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Pretty in Pink

When it comes to saving her job Kerry uses her womanly wiles
Kerry didn’t like Mr Harding, she thought he was a letch and she hated lecherous men. She had to start wearing looser tops just after she joined the company because he was always looking at her breasts, small as they were, and she could never wear short skirts or tight slacks. Strangely enough most of the other girls liked him. They found him jovial, well mannered and a kind and considerate boss. No one in the company had a bad word to say about him. She suspected however that a lot of the girls were sleeping with him. Although no one had ever said anything outright it was no coincidence, she thought, that almost all of the employees in the Admin Section were attractive women. The Head Office in Detroit, USA often referred to the Essex division as Harding’s Harem.

Kerry was an assistant buyer. At 19, having flunked university because of a relationship that went wrong, she was pleased to get a job that was decently rewarded and had prospects. She really liked working for the company, despite the lecherous boss. Fortunately for her he rarely bothered with her directly, preferring to deal with her line manager Jen. However, when he called her into his office that Monday afternoon she went with trepidation.

Mr Harding guided her to the brown leather settee in his office and sat next to her. “So Kerry how are you enjoying things here? Been here a year now is it?”

Kerry nodded “A year next Monday.”

“I will get straight to the point Kerry” he said, “No doubt you have heard the rumours about cut backs from Head Office?”

Kerry nodded as she shifted nervously in her seat.

“Well the good news is that this division is staying in the UK, which will be a relief to a lot of people here, including me. However, the bad news is that I have to let some staff go.”

Kerry looked away.

“I see that you and Jane from accounts were the last two to join us,” he said.

Kerry nodded. She knew Jane but didn’t like her. She was the blond beauty who had men eating out of her hands. She was also rumoured to be bisexual. Jane was a year older than her and they had fallen out at the Staff Christmas party. Kerry had fancied one of the lads that had recently joined the firm and was getting on well with him until Jane came to join them. After practically thrusting her tits at him she caught his attention, but when she climbed up to sit on the bar stool and showed her stocking tops, that was it. Kerry had lost him. Jane fucked him that night then dumped him. He tried to get friendly with Kerry again but she didn’t want to know. She didn’t take other peoples left overs, especially from slappers like Jane

“So I have to make a difficult choice Kerry, I may have to let one of you go,” he told her.

“I really like working here Mr Harding.”

“Call me Jake,” he said patting her on the knee.

“I thought maybe that could discuss this more informally,” he said, “Jane is willing to come over one evening to discuss things over a drink!”

She looked away. ‘Jane would love that’ she thought to herself. ‘Whoring would be no problem for her!’

“I take it you would like me over too?” she told him.

“Jane is coming over on Wednesday. Would Friday night be convenient for you?”

“Yes Friday would be fine,” she told him.

He patted her on the knee again. “It will be purely informal,” he smiled.

Kerry felt no shame as she dressed that Friday evening. A simple top and skirt and a matching pink cotton bra and panty set. She was never one for lacy lingerie and stockings were a definite no no! Her last boyfriend had bought her some thongs but she had never worn them…she could never understand the male interest in sexy underwear. It wasn’t as though she didn’t like sex. Kerry masturbated frequently and she also had a well used vibrator in her bedside drawer. It was just that she had never reached an orgasm with a man before. The three boyfriends she had slept with had been selfish lovers. Only one had given her oral sex and even then it had been just a few licks before plunging his manhood into her.

As for Jake Harding’s proposition, she was prepared to lie back and let him enjoy her body in order to keep her job. One more selfish fuck wouldn’t make any difference and it wasn’t as though he was old, fat and balding. Though he was in his late forties he was kind of handsome in his own way. He was also quite fit, being a keen golfer. He had been married, so she had heard, but his wife had found out about his infidelities and left him. Naturally she would have preferred it if he was much younger but ‘what the hell’ she thought.

Her only trepidation was the fact that she was competing with Jane. Jane was tall and blond while she was small and auburn haired. Jane was fairly curvy while she was slim with a smallish bottom. Jane also had a 36DD chest while she was only 34B; and as for looks, Jane was very pretty while she was fairly plain. There was also the problem of their sexual experiences. Kerry had been with only three men but Jane had slept with lots of men. She knew most men preferred a whore in bed and Jane would no doubt fit the bill. Kerry was a shy and passive lover.

Jake’s home was in the affluent part of the city and Kerry was impressed. Large detached houses with plenty of land and plenty of privacy, not like her pokey bed sit flat in the city centre. Jake took her jacket and invited her in to the lounge and offered her a drink from the small but extensive bar in the corner of the room. “Glass of white wine will be fine,” she told him.

She sat down on the large settee taking in the décor. Jake certainly had good taste. As he sat down beside her after handing her the drink he rested his hand on her knee. “I really do appreciate you coming over Kerry,” he told her. “It probably took a lot of courage to make this decision.”

Kerry said nothing as she sipped her wine.

“Do you have a boyfriend Kerry?”

She shook her head. “No we split up a few weeks ago” she told him.

He patted her knee again “Well I am sorry to hear that Kerry. Must get lonely for you at night.”

Kerry smiled to herself at his attempted subtleness. “How did Jane get on the other night?” she asked him.

He seemed taken aback by her question. “Well….interesting. She’s an interesting girl is Jane. Kept me very busy!” he replied.

“So I take it she will be staying then?”

“Nothing is final yet Kerry”, he told her as stroked her knee. “It’s early days yet!”

She tried to avoid his gaze. “Well….I….I am not as experienced as Jane,” she told him.

He smiled as his hand started to move further up her skirt. “Experience isn’t everything Kerry. Sometimes innocence is more appealing.”

Kerry smiled as he withdrew his hand. “You’ve not had many boyfriends have you Kerry?” he asked her.

She shook her head.

“That’s why I appreciate your coming over.”

“I need to keep my job Mr Harding,” she told him.

“I am glad you think that way Kerry”, he told her as his hand landed on her knee again; “You see when one of my lady employees looks after my needs I feel obliged to reciprocate and look after them!”

“And what needs do you have Mr Harding?”

He sat back and turned to her. “Well I have always wanted to see what you look like naked!”

Kerry took a deep breath and a large gulp of wine. She had hoped to be taken to a darkened bedroom to get more intimate. “You want me too undress?” she asked.

“Please Kerry” He replied.

Kerry finished her wine and handed him the glass as she stood up. She tried to hide her embarrassment as she pulled her top over her head and then unzipped her skirt. As it touched the ground she reached behind to unhook her bra but he stopped her. “Let me take your beauty in,” he told her.

“Do you wear pink at work Kerry?”

She shook her head “White usually,” she replied as she stood in front him with arms by her side.

“You should wear pink, it suits you,” he said as he reached to touch her mound. “I love cotton too…..simple and virginal!”

She smiled at his fetish. “Want the rest off now Mr Harding?”

He nodded and she quickly unhooked her bra and pushed down her panties, before sitting back down and crossing her legs. Jake stood up and walked over the bar and refilled the glasses before sitting down next to her again. “I would like you to uncross your legs please.”

Kerry took a sip of wine and uncrossed them.

“Would you open your legs wide please?” He asked her.

Kerry obeyed opening wide to expose herself. She felt uncomfortable with Jake staring at her. He continued to stare at her nakedness for a few moments and then reached and touched her. “Do you masturbate Kerry?”

She felt her face redden at his intimate question.

She nodded.

“Nothing to be ashamed of” he told her as he ran his fingers between her cunt lips. “You are getting moist Kerry!” he told her.

Now she was beginning to feel embarrassed. Not only that, she found that he was right. “Do you like pubic hair?” he asked her as he gently plucked at her brown curls.

Kerry shrugged her shoulders.

“I would like to shave you Kerry. I like my girls shaved!”

Kerry said nothing.

“Would you let me?” He asked.

“If it pleases you Mr Harding!” She replied.

“It pleases me Kerry!” he said as beckoned her to follow him.

Lying back on his King Size bed with a towel under her bottom she closed her eyes and opened her legs wide. She smiled to herself wryly as she thought about the ridiculousness of the situation. There she was naked on her boss’s bed allowing him to touch her more intimately than she had ever let any boyfriend touch her. His touch though felt good. His long slender fingers were gentle and stimulating.

He took his time to trim her hair with scissors before applying warm soapy water and taking the razor to her. She kept her eyes closed as the gentle scrapings of the razor slowly but surely bared her. She enjoyed the touch of his fingers inside her inner lips as he spread and manoeuvred them to remove the hair and by the time he had finished she was already highly aroused.

When he had finished he towelled her dry and then asked her what she thought of it. Kerry eased herself up on her elbows and looked down at herself. She felt good. “Did you do this to Jane?” she asked him as he began to undress.

“A gentleman never discusses intimacies about other ladies!” he told her as he climbed on to the bed.

For a moment he lay next to her as she looked down at his erection. Jake was bigger and thicker than any of her boyfriends had been and for a moment she felt afraid. Then he kissed her and began teasing her breasts with his fingers. She sighed as his fingers traced their way down to her mound and began re-igniting her fire. It was then she remembered about the condoms in her handbag. Breaking off from their kissing she told him. “I am not on the pill,” she added.

“I don’t like using condoms Kerry.”


Jake kissed her. “Then you’ll be giving yourself completely to me Kerry!” he said softly as his fingers touched her again.

She started to say ‘no’ as he moved down the bed but then she felt his tongue on her clitoris. Suddenly she felt a fire raging through her body. She groaned loudly and gripped his head pushing him hard against her. “Don’t stop Mr Harding, please don’t stop!” she cried out as all thoughts of pregnancy evaporated.

He didn’t stop. Jake knew how to please a woman with his tongue. He knew what women liked. He knew that he could satisfy women with his bigger than average cock and had the stamina to hold back until they had reached their climaxes, before cumming himself. But he knew that more than anything women liked and needed the attention of an eager and satisfying tongue before experiencing the fullness of a man inside them. That was why they always came back, the married ones especially!

And now it was Kerry’s turn to writhe and scream on his bed as his tongue pleasured her. Jake however had never had a screamer like Kerry in his bed before. Her nails dug into his head and she bucked and writhed as he brought her to an orgasm that brought an ear piercing scream from her lungs. As he lifted himself up to fuck her he suddenly decided to doggy her. Kerry had never been fucked doggy fashion before and eagerly presented her bottom to him when he had turned her onto her knees. “Come on Mr Harding fuck me. Fuck me from behind,” she told him.

He slapped her bottom as he pushed the tip of his cock against her opening. “Ooooh Mr Harding spank me! Spank your whore”!

Jake needed no further encouragement for his naturally dominant sexual side. He gave her a hard slap on her right cheek before plunging deep inside her. Kerry groaned as his hardness filled her. At long last she had a real man fucking her. Just as she had been when Jake had used his tongue on her, so was she as voluble as he fucked her. She urged him on telling him to fill her. She pleaded with him to fill her with his cum. Jake tried holding back to make their coupling longer and more satisfying for her but Kerry had already cum twice. As he felt his cum surging from him she cried out one final time from her own climax.

Kerry lay there for a long while afterwards softly moaning as she recovered, while Jake cuddled her. Then she thanked him. He was surprised when she told him that she had never had an orgasm from a man before. He had known women whose orgasms with their partners were sometimes few and far between but Kerry was the first girl he had ever met who had never experienced one before. By the time she left the following morning she had been fucked another four times, all with resounding orgasms.

She arrived at work Monday morning to raised eyebrows from some of the girls when they saw that she had ditched her usually drab outfit for a breast hugging pink top and short pink flared skirt. Jake too was surprised and called her into his office.

“Hmmmm in the pink today Kerry!” he said.

Kerry lifted her skirt to shown him her pink panties. “Yes Mr Harding”

Jake reached forward and kissed her, slipping his hand under her skirt at the same time. “I think I could do with a shave Mr Harding,” she said as his hand slipped inside her panties.

“We better have you round again tonight then Kerry to take care of your needs!”

Kerry smiled, “And do you have any needs that require taking care of Mr Harding?” she asked as she gripped his bulge.

Jake groaned. “You know I do you lovely little whore!”

Kerry reached up and kissed him, “Then I better bring a change of clothes Mr Harding, it could be an all night job.”

“Yes you better had,” he said as he pulled away.

As Kerry opened his door on her way out he called out after her, “Will you ask Jane to come and see me please?” he said, “I have some rather bad news for her!”

“My pleasure Mr Harding,” she replied as she smiled. ‘Somehow’, she thought to herself ‘I think we are going to be looking after each other’s needs for some time to come!’

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