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Cupboard Love - Part 4

The Confirmation
The rest of the afternoon passed by in a daze. I tried to avoid Ian as much as I could, not only because the depth of my shame and guilt that burned deep inside my breast, but I was scared of falling into his arms and letting myself get carried away again by my lust for him. Luckily for me, he was called into the Marketing Director's office around four o'clock, so I had time to think about what had happened and how I was going to get myself out of the terrible situation I'd let myself get into.

It was difficult concentrating as my emotions and my morals fought each other for control inside me. The fact that I sat at my desk with no knickers on, and had to frequently keep mopping up the last of Ian's cum as it slowly dribbled out of my quim only added to my sense of guilt. But that didn't stop me from surreptitiously using my fingers to scoop up his tasty juices and lick them off my fingers whenever I could.

However, by the time I switched off my computer and grabbed my coat, I'd resolved to put the whole thing behind me. I decided that I had acted in a moment of weakness, and I needed to nip it in the bud before things got out of hand. It would NOT be repeated, and as soon as I could, I would make that clear to Ian. I really didn't want to lose this job, but, if necessary, I'd quit rather than be unfaithful to Brian again.

I was just about to turn off the light and lock my door when Ian came back.

"Jill, can you spare a minute before you go?" he asked.

"I'm sorry, but I have to get home," I answered determinedly.

In truth, there was no need for me to rush home. I'd done all the shopping at lunch time and Brian wouldn't be home for another two hours at least. But I didn't want to spend time alone with Ian if I could help it. After all, I'd made up my mind.

"Please, I think we need to talk," he said, his voice tinged with a note of supplication.

I hesitated for a moment, and then said "All right, but I can't stay long."

We walked into his office and he put on the lights as I, quite deliberately, sat in the chair opposite his desk. He gave me a quizzical look, and then sat in his high-backed, leather executive chair. I sat forward attentively, my ankles crossed underneath my seat with my knees firmly together and my hands in my lap as I waited for him to start. Ian paused, thinking, before he threw me a warm smile.

"As you've probably guessed, it's about what happened this afternoon. I swear, nothing like that has ever happened before. It's just that... well... God, Jill, you're so beautiful and sexy, and such a wonderful person that I just couldn't help myself. And I thought that you felt something for me by the way you've been acting every time we see each other. Was I wrong to think that?"

I fiddled with my hands, thinking what to say. It was true, I did feel something for Ian, and even now I could feel my resolve melting just by being in the same room as him. I tried to compose myself and say to him what I'd promised I would when I saw him next.

"No, no you weren't wrong to think that. I like you. Actually, I like you a lot, but I'm scared I might fall for you completely. I enjoyed what we did. To tell you the truth, it was some of the best sex I've ever had. But I'm a married woman, and I feel so lousy about what I've done, so... so I think we should just say it was one of those things, and forget about it."

I watched him carefully, the way he was watching me. Both of us was trying to guess what the other was really thinking, looking for a hint of what, deep down, we both really wanted. His face remained impassive, unreadable, although I could feel his eyes bore into me. I broke under his stare and looked away, unable to meet his penetrating gaze.

After a moment of unbearable silence, he quietly asked "Are you sure that's what you want, Jill? I mean, I find you such an incredibly sexy woman, and it would be a shame for us to have to hide our feelings. I really can't believe that this was a mistake or that it was wrong. We both feel something for each other, some sexual attraction that I don't want to deny or hide. And I don't think you want to either."

He rose out of the chair and came round to me. I kept staring at the floor, fighting my emotions and desires. He was right, of course. I did want it to happen again, I wanted it so much. Even looking at him made me moist, and as he put his arm around me, I felt the last of my resolve fade away.

"I know you're scared, but, for me, it's already too late. I need you, so very badly."

Ian reached over and, gently taking my chin, drew my face towards his. He moved forward, and instinctively I parted my lips to receive his tongue. We kissed tenderly, his tongue darting in and out of my mouth. I pushed mine forward to meet his, and for a moment they danced together while Ian moved round to take me in his arms. The kiss grew more passionate, and we both felt the deep yearning of our loins.

I felt one of Ian's hand's slip between us and fondle my breast through my blouse. His busy fingers soon found my elongated nipple, and I moaned loudly into his mouth as he took it firmly between his thumb and forefinger. My moans continued as he rolled it, first one way then the other, and I felt myself getting wet between my legs.

Ian broke the kiss and started to undo the buttons on my blouse so I could take it off. Then he reached round and undid the clasp of my bra and, as I let it slide off, my tits fell free. He gazed at them in wonder, and I arched my back slightly, offering them to him. I shivered as he gently ran his hands over them, and then he leaned over and tickled my nipple with his tongue, making me gasp. Taking the rubbery nub between his lips, Ian sucked on it, like a child. I reached over and caressed his head, running my fingers through his thick hair as he took more and more of my breast into his mouth, sucking harder.

Meanwhile, he slipped his other hand under my skirt and I parted my legs to give him access. His fingers zeroed in on my pussy, and my slick labia offered no resistance as he slid easily into me. Soon he was frigging my wet cunny with three fingers, and the pressure on my nipples increased as he sucked hungrily on them, stretching them in his mouth.

The onslaught on my two most sensitive areas was too much, and with a moaning cry, I climaxed, pulling Ian harder onto my breast and holding him there as my entire body shuddered. My orgasm came in quick, strong waves which ran through me, and I struggled for breath until the intense sensations began to subside, my eyes tight shut as I concentrated on the pleasure.

As I rode the roller-coaster of emotions that a good climax brings, I realised that this was what I'd dreamed about on all those lonely nights I'd pleasured myself while Brian slept beside me. This was what was missing in my life, and now that I had it, I was damned sure I was going to keep it, no matter what. In that sudden moment of clarity, I knew I would never be the same again.

Slowly, I relaxed and felt Ian move under my arms. I opened my eyes to find him staring at me with a slight look of concern on his face. I smiled, and he returned it, a big, beaming smile. He withdrew his fingers from my sopping cunt, and looked for something to dry them on.

"No," I said as I took his hand between mine and guided it towards my face. Looking Ian firmly in the eye, I began to suck my juices off his fingers, tasting my sweet nectar as I licked each finger in turn before simulating sucking his cock.

"My God, you're a dirty girl, Jill," Ian said, grinning like a Cheshire cat. He reached over to play with my nipples while I finished cleaning his fingers.

"Only for you," I answered with a matching grin.

And it was true. For him, I'd do anything. Anything he'd want me or tell me to do, I knew I would be powerless to refuse him. If it was love or just plain lust, I didn't know. I only knew that he somehow had a hold on me that I never wanted him to let go.

When I'd finished cleaning his fingers, I batted my eyelashes and asked in my best secretarial voice, "Will there be anything else, Sir?"

Ian grinned again and then stood up. Suddenly he became all professional again. "That will be all, for now. But tomorrow, I expect you to arrive without wearing anything under your skirt. I like my secretary to be available at all times. Is that clear, my dear? Oh, and while you're at it, I also like them smooth as well."

So, he wanted me to play the subservient, slutty secretary, did he? Well, as long as I got a regular good fucking by his wonderful cock, that was just fine by me. We finally understood each other. Despite the prominent bulge in his trousers, he tried to adopt a pseudo-professional manner.

I gave a sly chuckle. "Perfectly, sir."

I reached down and retrieved my clothing, and once dressed, headed for the door. Ian held it open for me, and as I passed him, gave me a firm slap on my backside. I gasped for the second time that evening, but didn't protest. Instead I flashed him a smile as I left his office while a warm, tingling sensation ran through my buttocks.

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