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Our Lunch Date

I can’t be more pleased with the way our lunch date turns out..
Written By Poppet: For LushStories ONLY!

I decide to go see my boyfriend at his work for lunch. It’s something we do every so often because the last few months have been so busy we don’t get enough time together. He doesn't know I’m coming this time; I want it to be a surprise. I of course have more in mind than just lunch because not only have we not seen enough of each other we've not had enough sex, and I’m horny as ever.

I’m wearing a low top showing enough cleavage to make any man look twice, along with short skirt that meets my thigh high stockings perfectly with black heels. My dark brown hair is down, hanging around my shoulders. I have pale white skin that’s near flawless. I’m about 5’8” tall and come in about 125 pounds. My best feature is my stunning green eyes but some say it’s my pouty lips.

I grab the lunch I made us and head to the car. My boyfriend’s job isn't that far from where we live, maybe a 15 minute drive, less with traffic. I know he had a meeting this morning and hope he is still in it by the time I get there. I have a few things up my sleeve for today and can’t wait to see what I can get away with. I pull my car in at the end of the lot so it’s not seen and make my way into the building. His office is in the far right corner, it’s pretty private but there's still enough foot traffic right outside his door.

I go into his office and shut the door. His normal lunch starts in about 10 minutes and he should be back from his meeting soon. I hide our lunch behind his couch so he doesn't see it and climb under his desk. It is one of those desks that you can’t see under from the front which works perfectly for me.

I sit there for about 5 or so minutes before I hear noise right outside of his door. I can tell it’s him and someone else talking business. I hope the other person doesn't come in and I hold my breath as the door opens. Jake comes in alone (Jake is my boyfriend’s name) and comes around to sit at his desk.

I’m pushed far enough back that he won’t notice me until I’m ready. I wait a couple minutes listening to what he is doing. He must be checking his e-mail; all I hear is typing. I move forward a little bit and slide my hand over his thigh as I feel him stiffen. I work my hand over his lap and unzip his pants; he doesn't even move back, just sits there. I’m not sure if he is too stunned or knew I was there all along. I manage to get his button undone and zipper off as I pull at his pants enough to slip his cock out freely.

He’s already slightly hard for me. I lean to him and flick my tongue against the tip of him, teasing him even more. He lets out a soft groan as I push more of my mouth on to his cock. I slide my tongue over the length of his shaft sucking on it gently as he leans back allowing me to suck on him.

I take him deep into my mouth, sucking on him slowly until he is rock hard. He is softly moaning for me as I please him in a slow manner. There is a knock on the door suddenly and he goes stiff. I freeze for a moment, afraid to get caught. It’s his boss and he needs to talk about the project. I sit there unable to do anything. I decide I’ll tease him more as he pushes his chair in closer to me, more or less to hide the fact his pants are undone and around his thighs.

They get to talking about the project and I get back to work sucking on his thick cock. I suck on it softly for the longest time enjoying it like it was a lollipop or an ice cream cone. I've always enjoyed sucking on his cock.

They talking for forever and I am becoming more daring knowing I am sucking his cock while talking to his boss. I decide to see how much he can handle; I begin to suck on him faster. I let my teeth run along the length of his shaft as my tongue wriggles the underside of him. I can feel him stiffen more as his cock throbs hard in my mouth.

I can’t help but smile as I suck on him. My soft wet warm tongue is coating him as I suck on him at a quicker pace. He moves his chair closer, almost wanting more of me. I’m shocked he is being so bold but it turns me on knowing he wants me to continue. My right hand slips between his legs and begins to tease and slightly tickle at his balls as I suck deep and hard on his cock.

I’m trying my best not to make any noise while sucking on him. My fingers are lightly caressing and teasing his balls as they tighten up for me while my teeth graze on him. He begins to rock lightly in his chair allowing his cock to push further into my throat. I give in and let him do the rocking motion while I play with his balls and let my tongue wiggle from side to side.

The conversation between them is uninterrupted by me, as it finishes the boss gets up and leaves. Jake pushes his chair back and looks under his desk with a devilish grin on his face. I look at him with a sweet smile on mine.

“Are you trying to get me fired, sweets?”

“Me? No, never. I just miss you, baby.”

“You’re lucky I love you. What a nice surprise.”

“I thought you might enjoy seeing me today.”

He helps me out from under the desk. As I lean against his desk he rests his head on my stomach. I run my fingers over his bald head. He stands at 6’2” and is in great shape. Drop dead beautiful fuck me blue eyes. His fingers begin to tug at my shirt, pulling it out from my skirt; he runs his fingers up under my shirt finding that I have no bra on and lets out a soft groan. The flat of his palms roll over my nipples forcing them hard, I lean into his touch wanting more.

His mouth kisses my lower belly running his tongue along my navel. I slip my shirt off tossing it to the floor, fully exposed now for him. He stands and lifts me onto his desk, kissing my jaw bone. His teeth nip along my jaw line working towards my ear sucking on it. I purr out for him while my fingers begin to unbutton his shirt wanting him as exposed as I was.

He slides his shirt off and tosses it with mine on the floor. His cock is still hard as ever, I grip it in my hand stroking him. I wrap my legs around his waist pulling him closer to me his mouth moves down from my ear to my nipple sucking it hard into his mouth. He is biting hard on it causing me to cry out but I muffle the sound knowing we could get caught.

He isn't gentle with me; he is rough and hard and forces me to moan out more. I know he is testing me just as I had with him. He is still sucking and biting on my left nipple, one hand on my right nipple, he lets his free hand roam down between my thighs finding I’m not wearing any panties.

“Damn baby. You sure knew what you wanted when you got dressed today. You little slut.”

“You better believe it. I've wanted you for days. Now less talking, use your mouth for something else, baby.”

I purr out for him as I lean back on my elbows. I lift my legs onto the desk spreading them wide giving him a full view of my freshly waxed pussy. I can feel how wet and ready I am for him. The whole idea of doing this has turned me on so much I can’t hold back how turned on I am.

He sits back down and pulls his chair close to me. I watch his face disappear between my legs as his tongue finds my slit and begins to run it over my slowly. I push my hips towards him allowing him to take me; his hands find my hips and pull me closer.

He shoves his face into my pussy sucking hard on my clit. With a low groan I buck my hips upwards to give him more access. I can feel my head getting light headed, moaning lightly. I’m still careful not to be over heard. One of his fingers moves to slip into my soaking wet tight hole as he works my g-spot while suckling on my clit.

The way he eats he takes my breath away and I have a hard time keeping myself under control. I tense up and begin the undeniable feeling of my first orgasm while he slips another finger into me, forcing the orgasm to erupt hard. I bite my bottom lip to keep from screaming out his name. His head is shaking from side to side while his finger moves in and out quickly. My orgasm lasts so long I feel drained.

Once my orgasm has stopped, he sits back up and grins at me. With that same devilish grin, overly cocky with his skills of driving me insane. I sit up and kiss him deeply, biting his bottom lip as I taste my sweet juices on his tongue and lips.

He stands up and lets his pants drop to the ground. He takes my hand and we go towards the overstuffed couch where he puts me on my knees bending me over. He gives my ass a nice light tap, again he does it, this time a little harder. I love how bold he is even at his work place. I push my ass towards him wanting more. He gives it a nice hard slap that echoes the room.

“Mmmm I love the way you slap my ass, baby.”

“You've got such a perfect little ass to spank. How can I not? Besides you need a good spanking from time to time.”

“I don’t disagree. It turns me on when you do.”

“That’s because you’re a whore, Alex.”

“This may be true, Jake. However, I am your whore.”

“This much I know it. Now let me fuck you like my whore.”

“Yes, Sir.” Itease him. I roll my hips as I wait for him to take me from behind. He climbs onto the couch behind me rubbing and caressing my ass. He is taking his sweet ass time teasing me before fucking me. The head of his cock pokes and prods at my slit.

I lean back allowing it to run over my slit and crack. I do this over and over again soaking his cock with my juices as I pick up a steady rhythm. He is softly moaning enjoying it as much as I am.

He takes my hair and twists it around his fingers and yanks it hard forcing my back to suddenly arch hard, he leans forward into my ear and whispers to me,“Let’s see how well you can be fucked without making a sound, baby. We don’t want to get caught now do we?”

“No. No, Sir, we don’t.”

“I like it when you call me Sir, baby. You know your place.”

It always got Jake really turned on whenever I called him Sir, Master or even sometimes Daddy. It all depended on the mood. I've been so horny lately I would do just about anything to have him fuck me.

He yanks my hair again and with the same motion slams his cock into me with so much force I grip the couch with my fingers and growl out trying to hold back the scream I want to do. He keeps his pace fast and hard inside me. I can feel the head of his cock bounce off my womb. Each thrust growing deeper and harder. My pussy is gripping him hard as he pounds me. Both of us are unable to stop from slightly moaning as we fuck.

I lean back and grind my pussy onto his cock while he thrusts into me. He loosens his grip on my hair a little. His free hand comes around and begins to pinch and pull on my clit. He is going to force me to orgasm so hard with this pace and tease to my clit. He growls in my ear for me to cum for him. I do as I’m told and orgasm so hard for him. I can feel the rippling affect wrap around him as I orgasm. He is groaning out as I orgasm, he doesn't let up on me though.

I slump a little once my orgasm passes, he slows down until pulling out of me slowly. He stands up and pulls me with him. He kisses me deeply as he lifts me up wrapping my legs around his waist holding me close to him. Our kiss is so deep; I let out a soft moan. I enjoy the softness of his tongue against mine.

We walk to the closest wall and he presses me against it. I can feel the coolness of the wall against my bare back and the warmth of his skin on my chest. No words need to be spoken as we look at each other. He adjusts the head of his cock to my hole once more. With one slow movement I can feel him begin to fill me with his thickness once more.

He is slow and tender at first. I can feel every inch pushing into me at such a slow motion that it fills my mind. I lose myself in such bliss. I pull him closer by wrapping my arm around his neck pulling him closer so I can moan softly in his ear. I begin to moan for him, causing him to begin to thrust into me a bit faster. I can feel him fill me with his cock harder now as my ass bounces off the wall and back towards him.

My moans grow but not too loud as we get into a more heated passionate fuck. I can feel his hot breath against my neck while fucking me. I shake in his embrace, my body giving in to all the pleasure he gives me.

He moves his mouth down and begins to suck on my nipple keeping the same movement in and out of me. I can feel my body bounce lightly between him and the wall as his pace moves in and out of me. I love how he fills me with every inch. The way his balls slap against my ass as he thrusts inwards. He holds me tight again as he moves us towards his desk once more.

I am lying down facing him as he strokes my legs that he now has rested up on his shoulders. I can feel the warmth of his finger tips stroking my thigh highs. He runs the head of his cock over my clit moving it lightly teasing us both. He knows if he does it for too long I’ll orgasm and I’m guessing that is what he wants.

He is pushing over my clit with such ease, a grin on his face. I can’t help but look at him while he does this. I play with my own nipples, twisting and pinching them. I let out soft moans between the sensation of my clit and nipples I know I’m close to a new orgasm.

I lift my hips up allowing him to go faster letting him know I am close to orgasm. I grind my hips helping it along as I begin to shudder quietly the over whelming feeling of my orgasm begins to spill from me as I cum. My orgasm starts and without warning he pushes himself into me as I cling hard to his cock. He thrusts into me hard and deep while my orgasm takes affect around him. I squeeze his cock hard though my orgasm. He grips me tight as he groans out fucking me faster I know he is close to his own orgasm finally. His pace is fast and hard with a desired need for me. He growls out lightly and begins to spill his seed into me. I grip my walls around him tighter sucking him into my tight warm pussy.

“You’re amazing you know that? You always know what I need baby.”

“Isn't that what a good girlfriend should be like?”

“You've got a point, baby.”

“It’s not done yet. Let’s get dressed. I've got one last surprise for you.”

We get dressed and straighten ourselves the best we can. I go behind the couch and show him our packed lunch. We climb back onto the couch nuzzling into each other. I packed sandwiches and chips. Nothing too fancy since I knew we’d be playing around before we had a chance to eat. We talk about the last few months, eating our food.

“I’m glad you did this, baby. I've missed you a lot lately.”

“I've missed you too, dear. I knew it was something we both needed. You need to know it doesn't end here, once you get home we’re picking up where we left off.”

“Oh, is that so, is it?”

“It is so. We’re going to start making more time for ‘us’ even with as busy as we are.”

“I think that’s a brilliant idea, baby.”

I give my boyfriend the longest kiss to tide him over till later on. I leave knowing both of us have smiles on our faces. I can’t be more pleased with the way our lunch date turned out..

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