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Meeting Emma: The Cupboard

Someone new can turn your whole life on it's head in a blink
My name is Will, and this is a story of how my sexual horizons were widened by an incredible girl in a boring world. Sounds like an awful cliché, but this is a story so what can you expect? I guess it makes sense to start at the beginning, as that is the way most things work best. If all you want is cold hard tales of knobbing then this might not be for you, I am going to spin this yarn for all it deserves. Gather round...


So Hello, my name is Will, I was twenty years of age at the time of this story and I was a bit of a screb, probably not a real word but a very descriptive one. Standing six foot one with thick brown hair and a slim-trending-towards-skinny body I had never stood out in a crowd in my life. And I didn't mind that one bit, I wasn't scared of attention but it’s easy to fade into the back when you lack confidence, and that can be a vicious circle.

This tale unfolds after the end of my second year at University, where I studied Politics. At the start of my second year I met a girl, Sarah, and fell pretty hard for her, and much to my surprise she fell for me as well. She was my first, and she showed me many ways the world worked, and she became my world.

However, it was only when she broke my heart about eight months later that I started to see things for how they really were. She was textbook needy, she was depressed, she was up, she was down, she had to be invited to everything I ever attended but I was never invited to any of her social events, which sounds petty but really did make me feel sour. And all she liked to do was smoke weed, which is not as sociable as people like to say it is. Retrospectively I wasted too many nights with her and her flatmates, with us all sitting and watching shit TV, them all stoned out of their minds and me bored out of mine.

I loved her all the same, and the break up was hard on me. I moped and I moaned; I ranted to anyone who would listen. But I got through it, and every day I felt a little more like me, a little more whole and a little happier in myself. After three months I had forgotten most things about her, and most of the bile had faded away.

The main thing I remembered, and longed for, was the sex. She was the first and only girl I had been with, and while I can say now the sex wasn't great at the time the feeling of being so close to someone took my breath away. She was mostly body issue, so it often ended in tears, but comforting her was enough for me (obviously with the promise of trying again tomorrow, I am male after all).

So here we start out story, a year and a month after my first date with my ex, in the summer holidays. While at home I worked in a local book-shop; I had had the job before I went to uni, and they were kind enough to take me back in the holidays so I could earn a bit of beer money. The staff were friendly and the work was mindless, so I had no right to complain. We were locking up the shop, my work mate Dave and I, and the clouds were gathering overhead.

“Looks like trouble brewing,” said Dave, “you got a coat or are you just gonna risk it?”

“It was fine this morning when I left,” I replied, “so I didn't think to bother. It’s just been gorgeous all summer so far.”

Dave grinned. “Well I'm getting the bus, so I'm covered. When're you next in work?”

“Tomorrow,” I smiled right back, “You enjoy the bus and I’ll see you then.”

Heading in opposite directions I wandered through the middle of town. I lived about a twenty minute walk up a hill away from the shop, and I was about five minutes in when the heavens opened. And Holy Balls did they open. It was that incredible type of summer rain you get after a week of humid days, and it hammered on the window panes, landing so fast it ran straight off the dried cracked ground and onto the paths, where it flowed around and through my battered converse shoes. Running for the shelter of a tree, I waited for five minutes until it seemed to be slowing up and carried on at a hurried pace.

I arrived at home a quarter of an hour later, so soaked it was funny. As I peeled off my sodden clothes I laughed to myself, hearing my chuckles mix with the rain lashing on the flat roof above the front window. I was home alone for the next week and a half; my Mum and Dad had taken my sister away to Wales to visit family, much to my fifteen year old sibling’s delight. Work had meant I had had to stay home, so I was living the life of Riley, eating what I wanted and staying up late watching shit TV.

I chucked my wet clothes in the tumble dryer, hoping they would be ready for work tomorrow, started preheating the oven and headed upstairs to run a bath.

Half an hour later I settled into a overfilled, overly hot bath with an cheap undercooked pizza warming me from the inside. Looking down at my body I scrutinised myself. Since I had been dumped I had stopped taking care of myself a little; my pubes were bushy, I had lost weight and I generally felt about fifty percent less content about my body. Grunting in disapproval at my concave stomach and lack of musculature I settled back and closed my eyes, letting the day at work flow out my pores and feeling my mind clear.

After five minutes I started to drift into dream. As I already mentioned, I had only had sex with Sarah, and though I had watched my fair share of porn in my life her body was my go-to fantasy. Feeling myself harden I imagined the door opening slowly, revealing stocking-clad legs, not long but wrapped hard in sex-appeal, and looking up there stood a girl. My imagination kept furiously trying to fill in her face as Sarah, as hard as I tried to just focus on anything else, any other memory. This half formed Goddess slunk towards me slowly, knelt by the bath and after a sultry look in my eyes engulfed my whole cock in her mouth. The feeling was good, but knowing this was the girl who broke my heart was a real turn off, and I started to feel uncomfortable. As is the way with dreams you can never control them, and I found myself twisting and turning, feeling harder to breath until-

SPLASH! I burst out of the bath, throwing tepid water everywhere. I had drifted off and slipped a little under the water, swallowing half a pint of soapy suds, and the bitter taste mixed with the sour flavour of my fantasy gone bad. I dried myself off, cleaned up and headed downstairs. After watching a couple of films I wandered back upstairs and had a very disappointing orgasm to a video of two guys nailing a false looking lady from every angle and then drifted asleep again, this time without dreams and without Sarah.


I had to be at work for half eight, but without a battle for showers in the morning this was a lot easier to achieve and I arrived at work feeling well rested and actually quite looking forward to it. The bookshop I worked in was quite a large branch, so the majority of your day working there was spent on your own, packing shelves, giving advice to customers, manning the till, and interaction with other staff was basically quick stops before heading off again.

I greeted Dave, setting up the cash in the till for the day and headed upstairs to dump my bag in the staff room. I had my headphones in and was working on autopilot, so when someone put a hand on my shoulder from behind I nearly flipped out, swirling quickly and yelping a little.

I turned to an incredible sight. I was suddenly eye to eye with a beautiful girl, blonde hair combed casually to the side, large blue eyes rimmed with black eye make-up and a large grin, probably due to my reaction to being scared. I smiled back, a little dazed at this time in the morning.

“Hi, I'm Will.”

She ran a hand through her hair, like something out of a film, “I'm Emma, pleased to meet you, can you show me where the toilets are please?”

“Yeah sure, this your first day?”

She still hadn't stopped smiling, but there was a lot of coy behaviour going on. This girl, Emma, was playing almost a cliché of demure; looking at her feet, hands behind her back, moving one foot back and forth. And I can tell you, I thought it was hot as fuck.

“They’re just down and on your left, that way,” I explained, trying to make eye contact with her.

“Thanks,” was all I got, and away she wandered. I shook myself, both mentally and physically, smiled to myself and headed downstairs to work.


The next four hours both dragged and sped by in the way that easy work can, taking forever but being instantly forgettable. I caught another couple of glimpses of the enigmatic Emma, but she was being trained by a colleague who worked in the children's section and I was confined to the Arts and History. In my mind I did a fair amount of mulling over; was the coyness an act? Was it an indication she fancied me? Or was I just over analysing the shyness of starting a new job? I was too much of a coward to outright ask, but I hoped that my ex had taught me enough confidence to stand up if anything did seem to happen…

When my lunch break came I wandered out to a little square just around the corner from the shop and sat on a bench, eating sandwiches and watching the sun erase all evidence of the downpour the night before. I am definitely one for a good people-watch, and I looked out of the corner of my eye as human traffic flowed through, young and old, tall and small, rushing and dawdling. Spotting a familiar face to my left I turned to see it was Emma, and before I had a chance to really think I put my hand up and yelled. Blushing from the feeling of heads turning to me from all around I consciously battled through and waved, smiling as I caught her eye. She smiled, averted her eyes and stalked over, gently planting herself a couple of feet away from me on the same bench.

“Hey,” she tucked a strand of ash hair behind her ear, “Sorry if I scared you earlier.”

“No problem, I was in a little world of my own,” we shared a smile, “How’s the first day going?”

“It’s OK, better than what I used to do by a mile, and I do love books.”
“That was what I told myself when I started, but after a couple of months they all just look like labelled boxes to you, or they do to me anyway. What was your old job?”

“I worked in an office on the other side of town, my boyfriend got me the job and everyone just talked down to me.”

I felt my heart fall a bit finding out Emma had a boyfriend. “So how does your boyfriend feel about you leaving? The job I mean.”

“Oh, he broke up with me. This was a couple of months ago now, I've just been at home since feeling sorry for myself.”

“I understand that,” I grinned, “I have been wallowing in self pity for three months myself, but you’ll probably find a change of scenery does you some good.”

She smiled back, and reached in her bag to bring out a tub of salad.

“Well the scenery is nicer here anyway.” She helped herself to a piece of tomato.

“You mean on this side of town? I think there is more green over here, that much is true.”

“I meant you, silly.” I was totally stumped, had this shy looking girl just told me she liked the look of me? I didn't know whether to thank her or feel affronted of just move on, but I could see her waiting for a reaction and all my mind could come up with was “You’re gorgeous.”

And she was gorgeous, looking at her then. Smooth skin, round eyes, little nose, unreal teeth. Nothing stood out because everything fitted right where it should be, flawless.

She smiled and looked down at her salad, “Little bit forward of you there Will.”

“You started it,” I blurted, “I just tried to raise the stakes.”

“Well you did a good job.” There was a moment of silence, where I racked my brains for something to say, a conversation piece, but all I could think of was how kissable her lips looked, how I wanted to run my fingers through her hair. How had the conversation turned on me so quickly?

“Do you want to go for a drink sometime? I mean, now we both know we like each other?”

She looked me over, with a slow smile playing over her mouth. “I never said I liked you, you might be an arsehole.”

“Well you can be the judge of that over a drink.”

“You’re very forward aren't you? I bet you've never done this before.” She was right, my ex had asked me out at first, and I had just followed her lead.

“Bang on the money. Is there a rule about when I should ask? I bet if I read Cosmopolitan I would know the ten best dating tips and how to tell when he likes you…”

She was still wearing that dream like smile, slow and confident, totally different to the coy shy act she’d played earlier today, weighing me up with her eyes. “OK,” she murmured.

“Is that a yes?”

“It’s an OK.”

“Good enough for me. When’re you free?”

She paused and checked her phone, “Hmmm, how about tomorrow? Sooner is better, leaves less chance to over-think everything.”

“Sounds good to me.” Checking my watch I saw I was late back from lunch, “So I’ll get your number off you later, I have to head back now. Enjoy the sun.”

Emma just smiled at me, her slight tan set off by the glow of natural light.

Walking back to work my heart was pumping a mile a minute. I could feel myself sweating, but none of that mattered, because I had just asked a beautiful girl out for a drink, even if I knew nothing about her and we had shared about five minutes of chat. Elated, I headed to my section of the store and started stacking with a spring in my step.


A couple of hours later, while crouched by modern art checking the order of books on some sculptor, something caught the side of my eye. Looking around I saw Emma, beckoning to me and holding a finger over her lips. Confused I stood and wandered over to her.

“Come see this!” she whispered, and opened the door to the stairs to the staff room. When we got up there we found our manager sat in the big chair in his office, and I could hear his snores through the door, slow rumble in and the quick snort out. Turning to Emma I saw that she was silently pissing herself, and we shared a smile. 

Grabbing her arm I dragged her away to whisper “Is this what you brought me to see?” 

When she opened her mouth to reply all that came out was a loud “HA!” and I quickly rushed her around the corner out of view from the office.

“He sounded just like a pig!” she giggled, “I went to a farm a couple of years ago and that is just what a pig sounds like!” I grinned down at her, watching a small tear of laughter leak out of her left eye.

Suddenly from behind we heard the largest snort yet and Emma inhaled hard, no doubt to burst into a fit of laughter. Reacting quickly I put my hand over her mouth, opened a cupboard behind me and dragged us both in quickly, shutting the door to leave us in pitch black.

As my eyes adjusted I saw that we were in a store room for discontinued books, and with a little fumbling I found a light switch. Emma was sat on a box of cookery books, still laughing gently to herself.

“Sorry I grabbed you,” I said, “I didn't want to wake Tony.”

“Who’s Tony?”

“The Pig Manager,” I grinned, “He gets a little pissy if you wake him from his nap.” Emma gawked at me, “Does he do that often? Isn't that unprofessional?”

“He owns the place, he’s old now and he’s good to us in every way an employer can be, so we all just turn a blind eye.”

“That’s sweet, my Grandpa can’t go a day without a nap either.” Emma smiled.

She looked around, seeming to realise where she was. The cupboard had a sideboard covered in sheets of paper on one side, and boxes crammed almost everywhere else, so the floor space was limited.

“Are you going to keep laughing or is it safe to leave now?” I asked.

Looking up at me, Emma seemed to be deep in thought. She stood, her eyes level with my mouth, and leaned in towards me to reach a hand past me. I could smell her, and it was heady and arousing. Confused, I turned, and saw her turning the bolt on the inside of the door. Turning back, wondering her game, she planted both hands on either side of my face and leant up to push her lips gently against mine.

It was like someone had pulled the plug on my brain. Everything drained out, and all that was left was me gently kissing back, feeling how smooth her lips were, tasting mint on her breath, lifting a hand to the side of her neck as we gently made out. It could have been a minute or it could have been forever, you can’t put a number or a price on those kinds of pure moments in your life.

After a while we both surfaced. Emma smiled and bit her lip.

“Guess that I am the one who is being forward now.” I didn't have anything to say, so just leaned down and kissed her again, putting a hand on her hip this time and pulling her body close to me. As our tongues clashed I felt her hands on me, rubbing, and I reciprocated; feeling her back, gaining confidence to move down and run fingers around what felt to be an incredible arse, touching her curves and reaching up to run a hand through her gorgeous golden hair. I could feel her getting more heated in the kiss, feel her warming to me. Suddenly, there was a gear shift. Emma had evidently been undoing my belt and she reached into my trousers and closed a small hand around my semi.

Leaning back from the kiss we both stared into each others eyes, sharing a conversation without a need for words. We both knew what the other wanted, and with a barely perceptible nod Emma confirmed what her hand had started.

Falling back into each other with a new-found ferocity we clashed out jaws together as we kissed hard. I reached a hand between her thighs, hiking up the black skirt she had worn to work and feeling the wetness through her panties. All the while she had one hand rubbing my cock, which was fully hard now, and the other was undoing buttons on my shirt.

I placed both hands under her bum cheeks and lifted her to sit on the side board. Pushing forward with my mouth I reached back between her legs and pulled her pants to the side to run a finger up and down her. She was so wet, this was clearly as exciting for her as it was for me. We were still kissing as if it was our only hope of life, drinking each other, feeling carnal.

Leaning back, I knelt to grab my wallet from my trousers, now sat around my ankles. Not at all sure if I was being too forward I reached in and pulled out a condom, silently thanking myself for carrying one. Holding it up to Emma, I saw that she had undone her shirt as well and was removing her bra to reveal the best breasts I had ever seen in person. They were incredible, perky and a perfect handful, which I took advantage of by feeling them, rubbing the hard nipples and lifting the gentle flesh.

Emma had taken the condom from me, and I felt her run the rubber down my length, pausing to cup my balls when she was done. Shifting forwards so her pussy was on the edge of the work surface, she lined up my tip with her and pulled me towards her.

At this point I hadn't been laid in the best part of four months, and with this realisation I started to panic. What if I didn't last? When I had lost my virginity to Sarah I hadn't been able to fuck for more than a few strokes before I blew.

Emma obviously noticed something in my eyes. “Hey, it’s been a while for me too.” I was surprised she had hit the nail on the head, and she leaned in to plant a gentle kiss on my lips. “You’re already doing a better job than my ex ever did, kissing him was like being assaulted by a concrete mixer full of wet ham.”

“What an incredibly sexy image to set the mood.” I grinned, “Thanks though, you’re only the second person I have slept with.”

“Same here,” Emma smiled, “And I have no expectations, we’re in a cupboard at work so we don’t have long anyway.” She looked downwards expectantly, and I took the hint.

Spurred on, I gently pushed forwards, entering her. I had forgotten the feeling, the best kind of smooth and wet, and I took a second to enjoy the sensation before pushing all the way in slowly. Emma was gasping, and I reached up to put one hand on the back of her neck and grab a nipple with the other.

Starting a slow rhythm I moved back and forth, focusing on the feeling, looking down to enjoy the sight of my cock entering this beautiful lady. She was clearly enjoying herself, gasping, as I reached a hand down to rub her clit, feeling the way the little lump moved over my fingers and gently moving it back and forth. Emma started to groan, and remembering where we were I clamped my mouth over hers to dull the sound, running my tongue along her lips.

Our rhythm gained speed as we both found a mutual enjoyment, lost in our little worlds which were rubbing together. Suddenly, Emma stopped moving and I felt her pussy tense on my cock, followed by her relaxing. Leaning back she was glowing, grinning at me.

“I've never come that quick before, you stud.” she whispered. I had never made my ex girlfriend come, she had been too conscious of her body to ever properly relax, so I felt a proud glow spread throughout me.

“Guess it’s your turn now,” Emma bit her lip again, and shifted forward to drop down onto the floor. I was totally taken aback as she pulled off the condom and took me in her mouth; all I could do was stand there and groan as she bobbed on my cock.

“I'm going to come,” I warned her, “Where shall I come? Oh God, we’re in the fucking cupboard!”

She didn't speak, but pushed forwards so my dick was deep in her mouth. The feeling was enough to tip me over, and as I blew my load I went a little weak at the knees and I felt her swallowing. This was another first for me; my ex had been disgusted by come, and I can’t blame her, the stuff gave me the willys, something about the consistency.

Leaning back, Emma smiled up at me and opened her mouth.

“Aaaaaah,” she said, like she was at the dentist, “All gone.”

“You’re a dirty little thing aren't you? That was incredible.”

“We’d better get back to work, I told the lady who is training me that I needed to take a phone call from my Dad so she’ll be wondering where I am…”

We stood there, facing each other, sorting out our clothes, me tying buttons, her adjusting pants. Spotting the condom on the floor I grabbed it and shoved it in my back pocket.

“That was really fun Will, I have three reasons to go for a drink with you now.”

“Let me guess, my cock and balls?”

She grinned, “No, silly; you’re cute, you’re kind and you fuck good.”

“So eloquent. Well you’re not so bad on any of them yourself,” I chuckled, “Are we still on for tomorrow night then?”

“Yeah,” she reached past me and unlocked the door. We crept out, checking the hall was clear. Emma turned and gave me a quick kiss on the lips and ran off, before dashing back to plant a proper kiss for a few seconds.

“Go on!” I whispered, “I’ll wait here a moment to avoid suspicion.”

She smiled and headed downstairs, giving me an incredible view of her round bum.

Tony was still snoring in the big chair. We had probably only been gone for ten minutes, which was nothing in the scale of his naps, and I was relieved. I headed back to down after counting to ten. It seemed like no-one had noticed a thing, it was a quiet day and I just headed back to sorting the shelves. I couldn't believe what had just happened, it kept coming back to me throughout the last hour of work. I reached in my back pocket, and put a hand on something wet. Pulling it out, I found the condom from earlier, and a small note. It read

“Will, I'm not working tomorrow, so call me, E x” and then a mobile number.

Grinning to myself I stood up. How strange that everything can seem to turn on it’s head in the space of a day. I was looking forward to tomorrow evening now, and maybe getting to know the girl who had just given me the best lay of my life in a cupboard in a bookshop after about ten minutes of conversation. It was strange thinking how shy Emma had seemed that morning, but maybe I was just rubbish at reading the signs a girl gave, even when they were that glaringly obvious. Maybe she was just a slag, maybe she had issues, maybe this would never go anywhere but shagging, but I guess all I could say was that it was going to be fucking fun finding out.

The End

A complete work of fiction, hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it, and any comments/advice/feedback is much appreciated. Cheers

This story is protected by International Copyright Law, by the author, all rights reserved. If found posted anywhere other than with this note attached, it has been posted without my permission.

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