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Office Breaks

Finding interesting ways to spend break time around the office

I am so lucky to have the opportunity to work alongside the love of my life. Every day I walk through the doors straight to him. Take my seat behind him, ready for another tempting day with anything but our actual work on my mind. Some days we meet before work which makes us both giggle as we say good morning for the second time, unbeknownst to the other employees.

But you are in fact more than just an employee, you are my boss. My married with children boss. There is something so hot about you being the boss both inside and outside of the bedroom. It turns me on just the thought of you sitting only two feet behind me, hearing me and sensing my every move but neither of us being able to do anything about it. So much friction, undeniable tension.

You are wearing blue today. It makes your dark features pop. Button-up shirt, chest hair leaping from the top, with grey dress pants. I like this look, the oh so official and administrative side of you. But I remember last night also when you wore sneakers, shorts and a t-shirt. Casual and free. I love all sides of you.

I don’t change much in appearance for you. I have daisy-duke yellow shorts on with a peach tank top. Lace up to my neck and making no attempt to hide my black bra. You know I can’t concentrate when I wear underwear at all anymore, so I'm au natural down below.

Today you have a fantastic plan to tease me. You are going to take it upon yourself as my boss to teach me a new skill. That way, you can slide your chair next to mine and supervise me all day long. I am absolutely thrilled! What a wonderful idea! I bite my lips thinking of all the teasing touches to come, our hands briefly lingering on each other, knees rubbing under my desk. All that glorious breathtaking friction.

We spend the first few hours of the day barely speaking but touching each other occasionally under my desk. A leg stroke here, a thigh grab there. Each time hearing each other react with loud gasps. What a very long day this will be! By the first break, my knees are weak, and I am parched. We head to your office for a quick drink. Your office with its thick dark blinds that provide so much privacy.

Just as I slide through the door, you are behind me, almost slamming it. your mouth crushes mine and my leg lifts around you, my hands clutch your neck drawing you nearer. The first break is only fifteen minutes. But we always know how to make good use of our time together, as precious as it is. I close my eyes and lean back against the door, using my free hand to lock it. Swiftly, you are on your knees and undoing my shorts. My hands scrape through your intoxicating black and silver hair.

I feel your fingers slide between my legs, slowly gliding from front to back as your mouth leaves kisses on my pubic mound. I feel my nipples harden and rub deliciously against their fabric cage. I spread myself to you, guiding your head with my hands. Your hands grasp my hips and your tongue penetrates me. That thick hot tongue, at first tender but becoming stronger with each little circle and plunge.

My body moves in rhythm with you. Your fingers thrust into me, slow and steady at first, and now hard and fast. I use one of my own hands to pinch my nipple, giving me just the extra level of friction I need. You bite my lips and suck that magical little womanly nub as I come for you. I stifle my moans and bite my tongue.

You stand and grab a Kleenex to clean your face and me. I quickly refasten my shorts and kiss you, tasting the ocean you were diving in. you wrap your arms around me, halfway lifting me and I feel your excitement pressed against my body.

I whisper, “soon love,” and exit the room, leaving you free to regain your composure for a moment before the bell rings.

We sit back down beside each other, breathless and ready for this amazing day to continue. We make small talk of the variety we both hate. The weather. Work. Fake plans for the evening. I stand up to reach something and feel your eyes pouring over me. I stretch my body in such a position as to remind you of the last time you had me in this position. I sense your heat rising. Lunchtime is coming, my love.

Normally for lunch, we sit in your office with friends and chat away but today our co-workers are busy with some type of company planning meeting and we are left to ourselves. We head to your office, but I have a better place. I borrowed a key to the storeroom from a friend and plan on making the most of it. I grab your hand and lead you down the secluded hallway.

I unlock the door and let you in. It's pitch black and will stay that way, far from concerned eyes. I feel my way to you and begin to undo your shirt. Your kisses are so strong, leaving the taste of black coffee, love, and desire in my mouth. Your shirt is off, and I remove mine as well as my bra. Here, in the dark of the storeroom, our bodies rubbing gently against each other, you will have me.

Your strong arms grab mine and turn me around. I bend against you, pressing your manhood against me with need. I undo my shorts again and slide them down. I feel you behind me undoing your pants and doing the same. You hate underwear as well, another amazing thing we have in common. The only sound I hear is our haggard breathing as your hands reach around to the front of me and find my nipples. I quietly moan and chew my lips again.

Your manhood rises and with such ease, thrusts right into me, my wetness easing his passage. My hand falls between my legs and finds your jewels hanging free. I grasp them hard as you pinch a nipple. Pulling and squeezing you makes you thrust harder and I feel my own pleasure mounting.

You move both your hands to my ass and massage it. I slide one finger to my own sex and know our climax has finally come. I explode onto you, as you spew yourself into me, gritting your teeth with the pleasure.

Our panting seems so loud as we redress ourselves, giddy and giggling. We use our phones for light, checking that we both look presentable before we open the door and return to the mundane world. We make it back to my desk just in time for the bell. We snack on salty nuts and chips to calm our hungry stomachs the rest of the afternoon.

We pass the next few hours with our legs rubbing continuously. Sometimes, you slide your hand under the table and see how far your fingers can get into my shorts before someone walks by. I giggle as we have gotten absolutely nothing done for the day and I don’t feel bad about it in the least. The second break comes, and we glance at each other again with sly smiles as we stand and head to your office.

This time, however, it is you that takes my hand towards the unused back men’s room. Not many people know about this restroom. You open the door, sneaking me in behind you as you check under stalls stealthily. Secure in the fact that we are alone, I shove you backwards into a stall and lock the door.

I kiss you quickly, eager to get on my knees and pleasure you. I lick my lips as I fall between your knees and undo your pants. you sit down, and I slide my tongue down the length of your very erect penis.

Just as I did with you, your hands are in my hair guiding me. My mouth surrounding you and teeth lightly scraping. My hands again find your manly parts and clutch them firmly. You push my head down, almost choking me with your smooth gentleman sword. I suck hard and pull your balls, my nails scraping them as I begin to taste your salty dew.

Your hands pull my hair back up and then down, as I feel your body start to convulse. The hot liquid gags me as it finds its way to my already full throat. I swallow every drop, cleaning you like a lollipop. Your hands slide off my hair and pull me up for a kiss. I stand and readjust myself again as you refasten your pants. we head out of the stall and back to my desk, one last time.

We sit, absolutely exhausted from this amazing day full of sexual tension and release. We are too tired to speak as we finish our last hour together. The final bell rings and we linger next to each other. We stand and clock out, not knowing where or what to do next. The whole office is empty now, everyone more than rushing to get away from this place while we live for it. It offers the chance to see each other.

We start to head out the door, but you have more surprises for me. This long sexual day has made us both more than a little reckless and you head back to your chair at my desk. I follow, so intrigued and try to sit at mine. You grab my wrist and pull me onto you. You reach down and release yourself again and I see how fast your excitement returns. I slide my shorts off and sit on top of you on the chair.

I pull my shirt down so that my breasts are caressing the bottom of your handsome face. You bend into them, your five o’clock stubble starching them both deliciously. Your hand reaches under my shirt and frees my breasts completely. Your mouth is on them in an instant, sucking my nipples hard, biting down not so tenderly.

I clutch the back of the chair, using it to create more force with each thrust. Your fingers find my clitoris and circle it slowly, increasing the friction until I moan. We can be free now to make noises, and we do. Growling and groaning with extreme pleasure. It's not long before we both climax together one last time.

We stand and address our clothing for the last time, before you take my hand and hold it as we walk out the door, both completely satisfied with this very non-productive day. We drop hands as we exit the office, letting the world see none of our love, keeping our secrets safely locked away inside this building for another day.

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