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Cupboard Love - Part 2

The Fantasy
The following morning, I awoke to find that Brian had already left for work. I showered and got ready, thinking about the previous day. I tried to talk myself out of this silly, schoolgirl crush that I'd developed on my new boss, and by the time I set off for the office, I was determined to remain calm and professional about the whole thing. Here was one girl who was not going to fall into the trap of falling for her boss, no matter how attractive and charming they were. No way.

The morning went fairly well, and I managed to keep my cool on the couple of occasions I spoke to Ian. After lunch, I took notes at the weekly meeting of one of the committee's Ian was on, and then left to write them up. As I was busy deciphering my notes, I didn't hear him open my door and pop his head into my office. How long he stood watching me, I don't know, but something made me look up. The shock of seeing him there made me jump. Unfortunately, it was enough of a jump to make me knock my coffee cup off the desk and onto my notes. I rushed around trying to mop up the spilled coffee as best as I could, and by the time I had the situation under control, I looked up to find that Ian had gone.

'Great,' I thought, swearing under my breath.

The rest of the afternoon didn't seem to fare any better, as every time I saw him, my stomach knotted and my hands started to tremble. Not to mention the dampness seeping into my knickers. Fortunately, I just about kept my nerve and didn't spill or drop anything else, but by the end of the afternoon, I felt exhausted. To make it worse, Ian insisted working closely with me on some procedures he was working on, and wanted to make sure I typed them up just as he wanted.

My hands trembled as I was forced to be in such close proximity to him, and I swear I almost swooned when I got the occasional whiff of his aftershave. I'm sure he must have noticed the effect he was having on me, from the way I bit my lip to the clear outline of my extended nipples through my bra and blouse. And of course, my knickers were sopping by the time he was finally satisfied with the end result and I went back to my cubicle of an office. In fact, I had to nip to the ladies just to quickly relieve myself - and I don't mean having a pee!

At five o'clock, I grabbed my coat and headed home, where I had a long, lazy soak in the tub in an effort to relax after a testing day. As I lay there, I let my mind drift off, and soon found myself fantasising, which is one of my favourite bath-time hobbies. I rubbed my soapy hands over my breasts, the warm water feeling delicious as it took the weight of them while they floated on the surface. I closed my eyes as I imagined a gorgeous man caressing and kissing them, and I occasionally had to gasp as my imaginary lover took control of my willing body by pinching or biting a nipple now and then.

It wasn't long before I let one of my hands slide between my legs, gently rubbing my hairy mound until a finger slipped between the folds of my sex and sensuously teased my labia. In my mind, I dreamed about my lover spreading my legs wide as he gently lapped at my pussy, running his tongue up and down my slit before sliding it into me. He worked me slowly, making me wait as he darted his skilful tongue in and out of my wanting sex, occasionally flicking my rampant clitty. My breathing became shallow as he worked between my thighs, and I whimpered audibly as he built me up into a frenzy.

Suddenly I felt him slide a finger inside me, making my whole body tremble as he frigged me, his tongue still working my clit. Lost in my reverie, I felt his rhythm get faster, and then he slid another finger into me, then another. My body tensed as he worked me to a peak, this wonderful man controlling my pleasure.

It was the thought of his total control over me as much as his mouth and his fingers between my thighs that brought me to a noisy but incredible orgasm. Slowly, the wonderful sensations started to subside, and I kept my eyes closed as I untensed my hot body back into the tub. My unknown lover was still gently licking my pussy until I begged for him to stop, my clit and pussy lips so hyper-sensitive that it was becoming uncomfortable. Of course, only when he decided to stop, only when he felt that he'd truly pushed my boundaries did he decide to let me go.

And then, anonymously, he rose and was gone. But as he disappeared from my mind, just before I drifted off to sleep, I knew that there was something familiar about him, some nagging thought that I knew him from somewhere...

The following morning, I got a soaking of a different kind. It pelted down with rain, and the strong wind meant that my umbrella was worst than useless. By the time I walked into the building, I was thoroughly soaked. Dripping wet, I looked like a drowned dog as I walked along the corridor to my office. My mascara had run and my hair was plastered against my face.

And of course, that was the one day that my boss decided to be in my office, waiting for me.

He took one look at me, and then smiled, charmingly. Which, considering how I looked, caught me off guard. I kind of froze as I dripped onto the expensive carpet, for once, not knowing what to say or do.

"Morning. My, you look like you've had an interesting journey in this morning," he smiled. "Here, let me help you get out of that wet coat."

He stood up and took my umbrella as I slowly came to some sort of sense and unbuttoned my coat. Then he took the coat and umbrella down the corridor to the staff rest room, and hung them out to dry. While he was gone, I took the opportunity to tidy myself up as best as I could. When he came back, I didn't look much better, but I'd recovered enough to finally say 'good morning' and ask him if there was anything he needed. Ian said I should go and get a hot drink and get sorted out, which I gratefully did.

About twenty minutes later, Ian called me into his office. He told me to close the door behind me and sit. As I went to sit in my usual chair in front of his desk, he directed me instead to the comfortable leather sofa. Then he came and sat down next to me. My heart started pounding as he lowered his powerful frame next to me. Not too close, but close enough. I tried to retain my composure while he looked at me with those deep blue eyes, avoiding them where I could.

"So, Jill, how do you feel you're settling in?" he asked softly, his voice warm and intimate.

"Fine, thank you," I managed to say, staring at the carpet.

"Good. No trouble finding your way around?"

"No, none at all. Pam's been a great help," I stammered. Determinedly, I kept my gaze firmly on the thick, expensive carpet.

"Good, good," he murmured.

There was a long, almost embarrassing pause. I was desperate not to look at him in case I gave myself away. This man had such inner power that, somehow, despite all my resolve and determination at the start of the day, he'd got a hold on me. And he knew it. I could tell by the way he looked at me, by the way I felt naked every time his gaze fell on me, as if he were reading my deepest desires and intended to fulfil them. Oh God, what was I going to do? This was only my second day!

Gently, as if showing concern, he put his hand on my knee and left it there, gauging my reaction. I honestly didn't know what to do, so I kept silent. Surprisingly, I didn't feel like objecting. In fact, I rather enjoyed the feel of his strong, well manicured hand resting on my knee, it's warmth spreading through my skirt and tights and up my legs until I felt a distinct tingling sensation in an area that I shouldn't. Suddenly I felt myself getting hot as my face began to flush. Meanwhile, Ian studied me carefully. I wasn't sure if he realised the effect he was having on me as I fought for control of my body.

"Jill, do I make you feel uncomfortable?" he asked eventually.

"No, of course not," I stammered in such a way that it was an obvious lie.

"Are you sure? You always seem a little flustered, that's all. And I want to make sure that you feel at ease. If you want, we could always get someone else in as my assistant."

"No," I said, a little too forcefully as I tried to gather a little composure. "No, I'm fine. It's just such a big place, and it's been a while since I've been an assistant."

Of course, what I wanted to say to him was 'I think you're hot, I want you to pull my knickers down, take me across your desk and fuck my brains out'. Instead, I turned to look at him, and offered a weak smile.

"Honestly, Ian, I'm fine. I like working here, and I like working for you. It's just that it's taking a couple of days to find my feet, that's all."

He stared at me for a moment, then patted my knee and gave me one of his big, satisfied smiles before launching himself off the couch, his cool, professional manner returning.

"Good. Well that's settled then. I'm glad you like it here because you seem very good at what you do, and good assistants are so hard to find these days. Now, I've got the Accounts meeting tomorrow at ten, so I need you to get all the information I need to present for last month. We'll go through it first thing, then you'll be coming with me to make any notes. All right?"

"Yes, Sir. Will there be anything else?"

"No, that will be all, thank you. I'll see you tomorrow morning."

And with that dismissal, I turned and left his office, trying hard not to let my trembling legs give me away. As I sat at my desk, my skin felt clammy, my heart was pounding and my breathing was shallow. Slowly, I calmed myself down and then focussed on the task in hand. The rest of the afternoon was spent getting all the information I thought he'd need and putting it into order. Fortunately, my predecessor had left copies of the previous months' reports, so I had a good idea what I needed to do. By the time I'd finished, it was well past five, so I grabbed my coat and went home.

That night, as I sat next to Brian while we watched some rubbish on the tv, I found myself wondering what Ian would be doing at that moment. Certainly not this, I thought. My mind started to wander as I imagined him at a fancy cocktail party, or out to dinner at a nice restaurant. Or tucked up at home with his trophy wife in his nice, big house, her glamorous body on fire as he made perfect love to her, the sheen of her breasts glowing in the firelight as he brought her to orgasm again, her long blonde hair spilling over her face as she cried out with pleasure...

Actually, come to think of it, I hadn't seen any pictures of his wife or family on his desk. And there was no wedding ring either. Strange. I wondered if he was gay, but immediately dismissed the thought. No, Ian was definitely pure, one-hundred per cent heterosexual. And if I was reading the signs correctly, I had definitely stirred his interest. And he had certainly stirred mine. The only thing was, what was I going to do about it.

I sighed. Nothing. That was what. Absolutely nothing. I glanced at Brian. His attention was totally on the tv, his eyes glazed over with not much going on behind them. For a moment, I sat and studied the man I married. When it came to cars and engines, there was no one better than Brian. But outside of that, well, even though I love him, even I have to admit that he's not the deepest thinker in the academy. Compared to Ian, he was a minnow, a small fish in a big pond. And it had been a long time, if ever, since he'd made me feel what Ian had made me feel in the last couple of days.

Even so, after all that we'd been through together, the least I owed Brian was not to get involved with another man. Besides, I trusted Brian, and I certainly wasn't going to betray him for a fling with a handsome, charming, educated, rich, suave dreamboat of a hunk that I'd only known for two days.

That's what I told myself, anyway.

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