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Cupboard Love - Part 3

The First Time
The next morning, I showered and then put on my best satin and lace bra and thong. The bra enhanced my figure quite well, and made my tits look adorable under my blouse, pushing them up and together. I also swapped my tights for stockings, put on my two inch heels and styled my hair in a kind of loose bun. The effect was subtle, but I knew he'd notice. At least, I hoped he would. But just for good measure, I put on some nice perfume and a little more make-up than earlier in the week, with a glossy red lipstick.

Don't ask me why I did this. Call it stupidity, call it what you will. But somehow, that man had gotten under my skin. Every time he looked at me, I felt myself go weak at the knees. When he smiled, I felt a yearning between my legs. The worst part was that he seemed to know it, but, up to yet, hadn't done anything about it. So, I thought, two can play at that game. Maybe if I played the seductress a little, he might back off with his charm and those see-right-through-you looks he gave me. And as we were going to be in close proximity today for a while, now was the perfect time to show him I was no pushover. At least, that was the plan.

Ian called me into his office at just before nine so we could go through the report that I'd left on his desk. Just before I went in, I undid one of the top buttons of my blouse, giving anyone who cared to look more than a hint of cleavage when I bent forward. I flounced in with my coffee, enjoying the almost surprised look on his face as he gave me the once-over. The added height of my heels gave me just a little more sway in my hips, and made my breasts just that little more prominent and bouncy. Unfortunately, the rub of my boobs against my bra excited my nipples, and I could almost feel them growing as my breasts jiggled when I walked. Judging by his face, he seemed impressed. Meanwhile, I tried to keep ice cool and professional as I sat opposite him. Overall, he seemed pleased with the report I'd done, and I fairly glowed with pride, although I didn't show it.

"There is just one thing that doesn't quite make sense," he said in his best concerned voice.

"Oh, where?" I asked.

"Just here, on the third page."

I scanned my copy but couldn't see what he meant, so I rose and walked round his desk to look over his shoulder. I felt his eyes follow my chest and my now noticeably erect nipples as I got up and moved to stand beside him. As I bent over him, I made sure he got a good eyeful of cleavage as I 'innocently' leaned forward to look at the passage he meant, brushing his arm with my breasts. I noticed that his cologne smelled really nice, and up close, he seemed to exude a warmth and charm that, up to yet, I'd only seen at arm's length. It was so strong and appealing, and combined with that rich, creamy voice of his, I had all on trying to stop myself from falling into his arms there and then. I'm not sure if Ian knew what effect he was having on me because his eyes hadn't left my breasts since I got out of my chair. With a struggle, he managed to tear his focus back to the report on his desk.

"Here," he said, obviously trying to regain his composure. "This sentence doesn't seem to relate to the paragraph above it."

I read through the indicated sentence and then realised that I'd left out some relevant information just before it. It was easy enough to rectify, so I told him what had happened and said I'd redo that page and have it ready for him in a few minutes.

"Is there anything else you need, Sir?" I asked as I stood up to go, my face a picture of innocence while my jiggling breasts seemed to take their time settling again after moving so quickly.

He looked at me for the briefest of moments, and the flash of desire across his face was easy to see a mile away. I'm sure if he could, he would have bent me over the desk and fucked me there and then. However, he quickly recovered, telling me that all he needed was the third page retyping and twenty copies printing off. I walked back to the door and I knew his eyes would be fixed on my arse in my tight skirt as my hips swayed with each step. I amended and printed the report, nipping to the ladies and freshening up my make-up before the meeting. I grabbed all that I needed, and then followed Ian to the seventh floor where the conference room was.

I noticed a few of the executives staring at me when I went in. Obviously, I hadn't met any of them before, and one or two of them seemed to stare just a little longer than was necessary or comfortable, especially at my breasts. One or two of the women executives gave me the once-over as well, and I could almost feel them mentally sharpening their claws as their steely gaze pierced through me. I glanced at Ian and noticed a slightly smug grin cross his face. So, now I was his trophy p.a.. Great. Just what I needed. More people to prove that I was more than just a glorified secretary.

I focussed on my work and made sure that everyone had a copy of the document I'd produced. The meeting went well for Ian, and everyone seemed pleased with his presentation of the report, as well as the content that I'd put in it.

We didn't get back to the office until just before lunch, and I sat down feeling pretty pleased with myself. I'd done a good job with the report, and I'd also aroused Ian's interest, as well as made him a little proud. Now all I had to do was convince him and everyone else that I was no dumb, blonde secretary who couldn't handle herself. I heard Ian leave the office, and I knew he wouldn't be back until later, so I grabbed my coat and headed into town to do some shopping.

When I got back from lunch, I knew from Ian's schedule that he would be on the sixth floor for a while to talk to finance. As I was all up to date, I decided to spend some time tackling the stationary cupboard. I was soon engrossed in what I was doing, and I felt I was finally making at least some progress. In fact I was so absorbed in what I was doing that I lost track of time, and it was only when I heard the door open that I realised there was a world outside of the room I'd been stuck in for God knows how long.

Ian came in and looked around. When his eyes fell on me, I swear I felt myself go all jittery inside. He said nothing as stared at me for a moment with his deep, soul-searching eyes before coming in, closing the door behind him. My head told me that it was unwise to be alone with him like this, but my heart and my loins were screaming at me for their attention. He walked across towards me, looking around the shelving with a pretend interest. I tried to return my attention back to the storage box I was filling with stationary. When it was full, I put the lid on and started to pick it up to put it on the empty shelf next to me.

Strong, warm hands closed over mine, and I started involuntarily as I felt their smooth touch caress the back of my hands.

"Here," he said softly, "let me help you."

Reluctantly I let go of the box and immediately missed the warmth of his touch. He lifted the box with ease, showing the kind of grace that comes with regular exercise. I stood and watched him, feeling just a little foolish. It wasn't like me to be 'girly' when it came to doing things, but in his presence, that's exactly how I felt.

"Thank you," I said as he turned back towards me, desperately trying to get a grip of my emotions.

He was just inches away, and the room suddenly became claustrophobic. It was almost as if it was shrinking, pushing us together, inch by inch. I looked up into his eyes that seemed to drink me in. His penetrating gaze went straight to my heart and my innermost womanhood, stirring up the calm waters of my soul until they began to bubble inside me. I was unable to move, defenceless against his overpowering desire, and I knew that, despite my resolve, my promises to myself, my commitment to remain faithful to my husband, I was lost.

Unconsciously my lips parted, ready to receive him, offering myself to his will and his desire. Slowly, he leaned forward, his penetrating eyes locked on mine as our faces got closer. I pressed upwards to meet him, no longer in control of myself. I yearned to feel his lips against mine, to feel his body press against me. His breath smelled sweet as he closed in, and then I felt the firmness of his lips as our mouths finally met.

Instinctively, I reached up and rested my hand on the back of his head as his tongue darted into my mouth, seeking out mine. We tasted each other as our tongues rolled together until his took the upper hand. He took me in a firm embrace, and his arms felt good around me, strong and secure. I melted into him, my breasts squashing against his solid chest as he held me close.

He kissed me for a long time, and I submitted to his embrace totally. I felt his hands explore my body, his desire and lust evident as they roamed over my back, my belly and my buttocks, pulling me onto the pronounced bulge in his groin. I pressed my hips against it, marvelling at its firmness and size. Ian moaned slightly in appreciation and he slid a hand between us to my breasts, brazenly fondling them, enjoying their firmness and weight in his hand.

I slid my hand down to his crotch and rubbed him through his trousers. Lust had completely taken over and I was desperate to feel it in my hand. I unzipped him and tried to get my hand inside, but there wasn't enough room. Reluctantly I broke the kiss and undid his trousers and pushed them down, revealing a mouth-wateringly thick eight inches of manhood at full stretch. Reverently, I took it in my hand as he kissed me again, running my fingers up and down the taut flesh.

Ian manoeuvred us towards the table behind me, and as I felt it touch the back of my thighs he put his arms to my side and easily lifted me onto it. Then he reached under my skirt and pulled at my thong, snapping it in his frenzied lust so that it fell away onto the floor. Lifting up my skirt, he told me to lie back as he went down on his knees and spread my legs before burying his head between them. His mouth found my moist lips immediately, and soon his tongue was lapping at my pussy lips from top to bottom and back again, occasionally flicking at my sensitive clit. Obediently, I lay back and closed my eyes as my new lover quickly brought me to orgasm with his skilled tongue. I bit on my finger to stop myself from crying out as I felt the sweet release flood through me, but I couldn't help but moan softly as I reached my peak.

He stayed between my legs for a couple more minutes before standing up and removing his trousers. Ian's huge erection glistened as he moved forward, and I was desperate to have him inside me. He saw the lust in my eyes and grinned. He knew that I wanted this as badly as he did. I was wanton and willing, my professionalism all gone. I turned my head away, my cheeks flushed with desire as I realised how I'd let myself down, let my lust get the better of me. Still, I couldn't prevent myself from holding my legs apart as he moved forward and held the head of his cock against my lips, rubbing the bulbous head up and down them. All the time he never took his eyes from my face, enjoying my naked wantonness and lust as he pressed forward. He wanted to make sure I was ready, that my need for him to be inside me was as deep as his needs. Mercilessly he teased me, his cock glistening with my moistness. I felt his power, his will in his actions, knowing that he wanted to make me beg for it, but I was determined not to give him the satisfaction.

His cock was driving me wild as the battle of wills between us went to and fro. I writhed on the table underneath him as Ian kept teasing me by pushing just the tip of his cock inside me before going back to the rubbing motion, up and down my moist slit, sometimes slapping my pudenda with its heavy weight. Finally it became to much to bear, and my last vestige of restraint disappeared as I my sexual needs took control over me.

"Please, oh please," I moaned, unable to look him in the eye.

He gave a satisfied grin as he moved forward and filled me in one, long push. I couldn't help myself from gasping loudly as I finally had him inside me, and hoped no one outside heard and came to investigate. Ian must have also thought about that because he swiftly withdrew and went over and locked the door. Two seconds later his prick was back inside me, filling me up as he ground his hips against mine, making me writhe on the table. I wrapped my legs around him as he fucked me, holding onto the edge so I could meet each thrust. Ian leaned forward over me as his thrusts got stronger, grabbing my hips and pulling me onto him, our bodies slamming together. I let go of the table and reached round to hold his back, bunching his shirt in my hands.

"Oh God, yes. Oh fuck, you're good," he moaned as he rammed into me.

My own whimpers of pleasure became cries of pure delight as I had my first orgasm on his wonderful cock. I bit my lip in an attempt to keep quiet as a wave of pleasure ran through me. My nails dug into his back, which just seemed to encourage him more than anything. The table started to move as he built up speed, so he slowed down to a steady pace in order to stay as quiet as possible, and I had to release him so I could hold on to the table to stop it making a noise.

I moaned as quietly as I could as I came again after a few minutes of his pounding, and this time it felt so much more intense than the last one. A strangled kind of squeal escaped my lips as I tried to remember to breathe, and the familiar warm glow flowed through my entire body as I orgasmed. My back arched too, and Ian had to adjust his angle of attack to maintain his rhythm.

Recovery was almost impossible as Ian kept up his relentless fucking, and my nethers were becoming hyper-sensitive. I squeezed my muscles, tightening my pussy-hold on his cock and he grunted in approval.

"Yes! Like that! Keep doing that!" he demanded between clenched teeth.

I obeyed him as he quickened his pace, my pussy trying to grip his slippery shaft as best as it could. It must have worked because moments later I felt his body tighten as he reached his climax, and then I felt him explode deep inside me, flooding me with his cum. I came for the third time in quick succession, my knuckles white from gripping the table as he fell forward onto me, both of us gasping for breath.

We lay there for a minute or so while we both recovered. Then Ian got up and slowly but carefully pulled out of me. His cock was covered in cum, but I could also feel his juice trickling between my legs and onto my ass cheeks. I quickly reached over and fished a couple of tissues out of my bag, desperately trying to mop up the juices flowing out of me. Although I got most of it, I was too late to prevent a smear of cum on my skirt at the back. I got up and quickly removed the skirt and put it on the table while I tried to wipe the smear off. After a couple of seconds of bending over it, I realised I'd need to let it dry before doing anything else. I just hoped nobody would notice the tell-tale stain until I could remove it.

Meanwhile, Ian had also cleaned himself dry with his handkerchief. He stood behind me as I struggled with the skirt, and just as I decided to leave it, I felt his hand caress my backside. I froze, as if his touch had some sort of magical power over me, melting any worries or regrets about what we'd just done. After sensuously tracing the curves of each buttock, he slid his hand between my thighs and fingered my sopping pussy, sliding two fingers in easily. I moaned appreciatively and widened my legs to give him easier access as he frigged me gently. I turned back towards him and he kissed me lustfully, his other hand reaching round to my breast. His warm fingers soon found my extended nipple, and I let out little mewing sounds as he teased and gently pinched it.

I could feel his ardour rising again, and it wasn't long before his cock was semi-hard. Amazed at how quickly he'd recovered, I broke the kiss and turned to face him. Smiling provocatively, I knelt down in front of him and took his engorged penis in my hand. It looked huge close up, and my fingers could barely wrap round it. I kissed the tip, then licked the entire length two or three times before returning to the head. Ian gave out a low moan as I rolled my tongue round his foreskin, and it got louder when I pulled the skin apart and pushed my tongue into his slit. I looked up at him, and smiled to myself at the expression on his face as the tip of my tongue darted in and out of his sensitive opening.

Releasing his slit, I looked down again as I opened my mouth and took as much of his cock into it as I could into it. My lips closed around his manhood around half way, so I relaxed my throat and pushed forward, fighting the gag reflex until they reached the pubic hair on his belly. I held his cock deep in my throat for as long as I could before releasing it, letting my lip and tongue slide down its length as it slid out. I sucked on his gorgeous meat for a while, tasting our mingled juices and repeating my deep throating every now and then.

Ian's cock glistening with my saliva while he held my head as I bobbed up and down on his prick, its bloated head nudging my tonsils every time it he pulled me onto it. I felt him tense and then give a strangled cry as he came for a second time, filling my willing mouth with his seed. I swallowed it, savouring it's sweetness as it filled my mouth. I felt Ian relax a little as I sucked the last few drops out of his wonderful cock, and I continued to suck on it until I felt it deflate a little.

He pulled back, and reluctantly I let it fall out of my mouth. Ian pulled me up and took me in his arms. He kissed me, deep and strong, the intensity taking my breath away. We kissed for a few minutes, our tongues dancing like lovers' do before it came naturally to an end. I pressed my face against his chest, full of emotion. I'd never had a lover who was so passionate, so attentive and yet so strong and powerful. Ian had managed to reach the inner me in a way no man ever had before. I trembled in his arms, not through fear or guilt, but because something inside me had been touched, a sweet caress on my soul.

We stood there for a while, our hearts beating loudly in our chests, content in being in each others' arms. Neither of us spoke. What was there to say? We were both content to let the silence linger while we focused on the moment, enjoying the pleasure of each other, our thoughts scattered with emotion and satisfaction. Eventually, Ian broke the silence.

"Gosh," he said quietly. "That was quite something."

I murmured an agreement, then turned my head to look up to him. His eyes sparkled and I could feel his warmth as he looked at me. His gaze made me tremble inside.

"Are you okay?" he asked, slightly concerned.

"Yes, I'm fine," I whispered as I turned my face back to his chest.

The silence returned for a while until, with an unspoken agreement, we broke and started to get dressed. I put my damp skirt back on and slipped my ripped thong into my handbag while Ian found his trousers and shoes. A moment later, we were both fully dressed. Ian came over and took me in his arms. He kissed my forehead, working his way down my face until our mouths locked together.

"I must get back," he said as the kiss ended. "That was both fantastic and totally unexpected. Are you okay?"

I smiled as his eyes penetrated mine, concern written all over his face. I was more than okay. I was floating on a cloud with both happiness and satisfaction.

"Yes, thanks, I'm fine. I really enjoyed that too. If you need to go, then go. I just need to clear up a couple of things then I'll be done here, so I'll be back soon."

I leaned forward and pecked him on the lips.

"See you in a few minutes."


He turned and unlocked the door, closing it quietly behind him as he left. I stood gazing at nothing for a few moments, still glowing at the fantastic sex we'd just had. But slowly, I started to feel a little guilty at what I'd done, how I'd let myself down by breaking the promise I'd made to myself, not to mention my marriage vows to Brian. It helped bring me back to some sort of reality, and I started clear away the last of the boxes. Before leaving, I gave the room a quick scan. Apart from the heavy scent of sex, there was nothing in the room to indicate what had happened a short while before. With the twin emotions of sexual satisfaction and guilt inside me, I locked the door and headed back to my office.

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