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Cupboard Love - Part 5

Bedding In
The next day, I got to the office a few minutes early. The journey home the night before and then back to work that morning felt slightly strange, as both were made without wearing any knickers. The journey to work was definitely more interesting as I was now totally hairless between my legs, and the sensation of cool air on my mound served as a constant reminder of what a slut I was. Although I felt extremely vulnerable and more than a little nervous, I was also incredibly excited at the same time.

Ian was already in his office when I arrived, and at nine o'clock on the dot, he called me through. He gave an approving glance as he eyed me up, and then watched my barely contained breasts bounce within my cerise, satin blouse as I walked across his office. We continued playing the game that started the night before, both exchanging pleasantries in a professional manner, but the sexual tension was definitely there.

After dictating a few letters and arranging some items in the calendar, we had just about come to the end of the things we needed to do when Ian walked behind my chair and, reaching round, cupped my breasts in his warm, big hands. Thankful that no one else could see into his office, I closed my eyes and moaned softly as he kneaded my orbs, making my nipples become quite visible beneath the thin satin. Suddenly, he dropped one hand down and reached underneath my skirt. He made an appreciative comment when he felt the bare flesh of my thighs above my stockings, and I spread my legs for him to give him full access to my shaved slit.

My moans grew in intensity as he easily slid a finger into me before finding my clit and gave it a good rub. Whispering such dirty things in my ear, Ian concentrated his hand on my clitoris, turning his finger round and round in little circles until he brought me close to cumming. I held onto the seat of my chair as he brought me towards a peak, my knuckles turning white. Lost in the pleasure he was giving me, I felt the hot spark inside my pussy start to build into a fire. My breath became ragged and my moans became whimpers. Suddenly, frustratingly, Ian stopped before I could come. With a smug grin, he stood up and walked back to his desk. Sitting down in his big, comfortable leather chair, he looked at me over the large, mahogany desk.

"That will be all for now, Jill."

And with that dismissal, he turned his attention to the papers on his desk. I sat for a moment, frustrated and confused before rising, my face flushed and my clothes dishevelled.

"Yes, Sir," I said in my best sarcastic secretarial voice. Ian ignored me, engrossed in his reading.

I went through to my office and started to type up the letters. It took a while for me to come down from the frustrating tingling between my legs, but, by concentrating on work, I managed it.

The morning went slowly, but by lunchtime I'd recovered my composure enough to nip out and do some shopping. When I got back, there was a note on my desk telling me that there was a meeting that I needed to attend with Ian at three o'clock in the board room on the top floor. I rose and knocked on Ian's door to ask him if there was any information or data I would need for the meeting.

Ian was sat at his desk going over some figures. He looked up as I entered and then returned his stare to the report on his desk. I asked him if there was anything I needed for the meeting, and he said that I'd only need a copy of the report he was perusing and my notepad. In a preoccupied voice he told me that the meeting would be boring, but he had to speak about some figures in the report, and they didn't seem to make any sense to him.

Moving to his side, I asked if I could take a look and maybe help. Leaning over him, I read through the report a couple of times, and there did seem to be some error or discrepancy in the information. Suddenly, I spotted the error, and was just about to point it out when I felt Ian's hand wander up my skirt and cup one of my bum cheeks. Enjoying the warm hand as he fondled my backside, I kept quiet. I felt Ian's finger meaningfully trace the crack of my arse and I obediently widened my stance to allow him to slip two fingers inside my moist cunny. I bit on my lower lip as he fingered me roughly, small gasps of pleasure escaping from my lips.

Ian frigged me for a few moments before removing his hand from my skirt and then sniffing his fingers, watching me as he did so. Then he sucked on them, savouring the strong taste of my pussy, which I could smell quite clearly. Then he returned to the report as if nothing had happened.

"This just doesn't make sense. Can you see what's wrong?" he asked.

"Yes. These figures here are incorrect. If you add up those two columns, it doesn't equal the figure they used in this calculation here."

I pointed out the mistake, and Ian smiled. Then he redid the calculation using the correct figures.

"Well done, Jill. If we hadn't have spotted that, the budget prediction for next year would have been wrong, and the department would have lost out if not corrected."

Although the 'we' kind of irked me, I blushed at his praise, adding to the flush that was already in my face from the manipulation of his fingers a moment before.

"Right. Be ready for ten to three. That's all."

"Yes, Sir," I said, and swished out of the room.

The meeting went well, and Ian left with a wide grin on his face. We found ourselves alone in the lift going to the fourth floor, and Ian took the opportunity to kiss me passionately while his wicked fingers found my nipples beneath my blouse and squeezed them roughly. I was scared the lift would stop before we got to our floor and somebody would see, but luckily, nothing happened. By the time we reached the fourth floor, I felt so horny and in need of a good cock inside me that I thought I'd feint. My face was flushed and my nipples felt like they were on fire as they stuck out quite visibly through my blouse. Ian removed his hands just as the lift stopped, and left me to sort myself out as he confidently strode back to his office.

Fifteen minutes later, Ian called me through to take some notes. It was just before five, and all the other staff were already getting their coats on to go home. As I walked in, Ian told me to lock the door. I did as instructed and then went and sat opposite him. I got out my notepad as if I was taking dictation. He stood looking out the window before turning to me, his expression thoughtful, then sat down in his expensive, leather chair.

"Are you ready to take some dictation?" he asked, pronouncing the word so it sounded like 'dick-taking'.

"Yes, Sir," I smiled.

"Then what are you waiting for?"

I stared at him while he grinned, and then beckoning me over, he pushed his chair back a little and unzipped his fly. I got up and started to walk over to him, but suddenly he stopped me.

"No. I want you to crawl to me, on your hands and knees."

I stared wide-eyed at his demeaning instruction, but the ache that had been throbbing all day between my thighs overcame any thoughts of not obeying it. I lowered myself down and crawled as best as I could towards him, my wanton lust winning out over my sense of humiliation. Meanwhile, Ian had his thick cock out and was holding it, almost waving it in his hand. He was semi-erect, and I unconsciously licked my lips at the thought of sucking on that fabulous piece of meat. Ian noticed.

"Oh my, you really do want this, don't you?"

"God, yes," I purred, half in shame as I reached his chair, my face between his legs.

"Yes what, Jill?"

"Yes, Sir."

Ian grinned broadly. "That's better. Now, open your mouth," he said.

Obediently I knelt there on all fours, my mouth open, wanting him to feed me his heavy cock. Instead, he held it and rubbed it all over my face, starting at my forehead and sliding it over my eyes, my nose and my chin before slapping it against my cheeks. I flushed, partly in anger and shame at this degradation and partly in desire. The eroticism of the situation was so intense that I felt heat spread over my entire body. Ian told me to stick my tongue out, and when I did, he slapped it several times with his growing member before resting its heavy weight on it.

"Suck it."

I closed my lips around his prick and sucked the head, tasting his manliness. Rolling my tongue round the large head, I started sucking his long, wonderful cock. Rocking forward on my hands and knees, I slowly took more and more of it in my hungry mouth. Ian fixed me with his eyes, watching my submission as I felt his manhood reach the back of my throat. Knowing I'd reached my limit, I concentrated on sucking the length of his cock that I could comfortably take.

Ian encouraged me, telling me what a good cocksucker I was, how good my mouth felt around his dick, and so on. Bobbing up and down it, I felt my boobs bounce heavily in my bra, and I knew that my pussy was wet just from being made to do what I was so willingly doing.

Suddenly I felt Ian's hand on the back of my head. Slowly but firmly, he pulled me forward so I had no option but to take more of him into my throat. Wrapping my hair around his hand, he started to fuck my mouth. I gagged a little, but I was determined not to stop. Even though he'd only known me for a few days, Ian understood me better than my husband of five years. He knew how I wanted to be treated and was more than happy to oblige.

Soon I felt his pubic hair brushing against my lips as I managed to take his entire length. Ian held me for a moment while his cock pulsed in my mouth and throat before resuming face fucking me. I was caught in a daze of lust and wantonness, and could only focus on keeping my throat relaxed as my eyes watered.

Ian withdrew, leaving me gasping with drool and saliva running down my chin. His slick, red cock mesmerised me as it swung a few inches away from my flushed face, and I couldn't take my eyes of it.

"Do you like that, slut?" he asked.

"Yes, Sir," I gasped, struggling to get my breath.

"Yes, I thought you did. And you want more, don't you?"

"Yes, Sir."

"Then go to the cupboard and wait for me there. Take off all your clothes, apart from your stockings and heels, and sit on the table with your legs spread. Go."

Without even thinking, I got up and, almost in a sex-induced trance, I found myself walking down the corridor with my keys in my hand. Fortunately, nearly everyone else had left the building, so there was no one to see me with flushed face, red eyes and lips and wet chin unlocking the door to the stationary cupboard...

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