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Cupboard Love - Part 6

Jill finds her limits pushed...
Ian, my boss, had instructed me to prepare for him in the large stationary cupboard after giving my face a thorough fucking. When I got there, I closed the door behind me and started to strip off my clothes. A moment later I was naked but for my stockings, suspender belt and heels. I climbed on the table and spread my legs, and its cold surface made me shiver. I looked down and saw my nipples more erect than I had ever seen them before, and tentatively, I couldn't help but take one and roll it between my finger and thumb. As I increased the pressure, a shock of electricity went straight to my pussy, and I moaned loudly. At that moment, the door began to open and I froze, worried that someone might have heard me.

The smiling face of Ian emerging through the door made me relax for a second. He saw me with my nipple still grasped between my fingers, and grinned. He closed the door behind him and locked it before walking over towards me.

"So, started without me, huh? Well, carry on."

I stared at him for a second in horror. I'd never played with myself in front of anyone else before, not even my husband. I was too ashamed to do it now, too scared to reveal my most intimate secret. Self-pleasure for me was a totally private thing, never to be shown to anyone. It was sacrosanct. I couldn't do it. I wouldn't do it. I sat there, immobile.

"Well?" Ian demanded as he loosened his tie. "What are you waiting for?"

"I...I can't.." I muttered.

"Yes you can, and you will. Twist your nipple with your fingers, like you were when I came in. Go on, do it."

Something in his voice seemed to hit a nerve. Hesitantly I moved my fingers and started to rub the nipple. I closed my eyes to blot him out, trying hard to concentrate on the pleasure I felt in my breast as I manipulated the elongated nub between my fingers. Soon I felt the familiar rise of heat and desire take over, and unconsciously, I moved to my other teat and repeated the action. I could hear Ian disrobe as I started to lose myself in my own world of pleasure, and I couldn't stop myself from uttering little mews and gasps as my desire grew.

I jumped a little as I felt Ian take hold of my other hand and guide it between my legs. I started to protest, but Ian's gentle insistence won me over a lot more easily than I'd like to admit. Lazily, I ran a finger up and down between my slick pussy lips, feeling the slippery moisture of my cunt on my fingertips. The friction of my digit felt good, and I let out a low moan as I pushed a finger inside myself. The pleasure it gave me was incredible, and I couldn't help slide another one in and start to frig my slit.

My lips parted slightly as I concentrated on the pleasure between my legs, my breathing shallow as I felt the beginnings of an orgasm. Ian muttered encouragement, whispering such dirty things in my ear. He called me a slut and a whore, and told me to cum for him. His words sent me over the edge, and I came with a long, low moan.

Ian told me not to stop, and I worked through the climax, making it last even longer than usual. Even then, he told me to continue, and my pussy became so sensitive that each thrust of my fingers felt so incredibly pleasurable. The intensity of the feeling building inside was too much and I wanted to stop. In fact, it almost bordered on the painful, but Ian insisted that I carried on. Tears formed in my eyes as this man controlled me, and I begged him to let me stop. Only then did he allow it, and gratefully I released my tender vulva.

Ian told me to suck on my fingers, which I did greedily. Then he got me to kneel in front of him with my hands behind my back. His cock swayed mesmerisingly in front of my face, inches away.

"Do you still want this, Jill?" he asked.

"Yes Sir," I answered, looking down in shame.

He slapped my cheek with his hard cock. The heaviness of his flesh against my face stunned me for a second, pushing any shame or resistance out of me.

"Look me in the eye and then tell me again," he commanded.

With a pleading look in my eyes, I answered. "Yes Sir, I want your cock Sir," I said, with no thought of shame or regret. Because it was true. I wanted his cock so badly, wanted him to take me like a slut, fuck me like a whore and make me beg for more. And we both knew it.

He stared at me intensely for a moment until I could no longer look him in the eye, and looked down at the carpet instead. I heard him smirk as he instructed me to suck him. I opened my mouth greedily and took his huge, veined dick in my mouth. I sucked him as best as I could without the use of my hands, mouthing the bulbous head before leaning forward to take as much as I could without gagging.

I felt Ian grab a bunch of my hair and wrap it around his wrist. Now he had full control of my head as he guided me further and further onto his cock, pulling me forward until I felt the head enter my throat. I tried to relax so I could take the whole length without gagging. I must have done a good job because I soon felt my lips slapping against his belly as he drove his hips forward to fuck my face.

How long he had me doing this, I have no idea. Time seemed to become meaningless as I concentrated on the thick, wonderful meat that was prising my jaws apart and banging against my tonsils. After what seemed like an eternity, he withdrew, and I knelt gasping on my haunches, trying to get my breath.

Without waiting, Ian guided me to my feet by pulling upwards by my hair. Not hard, but enough to make sure I knew he was in charge. Then turned me around so he was behind me. Pushing me forward, he bent me over the table and told me to spread my legs, which I willingly did. He told me to grab onto the table as his hands wandered over my exposed bottom, caressing my arse.

Suddenly, I felt a sharp sting as his hand slapped my left cheek hard. The shock of the blow made me gasp, but I was rewarded with a hot feeling that spread through my bum. Another blow landed on the other cheek. This time I was expecting it, and although I couldn't prevent the short gasp of breath as his hand fell on my tender flesh, I did manage to give out a low moan as the warmth spread once again through my posterior.

Ian spanked me a couple of more times, each time a fraction harder, gauging my reaction. The warm glow that I felt after each lash of his hand was delicious. My wet quim was now sopping, and I yearned for his cock inside me. But Ian made me wait just a little longer.

Standing behind me, he pulled my red cheeks apart and ran his thick cock up and down between them. I moaned as the friction against my sensitive, shaved pudenda drove me wild. Even the feel of his cock pressing against my bum hole felt good. Finally I could stand it no longer.

"Fuck me, please, fuck me," I moaned.

"What was that?" he asked.

I turned my head so he could hear me more clearly.

"Please, fuck me, I beg you."

"Good girl. You're learning fast." He grinned, almost malevolently. "And I like to reward my staff. Especially when they beg."

And then he directed his cock-head to my waiting slit, and with one, firm push, he filled me. I cried out in both pain and pleasure as his throbbing cock opened my tight, wet cunt. He held it there while I caught my breath before slowly withdrawing, only to push forward once more. With each thrust, I let out a moan or a gasp. His gorgeous cock felt so good inside me, indescribably good.

I felt Ian grab my waist as he started to build up a pounding rhythm. Each time he thrust forward, slapping against my red arse, I felt like I was having an orgasm. I cried and moaned as he fucked me, his animal rutting never seeming to stop. And I didn't want it to either.

I clung on to the table for dear life as this wonderful man used me for his pleasure. Every now and then he would give my arse a playful but firm slap, which just seemed to heighten the sensations running through me. I writhed underneath him, the cool surface of the table making my nipples stand out as they rubbed against it.

All too soon I felt his thrusts increase in depth and speed, and with a stifled cry, Ian erupted inside me. I could feel his hot cum shooting out of him, flooding me in waves as he emptied his balls into me. I gave a moan of sheer bliss as I came, seconds later, my convulsing pussy squeezing the last drops out of my lover.

Ian half collapsed on top of me as the last of his juice was spent, effectively pinning me down. I could clearly hear his heavy breathing as he lay against my back, and I enjoyed the contact of his hot, sweating body holding me down. We lay there for a few moments until Ian pushed himself up and withdrew from me, his penis still semi-hard. Almost immediately I felt empty as my body adapted to the vacuum his cock had left, and a feeling of sticky wetness replaced it.

I started to move, but Ian had other plans...

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