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Katie - Part 1

Katie - Part 1

A volatile office relationship leads to passionate sex in private
It was almost like a normal day at work. As normal as Vino el Cheeso Ltd gets anyhow. The difference was that a new girl was being posted in the office. Well, technically she wasn’t new. She was from head office and was going to spend a few weeks with us to see how things worked at the sharp end.

Her name was Katie and she was a typical head office type. All shiny blouse and short skirt, obviously out to be number one with guys and sleep her way to the top. I’d met her type before, ambition before integrity and doesn’t care who she steps on in the process.

“Whose is this stuff?” I asked, as I turned on my PC on the Monday morning.

“It’s Katie’s, Darren has put her next to you,” said Susie, the KPI girl.

“As he now! I didn’t think she was starting till next week?”

Susie shrugged and I stood hands on hips, surveying the situation and how her things were encroaching on my area. A girl’s desk is her castle. It might seem trivial, but I covet my space at work – it’s like it’s my territory and now there was a leather hand bag on my part of the desk.

My Manager introduced me to her as I was turning on the coffee machine.

“Danny, this is Katie, she’s here for the next few weeks. I hope you’ll make her feel at home.”

“Hi,” I said, "would you like a coffee?”

“Is it Colombian or Kenyan?”

“Ummm… Colombian. Is that all right?”

“Fine. Leave it on my desk.”

“You’re welcome!” I said, probably not quite loud enough, as she followed my boss back into the main office.

I put her coffee on ‘her’ desk and pulled my chair up just as she returned and ran her hands along the edge of her keyboard. She took a swig of the steaming drink and raised an eyebrow.

“This is only temporary, of course,” she said, pompously.


“Yes, I’m going to get my own office eventually.”

“Good! I mean… good for you.”

She looked away as if my little quip had gone over her head, doing the whole, ‘I don’t get your plebby jokes’ routine.

She was pretty, I’ll give her that. Long, coppery brown hair and gorgeous hazel brown eyes. The head office thing aside, she was really hot. It was just a shame she was being such a bitch. I looked down sheepishly as I opened Google and had a long glance at her shapely legs. Her skirt was short enough to reveal that she was wearing pantyhose, as confirmed by the darker band of nylon at the top of her legs. I looked away quickly, but she had caught me.

“Can I help you?” she said.

“What? No, I was just looking at your… shoes.”

“My shoes? Wappy cow.” she said quietly, under her breath.

“What did you call me!”

She just giggled and carried on with her work. Darren, my boss looked up from his corner of the office.

“Is everything all right, Danny?”

“Oh yeah, just a bit of banter, it’s fine!”

Katie was struggling with the mouse, which kept sticking to the mouse pad. She picked it up and drove it down on to the desk.

“Stupid thing, why won’t it work!”

“A bad workman and all that…” I said.

“Hmph! she exclaimed and stomped out of the office.

Jake and a couple of the other guys watched her ass wiggle out the door. That was the other thing - she was stealing all the attention. Maybe I was being a cow, but she had just turned up and was just taking liberties.

Over the next three days, things didn’t really improve and we constantly got under each other’s feet and managed to annoy each other and fall out over the slightest thing. Despite that, I couldn’t get over what a cutie she was. Her hair had this way of cascading down in thick ringlets and shone like polished amber in certain lights. On the Thursday, she came in wearing a short plaid skirt and a light blue blouse. She had an ample bust, though I trumped her there with my double Ds.

Things came to a head while I was at the photocopier - it had been left with a paper jam and I just exploded.

“Who’s left this like this?!”

“Who do you think,” said Jake.

“For… fuck’s… sake!”

I punched the copier and stormed off down to my desk.

“Are you going to sort your mess out or what?!”

“Excuse me?”

“Well actually, I won’t. You wrecked it. Go fix it!”

“Do I look like a technician?” she said, snootily.

“I’m just saying, don’t just leave it and walk away!”

“Look Danny, you don’t get to tell me what to do, okay!”

At that point Darren walked in.

“Hey, hey, what’s this!”

“Hand bags at five paces mate,” said Rob, the office joker. I just gave him the middle finger, without turning round.

“Danny, this isn’t like you,” said Darren, keeping his cool.

“I’m sorry, it’s just…”

“…Time of the month,” said Rob.

“Leave it out, Rob,” said Darren, harshly.

“It’s fine. I’ll fix the copier," I said. “You just carry on,” I added, looking at Katie.

Katie did the whole ‘hand held out search me’ thing, and being from head office, Darren cut her slack. I don’t blame him.

I counted to ten, sorted the misfeed and walked back to my desk. What I saw made me stop in my tracks. Katie was in her chair, but sitting away from the desk slightly. She was moving her mouse randomly around the mat with one hand. Her other hand was brazenly inside her skirt, her fingers apparently stroking between her legs. She looked up at me, coolly without even attempting to stop. I was literally frozen to the spot. I looked round, but everyone had their heads down, the show over. Yet the ‘show’ had clearly just begun. She picked up a pen and licked the end as her hand continued to roam up and down between her legs. I gulped and resumed my seat. We didn’t speak again for the rest of the day.

It’s not rare for girls to have a sneaky playtime at work, I’ve done it myself, but it’s always in private and well away from the public gaze. Katie had been completely open. I admit, I was turned on a bit. Maybe she knew she had been caught and being such a cocky bitch had decided to bare face the whole thing out. I didn’t know what to think. Maybe it was her way of moving in on my space -like a visual statement of defiance, as if she could masturbate wherever and whenever she felt like it.

I decided to up the stakes. I went to work the next day dressed in my shortest red skirt, heels and a tight cream blouse. Being a Friday one could get away with being a bit more daring. Even though I was into girls, I didn’t mind the attention I got from guys. Let’s see who would turn more heads now. At least Katie’s move to her own office was confirmed for the Monday, so I only had one more day to put up with her rubbish.

Arriving at work, I was surprised to find that Katie had arrived before me. Like me, she had pulled out all the stops and I was mildly peeved, hoping that I would have blown her away. There was no denying that she looked very hot indeed in her short black skirt. Her smooth white top followed every contour of her boobs and I gave her a double take as her chair swiveled in my direction. She looked up at me as I entered the office. Did she really bite her bottom lip as she looked? The weirdest thing though was that she actually smiled. It was the first time I had seen her smile. It gave her face an altogether sweeter appearance and for a moment my eyes darted between her pretty face and her gorgeous legs.

My attire had the desired effect as I strutted around the office. The guys were giving me the once over and I made a point of making unnecessary visits to the photocopier, pretending I had missed a sheet.

It was around mid-morning and Darren came over to my desk. He almost burst a blood vessel in not looking at my legs, but eventually his resolve broke and he had a good look as he spoke.

“Danny… I was wondering if you could show Katie around the cheese maturation plant, she’s not seen it yet.”


“Yes, is that okay?”

“Ummm… yes, sure.”

“When’s good for you?” I asked, turning to Katie.

“No time like the present,” she answered.

“Fine, we’ll go now then.”

“Thank you, Danny. Oh Danny, can you pop into the archive and get me the Stilton accounts on the way back, please.”

‘Anything else!’ I thought.

“Yeah, no probs,” I said.

Katie followed me through the fermentation plant and then into the warehouse, where we store the truckles of cheese, which we sell in the hampers with the wine. I occasionally paused to explain some particular points regarding the cheese and found myself being distracted by Katie in one way or another.

“Is there anything else I can show you?” I said as we wandered through the rows of English Brie.

“What’s on your mind?” she said, making a point of looking down at my boobs constantly as she spoke.

“The cheese…”

“Oh, no, that’s fine, thank you,” she said.

“Right, we’ll be heading back then.”

“Haven’t you forgotten something Danny?”


“The Stilton accounts…”

“Oh shit, yes.”

“A blonde moment?" she said, under her breath.

“You what?”


I eyed her suspiciously. She always had to have a pop at me, given the chance and it was getting annoying.

We went up a set of iron stairs on to a mezzanine floor. I allowed her to go first. Suddenly I found myself staring up her skirt at a deliciously plump arse and her skimpy white panties. Her bum looked totally gorgeous and for a moment, I totally forgot about my irritation from her remarks. Her legs were smooth and toned and her panties were being swallowed by her cute ass. I think my face had assumed a rosy tint when we reached the archive room. I tapped onto the security code and opened the door. It was cool inside with racks of grey steel, lined with manila boxes, which were filled with the company’s paperwork going back seven years.

“Where is it?” she asked.

“Good question. It’s in alphabetical order. I’ll start at this end and you go from that end,” I said.

“I thought he asked you to get them!”

“Seriously, Katie! Just look for the fucking Stilton accounts!”

“Okay keep your knickers on!”

I stormed off down the first rack and began to search. The ‘letter A’ alone went on for 10 yards. Suddenly, I was aware of someone behind me and before I could turn round, there was a hand up my skirt!

“Actually, don’t keep them on,” she whispered.

“Katie? What are you doing?”

Her fingers were sliding back and forth, making a deep grove between my panties, rubbing them into my pussy lips. I took a deep breath, but my breath was faltering as the amazing sensations in my pussy made me shiver.

My hands were laid flat on a box and Katie, who was an inch taller than me blew warm air into my ear and then nibbled my lobe.

“Oh fuck,” I squealed.

I span round and pulled her towards me. Grabbing two hands full of bum cheek I kissed her deeply. She responded, breathlessly. Her right hand went up my skirt again and she squeezed my bum, kneading the flesh and running her fingers inside my panties. We kissed and kissed, grinding our boobs and groins together; our lips locked in an amazing, passionate embrace; our tongues dancing, and flicking together. Eventually we parted and she set about undoing my blouse as I fondled her boobs through her top. I was so horny - so turned on. As she undid my shirt, I reached around her waist and drew down the zip on her skirt, feeling her lovely butt in the process.

Katie made her way down my body, planting kisses on my neck, which sent sparks of passion through my body. She was making me so hot! Her lips were soon puckered, making soft kissy noises on my cleavage as she pulled at the edge of my bra. My nipples popped over the top and like lightning her tongue was licking my areolae and making my nipples erect. I stood there, legs apart as she nuzzled my boobs, sucking my nipples perfectly. Her left hand began to wander inside my skirt. I helped her, first unclipping then unzipping my skirt.

We kissed again as we undressed down to our underwear. Her panties were like proper Catholic schoolgirl’s standard issue and oh so sexy! Her bra was lacy and white like her panties. I cupped my hands around her bra and pressed them together, making her boobs squish upwards. She giggled and cooed as I ran my mouth over the soft mounds of flesh, playfully biting her boobs. I dropped to my knees, pressing my lips against her tummy and rolled my tongue around her cute little navel. I went further, looking up at her, before catching the top of her panties between my teeth and pulling them down, sensuously. Her dark pubic hair was neat and coarse and contrasted with the richly cerise flesh of her labia. Like me, her pussy was aroused, the lips swollen and oozing with juice. There were beads of moisture like tiny pearls glistening between her lips and adorning her pubes like dewdrops. I ran my hands under the cheeks of her bum, following the cheeky mounds of flesh at the top of her thighs. At the same instant, I pressed my nose against her pussy, taking in the beautiful bouquet of her sex.

My nose parted her petals and then my tongue delved into her pussy, seeking her nectar. Katie mewed with pleasure as I lapped at her sweet cunt. She wrapped my hair around my fingers, making twizzles out of my blonde locks and pulled harder as I went deeper, tasting her deepest delights. As I licked, she put a foot onto one of the shelves, pressing me into her, urging me to fuck her pussy with my tongue. She wanted me to make her come and I was only too delighted to oblige. I parted her lips with my fingers, caressing the delicate flesh with my tongue and then, running my tongue upwards, her little clit wobbled from the firm pressure of my strokes. Katie’s body shook. I licked and teased and made her moan, her voice locked inside the sound-proof room.

I concentrated on pleasuring Katie’s clitoris as I jabbed two fingers into her pussy, working them in and out in a corkscrew motion as I teased and sucked her pink love button. Her body quivered again, my fingers becoming glazed with her sticky juices as her love flowed and her voice became an escape for her pleasure. Her pussy tightened around my fingers as her orgasm came over her in a spasm of uncontrollable sexual release. I kissed her as she came, lapping at the little rivulet of honey. Katie was panting like she had run a mile in four minutes and her fingers were stroking my face, tenderly.

When she had come, I stood up and we kissed again. It was a slow, sensual kiss and just me made even more aroused. Then her fingers slipped inside my panties and she rolled them down slowly and seductively, kissing my breasts at the same time. I was inexcusably wet, the gusset of my panties a shade darker than the rest. She looked up at me with those dreamy brown eyes and I put my hands down, interlocking my fingers with hers as her tongue began to play with the juicy cleft of my pussy. I sighed with the relief of a week of frustration ebbing away, as my pussy drizzled from the stimulation she was giving.

"Oh Katie!"

Just as I was getting into full flow, my mobile phone buzzed on the shelf beside me.

“Leave it,” she said.

“I can’t.”

I glanced at my phone. It was my boss.

“Hello, Darren?”

“Danny, are you all right, you sound a bit flustered. You’ve been gone ages. I need those accounts.”

“Yeah, they took a bit longer to find than I thought. I was just coming.”

Katie stood up and looked at me coyly.

“We need to find those bloody accounts!” I exclaimed.

“You mean these?” she said.


“I put my hands straight on them," she said, confidently.

“Thank you.”

“We have unfinished business,” she said, silkily.

“We do. We’d better be getting back, or Darren will kill me.”

Katie smiled and opened the door.

To be continued…

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