big he got when erect, but his flaccid penis appeared to be seven or eight inches long, and quite thick. It almost looked like he had a sausage strapped to his upper thigh.

As he often did, Toben walked around to my side of my desk and sat on the corner of the desk to chat. Normally, his closeness was somewhat disconcerting, but today I found his infringement upon my personal space quite convenient. I was forced to lean backward in my chair to talk with him. He was positioned perfectly for me to give him his first glance up my skirt.

I felt my heart pounding in my chest as I worked to garner the courage to flash my young friend. Initially, I felt slightly intimidated by the superior posture he assumed over me. He appeared to be taking a bit of a dominant, posture. I needed to grab my control back. I needed to remind myself that this handsome, muscular, exotic and sexy young man was not in control; I was.

My vagina was responding to naughty thoughts I was having. My mind was racing, creating various imaginary scenarios where Toben pleasured me.

Looking directly in his eyes and sipping my latte, I allowed the skirt to fall open and slowly crossed my legs. I separated my knees ever so slightly to allow him a glimpse of the very damp gusset of my white panties.

His eyes danced back and forth from my exposed panties to my face, and back again. I pretended not to notice, but my pussy was responding. I was keenly aware of my pulse in my erect clitoris as I casually exposed my panties to him.

I reached down and massaging my thighs, which caused my skirt to rise higher.

“My legs are so sore. I was at the gym last night and I did squats and lunges, and I’m paying the price today. I may have to get a massage this weekend. Have you ever had a massage?” I asked.

The expression on his face was priceless. His eyes continued to dart from my crotch to my face and back again. He smiled but seemed worried. He was trying to determine if my exposure was intentional. He was trying to determine if I knew that my panties were on display like they were.

“No, I have never had the opportunity for a massage,” he stammered.

“Oh, you should reward yourself with one. It is so decadent to lie there naked, while your handsome masseur gives you a full body massage,” I teased, creating the mental image of my naked form on a massage table. “It’s so wickedly naughty, but so innocent at the same time. I love getting massages.”

I could see his penis beginning to stir under his tan trousers as he tried not to be too obvious as he looked up my skirt.

I could feel myself blushing as I struggled to maintain eye contact and not disclose that I was intentionally flashing my panties to my young co-worker. 

"Oh, this latte is delicious, Toben. Thank you again," I said sipping my latte.

Without breaking eye contact, I opened my thighs further, ever so slightly, giving him a better view of the very wet gusset of my sheer panties. I cannot describe the rush I felt exposing myself this way.

It took all my strength to sit there with my knees apart while this gorgeous black Adonis tried not to look. I could feel my skin burning as I blushed from the humiliation of exposing myself in such a shameful manner; yet the excitement was real. I could feel every single beat of my heart in my blood engorged clitoris. I wanted to touch myself, but I did not.

There was a noticeable swelling in the front of his trousers. Toben definitively liked the view. He liked it a lot.

"So what have you got planned for this weekend?" I asked as nonchalantly as I could. This was such a rush, being so naughty but pretending that I had no idea what I was doing to him.

"I don’t have any plans. I may just hang out with friends."

There was now a huge bulge in Toben's pants. Awkwardly, he tried to subtly adjust his swelling penis. I smiled at his uncomfortable problem that was growing in his trousers as we chatted. God, I love making men hard.

By now, Toben’s erection was poking out the left pant leg of his tan suit trousers, making an obvious and distinct tent. From the shape and size of the bulge, it was very clear that Toben’s penis was quite long and quite thick, and his erection was making him quite uncomfortable.

"So what do you do with all your free time?" I continued, my voice cracking slightly.

Before he could answer, Brian, one of the firm’s early career lawyers, came around the corner suddenly and entered my office unannounced. He handed me a folder, saying, "Cindy, Matt and I have to get to the planning sessions across town and will be gone the rest of the day. This is the Quiroz file. Joanie will pick it up this afternoon, late. Please make sure she gets it. I have to run. You two hold the fort. You two have the place to yourself."

And Brian left as abruptly as he arrived. He was in a sufficient rush that he did not seem to notice me quickly pulling my skirt closed nor the huge bulge in Toben's pants.

I felt my face burning crimson from the embarrassment of nearly getting caught being naughty. Toben seemed embarrassed and flustered as well.

The interruption had broken the moment and brought us both back to our senses.

With a detectable panic in his voice, he said, "Well, I guess I better do some work," as he stood to leave.

"Me too. We'll talk more later."

I was tempted to go to the ladies room and masturbate in one of the stalls, but I resisted that urge.

By mid-morning, the rest of the lawyers had left, leaving Toben and me alone. We were the only employees remaining on our side of the building on our floor.

I was struggling to work up my courage to take the next step. I realized that I could not procrastinate any longer. The other lawyers would be returning within the next few hours, and my window of opportunity was closing. I was not going to have another day alone with Toben like this again. It was now or never.

I stood up. Nervously, I removed my sweater and folded it neatly. My breasts were now exposed under the thin diaphanous material of my sheer bra and silk blouse.

I went to the ladies room and removed my panties. Before folding them and placing them in my skirt pocket, I examined the gusset. It was soaked through. I had been leaking profusely all morning from my arousal.

Before exiting the ladies room, I took a 'selfie' with my cell phone camera in the mirror holding my panties. The darkness of my areolas were plainly visible under my blouse. You could plainly see every bump on my erect nipples through the beige silky material of my blouse.

I sent the picture attached to a text to Jim, with the following message, 'Going commando now. Ready to start the show. Toben awaits. Wish me luck.'

My heart was pounding as I walked past Toben's desk on the way back to my desk. He looked up, and I said hello. The expression on his face left no doubt, he noticed my erect nipples.

I felt myself blush under his gaze as I walked back to my office.

It did not take long for Toben to 'take the bait'. Moments after I passed by his cubicle with my perky breasts on display, he arrived at my desk.

I glanced at the digital clock on my desk. It was a few minutes after eleven when Toben swung by to invite me to lunch. My sheer bra and silk blouse did little to hide my breasts. My erect nipples seemed to demand that he look at them despite his repeated attempts to look me in the eyes. I loved watching his eyes dart from my breasts to my eyes, and then back to my breasts.

"Oh thank you, but I brought a salad and a chicken breast from home. Why don’t you go grab a sandwich downstairs and bring it back and we can eat here in my office. I’ll wait for you."

Toben promised he’d be right back.

I glanced at the clock. It was eleven twenty-six when he returned to my office with a turkey and Swiss cheese sandwich and two lemonades, one for each of us.

“Thank you for the lemonade…that is so sweet of you,” I said as he handed the styrofoam cup to me.

Tobin sat across the desk from me, eating his sandwich as I nibbled at my salad and chicken breast. Positioned as we were, he had an eye level view of my breasts; however, my skirt was hidden behind the modesty panel of my desk.

"It sure is quiet around here with everyone else gone," I said, trying to make casual small talk as Toben's eyes devoured my erect nipples.

It was very difficult for me to pretend that I was unaware of how exposed my breasts were.

"Yeah, I noticed that too. It's almost too quiet. Kind of spooky," Toben chuckled.

I heard my cell phone 'bing', telling me that Jim had responded to my text and the picture I had sent him minutes ago. I picked up the phone and read, 'Cindy, what's happening?'

I smiled knowing that Jim was sitting at his desk with his pecker hard as nails, making a tent out of the material of his trousers as he wondered what I was up to with my new friend. I loved keeping him on edge. I typed 'he's here…talk later', and set down the phone.

My phone binged again quickly, but I ignored it. I would not respond again until my little game with Toben was over, or at least until I had something to report. Jim would have to wait for his update.

I do not know why the thought of Jim worrying and fretting, wondering what I was up to was so appealing; but it was. I guess it made me feel powerful and in control, feelings I rarely got when Jim and I played our little games. Typically, he was calling all the shots and I was complying with Jim’s instructions. I liked this unique feeling that I was in control and Jim just had to wait for his update.

Toben and I chatted for twenty or thirty minutes, but truthfully the conversation was strained. There was a noticeable sexual tension in the air, created by my barely concealed tits. I continued to maintain the illusion that I was unaware how exposed I was as I asked Toben questions about his childhood and his life in Lagos. I was merely trying to keep the conversation advancing while I figured out how to expose myself further.

I listened intently as he described getting a scholarship offer to attend Columbia University after graduating number one in his class from the University of Lagos. Subsequently, he was accepted into a work-study program at Penn Law School. Clearly, this was a brilliant and driven young man.

For a brief period of time, during our conversation, he seemed to forget about my erect nipples poking through the silk material of my blouse as he immersed himself in describing his arrival to New York’s LaGuardia airport as a young exchange student almost three years ago. He was understandably scared and in awe of being in a strange country, alone, but he did not let that intimidate him.

I was truly impressed with this young man. In addition to being physically attracted to him, I was developing a genuine affection and admiration for the man he was. As I learned more about him, I knew that I wanted to give him a memory that he would cherish his entire life.

It was time to advance our game of ‘show and don’t tell’ to the next stage. My pulse was racing from the excitement and exhilaration of displaying my breasts for his gaze, and in anticipation for further exposure of the charms hidden under my skirt. I felt my hands trembling as I tried to come up with a scenario where I could position myself to let my skirt innocently fall open again.

For the briefest of moments, I considered coming over to his side of the desk, and perhaps sitting on my desk in front of him, but I quickly dismissed that idea. There was no way to perform such a maneuver and have any possibility of it appearing innocent or accidental.

I was nervous, scared and excited as I waited for the perfect opportunity to escalate our little game. I almost waited too long.

While I was struggling to find an opportunity to reveal my naked vulva, Toben looked at his watch and announced that he better get back on the research he was doing for the wrongful termination case on which I had him working.

He stood, glanced at my breasts one last time and turned to leave my office. I knew I needed to keep him from leaving if I was going to complete my assignment. I knew if I did not act now, I would never get my nerve back again to expose myself to him.

Just as he reached the door, I asked, “So, when was the last time you saw your family?”

He stopped and turned back to me, and answered, “I have not been home since I left Lagos, over two years ago.”

“You must miss them very much?” I asked, prolonging the conversation as I tried to keep him from leaving.

“Yes, I do, very much.”

“Tell me what you remember most about them?”

Toben walked to my side of the desk and positioned himself in precisely the same spot he had this morning. It was almost as if he was hoping for another peek up my skirt. I would not disappoint him.

Toben told me about his brothers and sisters. I learned he was the oldest of seven siblings. He revealed that like me, he was raised a Catholic, but he questioned some of the rigidity of this guilt based religion, but he did not abandon all its teachings. It dawned on me that while we were born and raised in completely different worlds, he and I did share some core values and core beliefs.

We chatted for several minutes as I struggled to get the nerve to expose myself further. My heart was pounding. I was nervous and scared, but I knew what I had to do.

Finally, I took a deep breath, and with my pulse racing and my vagina leaking, I slowly allowed my skirt to fall open and crossed my legs, making certain to leave my thighs open slightly. I tried to act as nonchalantly as possible, pretending that I was completely unaware that my skirt had fallen open.

He now had a completely unobstructed view of my shaved vulva. For a moment, he seemed confused as if he was uncertain precisely what he saw. He was expecting to get another glimpse of the white gusset of my panties. Then it hit him. His expression changed as he came to the realization that he was looking at my bare pussy, that I had removed my panties.

My phone binged indicating a message from Jim. “Excuse me for a second. Don’t leave,” I instructed as I read the text, which read, ‘what’s happening?”

I opened my thighs slightly as I picked up the phone, trying to be as subtle as possible as I shamelessly allowed my young friend to stare at my naked gash. For some reason, it was easier to open my thighs further while I stared at my phone, pretending to read a critically important message.

I quickly typed, ‘Busy now. He’s here, enjoying the view. Talk later’, and I set down the phone.

"Sorry about that. So you never told me what you were going to do with all your free time this weekend," I said. It was a random comment that seemed out of place as I tried to continue our conversation, while attempting to hide the nervous quiver in my voice.

I heard my phone bing again. I ignored it.

Toben struggled to make eye contact; the temptation to openly stare at my exposed labia was far too great. There was no longer any residual doubt as to whether or not this was accidental. Having seen my panties earlier, he knew that I had removed them in order to flash him. I could feel my skin burning bright crimson from the humiliation and excitement of being so exposed.

I felt more exposed as I sat there allowing this handsome young man look up my skirt and study my vagina than I would have felt if I was totally naked.

Toben stammered, "I am not sure what I will be doing this weekend. I do not have any plans yet. I'll just try to stay out of trouble."

He was actually having difficulty speaking he was so distracted. Toben’s erection was throbbing noticeably down his pant leg. He could not resist reaching down and adjusting it slightly, even as I watched.

My own breathing was labored now, I could see my breasts heaving up and down with each breath. I decided the time had come to state the obvious. I motioned to his bulging crotch and with my legs splayed open, I said, “It seems that you have a bit of a problem there.”

“Yes, ma’am, it would seem so,” he freely acknowledged.

“Did I cause that?” I asked coyly.

“Yes, I believe you did.”

“Oh my, I’m so sorry. Is there anything I can do to help you out there?”

“What are you suggesting?” he asked anxiously.

I smiled and sat silently as I contemplated what I wanted to do now. I was very aroused myself. I could suggest that we each retire to our respective restrooms, and take care of ourselves manually. However, that’s not what I wanted, nor did I think it was what Toben wanted either.

I opened my desk drawer and retrieved a key to the supply room.

“If you want some help with your problem, follow me,” I said as I stood and walked towards the supply room. After just a moment’s hesitation, Toben followed me down the deserted hallway.

I had one of only four keys to the supply room, the other three were in the possession of Matt, who was the senior partner on our floor, Glenda, his secretary, and Barbara, the IT supervisor. Both Matt and Glenda were at the off-site meetings at the Omni across town, meaning the only other key was in the possession of Barbara. As long as Barbara did not need to get any computer equipment from the supply room, Toben and I would have some privacy, but there was still some risk of being caught.

I looked up and down the hallway before unlocking the door. I turned on the light and beckoned Toben to join me. I locked the door behind us.

(Note: a special thanks to Lisa and Don whose editing, proofreading and input have greatly improved the quality of this story.)

Coming soon: Chapter Three

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