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My Naughty Side 2

I suprise one of my Lush friends with a visit to his office

Alex and I had been sending messages back and forth on Lush for a few months. He always had very sexy comments about my pictures and my stories. I loved opening his messages to see what he had to say. It made me not only feel good but it got me very aroused to know I could affect a man in that way.

His last message got my attention more than any of the others. He had just read a private story I had sent him in which I masturbated while watching my husband and another woman having sex. He wrote that even though he had sex that morning before he left for work, he was so aroused at the thought of me fingering myself while my husband made love to another woman, he masturbated in his office. I felt myself becoming so aroused at the thought of him doing that because of me that I became wet myself.

I couldn’t wait to write back and tell him how the thought of him masturbating to my story had made me cum also. But then I had a better idea. Through our conversations I had learned that he lived about two hours away from me. I also knew where he worked. Even though we were both married, I wanted so much to meet him in person.

So I planned to make a trip to see Alex at his office. I looked for a special top to wear. A sheer white blouse caught my attention. It was quite revealing. I had worn it only a few times while on vacation where no one would know me. Of course my husband loved it. I slipped it on. I loved the feel of it against my skin.

My nipples were standing very erect from my excitement of what I was planning. As I looked in the mirror it appeared even more revealing than I had remembered. My nipples were hard and poking at the material. It was sheer enough that it left nothing to the imagination. My tits were clearly visible through the fabric.

Next I slid on a short black skirt and a pair of five inch heels. I loved the way they made my ass and legs look.

“This should get his attention.” I thought as I looked at myself in the mirror.

Just one more thing, I reached up under my skirt and pulled my panties down and threw them on the bed. No need for those today. I wanted this to be a very special surprise for Alex.

It took almost two hours until I reached Alex’s office. I found a place in the parking lot across the street and walked over to his building. A few people were on their way out. All of a sudden it hit me.

“You’re married Rachel. What the hell are you doing here?” The thoughts were running wild through my head.

Damn, I looked at the time. It was after 5 P.M. If I was going to really do this it had to be now. I wondered if he was still in his office as I hurried towards the building. I entered the building as more people walked by me on their way out. I got quite a few stares. I’m sure they all wondered who I was and what I was doing there at that time.

A young lady was near the main door. She looked like she was about to leave for the night. She stopped what she was doing as she saw me approaching.

“May I help you?” she asked with an inquisitive look.

“Yes. I am looking for Alex’s office. Do you know if he is still here?”

She smiled and pointed down a long hallway.

“He’s in the big corner office on the left. I think he’s still there. I didn’t see him leave,” she said as she gathered up her things.

“Thank you,” I said as I started down the hallway.

I passed another man who was on his way out. He smiled and continued walking. I was beginning to wonder if I should be doing this. But I had come this far, I wasn’t turning back now. I could feel my nipples pressing against my blouse. I was becoming very warm all over. I couldn’t believe I was about to do this.

I finally arrived at Alex’s office. The outer door was open but the desk where his secretary sat was empty. I was glad she had gone home for the day. I heard someone in the inner office. I was hoping it was Alex and that he was alone.

Again I stopped and questioned myself as to if I should really be doing this. The arousal I was feeling from knowing this was taboo spurred me on. I slowly opened the door. He was sitting at his desk staring into his monitor. At first he didn’t notice me. Then he looked up with a startled look on his face.

“Who?” He stuttered. Then he recognized me.

“Oh my God, Rachel. What are you doing here?”

I smiled as I walked towards his desk. He stood to greet me. He hugged me tentatively.

“Well, I was so aroused by your message about what goes on in your office, I thought I’d come and see for myself,” I said as I slowly slid my hand from his.

He looked a little embarrassed. Then we both laughed.

“It’s your fault you know. You made me do it. You and your sexy pictures and those erotic stories you write. Especially your last story about you fingering yourself, what else can I do?” he said, blushing.

“I can think of a few things we could do,” I said, smiling as I locked the door behind me.

I couldn’t believe how bold I was being. It was not like me to be this forward with men, especially one I had never met before. It was a as though I was being compelled to do what I was doing. Something inside of me was pushing me onward.

I opened my coat. He gulped as he saw what I was wearing. I threw my coat on the floor and walked towards him. He stood still like a statue, not uttering a single word.

I felt a little embarrassed. My nipples were hard and pressed tight against my top. I know he noticed them because his eyes were not looking anywhere towards mine. The way he looked at me made me feel more at ease.

“I thought of you when I chose this top. Do you like it?” I said as moved closer to him.

“Like it? I love it. It’s incredible,” he stuttered.

I smiled and pushed him backwards towards his chair. Then I put my hands on his shoulders and had him sit. He started to speak but I put my fingers over his lips. My inner ‘bad girl’ was taking complete control of me now. I was enjoying every moment of it.

“Shhhh. We don’t want anyone to know I’m here,” I said, sliding my fingers seductively over his lips.

I began to loosen his belt. He got that startled look again in his eyes. But soon he just smiled and leaned back in his chair. I slid his belt off of him and dropped it on the floor. Then I loosened the button closure on his pants and slid his zipper down. I could feel he was becoming aroused. I patted his bulge and smiled.

“Be patient. We have all night.”

I then slid his pants down to his ankles. His cock was rising up in his boxers even more now. I was quite impressed with its size. I could feel he was trembling a bit as my fingers slid under the top of his boxers. With both hands I slowly slid them down. As they passed the tip of his cock, it sprang upward. I smiled.

“Someone is glad to see me.”

I slid his boxers to the floor, leaving him sitting there on his chair with just his shirt on, and his hard-on.

“Now, don’t move,” I said as I sat on his desk.

I uncrossed my legs and began sliding my hands along my inner thighs. Alex stared intently at what I was doing.

“You said you liked this so well in my story. I wondered how you would react to it in person.”

He squirmed in his seat. I reminded him not to move, not just yet.

As my hands slid further up my legs, my skirt followed. I moaned softly as I caressed my own legs. Alex’s eyes were transfixed on my hands and legs. I saw his lips part slightly as he licked them. I knew he was totally enjoying my little show. His cock stood erect like a steel rod.

When my fingers touched my pussy lips, I could feel they were already becoming moist. I shuddered at the touch of my own fingers. My skirt was now up enough that Alex could see I wasn’t wearing any panties. He leaned forward a bit on his chair. I just smiled at him. I couldn’t believe I was actually doing this.

With one hand I pulled my skirt up to expose my entire pussy to him. As I did, I heard him moan. It excited me to know how aroused I was making him. His erect cock was now jerking and moving without him even touching it. I stared at it as I slid one finger slowly inside my wet pussy. I imagined my finger was his hard cock. I think he was imagining the same thing.

I added another finger. My body shook as I released a flow of cum over them. My arousal at imagining Alex’s cock inside of me had me orgasm. I could see him becoming more anxious as he saw my juices flow from me. I slid a third finger inside of me. I came again. I then slid my cum covered fingers out and rubbed them and up and down my drenched pussy lips. His cock appeared to be convulsing as it jerked and jumped around.

I rubbed my pussy gently with both hands, sliding my fingers from top to bottom and then back again. I pulled my outer lips apart showing my inner lips and how wet I had become. Alex was now leaning as far forward as he could without falling off his chair. He continually licked his lips. His cock continued pulsing and jerking.

I then took two fingers from each hand and slid them as deep inside me as I could. We both moaned as I came again. I continued sliding them in and out of me. You could hear the suction of my pussy lips closing tight on them as they slid in and out. I then pulled two of the fingers out and just slid the remaining two in and out of me. My lips would extend out along the sides of my fingers as I pulled them out. I couldn’t help but moan. I was so aroused knowing he was watching my every move.

“Mmmmm,” I moaned softly as I stared into Alex’s eyes.

Alex was mesmerized as he watched. When my fingers had almost slid the entire way out of me, I would slowly slide them back in. My wet pussy lips would fold back along my fingers as I slid them deep inside of me. Over and over I repeated the process. My pussy was dripping wet with cum and I could see the tip of his cock becoming wet as well.

I reached up and pulled my top over my head. The cool air flowed across my tits and my nipples stood as erect as Alex’s cock. His cock twitched wildly. He began to stand up.

“Not just yet.” I said, even though I was anxious to have him caress and fondle my tits.

I slowly ran my fingers up my body. They flowed effortlessly across my skin because of the silky coating of cum on them. As I reached my breasts, I rolled each nipple between my fingers.

“Mmmmm,” I came again.

Then I slid my fingers up and down between my tits, once again imagining they were Alex’s hard cock. I imagined it pulsing between them as his tip bumped against the bottom of my chin, wanting me to take it between my lips and suck it deep into my mouth.

At that point I could no longer resist my urges or desires. I stood up and moved towards Alex. Pushing him back in his chair I straddled him. My dripping pussy was now just inches from the tip of his hard throbbing cock. We both knew what we wanted. Even though we both knew it was so very wrong.

I lowered myself downward. I watched as his bulbous tip touched the outer edges of my pussy lips and spread them open.

“Mmmmm,” I could not help but moan.

Slowly I let myself settle onto his hard cock. I watched as every inch of it buried itself inside of me. It felt hot as it slid deep inside of me. I could feel his heartbeat through the veins on his cock against me. He and I were both panting. We had been holding back our desires for so long. It was time to release them.

As I saw his cock completely disappear inside of me, I ground my hips against him. His cock filled me and pushed against my inner walls as my hips moved on him. Then slowly I rose up and watched as his cum soaked shaft slid back out of me. I stopped at his tip and gently moved up and down just on it. I knew it was driving him wild, because his cock was pulsing wildly.

He leaned forward. His mouth surrounded my left nipple.

“Mmmmmm,” I moaned with pleasure.

I pulled his head tight against me. He sucked hard on my nipple as his tongue swirled around it. I came again. He bit it gently as he pulled away. Then he went to work on the other nipple in the same way. All the while his hips were rocking and driving his cock in and out of my hungry pussy.

I couldn’t help cuming again. It was almost non-stop now. He leaned back in his chair and began panting even harder. I could feel his cock pulsing and expanding inside of me. He grabbed my shoulders and pulled me down on him as he thrust deep. His body shook and he moaned as I felt his cock explode inside of me. Once, twice, three times I felt it pulse and shoot its creamy load deep within me. His thrusting slowed. And then another pulse and one more load of his hot cum filled my pussy. It was dripping from me and coating his legs.

I looked into his eyes and leaned forward. Our lips met in the most passionate kiss I have ever felt. It seemed as though they were melting together. He squirmed as his cock began to soften. I felt one last pulse and a parting load of cum squirted onto my pussy lips as his cock slid out of me.

We looked at each other and smiled. I know what we did was so wrong, but it felt so right. I am so glad I decided to visit Alex. It turned out to be even more erotic that I had imagined.

I stood up and pulled my top back on. My nipples were still erect. Alex touched them through the material and smiled. He pulled up his boxers and pants. I picked my coat up off the floor and closed it around me.

We hugged and he kissed me again.

As I walked towards the door, I turned to him.

“Now this is going to make a great story,” I said as I unlocked the door.


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