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Cupboard Love - Part 1

The Temptation
First of all, it's important to understand that I love my husband, and would never do anything to hurt him. Well, not intentionally. But the truth is that I can't help myself. Let me explain.

Brian and I met a few years ago, and we got married just before the recession hit. At the time, we both had pretty decent jobs: I was a PA for a departmental manager, while Brian ran his own garage. We moved into a rented two-bedroom flat not far from the city centre, and got on with our lives. We talked about starting a family, moving to a house when we could afford it, you know, all the usual stuff young couples do. Our sex life is average, though I particularly love it when Brian plays with my large nipples. You see, they're unusually long, over an inch when fully erect, and they're mounted on puffy, pink aureoles. I love it when their being sucked, and I often orgasm just by having them played with.

Although Brian is a very attentive husband in bed and always tries to make sure that I have as much pleasure as he does, for me it's usually just 'okay'. Added to the fact that Brian isn't what you would call 'well-endowed', he's also just not the passionate type, and I don't think he understands my need for him to be a little more aggressive or even forceful in bed. I want a man to take me, to have his way with me and fuck me within an inch of my life, to make me scream and howl as he uses me for his pleasure. So, I suppose that, sexually, I've always been a little frustrated, but have always accepted it as part of being married to the man I love.

Anyway, then the recession came. Inside a year, Brian had lost his garage, and although I was regarded as being good at my job, I was made redundant due to 'restructuring'. For a while, we really struggled to make ends meet, but then Brian managed to get a job in a garage on the other side of the city, which means he has to get up really early and doesn't get home until late. To help out, I signed up with a temping agency. Up to yet, I've worked in seven different organisations doing secretarial or admin work, and never for more than a two or three months at a time. We struggle to pay the bills, but at least we're just managing to keep our heads above water.

As our plans had to be put on hold because of the recession, so, it seemed, did our love life. It's hard to be aroused when your worried about your next bill, or even how to pay for food and rent, so now we only make out occasionally. Brian seems to have been affected worse than me, and he hardly seems to have the time or the inclination to make the effort. I've often tried to pique his interest, going to bed early and waiting for him in my best negligee or lingerie, but by the time he drags himself from in front of the box, I'm usually fast asleep. And I miss sex so badly. I miss the passion, the intimacy, but most of all, that wonderful feeling that starts between my legs and then makes me tingle all over when I orgasm.

So once Brian has left for work, I often have to take care of myself, using my fingers, my vibrator and my imagination to take me places that Brian should be taking me to. And boy, have I got an imagination. How many times have I cum while being ravished by three or four men at a party, or been tied down while a line of huge cocks take turns to have their way with me, using every part of me for their satisfaction, covering my face and body with cum. Or dressing like a cheap hooker, meeting a guy in a hotel and then been taken up to his room to reveal my 36C's and have him suck them until I beg him to fuck me, only to have him use my bum for his sordid pleasure. Yes, I know. Deep at heart, underneath the façade of a loving, married woman, I'm a dirty, willing slut. I'm not proud of it, but I can't help it. It's just the way I am.

Eventually, things started to change and I finally got a break when I was sent by the agency to a big block of offices in the centre of the financial quarter. Because of my previous experience, they asked me to be the PA to the head of administration for a few months for a maternity cover. Determined to make an impression, I dressed appropriately in my best suit and blouse with minimal jewellery and make-up. Even then, I was a little nervous, as it had been so long since I'd been a PA.

When I arrived, the first thing I noticed was that the place reeked of money. There were expensive statues and artwork all over the place, and the whole building was covered in massive plate-glass windows. There was even a fountain in the foyer. Pretty impressive for a girl down on her luck. It made me even more determined to do the best I could, then maybe I could get a job here full time.

I was shown to the third floor, where I was introduced to Pam, the office manager, who gave me an appraising look from top to toe and then smiled knowingly to herself. For some reason, I found her judging me just on my appearance a little uncomfortable: it was something I was used to men doing, but never a woman. She shook my hand before giving me a quick tour of the main, open-plan office, where most of the admin staff were, and showed me where everything was.

Then she showed me what was to be my office, which was a small office attached to both the main office and to the Head of Administration's. I noticed that the executive office was the only one in the open-plan area to be totally screened off from everything else. Obviously, whoever was in there liked their privacy. I dropped my things off and then Pam took me through to introduce me to my new boss.

"Ian, this is Jill, your new PA sent by the agency."

"Hello," he said in a rich, deep voice, extending his hand. "Welcome to the company, Jill."

His hand was warm, as was his smile. I noticed his grip was firm but gentle, and I detected a strength in him that he controlled very well. At a little over six foot tall, he seemed quite trim and in good shape for a forty plus guy. His face was quite handsome and his hair was well-groomed. He obviously took good care of himself, and his stunning tan gave the impression that he could afford to. But the thing I noticed the most was his eyes. They were a deep blue in colour, with little flecks of grey. They reminded me of the strength of waves crashing against rocks, giving off an air of relentless power and fluidity. They almost invited you in, deep, dark and mysterious.

For a second, a spark of lust physically shot through me, something I'd not experienced since I was a girl. It ran through my whole body, and it ended between my legs. Although I'd only just met him, I knew that I found this guy hot. The thought came as such a shock that I froze for a moment. Recovering as quickly as I could, I tried to hide my reaction as I thanked him for his welcome, but he gave me a look which told me I'd not managed it very well. I watched his eyes as he appraised me from head to toe and back again, a familiar hunger in his eyes that made me moist in my most intimate parts. He smiled warmly as he released my hand, but I saw a glint of desire in his eyes, and a tremble ran through my legs. For all his warmth and charm, I could sense a predator behind those deep, blue eyes. And it was possible that I'd just become his prey.

Flustered, I made my way to my new desk and slowly calmed down while Pam went through my duties with me, which mainly involved dictation, taking notes at meetings, typing letters, arranging Ian's schedule and so on. The usual stuff. However, one of my main responsibilities was also to manage all deliveries and distribution of stationary for the entire floor. When she showed me the 'cupboard' it was stored in, my jaw dropped. First of all, I followed her to a very short corridor which contained a single, heavy door. As she unlocked it, I thought how strange it was that the company would have such a sturdy door for something as simple as a stationary cupboard. As I walked through the door, I realised why.

It wasn't a cupboard, it was a windowless room, about eighteen feet by twenty, with a recess to one side at the end. It was full of boxes and shelves brimming with every possible kind of stationary you could imagine, along with copies of company records, ledgers, and box files full of goodness knows what. And it was a mess. Obviously, my predecessor wasn't very methodical when it came to organising the 'cupboard', and Pam said it might be a good idea to get it in order, once I'd settled in a bit.

After we left it, she locked the door and gave me the key. Then she wished me good luck and left me to get settled in. I went back to my cubicle and had just sat down when Ian called me in. I grabbed a notebook and pencil and stepped through to his office.The room was spacious and plush. The oak panelled walls were festooned with works of art, and a deep pile carpet gave the feeling of luxury. To the right, behind his large, mahogany desk, was the only window. Giving a wide, panoramic view of the city, it spread almost the entire width of the room, while on the opposite wall there was a door to his private bathroom. In front of the desk were a couple of chairs, and the only other furniture was a large, leather sofa, a long bookcase full of corporate books and a large floor lamp. Ian indicated that I should take one of the chairs in front of his desk.

He began by telling me that it was usual for secretaries and personal assistants to address the heads of departments as 'Sir', and anticipate what they may require. As his position was fairly senior, he expected the highest standard of work and professionalism. I would be on a two week trial, and if I proved myself, then I would be offered the position until his regular assistant came back off maternity leave. Of course, I was quite happy about being given the chance to show him what I could do, especially to a man who could make me moist just by me looking at him.

Then he stood and looked out of the window for a minute before turning to me and telling me to take a letter for him. I had all on trying to avoid his gaze in case I made a fool of myself again as he dictated clearly and eloquently. I tried to be professional, because I really wanted this job. And, despite his attractiveness, I also knew how these executive types worked. They loved the power and the privileges that went with their positions, and it wasn't uncommon for them to try and use it on their staff. I had seen too many secretaries leave their jobs because they started having an affair with their bosses to be tempted by any good-looking executive myself. Until maybe now.

I glanced up as Ian paused mid-sentence, waiting for him to complete it. I was met by his strong gaze as his eyes bored into me, and I immediately realised he'd paused on purpose to get me to look at him, to lure me into meeting his meaningful stare which seemed to see straight through me. I melted under his gaze, and quickly tried to tear my eyes back to the page in front of me. My heart pounded as I waited for his next words, ready to continue in as professional a manner as I could. Ian was showing me who was the boss by making me wait on his every word. And I knew it. But more to the point, Ian knew I knew it.

I sat uncomfortably under his relentless stare until, after what seemed like forever, he continued his dictation. Then there were a few more letters for me to take down, and all the time I wrote I could feel his eyes boring into me, assessing me. I tried to maintain my composure while I squirmed inside, my nipples growing inside my blouse. The subtle change in his voice indicated that he could tell he was having an effect on me. I could almost feel his arousal as he spoke about schedules and deadlines whilst his eyes undressed me, making me feel as if I was naked. By the time he'd finished, I was nearly a wreck. My breathing had become shallow, my cheeks were flushed and my heart pounded in my chest. But most alarmingly, I was wet between my legs and my stiff nipples were clearly visible through my thin bra and blouse. With a knowing grin, he dismissed me, and I gratefully retreated into my office to type up the letters, grabbing a coffee as I tried to calm down.

Somehow, I got through the rest of the morning without any further incidents. Ian had a meeting at eleven and then I didn't see him again until late in the afternoon, just before I went home. I used the time between to start on the stationary cupboard. By the end of the day, I'd managed to do a full stock-take, which meant I could at least get things in some sort of order.

That night, I told Brian about my new job, and he seemed quite pleased, especially when I said that it may be longer than for a couple of months. That night, we made love for the first time in ages, but I hate to admit that I had all on trying to keep Ian out of my thoughts as I lay on my back with Brian's cock thrusting eagerly inside me. As I ran my fingernails down my husband's back, I wondered what it would be like to dig them instead into Ian's taut flesh, to feel that tall, handsome man fucking me hard, his cock pounding deep inside me as I clawed at him in lust and desire. I felt so ashamed and yet so aroused that I came twice, something I rarely do. I was just building up to a third when I felt Brian give off his familiar grunt of release as he shot his seed inside me, his body collapsing onto mine.

Brian seemed pleased that I'd been so aroused as he climbed off me, and minutes later, as always, he was fast asleep. I lay there, my fingers between my legs, finishing myself off as I became lost in my own thoughts. My imagination took hold again as I saw my new boss on top of me, those enigmatic eyes boring into mine as his cock bored into my cunny, exploring me, exposing and exploiting my innermost desires until we both came in a frenzy of lust and satisfaction. At that moment, I reached my own orgasm, and had to stifle my cries so as not to wake my husband. I brought my soaking fingers up to my mouth and licked them dry, tasting both my own and Brian's juices as I sucked them like I would a cock. Ian's cock. Once I'd got all my fingers cleaned, I slowly drifted off to a contented sleep.

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